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Cn||ne market|ng

Welcome Lo Lhe onllne markeLlng world! Pere you wlll flnd all Lhe lnformaLlon regardlng Lhe ever
changlng onllne markeLlng world 8ecause Lhe lnLerneL ls always updaLlng and evolvlng markeLlng
sLraLegles Lo adverLlse on lL should keep on evolvlng and updaLlng as well 1he web changes consLanLly
every day more and more consumers Lurn Lo Lhe lnLerneL and search englnes Lo look for lnformaLlon Lo
buy a producL or geL some a servlce nowadays ls cruclal for any klnd of buslness Lo have some presence
on Lhe onllne world markeL 1hls ls noL hard conslderlng Lhe many opLlons Lhe lnLerneL offers adverLlser
and users so Lhey can Lake a plece of Lhe acLlon when lL comes Lo markeLlng onllne
Cnllne markeLlng (also known as lnLerneL markeLlng emarkeLlng search markeLlng and web markeLlng)
ls Lhe markeLlng of producLs and servlces uslng Lhe lnLerneL as a markeLlng medlum Web markeLlng also
lncludes Lhe sLraLeglc placemenL of adverLlng such as dlfferenL Lypes of banners emall markeLlng
moblle adverLlslng and web 20
As you wlll see ln Lhls webslLe we wlll show and explaln you Lhe many elemenLs of markeLlng onllne
Among Lhese onllne markeLlng elemenLs we can menLlon Lypes of lnLerneL markeLlng lnLerneL
adverLlslng meLhods emall markeLlng Search englne opLlmlzaLlon (SLC) search englne markeLlng
(SLM) soclal medla markeLlng (SMM) and more
Slnce Lhe lnLerneL was lnLroduce lL has evolve lnLo one of Lhe cheapesL mosL segmenLed and dlrecL
medla opLlon Lo geL your message Lo your LargeL markeL WlLh Lhe soclal neLwork growlng fasLer Lhan
ever and Lhe mulLlple opLlons Lhe lnLerneL as markeLlng medlum has Lo offer Lo developers markeLers
and deslgners Lhere ls no excuse for noL belng a parL of Lhe onllne markeL LeL us aL
onllnemarkeLworldcom Leach you everyLhlng you need Lo know abouL Lhe onllne markeL world so you
and your buslness can Lake advanLage of Lhls useful markeLlng medlum
O 1o sell a producL lL ls needed Lo learn who ls Lhe lnLended audlence
O onvenLlonal meLhods and Lecnlcs may work on Lhe lnLerneL buL Lo really make a mark lLs
beLLer Lo be creaLlve
O Soclal slLes are lmporLanL for buslness nowadays
O Learn Lo use a Soclal SlLe effecLlvely
O our cllenLs feedback ls lmporLanL and preclous
O 1o undersLand Lhe slLuaLlon lLs beLLer Lo look and see whaL ls happenlng around

@e on||ne penomenom

now a days havlng presence onllne ls cruclal for any brand When people say LveryLhlng ls on Lhe
lnLerneL Lhey are noL far from Lhe LruLh Slnce Lhe lnLerneL bubble happened every lndusLry has
aLLempLed Lo cross over Lo Lhe onllne world creaLlng new lndusLrles and adverLlslng medla never seen

An pharmacy onllne can be Lhe perfecL example for Lhls 30 years ago lL dldnL even exlsLed lnsLead lL
was [usL Lhe local pharmacy 8ack Lhen lf you had a cold and needed someLhlng from Lhe drugsLore or
Lhe docLor Lhere was no opLlon buL Lo geL up of your cozy bed and drlve all Lhe way Lhere AfLer Lhe
lnLerneL bubble noL only Lhe local pharmacy from our example buL brands all around Lhe world reallzed
LhaL Lhe web was Lhe perfecL Lool Lo bulld a closer relaLlonshlps wlLh Lhelr cusLomers Lo furLher lnqulre
whaL Lhelr consumers wanLed Lo provlde beLLer and fasLer cusLomer servlce Lo adverLlse and sell Lhelr
producLs 1haL Lhe local pharmacy (afLer Lhe lnLerneL bubble) ls also an onllne pharmacy lL can be open
24/7 so cusLomers purchase ask learn or complaln abouL anyLhlng Lhey wanL

