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I. Setting The story happened during 1815 1832 in Digne, Montreuil-sur-Mer, Montfermeil and Paris. II.

. Characters and Characterization o Jean Valjean The protagonist of the story. An ex-convict who changed his name to Monsieur Madeleine to escape from the police. He adopted Cosette. o Cosette The secret illegitimate daughter of Fantine. She fell in love and married Marius. o Marius Pontmercy The son of Colonel Pontmercy. He fell in love and married Cosette. o Fantine The mother of Cosette and wife of Felix. o Monsieur Gillenormand Marius grandfather. o Felix Tholomyes The father of Cosette and husband of Fantine. o Inspector Javert A police who committed sucide. o Bishop Myriel The Bishop of digne. He gave shelter to Jean and made him change his perspectives in life. o M. Thenardier A corrupt innkeeper who abused Cosette. o Mme. Thenardier The wife of M. Thenardier. o Gavaroche Thenardier The son of the Thenandiers. He died during the revolution at the barricade. o Ephonine Daughter of the Thenandiers. She fell in love with Marius. She died during the revolution.

o Enjolras The leader of the Friends of the ABC. III. Synopsis The story began during 1815 in Digne. The main character, Jean Valjean, was a peasant and was imprisoned for nineteen years in the Bagne of Toulon because of stealing bread for his family and his several attempts to escape. When he was released, he was indebted to carry a yellow passport for him to be recognized as a convict. Because of this no one wants to neither entertain him nor give him shelter causing him to spend his nights on the streets. However, Bishop Myriel, the bishop of Digne, treated Valjean kindly. He gave Valjean shelter and even hoarded him from the police when he stole his silverware. Because of this, Valjean decided to start a new and better life. After eight years has passed, Valjean changed his name to Monsieur Madeleine and has become a wealthy factory owner. He was also appointed as the mayor of his adopted town, Montreuil-sur-Mer. One day, he saw Fauchelevent pinned beneath a cart. He helped him and when he lifted the cart, Inspector Javert saw him and was reminded of the abnormal strength of convict 24601, Jean Valjean, and became doubtful of the mayor. Fantine, one of the workers of Valjeans factory, has a secret illegitimate daughter from Felix Tholomyes. Her daughters name was Cosette. Cossete was left by her mother in the care of the Thenardiers but was being by them without Fantine being knowledgeable about it. Fantine, having a daughter who was born out of wedlock, was fired from her job in Valjeans factory. Because of this, she has now no money to pay for her daughters care so she did everything she could to have money. At the same

time, shes near to death because shes suffering from a disease. When Valjean heard Fantines story, he felt answerable and promised that hell bring back Cossette to her. Later, a gentleman named Champmathieu was accused as the real Jean Valjean because of having some similarities. Valjean, wanting to save the innocent person, decided then to reveal his true identity. Then Inspector Javert revealed the real identity of Valjean to Fantine. She was so shocked which caused her death. Inspector Javert captured Valjean but he managed to escape when he jumped to the ocean making everyone believe that he has drowned. He found Cosette when he arrived in Montfermeil. Valjean went in the inn together with Cosette and he was observing how the Thenardiers treat her badly. Valjean then told Thenardier that he would likely want to adopt Cosette. The Thenardiers received 1500 francs from Valjean for him to take Cosette with him. They settled in Paris, where they constantly have to hide from Javert's eye and rented lodgings at Gorbeau House. But Javert discovered it so they escaped and found shelter in the Petit-Picpus with the help of Fauchelevent. Marius Pontmercy, a student, has become alienated to his family. He was instructed by his ascended father to make help to Thenardier. The Thenardiers moved to Paris after losing their inn and using Jondrette as their surname. They coincidentally lived in the same building where Valjean and Cosette stayed and that theyre next door to Marius. A philanthropist and his daughter, which were really Valjean and Cosette, visited the Thenardiers. So that the Thenardiers would look poorer, they ruined some of their furniture. When the philanthropist and his daughter had arrived, Marius recognized instantly that the philanthropists daughter was Cosette. The Thenardiers also recognized that they were Valjean and Cosette and

