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ABSTRACT The basic of language is as a tool of communication. There is an idea in communication. It is informed or transferred by writer to reader, or speaker to hearer.

In short an idea to receivers in communication. The important rule of

communication as a result of knowledge development, actually pass through naturally according to growth of civilization.

Nowadays, the development information media such television, magazine and newspaper becomes commercial in globalization era. We can get much information about event in other country at the same time in our country because of technology and information. As a media that have power, television is information media which show combination of audio and visual. This is a reason that people like to find information through television. Communication is also is use in persuasive activity. Here, communication is used to influence others mind. According to Brown and Olmsted (1962: 314) there are two type of persuasion, those are serious persuasion and manipulative persuasion. The example of serious problem is that someone who saw and accident, and then he called people to ask them to help the victim, in other hand, manipulative can be seen or propaganda likes advertisement. Usually, advertisement language does not seem different from common language has power to persuade everyone who reads or sees the advertisement. In the field, it is common to find advertisement, are familiar in society, or become familiar in society advertisement of the products can be influencing for consumer

to buy or join the products. Lowe (1993: 12) defines that, advertisement is use to inform public and attract public attention t certain product or service according to Lowes statement, language in advertisement is not only informative, but also persuasive. In other words, advertisement is a promoting certain products or services. As a result, in order to attract publics attention, advertisements usually have their own stylistic. An advertisement writer will carefully choose words, phrases, or sentences. People who what to persuade and other, of course, will use elements of effectiveness and art stylistic. Lowe state, Ability to create a good advertisement script is and art, (1993: 89). It means that advertisements must create appropriate language providing art style. So, the language can be more attractive and interesting for the consumer. The choosing of word or diction is very important in giving a sense. It influences much the meaning. For example, sampoerna cigarette use word others can only follow. These words mean that the others cigarette product can only follow their taste and style. Second exsample, lebih baik ngak dapat gelar dari pada ngak dapat kerja. Therefore, consumers easy to memorized the sentence. Beside the product sell the cigarette, this product gives massage to consumers that have literary meaning. So, it can be understood that the diction will build persuasive for the readers and hearers. From precious discussion, the writer interest about stylistic in advertisement, especially those which are found in television, radio, and

newspaper. The discussion is focused on semantics point of view because it covers stylistics discussion. INTRODUCTION Identification of the Problem This research is specifically in analyzing stylistic in cigarette advertisements according to the word (semantics point of view). An

advertisement should have three parts, introduction, content, and the last part (Lowe: 199). Those parts are easy to be found in written advertisement like in magazine or newspaper or watch in television. The stylistic is build from diction. In analyzing this research, the writer tries to understand more about the stylistic in advertisement, and focused on semantics point of view. 1.3. Limitation of the Problem In identifying the stylistic, it is related to how meaning arises in the appropriate word choice and the concept that arises in mans thought. The limitation of the problem in this research is concerned on the semantics context of the words use and their function in advertisement. In this research, the writer focused on analyzing of meaning in the text, words found in cigarette advertisements which promote to consumer or smoker of cigarette that found in media

1.4. Formulation of the Problem The problem of this research is formulated as follow: what is stylistics used in cigarette advertisement which promote their product. Furthermore, it can be elaborate through the research question bellow: What is the stylistics used in cigarette advertisements? What kinds of word are uses in cigarette advertisements? What are types of language function use in cigarette advertisement? 1.5. Purpose of the Research Based on the formulation of the problem about the main purpose of this study to identify the stylistics found in the cigarette advertisements and to find what kind of form of stylistics are more often in the cigarette advertisements. It is expected that study gives a contribution for semantics, especially about meaning in advertisement. It is because, although language in the advertisements is seemed to be the same with daily communication, but in fact the stylistic of it-that had made-will build a deep meaning. It also expected to this research will give contribution to advertisement makers and also to be better and more understand in studying and working this field. 1.6. Significance of the Research By doing this research, the writer hopes that it will be useful for students who are studying linguistics, especially semantics, in order to give more information about type of semantic meaning. The writer also hopes that this research gives more understanding about stylistic, so that, the student of

linguistics can learn further about the contribution of stylistic and meaning of words, especially in advertisements. 1.7. Definitions of Key Term In order to same perception about the title and propose of the research, writer led it by key term below: Stylistic : is actually much related to diction. The problem in stylistic includes all linguistic hierarchy: the diction itself, phrase, clause, and sentences or even a whole text. Advertisement : advertisement is use to inform public and attract public attention t certain product or service Semantics : Semantic study will led us, how to analyze and interpret meaning in a discourse till we have an image about the meaning vividly.

CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE 2.1. Stylistic Stylistic is part of macro linguistic. Language style is study about

choosing dictions, it is appropriate or not in order using certain words, phrases, or clauses at certain condition. It may also covers about language hierarchy, individual choice that includes discourse at whole and rhymes implicit meaning. Linguistic dictionary (1993) defined language style into three types; first, applying language features in speaking or writing. Second, language style is applied in order to create certain effects to listener or reader. Third, language style is speaker or writer characteristic in speaking or writing. Therefore, the discussion about stylistic in advertisements will related to context of language and also the situation context, that is the advertisement. Basically, analyzing stylistic is aimed to get a list of differentiation or idiosyncrasy of the languages elements. The analyzing of stylistic is able to explain by referred to its situational variable. A linguist will study about extra linguistic context to build situational fact of utterance. It is done to get understanding about stylistic, which analyze, to find specifications and differentiations of it.

