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TEACHING PLAN FOR BREASTFEEDING Description of the Learner: A mother of a 14 day old baby, a resident of Purok 6, Kias, Benguet.

The patient had an admitting diagnosis of neonatal pneumonia. The mother stated that her 14 day old baby is already bottle fed since she observed that her baby refuses to be breast fed. The mother also stated that she has difficulties extracting milk from her breasts thats why her baby is already bottle fed. The mother is able to comprehend, understands English and tagalog. Learning Need: Importance of breastfeeding Goal: After the series of nursing education, the patient would be able to demonstrate proper breastfeeding techniques Learning Objectives Learning Content Learning Strategies and Time Allotment and Evaluation Activities Resources Needed Upon completion on the topic regarding breastfeeding, the mother will be able to: 1. Enumerate 3 out of 3 > Advantages of breastfeeding > Lecture, discussion, hand > 5 minutes Time and effort of > Instant Oral Feedback: the advantages of to the Mother out the nurse and the client mother will be able to share breastfeeding to the her realization, understanding, mother and their appreciation regarding the advantages of breastfeeding. 2. Enumerate 3 out of 5 advantages of breastfeeding to the newborn > Advantages of breastfeeding to the Newborn > Lecture, discussion, hand out > 3 minutes Time and effort of the nurse and the client > Instant Oral Feedback: the mother will be able to share her realization, understanding, and their appreciation regarding the advantages of breastfeeding to the baby.

3. Discuss the reason why > Weaning the baby mothers should wean the baby gradually

> Lecture, discussion, hand out

> 5 minutes Time and effort of the nurse and the client

> Instant Oral Feedback: the mother will be able to verbalize in her own words the reason behind weaning the

baby gradually.

Learning Content: It is universally agreed that breast milk is preferred method of feeding newborn, because it provides numerous health benefits to both the mother and the infant; it remains the ideal nutritional source for infants through the first year of life (Kleinmann, 2004) Advantages of Breastfeeding to the Mother Breastfeeding may serve as a protective function in preventing breast cancer Breastfeeding reduces the cost of feeding and preparation time Breastfeeding provides an excellent opportunity to enhance a true mutual bonding between mother and child Advantages of Breastfeeding to the Baby Leukocytes in breast milk provide protection against common respiratory infectious invaders Breast milk contains the ideal electrolyte and mineral composition for human growth Breast milk contains more linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid for skin integrity and less sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus than do many formulas Breast milk also has better trace elements such as zinc. These levels of nutrients are enough to supply the infants needs Breast fed babies appear to be able to regulate their calcium/ phosphorus levels better than infants who are bottle fed. Decreased calcium levels in a baby can lead to tetany (muscle spasm) Weaning Weaning is defined as accustoming the baby to discontinue breastfeeding by substitution of other nourishment. At any age, breast feeding should be discontinued gradually to prevent engorgement and pain in the mothers breast while still providing satisfaction to the infant. If weaned before 12 months, infants should be weaned to formula, not whole milk, so that they can continue to receive the added vitamins and low solute load of commercial formulas. REFERENCES: Maternal and Child Health Nursing: Care of the Childbearing and Childrearing Family, 5th edition, by Pillitteri, Adele, et al.Tabers Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 18th edition, by Thomas, Clayton L., et alPrinciples of Anatomy and Physiology, 9th edition, by Tortora, Gerard J., et al

Saint Louis University School of Nursing Baguio City

Teaching Care Plan

Submitted by: BAUTISTA, Chantal Mae C. BSN IV E4

Submitted to: Sir Karl Christian Golucan Clinical Instructor

Date Submitted: November 3, 2011