declared their revenge. Marius wanted to know where Cosette lives so he asked Eponine, who was in love with him, to get her address. Because the Thenardiers wanted revenge, they enlist the aid of a well-known and feared gang of murderers and robbers. Marius overheard this and reported it to Javert. When Valjean came, he was tied up and was ordered to pay 200,000 francs and to write a letter to Cosette saying that she should return to the apartment. Maruis, realizing that Thenardier was the one who helped his father, was caught in a dilemma. He then threw a paper through a small crack between his and the Thenardiers room causing them to think that the police were already there. The Thenardiers and Patron-Minette tried to escape but were still caught but managed to escape by the help of Gavaroche. Valjean also managed to escape before Javert sees him. Marius knew where Valjean and Cosette lives after Eponine has been released from jail. Marius watched their house at Rue Plumet for a few days then they finally met and declared their love for each other. Valjean was worrying because he sees Thenardier often. Marius went to Cosettes house but nobodys there; he heard a voice saying that Cosette and Valjean were waiting for him at the barricade. When marius arrived at the barricade, the revolution has already started. A soldier then came up and wanted to shoot Marius but another man, actually Eponine, covered Marius. When the soldier shot his gun, the man was the one to receive it. Marius then decided to go to the smaller barricade which he found empty. When he turned back, the man who covered the shot for Marius was calling him. And there he discovers that the man was Eponine. When Eponine was nearly dying, she confessed that she was the one who told him to go to the barricade because shes hoping that they would die together.

She asked Marius if he could please kiss her when she has already died. She also gave Marius a letter that was written by Cosette. Valjean arrived at the barricade and saved a mans life. He was having a problem whether he will kill Marius or will protect him. When Marius saw him, he already recognized Valjean. Later on, Valjean saw Javert and saved him from the students who were going to kill him. As the barricade fall, Valjean carried Marius, who was unconscious and injured, at his back. He found a gate to escape but the gate was locked. He then heard a voice behind him and that voice came from Thenardier. He thought that Thenardier didnt recognize him because of his look. Thenardier compromised that hell open the gate in exchange of money. At the exit, Valjean encountered Javert, Valjean persuade Javert to give him time to return Marius to his family. Javert granted Valjeans request. He then realized that he is in a dilemma between his strict belief and Valjeans mercy. Because of this, he decided to suicide. As Marius recovers from his injury, he soon got married to Cosette. After the wedding, Valjean confessed to Marius that he was an ex-convict. He felt horrified toward Valjean causing him to steer Cosette away from him. Later, Thenardier tried to blackmail Marius towards what he knew of Valjean. But as he did it, Marius cleared his misconceptions and realized that Valjean was the one who saved his life from the barricade. Marius and Cosette then rushed to Valjeans house but he was already dying. He found happiness with his adopted daughter and son-in-law. He also revealed Cosette about her real mother before he died.

IV. Vocabularies Alienated feeling isolated or excluded Ex. Our purpose in producing these plays was not deliberately to alienate an audience. Wedlock state of being married Ex. Their child was born out of wedlock. Illegitimate not allowed according to rules or laws Ex. They took over the government in an illegitimate seizure of power. Lodging somewhere to stay temporarily Ex. We asked where we could find lodging for the night. Enlist to gain the cooperation or support of somebody or something Ex. They enlisted us to serve as ushers at the meeting. Dilemma a situation with unsatisfactory choices. Ex. The countrys decision to go to war has caused a major dilemma for its allies. Barricade a defensive barrier Ex. The enemy breaks through the barricade. Convict somebody in prison Ex. He is an escaped convict. Steer to keep away from someone or something completely Ex. He is in a bad mood. Youd better steer clear if you dont want trouble. Confess to admit a wrong doing Ex. She confessed to having taken the watch.