2.2 Advertisement 2.2.1 Function and purpose advertisement Based on purpose and context, the advertisement can be divided into two groups, they are advertisement on information and commercial advertisement. The first one deal with information about vacancy, condolence, government warning society, etc (Omar: 1984). Commercial advertisements include activities related to selling products, services, or facilities. The function of advertisement is to support the marketing of products or services. Purpose of marketing are to introduce something new, to stimulate the sale of product or service, to defend the marketing, to face competition in marketing or trading, etc (Omar, 1984:2). Target of cigarette advertisement is consumer and smoker, not for children. Adult people can understand about the product by advertisements in media. Here, advertiser makes audience to do action for the product, that is buying the product and not forget to have product. Then the audience will memorize this order on his/her mind indirectly and buy the product. 2.2.2 Headline Function of headline is to attract consumer. Beside, headline is also functioning to build consumers interest on a product or service. Therefore, Barton (1951: 157-158) tells that a good advertisement should has those condition: attractive; impulse people to have interest; built a desire of consumer; able to make consumer trust about what is advertised; and able to make consumer takes an action. All these conditions can be research although by using language. From the statement above, it can be understood that headline should be

arranged well to be able to attract and persuade reader or consumer about the product in the advertisement. An advertisement should be able to make audience read it. Before the audience able to read it, the audience has to able to look at the advertisement. In order to have potential to be looked, the advertisement be attractive and can flag the audience to see it. These all can be reached only if headline of is good enough to be in such condition. To be in the condition, the headline has to be arranged very well. 2.2.3 Principle Making Headline Process of making headline is important part in advertisements existence. If it failed to be attractive, the advertisement will be also failed persuade consumers. So, it is based on human needs (Barton, 1951: 164-165). To be attractive, statement of the advertisement should be able to make reader do a reaction. To make the reader react, statement has to be related to hobby, need, desire and problem that are faced by the reader. It means that the advertisement should states the product. Barton next explains that there are two ways of making an attractive headline. The first one is stressing on what thing have to be said or presented. The second one is stressing on how it is said or presented (manner). The first way is focused on the idea or information. On the other hand, the second is focused on the manner, how the way it is formed. Usually, cigarette advertisements use the second way is stressing on how said or presented (manner) Example: LA light enjoy aja The example above is an advertising of LA light cigarette. This product actually has many competitors. So, to make it attractive than other, and to make

reader interesting in looking the advertisement and buying the product, it emphasizes on how the way inform the product. It is ordinary information. It has affectiveness through meaning and how the meaning is formed. 2.3. Theory of Meaning If we wants analyze meaning in figurative language we must have any basic about semantic. Semantic study will led us, how to analyze and interpret meaning in a discourse till we have an image about the meaning vividly. Leech (1974:11) said that semantic is a study about interpreting meaning in communication discourse. Moreover, Leech explain that interpreting meaning in focus concern in conceptual, connotative, stylistic, affective, reflective, collective, and thematic meanings. State with Leech opinion, Lyons (1977:1) said that interpreting meaning can state with language cultural context such the origin of the expression and the development the expression in society. In conclusion, analyzing in figurative language may not loss of semantic study that covered the applying meaning in discourse context. 2.3.1. Denotative and Connotative Leech (1974:10-15) clarified that denotative is universal meaning of a symbol. All people around the world have similar consensus about the meaning of that symbol. It is the basic meaning of the symbol before affected by development of language. The ratio meaning is only one, it only have one meaning at whole. Example: Color white have meaning as holly thing, black symbol of death, red for brave and so on.

Different social community may have different meaning to interpret a symbol. The distinct happen because of community consensus. Social character may attach to denote the meaning. The connotative meaning may have different in different situation because it possible for interpreter add his emotional or attitude into the interpretation. 2.4. Theoretical Frameworks This research is kind of semantic analysis concern on meaning in cigarette advertisement. The conceptual framework of the research could be drowned in the foam of following diagram. It should be stated that this diagram is just kind of theoretical formulation of conducting the research. Other basic operational works or ideas could be seen in essay form of the proposal.


RESEARCH METHOD 3.1. Research Design This research was a kind of descriptive method which in doing the analysis. The data are analyzed and classified according to the purpose the research and supported by any reading sources. According to Gay (1981: 10), a descriptive study determines a reports the way things are description that is factual an accurate as possible. Therefore, descriptive research is used when the objective is to provide a systematic description that is a s factual and accurate as possible. 3.2 Source of Data Every data researcher had decided how their data is collected and interpreted. By considering that advertisement in media have several kinds of type, the writer decided to collect the data mainly focuses on media such as television, magazine and newspaper. The data of this research contain text that found in those kinds of media.