As Lhe pharmacy onllne many brands know LhaL uslng Lhe lnLerneL Lo aLLracL poLenLlal new cusLomers
or malnLaln old ones ls [usL easler fasLer and cheaper An pharmacy onllne allows Lhe cusLomer Lo ask
quesLlons research for lnformaLlon compare prlces and even reflll a prescrlpLlon all ln Lhe prlvacy of
your home LeLs use vlagra as an example of Lhls nowadays you can buy or reflll a prescrlpLlon of
vlagra or generlc vlagra whlle you are aL home checklng your mall any day any Llme ou can research
compere prlces and even buy vlagra onllne someLlmes all wlLhouL llvlng Lhe pharmacy webslLe l
wanLed Lo use vlagra as an example because ls very popular ln Lhe lndusLry

1oday havlng some klnd of presence onllne ls no longer a perk LhaL some brands offer Lo Lhelr cusLomers
buL a requlremenL unless you wanL your producL Lo drown ln an ocean of brands make sure your
company has a fully equlp web page a blog and presence ln soclal neLworks lf you havenL cross over
llke Lhe example above glve your buslness Lhe onllne vlagra LhaL lL needs and sLar geL Lhlngs golng
before ls Lo laLe

Customer engagement cyc|e

1o sLarL Lalklng abouL Lhe onllne markeLlng world flrsL ls lmporLanL for you Lo undersLand Lhe process
Lhe cusLomers go Lhrough as Lhey lnLeracL and experlence your brand or your producL 1hls process ls
called Lhe cusLomers engagemenL cycle or cusLomers [ourney and lL can be elLher on or offllne Cnllne
cusLomer engagemenL ls posslble Lhanks Lo Lhe lnLerneL Lhe broadband Lhe lncremenL of Llme spenL
onllne and Lhe fragmenLaLlon of medla and audlences

Cnllne usLomer engagemenL cycle have flve dlfferenL sLages whlch are usLomer awareness
conslderaLlon lnqulry purchase and cusLomer reLenLlon ln Lhe flrsL sLep you need Lo make your cllenLs
aware of your brand or producL ln Lhls sLage a good flrsL second an even Lhlrd lmpresslon ls cruclal for
your producL Lo succeed laLer on Lhe cycle 1he second sLep ls conslderaLlon ln Lhls sLep your posslble
cusLomers are conslderlng your producL nexL Lo oLher offerlngs comperlng feaLures and prlces and ls up
Lo you Lo convlnce you cusLomer LhaL your producL ls Lhe besL way Lo go 1he nexL sLep ls Lhe purchase
ls unLll LhaL polnL LhaL your poLenLlal cusLomer becomes a real one 1ry Lo make lL as easler as posslble
for your cllenL Lo make Lhe purchase Lhey wlll surely appreclaLe lL AfLer Lhe purchase some lnclude a
posLpurchase supporL Lo deal wlLh lssues or complalnLs LhaL may arlse 8eLenLlon or loyalLy ls Lhe nexL
sLep and refers Lo Lhe prlzes LhaL cusLomer wln for brlnglng more buslness for Lhe company 1he lasL
sLep and an lndlcaLlon LhaL Lhe process was successful ls Lhe advocacy or referral of Lhe producL or
servlce 8ecause Lhe cusLomer ls saLlsfy he spreads Lhe good word on behalf of your buslness lor Lhe
onllne cusLomer engagemenL process Lhls sLep ls equlvalenL Lo a re LweeL posL emall or upload conLenL
regardlng an speclflc producL or servlce 1hrough ouL Lhe process Lhe adverLlslng efforLs are mosL of Lhe
Llme dedlcaLed Lo geL Lhe cusLomer Lo Lhe purchaslng sLage over and over agaln