V. Theme The story is about Change and Transformation. Just like Valjean, every people can change into a much better person with of course a help of a person whos willing to trust and give his unconditional love. VI. Analysis Bishop Myriels silver candlestick was used to symbolize the changes in Jean Valjeans life. The point of view in this story was third person omniscient point of view because VII. Type of Conflict The type of conflict was man vs. society. The main character, Jean Valjean, was having a conflict against the people around him because no one wants to entertain him except Bishop Myriel, then Inspector Javert because he became suspicious towards Valjean when he changed his name. He also had a conflict against the Thenardiers regarding about Cosette. VIII. Inspiring Quotes There are many tongues to talk, and but few heads to think. This quote reflects on those people who can only do is to boast. This quote is for those peoples who were saying anything they want without thinking whether theyll hurt somebodys feelings and judging someone without even knowing what really happened. This only shows that there are a lot of people

who act without thinking and only a few to those who think before they do the act. IX. Reaction and Recommendation I give this story 9 out of 10 as my rating because I enjoyed those scenes where Valjean encountered Bishop Myriel, which made a big change towards Valjeans perception in life, and when Valjean encountered Fantine because this is the part where I started to enjoy the story. The flow of the relationship of Fantine and Marius was also nice. I recommend this story in all ages. Its inspiring in a way that Valjean put his self in trouble just to save people.

I. Setting The story happened in an improvised home behind a portion of the Intramuros walls. Two wooden boxes flank the doorway. At left is an acacia tree with a wooden bench under it. II. Characters o Mario The husband of Gloria and the father of Tita. He is also the friend of Pablo. o Gloria The wife of Mario and the mother of Tita. o Tita The daughter of Mario and Gloria. o Pablo The friend of Mario who does illegal job. III. Synopsis Mario arrived at their house and asked his wife, Gloria, about their daughter, Tita. Gloria replied that Tita was not doing well because she cried all day and wouldnt eat anything. Gloria wanted to buy some biscuit for her daughter so she asked some money from Mario but Mario had no money. Gloria asked why but Mario just made some lame excuses. But he still confessed the truth that he got fired from his job just because of stealing a piece of apple because Tita wants it. Gloria was shocked and asked why they fired him just because of an apple. Mario said that the company really wanted him to get out of job so they can enter their men in exchange of him so theyll do anything just to fire him out. But Mario said that he has already found a new job to lessen the worries of her wife. Pablo then intrudes their conversation and told Gloria about Marios new job. Mario had decided to join Pablo with his illegal jobs just like the old times when Mario

havent met Gloria. Gloria opposed Mario to have this job but Mario didnt entertained her instead he went together with Pablo. IV. Vocabularies Scrawny very thin Ex. Dwelling home Ex. Ransack search something very thoroughly Ex. I ransacked the drawers but couldnt find by keys. Intent having full attention Ex. Intent on her work, she lost track of the time. Pilfer to steal small things Ex. Measly very little and pointless Ex. He tipped me a measly dime. Filch steal something Ex. Loafer a lazy person Ex. Fidget fiddle nervously Ex. He kept fidgeting with his glasses as he spoke to her. Berserk very excited

Ex. The audience went berserk when she finally appeared. V. Theme The story is about those people who do wrong doings because of their poverty. Just like Mario, mostly of those who do crimes are those who badly need it. VI. Analysis The apple used in the story was used to symbolize the fathers love to his daughter and the cause why he was fired and agreed to do illegal jobs. The character of Mario was a father who shows his unconditional love for his daughter that he chose to steal the apple even though he knew that hell lose his job. On the other hand, Glorias character shows the faith a wife has to his husband. The relationship between Mario and Pablo shows the wrong or illegal doings they did before Gloria had entered Marios life. VII. Type of Conflict The type of conflict was man vs. himself because the conflict started when Mario stole the apple. He stole the apple with his own will. And the type of conflict between Mario and his wife, Gloria, is also man vs. himself because he, himself, was the one to decide to go and accompany Pablo. VIII. Inspiring Quotes I wouldnt mind losing a thousand jobs for an apple for my daughter! This quote was the only quote in the story that stuck on my mind. I really admire Mario after saying this. It was very inspirational in a sense that the

father doesnt even worried of having his job lost just to give the satisfaction of his daughter. I am a bit jealous and wanted to have a father like this. But of course my father has his own way of expressing his love. IX. Reaction and Recommendation I give this story 9 out of 10 for my rating because I really didnt like the ending of the story but how the wife trust her husband and how the father show his love to his daughter are my favorite part. She really knew well about her husband whether hes lying or not. The father doesnt even care for his own sake just to satisfy the wants and needs of his daughter. This story is suitable for all ages either male or female. This would broaden someones mind toward those people who were being belittled and those poor people wholl do anything just for their family to live.

