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Murder Victims1

Running Head: Murder Victims

Murder Victims-Cicrumstances and Weapons Used or Cause of Death: 2000 to 2008; Murder Victims by Age, Sex, and Race: 2008 Shanice Elliott SOWK 300-02 Ms. McArthur September 16, 2011

Figure 1: Magnitude

Murder Victims2

This graph shows th enumber of firearms used to murder a number of people. The types of firearms usedare handguns, rifles, and shotguns. It also shows the number of firearms used each year. The year sit occurred in are 2000, 2005, 2007, and 2008. In 2000 there was a total of 8,661 firearms of that 6,788 was handguns, 411 was rifles, 485 was shotguns, and 53 was not specified. In the year 2005 there was a total of 10,158 off that 7,565 was handguns,445 was rifles, 522 was shotguns, and 138 was not specififed. In the year 2007 10,129 firearms was used off that 7,398 was handguns, 453 was rifles, 457 was shotguns, and 116 was not specified. In the year 2008 9,484 firearms was used to murder victims off that 6,755 was handguns, 375 was rifles, 444 was shotguns, and 79 was not specified. As you can see as the years went by the use of some firearms decreased.

Murder Victims3

Figure 2: Scope

This graph shows the percent of victims murder total by race in the year 2008. Te different races that are catergorized in the key are caucasin(white), african-american(black), other, and unknown. The percentage of caucasins murdered in the year 2008 is 48.3%. The percentage of african americans murdered is 47.7%. The remaining percentage of other is 2.3% and unknown is 1.7%. This data gives you a view of the different races that are victims of murder in the year 2008. As you can see caucasins are slightly higher at risk more then any other race I see them as being at high risk because caucasins are the majority in race and they are more vulnerable then any other races. African americans are right behind caucasins and theyre at such a risk because of their enviroment as well as their involvement. Their enviroment

Murder Victims4

being african americans living in low income places and rundown neighborhoods. Involvement being that their involved in so many crimes.

Figure 3: Changes

This graph shows the changes in felonies between the years 2000 to 2008. In the year 2000 the number of murders robbery caused was 1,077 and the numbers burglary caused was 76. In 2005 the number of murders that robbery caused was 930 and the number that burglary caused was 91. In 2007 the number of murders that robbery caused was 935 and the number that burglary caused was 86. In 2008 the number that robbery caused was 924 and the number that burglary caused was 87. As you can see in this graph there is change in the murders committed by robbery. As the years increased the number of deaths caused by robbery decreases in a major

Murder Victims5

way. As for burglary the number of murders goes up and down over the years.

Figure 4: Disparities

This graph shows the percentage of different roups deaths caused by the circumstances of robbery and burglary. These different groups refer to to gender which consist of females, males, and one specififed as unknown. The percentage of male being murdered because of robbery is 6.45% and the percentage of burglary is 0.61%. The percentage of female being killed because of robbery is 2.46% and the percentage of burglary is .46%. The percentage of the ones specified as unlnown being murdered because of robbery is .08% and th epercentage of burglary is .02%.

Murder Victims6

Summary and Conclusion Today in society the number of felonies being committed that lead to mrder are very dissapointing numbers. Murder is certainly one of the most vile and inhuman crimes a person can commit under any circumstances. Many people commit it willfuly and wantonly, but rarely few get away with it without being suspected. Society can sometimes wonder what makes an individual want to commit such a crime why attack that certain group. At times I can wonder what motivates a person to commit robbery or bugralry and why chose that particular audience to rob. Many circumstances that are unlawful crimes can lead to robbery and burglary in many ways. Also living in low class enviroments can cause you to commit a robbery or burglary and even be a victim of it. A lot of times the felons committing the crimes, robbery or burgalry, use firearms as their weapons. Handguns are one of the more popular firearms being used. Robberies can lead to shootouts and sometimes gran theft auto when the criminal is trying to get away. Most times you would think the females would be the majority victims of robbery or bugrlary but suprisingly its males. Fireamrs being used in the crimes of robbery and burglary amongst different race is a serious issue today.

Murder Victims7

Developing conclusions based upon curent trends such as robberies and burglaries can be a idfficult task. Many roberies and burlaries go unsolved for many cases. These criems are usually done quickly, ost times planned out, ad are done before anyone knows something is missing; this things make it difficult to solve a case. A lot of times these crimes end up badly because the criminal is usually armed with a weapon and most time it being firearm. Many times robbery and burglary does not go as planned so attempted murder or murder is committed. Trends show that robberies and burglaries are also committed against certain kinds of people; such as the most vulnerable and nave. Some criminals would group this people as being caucasin, female, and young males. As you can see cime is an act that has been timeless and committed practically all over. The rate of crime increases rapidly.