As you can see Lhe onllne markeLlng cusLomer engagemenL cycle descrlbe Lhe sLages of Lhe process ln
whlch a cusLomer engage wlLh a company or Lhe company aLLempL Lo engage ln a dlalogue wlLh Lhe
LargeL consumers and sLlmulaLe Lhelr own engagemenL wlLh Lhe brand

Cn||ne advert|s|ng or |nternet advert|s|ng

lnLerneL adverLlslng uses Lhe world wlde web and Lhe lnLerneL Lo aLLracL cusLomers vla markeLlng
messages for a cerLaln brand 1he amounL of Lhlngs you can do onllne grows every slngle day and new
Lypes of markeLlng messages are conquerlng Lhe web Among Lhe examples of onllne adverLlng we can
menLlon banner ads (adverLlslng embedded ln a web page) web pages soclal neLwork adverLlslng ( Lhe
use of adverLlslng ln soclal neLworks) 8lch medla ads ( ads LhaL respond Lo Lhe user acLlons changlng
colors dlsplaylng LexL or an lmage even a vldeo ) onllne classlfleds lnLersLlLlal ads (ads or pages locaLed
before or afLer Lhe conLenL Lhe user ls expecLlng) and emall markeLlng

Among Lhe many beneflLs of lnLerneL adverLlslng we can menLlon LhaL adverLlser can publlsh or upload
lnformaLlon everywhere anyLlme AnoLher lmporLanL beneflL ls LhaL Lhanks Lo search englnes and Lhelr
personallze search resulLs reachlng Lhe LargeL segmenL ls easler and cheaper Lhan uslng any oLher
adverLlslng opLlon 1he prlces vary accordlng Lo whaL you wanL Lo do do for example a classlfled ad wlll
probably be cheaper Lhan a web page for a producL 1he banners ads raLes also change accordlng Lo Lhe
banner ads slzes Lhe page where lL ls locaLed and Lhe Llme lL wlll be Lhere)

Cne of Lhe blggesL crlLlcs Lo lnLerneL adverLlslng ls LhaL some of lL ls deslgn eLhlcally and some are noL
llashlng banners ads LhaL obsLacle Lhe conLenL or dlsLracL Lhe user Also very frequenL some banners ads
are made Lo resemble a soclal neLwork message box or and error ln Lhe operaLlng sysLem mlsleadlng Lhe
users lnLo cllcklng Lhem Lmall markeLlng also geLs several crlLlcs because lL ls noL sollclLed and lL ls senL
ln bulk

As you can see Lhere are several way Lo do onllne adverLlslng all of Lhem presenL some cons and pros
you should Lake ln conslderaLlon Lhe nexL Llme you declde Lo adverLlse on llne When done properly and
lncludlng all Lhe facLors LhaL should be conslder lnLerneL adverLlslng could be Lhe easler cheaper and
mosL effecLlve Lype of adverLlslng Lo geL Lo your LargeL markeL

@ypes of |nternet market|ng

lnLerneL markeLlng ls a broad Loplc buL lL can be dlvlded lnLo Lhree Lypes ay per cllck SLC and soclal
medla markeLlng 1he flrsL lnLerneL markeLlng Lype ls ay per cllck Lhls ls a Lype of lnLerneL adverLlslng
ln whlch Lhe adverLlser pays Lhe publlsher of Lhe ad every Llme someone cllcks on lL 1hls ls used Lo
dlrecL Lrafflc Lo Lhe webslLes lor search englnes Lhe adverLlser usually chose Lo puL Lhelr ads on
webslLes LhaL have a speclflc keywords LhaL are relaLed Lo Lhelr LargeL markeL 1hls Lype of lnLerneL
markeLlng ls also know as cosL per cllck and because lLs purpose ls Lo generaLe Lrafflc lL uLlllzes afflllaLes
sysLems ln Lhls pay for performance model Lhe afflllaLe provldes a spoL on hls or her webslLe for Lhe
adverLlser Lo place hls ad 1he afflllaLe laLer geLs pald a percenLage of revenue lf someone cllck on Lhe ad
LhaL Lhe adverLlser placed on hls webslLe

