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In Good Times Videography

3124 N RANKIN ST. APPLETON WI 54911 (920) 205-1435

Contact Information
Primary Contact _________________________________ Phone Number of Contact _____________________________
Address, City St Zip:________________________________ Email of Contact _____________________________
Name of Bride _________________________________ Phone Number of Bride _____________________________
Address, City St Zip: _________________________________ Email of Bride _____________________________
Name of Groom _________________________________ Phone Number of Groom _____________________________
Address, City St Zip: _________________________________ Email of Groom _____________________________
Name of Planner _________________________________ Phone Number of Planner _____________________________
Name of Photographer Phone of Photographer _____________________________
Event Details
Location of Rehearsal:________________________________ Date of Rehearsal _____________________________
Time of Rehearsal: _________________________________ Time of Rehearsal Dinner _____________________________
Location of Wedding:_________________________________ Date of Wedding _____________________________
Time for Brides arrival _________________________________ Time of Wedding _____________________________
Location of Reception _________________________________ Time of Reception _____________________________


SILVER ~Pre Ceremony Footage (One Hour Before Ceremony)

~Ceremony Footage
~Recording of Vows*
~Reception Footage (Dinner Only) $900.
~Photo Slide Show Montage for Video**
~2 DVD Copies

GOLD ~Pre Ceremony Footage (As Early as Needed)

~Ceremony Footage
~Recording of Vows*
~Interview Wedding Parties & Guests
~Reception Footage (As Late as Needed) $1150.
~Photo Slide Show Montage For
Video & Shown During Dinner.**
~4 DVD Copies

PLATINUM ~"How It All Happened" Story***

~Pre Ceremony Footage (As Early as Needed)
~Ceremony Footage
~Recording of Vows*
~Reception Footage (As Late as Needed) $1550.
~Interview Wedding Parties & Guest
~Photo Slide Show Montage**
& "How It All Happened" Story***
Shown During Dinner.
~6 DVD Copies
~Deluxe DVD Menues

DVD Copies Additional dvd copies $12 ea

SLIDES Extra Slide Show Photos (Beyond 40) $ 2 ea

"How it Happened" a pre-recorded interview with the bride and groom*** $450

Deluxe DVD Menus A menu on the dvd that is tailored to personally fit your wedding day $50
example: The brides flowers will be a button to chose to start the movie

*A lapel microphone is used to capture the "Recording of Vows

**Up to 40 still photos can be used for the "Photo Slide Show Montage" Total
*** "How it Happened" is a pre-recorded interview with the bride and groom. Must be filmed no less than 30 days prior to the
wedding date.


___________________ __________________ _________ _________________ ___________

print name Signature Date IGT Signature Date
(Jeffrey Elwood)
NOTE: Disclaimer must be signed and attached for contract to be valid.
In Good Times Videography
3124 N RANKIN ST. APPLETON WI 54911 (920) 205-1435

Primary Contact__________________ Wedding Date __________________

Name of Bride __________________


1. All deposits are non-refundable, except for reasons stated below*. Deposits are due 30 days prior to the time of the wedding.
(*We, in the unlikely event of accident, illness, injury or other circumstance beyond our control, may cancel this
contract at any time, with any and all deposits refunded in full.)
We reserve the right to try to find an alternative videographer to fulfill this contract if it is within our power to do so.
2. We will be responsible only to return all deposits and payments in the event of any unforeseen circumstances that
prohibit IGT from complying with the terms of the agreed upon contract. We will not be held liable for any other loss.
3. We reserve the right to exclude any portions of the video in which materials and information to be provided by you are
not received prior to the wedding. (i.e. photos, music, audio, titling and/or other items to be included in this video production).
4. We cannot be held liable for the exclusion of certain materials. This includes, but is not limited to, comments or actions
made by individuals that are deemed inappropriate.
5. We shall not be held responsible for lack of coverage due to the action or inaction of video subjects, guests or any
other persons.
6. All editing is at the discretion of the editor and is final. Any additional post production editing will be billed at $45 per hr.
7 IGT is the sole holder of all copyrights in regards to the final edited production and all footage obtained. Guests are
not excluded from video taping with their own equipment.
8. We reserve the right to use this video and/or audio in whole or in part for promotional purposes.
9. By depositing material with IGT, you agree that IGT's liability for any loss, damage or delay to the materials will be
limited to the replacement cost of a non-exposed roll of film and/or blank cassette or similar size. Except for such
replacement, IGT shall not be liable for any other loss or damage, direct, consequential, or incidental.
10. You agree to be responsible for all copyright clearance and release issues pertaining to this video production,
including location permits, permission from officiant, and guests.
11. Although all care will be taken while shooting your video, IGT limits any liability for equipment failure resulting in
loss of audio, video footage, lighting or battery failure. Paragraph 3 is applicable in the event that any of these
circumstances should occur.
12. IGT will not be held responsible for accidents or incidents involving personnel employed or equipment owned by
other parties.
13. This agreement is the full contract between the parties. This contract is governed by the laws in the State of Wisconsin
14. All of the Video Packages require a minimum deposit of $300 to lock in the wedding date. The deposit will be credited to the
final bill. All packages include three digital cameras during the wedding ceremony. Footage before and after the ceremony may
only use one digital camcorder.

______________________ __________________ _________ _________________ ___________

print name Signature Date IGT Signature Date
(Jeffrey Elwood)

Notes for Videographer (...or special requests)