Reading for Main Ideas 1. Why was Gloria in need of money? - Gloria was in need of money to buy biscuits for her daughter. 2. What excuses did Mario give for not coming home with his pay? - Marios excuses were, he spent every centavo of it because he went drinking and he spent it to another woman. 3. Why didnt Gloria believe him? - Gloria didnt believe him because she knows Mario when hes drunk and he doesnt smell or look drunk that time. She didnt also believe him that he spent it to another woman because he loves her daughter and her daughter needs that money. 4. How did Mario lose his job? - He lost his job just because of stealing an apple. 5. Why did he want the apple? - He wants the apple for him to give it to her daughter. 6. Who was Pablo? - Pablo was Marios friend who does illegal jobs. 7. Why did Gloria hate Pablo?

- Gloria hates Pablo because Pablo encourages Mario to come with him and do illegal jobs again. Reading Between the Lines 1. Mario lost his job. Glorias remark was Have your sinful fingers brought you trouble again? What does this suggest? - Gloria thought that Mario did something illegal or bad thats why he lost his job. 2. Characterize Gloria, Mario and Pablo. Who is morally strong among the three? Prove your answer. - Gloria is a faithful wife. Mario does anything he could for his family to survive. Pablo is a bad influential friend to Mario. The strongest among the three is Gloria because shes the one who doesnt make herself surrender from those trials they encounter while Pablo and Mario had already surrendered of finding a better way of solving their problems. 3. Identify the character trait, feeling, or motive referred to: 3.1 I knew God wouldnt let us down. He never lets anybody down. The speaker is a. deeply religious. 3.2 No Mario, you wouldnt spend your money when you know your daughter need some of it. Mario is a. a good provider.

3.3 Gloria! Cant you wait for a minute? Im talking to you about the child and you bother me by ransacking my pockets. I wish youd think more of our daughter. The speaker is b. trying to cover up something. 3.4 Mario sits down, buries his head in his hands, and stares at the ground. Mario behaves this way because he b. is doesnt know what to do. 3.5 Could I have guessed they would do that for an apple when there where millions of them? We were hauling them to the warehouse, I saw one roll out of a broken crate. It was big and looked delicious. The speaker feels b. frustrated. 3.6 I wouldnt mind losing a thousand jobs for an apple for my daughter. The speaker is a a. doting father. 3.7 Youre still the same woman who cursed me to hell because I happened to be Marios friend long before you met him. Time has not made you any kinder to me. You still hate me, dont you? The speaker is d. resentful. 3.8 What is honest money? Does it look better than dishonest money? Does it buy more? or honesty? What is it? Dressing like that? Staying in this dungeon you call a house? Is that what you beautifully call honesty? The speaker is d. taunting. 4. What sort of man would say I wouldnt mind losing a thousand jobs for an apple for my daughter! Do you admire Mario for saying this? Explain your answer. - A man that would say this man is an indeed father who shows his unconditional love for his daughter. I really admire Mario for saying that line because he shows that he is whole-heartedly putting his daughter on top of his own satisfactions.

5. Looking at the play from a philosophical point of view, what do the character of Gloria, Mario, and Pablo represents? Explain. Responding to the Text 1. The end does not justify the means. How does this saying apply to Marios story? 2. If you were Mario, would you have done what he did at the end? Why or why not? - I will not even attempt to do it because its just one of the trials god has given us and its some way to repent the sin of stealing. And there is still a lot of more solution on this problem, why would I bother to give up on finding a good solution if its for the sake of my family. 3. Was Marios employer right in firing him? Explain your answer. - No because its just an apple. It wouldnt be such a big deal for the company hes working at. And everyone deserves to have a second chance and forgiveness. The employer would have just understood that Mario is a father and as a father, hell do anything for the sake of his daughter. 4. Suppose you were Marios employer. Mario came to you explaining his side and asking for a second chance. What would you do? - Of course Ill give him a second chance. Everyone deserves it so why would I refuse giving it to him.

5. What does the government do to alleviate the sad plight of the poor and the unemployed?