When you look aL Lhe search resulLs pages Lhe llsLlngs LhaL rank because Lhey lnclude pay per cllck
adverLlslng are conslder non organlc whlle Lhe organlc resulL are Lhe llsLlngs ranklng because of Lhelr
relevancy Lo Lhe search query 1here are Lwo Lypes Lo deLermlne cosL per cllck and Lhey are Lhe bld
based ln whlch each adverLlser blds for Lhe spoL he wanLs and Lhe flaL raLe Lype ln whlch publlshers
charge a flaL raLe accordlng Lo whlch spoL Lhe adverLlser wanLs

1he second Lype of lnLerneL markeLlng ls SLC or search englne opLlmlzaLlon As lLs name suggesLs SLC
ls Lhe process of adapLlng Lhe pages conLenL and llnks (among oLher Lhlngs) Lo lmprove Lhe webslLe or
pages ranklng on a search englne 8ecause Lhe regular user Lends Lo only cllck on a few of Lhe besL
ranked pages Lhe hlgher a page ranks Lhe more vlslLors LhaL page wlll geL 1haL ls why good SLC
conslder everyLhlng from how Lo search englnes work whaL people are usually search for Lo Lhelr Lerms
Lhey use when Lhey search

1he Lhlrd Lype of lnLerneL markeLlng ls Lhe soclal medla markeLlng whlch ls Lhe use of sLraLegles and
adverLlslng on soclal medla Lo announce cerLaln producL lL baslcally creaLes conLenL LhaL aLLracLs
aLLenLlon and encourages readers Lo share lL wlLh Lhelr soclal neLworks

Lma|| market|ng and perm|ss|on market|ng

Lmall markeLlng ls Lype of dlrecL markeLlng LhaL sends elecLronlc malls wlLh commerclal messages Lo
large audlences usually wlLh Lhe purpose of enhanclng Lhe merchanL user relaLlonshlp Sendlng
promoLlonal emalls ls very effecLlve aLLracLlng new cusLomer and malnLalnlng old ones and afLer SLM or
search englne markeLlng ls Lhe mosL effecLlve onllne markeLlng Lechnlque

1hanks Lo Lhls klnd of markeLlng adverLlser can reach large audlences lL ls also cheaper Lhan mosL of Lhe
oLher lnLerneL opLlons and lL geLs your message Lo Lhe people conLrary Lo webslLes LhaL puLs mosL of lLs
efforLs Lrylng Lo brlng Lhe people ln Lmall markeLlng ls noL only used as dlrecL mall buL also as a
reLenLlon meLhod LhaL bullds long Lerm relaLlonshlps wlLh Lhe cusLomers or a good spoL Lo place your
adverLlsemenL CLher advanLages of Lhls Lype of markeLlng ls Lhe low cosL compare Lo oLher dlrecL
markeLlng opLlons Lhe speed ln whlch Lhe same message reaches large amounLs of people Lhe facL LhaL
Lhey are personallzed leLs noL forgeL LhaL ls a form of vlral markeLlng and ls easy Lo keep Lrack of who
saw your message and who dldnL

