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***************** RAINBOW SIX VEGAS 2 STAND ALONE DEDICATED SERVER ************* *********** Quick Start: - Open Binaries\R6VegasServerLaunch.

bat in a text editor - Locate SET ONLINE_USERNAME= and set a valid username (ex: SET ONLINE_USERNAME= myusername) - Locate SET ONLINE_PASSWORD= and set a valid password (ex: SET ONLINE_PASSWORD= mypassword) - Save the file - Double click on Binaries\R6VegasServerLaunch.bat - You now have a running Standalone Dedicated Server, with a default configurati on Detailed Info: - You can modify the dedicated server configuration. - Start by ready carefully the DOCUMENTATION section of R6VegasServerLaunch.b at, and then modify to your desire. - Then read carefully the comments in KellerGame\Config\PC\R6VegasServerConfi g.ini, and tweak whatever you want - When you're done modifying the files, double click on Binaries\R6VegasServerLa unch.bat - You now have a running Standalone Dedicated Server, with your custom configura tion Administration: The dedicated server doesn't have an graphical interface, but you can use Punkbu ster's Web Interface to do some administration tasks. Here's the procedure: - ENABLE PUNKBUSTER SERVER - Inside the "KellerGame\pb" sub-directory, edit the file "pbsvgame.cfg". - Make sure the file contains the line below: sv_punkbuster 1 - ENABLE PUNKBUSTER WEB INTERFACE - Inside the "KellerGame\pb" sub-directory, create the file "pbsv.cfg". - Add the following three lines to "pbsv.cfg": pb_sv_httpport 8080 pb_sv_httpkey myhttpkey (change myhttpkey to something secret, it's your pas sword for server administration) pb_sv_httpAddr myipaddr (change myipaddr to the ip address of the PC running the SADS) Start the dedicated server. Open a web browser and connect to the server's IP on port 8080. Type in the httpkey You may now issue commands via the command field on this form.

For detailed information, you can consult Punkbuster's documentation: - for admins: http://www.evenbalance.com/publications/bishop-ad/index.htm - for players: http://www.evenbalance.com/publications/bishop-pl/index.htm Server admin options via the Console Command interface: There is also a text based command interface for more detailed server admin opti ons. Server Admin options may be accessible through the command console, and generall y take the form "admin.[command name] [options / params]. To use these commands, you m ust either be hosting the game as the server, or you must use the punk buster web tool to s

end these commands to the server. The commands are not case sensitive. Options will generally be applied as the game starts up. If a reload is needed, the map will reload between rounds. admin.help -> Get a list of valid options admin.[option name] help -> Option specific help admin.spew -> dump current option values for all options admin.sync -> set admin options to current server options admin.push -> apply all admin options to current game immediately admin.[option name] -> dump current info