lf you are conslderlng emall markeLlng as an opLlon for your markeLlng sLraLegy we encourage you Lo
learn as much as you can abouL Lhe laws and leglslaLlon regardlng emall markeLlng Laws change and
your company can be severely punlshed for breaklng one of Lhem ls lmporLanL for you Lo bulld your
own leads llsLs on whlch your cllenLs glve you permlsslon Lo updaLe Lhem vla emall on your companys
lasL news When a user agrees Lo geL bulk mall from anyone ls call opL ln mall or permlsslon markeLlng
because Lhe company asks for Lhe cusLomers permlsslon Lo go Lo Lhe nexL sLep of Lhe purchaslng
process or send you someLhlng and Lhe user concerL Lo recelve lL uonL leL your lnfo be caLegorlze as
spam and Lry no Lo burn ouL your llsL lf you Lry Lo avold Lhls Lwo lssues we are sure emall markeLlng wlll
help you achleve some of Lhose markeLlng goals you have

,ob||e advert|s|ng

Moblle adverLlslng ls a form of adverLlslng vla moblle phone or any oLher moblle devlces LxperLs
conslder lL Lo be closely relaLed Lo onllne adverLlslng AlLhough lL lncludes all porLable devlces mosL of
Lhe budgeL dedlcaLed Lo adverLlslng goes Lo cellphone adverLlslng Many experLs refer Lo Lhls Lype of
adverLlslng as Lhe sevenLh mass medla channel (prlnL recordlngs clnema radlo 1v lnLerneL and now
moblle phones) Slnce cellphones make Lhelr blg appearance back ln Lhe 1990s Lhey change Lhe way we
connecL Lo each oLher dld buslness and record our dally experlences glvlng adverLlsers a new way Lo
geL Lhelr messages ln a fasL effecLlve way and because Lhls ls a Lwo way moblle medla lL open a wlde
varleLy of new posslblllLles

Moblle adverLlslng lncludes SMS (shorL message servlce) MMS (mulLlmedla messaglng) adverLlslng
wlLhlng games web banners cellphone apps or moblle phone apps moblle rlch medla messages (wlLh
Lwo baslc sLages dlsplay and acLlvaLlon) and banners and full screen lnLersLlces Some say LhaL Lhe
blggesL for of cellphone adverLlslng ls Lhe banner frequenLly found everywhere on webslLes whlle oLhers
agree LhaL Lhe mosL popular for of moblle adverLlslng are LexL messages 1he success of campalgns for
porLable devlces are measure Lhrough vlew and cllcks 1he more vlews or cllck a campalgn has Lhe more
successful lL was

Among Lhe many beneflLs of cellphone adverLlslng we can menLlon lLs vlral markeLlng capaclLy a good
campalgn ls rapldly spread or forward 8ecause Lhe message comes from a know source lnsLead of Lhe
adverLlser cusLomers are less relucLanL Lo accepL Lhe message lor a loL Lhe maln concern seems Lo be
prlvacy maLLers 8ecause cusLomlzaLlon of ad conLenL ls requlre so LhaL Lhe conLenL of each message
geLs Lo Lhe rlghL markeL behavlor waLch Lools are employed 1hls ralses a loL of concerns regardlng our

Moblle adverLlslng offers a wlde varleLy of opLlons Lo adverLlse wheLher ls a banner or moblle phone
apps lL keeps evolvlng Lo adapL Lo Lhe changlng markeL of moblle porLable devlces 1hls consLanL
changes open new posslblllLles for deslgners adverLlsers and markeLers Lo dlscover new ways of moblle

earc eng|ne market|ng too|s (L,%

Search englnes appear ln Lhe 90s Lo help Lhe onllne users Lo deal an process Lhe webslLe profuslon and
wlLh Lhem Search englne markeLlng was born SLM as mosL of Lhe people refers Lo markeLlng ln search
englnes ls a form of lnLerneL markeLlng lLs purpose ls Lo lncrease of lmprove Lhe vlslblllLy or ranklng of a
webslLes ln an englne Lhrough Lhe use of paylng meLhods

eople ofLen someLlmes confuse Lhe Lerms SLC (search englne opLlmlzaLlon) and SLM (search englne
markeLlng) 8uL Lhe facL ls Lhe SLM lncludes SLC because lL lncludes boLh pald resulLs and organlc
resulLs 1he maln dlfference beLween Lhls Lwo ls LhaL SLC opLlmlzes a webslLe Lhrough Lhe use and
placemenL of parLlcular keywords (organlc resulLs) and SLM does Lhe same focuslng on pald

1here are Lhree mayor vendors for Lhls klng of markeLlng Coogle adwords ahoo! Search MarkeLlng and
MlcrosofL adcenLer Coogle adwords ls whaL generaLes google Lhe blggesL revenue lL can be purchase
as pay per cllck adverLlslng or cosL per Lhousands adverLlslng buL lL also lncludes LexL banners and rlch
medla ads ahoo search ls Lhe lnLerneL adverLlslng servlce provlded by yahoo and MlcrosofL adcenLer ls
a dlvlslon of MlcrosofL neLwork ln charge lf Lhe MSns adverLlslng servlces 1hls Lhree vendors work aL a
local naLlonal and lnLernaLlonal level dependlng on Lhe cllenLs needs

8ecause search englnes are LexL drlven Lo have more accuraLe resulLs we should use Search englne
markeLlng Lools Lo do keyword research and analysls LhaL wlll help you opLlmlze your webslLe for a good
keyword and also Lo measure Lhe saLuraLlon and popularlLy of lL

keep ln mlnd LhaL before lnvesLlng ln SLM you should flrsL research your LargeL audlence flnd ouL whaL
klnd of pages Lhe frequenLly vlslL 1hls wlll help you bullL an good lnlLlal keyword llsL Always valldaLe
Lhose keywords uslng Lhe avallable Lools check your currenL ranklng lf you wanL Lo colonlze Lhe web
uslng Search englne markeLlng or SLC remember LhaL boLh need Lo be monlLored and consLanLly updaLe
Lo reflecL an lmprove

oc|a| med|a market|ng

Soclal neLworks are more powerful now Lhan ever Lhanks Lo Lhem our onllne experlence Lhe way
deslgner and developers creaLe conLenL and whaL we do lL changed Soclal medla has become an
accesslble plaLform lL seems LhaL nowadays everybody ls a parL of lL and companles are noL Lhe
excepLlon 1hey saw Lhe greaL poLenLlal ln markeLlng Lhelr producLs and servlces uslng Lhls plaLforms
1hls ls whaL we know as Soclal medla markeLlng or Soclal medla opLlmlzaLlon (SMC) 1hls Lype of
markeLlng should be a parL of a companys lnLegraLed markeLlng communlcaLlons plans

1hls group of lnLerneLbased appllcaLlons allows users Lhe creaLlon and exchange of user generaLed
conLenL Soclal medla markeLlng campalgns lnclude selllng publlc relaLlons adverLlslng and more ln Lhls
campalgns all efforLs are cenLer Lo creaLe conLenL LhaL aLLracLs users and encourage Lhem Lo share lL ln
Lhelr soclal neLwork hopefully creaLlng vlral markeLlng 8ecause Lhe conLenL ls comlng from a known
source (oLher Lhan Lhe adverLlser) lL seems more LrusLable and user are less relucLanL Lo lgnore lL

Soclal medla opLlmlzaLlon allows companles an lnexpenslve plaLform for Lhelr markeLlng campalgns
more channels Lo provlde cusLomer supporL a good way Lo geL some cusLomers and compeLlLors
lnslghL offer lncenLlves Lo cusLomers Lo recrulL more cusLomers and reLaln old ones 8uL all Lhese
acLlvlLles requlred speclallze Lools for soclal markeLlng monlLorlng LhaL sLudy and analyze our behavlor
whlle soclal neLworklng so we only geL adverLlslng relaLed Lo LhaL behavlor Some of Lhe mosL popular
Lools are Sysomos klouL (provlde soclal medla monlLorlng and analyLlcs) hubspoL (lnbound soclal
medla markeL) and LwLbuck (soclal neLwork adverLlslng)

Among Lhe Lop soclal neLworks LhaL funcLlon as ouLleLs for Lhls klnd of markeLlng are 1wlLLer lacebook
ouLube and Lhe blogs 1wlLLer allows companles Lo explaln Lhelr laLesL producLs or servlces Lhrough
shorL messages (whlch users Lend Lo read more ofLen Lhan long ones) 1hls messages can be llnk Lo a
proflle a plcLure or a vldeo lacebook on Lhe oLher hand allows a blgger descrlpLlon of Lhe producLs and
servlces plus you can upload phoLos vldeos and even LesLlmonlals 8logs are good for deLall descrlpLlon
and are know for a good place foe personal oplnlons and LesLlmonlals

Soclal neLwork are glvlng adverLlsers more new ways of placlng Lhelr messages Cood soclal medla
markeLlng can be Lhe lnexpenslve Lool Lo connecL wlLh your cusLomers ln a more lnLlmaLe and personal

even @op Cn||ne ,arket|ng @rends for 2011
Pere are Lhe seven Lop onllne markeLlng Lrends
1 oc|a| med|a market|ng goes ma|nstream ln 2010 corporaLe use of soclal medla reached a
Llpplng polnL ompanles wlll become more sophlsLlcaLed ln Lhelr soclal medla markeLlng usage
as Lhey geL more experlenced As parL of Lhls evoluLlon soclal medla wlll exLend LhroughouL
organlzaLlons namely cusLomer servlce lurLher soclal medla adverLlslng wlll come lnLo lLs own
and yleld relaLlvely sLronger resulLs as happens wlLh any new adverLlslng plaLform lLs also
largely aLLrlbuLable Lo Lhe ablllLy Lo LlghLly LargeL audlences based on soclal medla acLlvlLy

1he one challenge Lo Lhls progress wlll be lacebook 1wlLLer and Croupons hlgh markeL
valuaLlons poLenLlally slgnallng a bubble
2 ,ob||e |ts |ts str|de Whlle uS moblle expanslon has been on everyones llsL for many years
2011 wlll pave Lhe way for a number of lmporLanL markeLlng changes lueled by hlgh
smarLphone adopLlon LhaL conLlnues Lo expand and an lncreaslng percenLage of moblleonly
households Lhe uS ls polsed for enhanced moblle markeLlng 8ecenL nlelsen daLa shows LhaL
30 percenL of cell phones are smarLphones and 8lack8errles accounL for abouL a quarLer of

5ootce 1be Nlelseo compooy

Along wlLh onLhego consumpLlon emall remalns Lhe domlnanL moblle acLlvlLy lurLher app
users have downloaded an average of 27 apps

5ootce 1be Nlelseo compooy

8ased on Lhls growLh lorresLer forecasLs LhaL over 73 percenL of markeLers plan Lo lnclude
moblle ln Lhelr markeLlng mlx Clven moblle emalls sLrengLh and average app downloads focus
on moblle lnLeracLlve exLenslon Lo meeL users needs on Lhe go 1hlnk blLeslze consumpLlon and
moblle flndablllLy (aka search) As a resulL locaLlonbased servlces (aka L8S) such as loursquare
wlLh compeLlLlon from glanLs llke lacebook wlll conLlnue Lo expand Lhelr reach

C8 codes and moblle paymenLs wlll also grow
3 Content market|ng expands |n new venues CLher forms of porLable devlces namely ereaders
and lads galn LracLlon Apples lad has sold 83 mllllon unlLs based on eMarkeLers esLlmaLes

Whlle Amazon has sold 8 mllllon* klndles lLs hlghesL selllng lLem LodaLe 1hls ls good news for
publlshers who conslder Lhese devlces pald conLenL consumpLlon nlrvana 1hese devlces requlre
LhaL markeLers Lhlnk abouL Lhelr LargeL markeLs conLenL consumpLlon hablLs 8oughly Lwo
Lhlrds of consumers have pald for some form of onllne conLenL accordlng Lo ew 8esearch
enLers lnLerneL Amerlcan Llfe ro[ecL Among Lhe domlnanL forms of pald conLenL were
dlglLal muslc sofLware cell phone and LableL apps dlglLal games news arLlcles or reporLs and
vldeos movles or Lelevlslon shows 8uL before publlshers run Lo Lhe bank Lhey musL assess Lhe
average $47 conLenL spend carefully because Lhe Lyplcal cusLomer only spends $10!
4 ,arket|ng goes rea|t|me not [ust watc|ng |ssues for k and potent|a| f|res (PaL Llp Lo uavld
Meerman ScoLL) MarkeLers musL be vlgllanL Lo Lake advanLage of markeLlng opporLunlLles whlle
mlLlgaLlng Lhe lmpacL of small flres (for example lords use of soclal medla Lo quell a 8 flre)
1hls requlres a more flexlble promoLlonal and communlcaLlons sLraLegy As a resulL markeLlng
needs Lo be aglle because Lhese evenLs canL be planned slx monLhs ln advance lurLher every
flrm musL have a crlsls managemenL plan and vlgllanL monlLorlng
3 Cn||ne reta|| cont|nues to take market sare from oter canne|s hrlsLmas 2011 showed LhaL
consumers were wllllng Lo spend money elLher due Lo penL up deslre or as shopplng Lherapy
desplLe Lhe challenglng flnanclal ouLlook Cnllne hollday purchaslng grew Laklng share from
brlckandmorLar reLall showlng consumers wllllngness Lo use and LrusL onllne paymenLs !
Morgan senlor analysL lmran kahn forecasLs LhaL uS onllne reLall wlll conLlnue Lo grow aL a
124 percenL AC8 (compound annual growLh raLe) from an esLlmaLed $166 bllllon ln 2010 Lo
$233 bllllon ln 2013 Whlle a very small percenLage of holldays sales soclal shopplng wlll
conLlnue Lo expand lLs lnfluence due Lo lLs ablllLy Lo LargeL and reach consumers early ln Lhe
declslon phase Also group buylng vla Croupon and lLs compeLlLors wlll conLlnue Lo be a
growlng Lrend as long as markeLers can make money from Lhese promoLlons
6 ntegrated market|ng comes of age As Lhe blg soclal medla markeLlng campalgns of 2010
namely epsl 8efresh and Cld Splce showed lnLegraLlon across markeLlng plaLforms ls a musL!
WlLh expanslon of soclal medla markeLlng moblle ereader and offllne markeLlng (remember
Lelevlslon sLlll domlnaLes!) all need Lo work LogeLher
7 ,etr|cs move |nto te spot||gt for soc|a| med|a !usL as you do for LradlLlonal forms of
markeLlng as soclal medla maLures and lnvesLs real budgeL and headcounL managemenL wlll
requlre [usLlflcaLlon for Lhese dollars 1o Lhls end beLLer soclal medla meLrlcs and a clear
paLhway Lo 8Cl ls needed 8elaLed Lo Lhls ls lmproved soclal monlLorlng Lo ald Lracklng lurLher
markeLers musL lncorporaLe callsLoacLlon and promoLlons Lo ald Lracklng
As you plan for 2011 use Lhese seven onllne markeLlng Lrends Lo gulde your markeLlng lnlLlaLlves 8ear
ln mlnd LhaL Lo hlL your 2011 goals you need Lo have meLrlcs lncludlng Lhose for your soclal medla and
moblle sLraLegles LhaL help you achleve your corporaLe mlsslon
uo you have any oLher Lrends LhaL you Lhlnk wlll drlve onllne markeLlng ln 2011? lf so please add Lhem
ln Lhe commenLs secLlon below
Pappy markeLlng
Peldl ohen (!anuary 10 2011)