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Leticia Figueroa, Staff Relations Field Director Patricia Korpal, Staff Relations Labor Relations Representative


IMPORTANT DATES: December 26, 2011 January 2, 2012 GENERAL INFORMATION: 1. SAFETY EMERGENCY CLOSURE In the event of a school closure due to an emergency the employees shall typically be reassigned on a temporary basis to another location. If a school is evacuated during the school day, employees shall suffer no loss of pay or accumulated leave for that day. (UTLA - Article XXVIII, Section 6.0.) Also, Classified staff is to be paid for all hours worked which would include time spent during any lockdown period. 2. SAFETY EMPLOYEE/DISTRICT RESPONSIBILITY Employees shall immediately notify the site administration and site administration shall immediately notify employees of any unsafe or hazardous conditions at the site. Upon notification, the District shall take immediate steps to investigate and correct an unsafe or hazardous condition. In an emergency, employees may take reasonable preliminary action to protect students, other employees, and themselves. (UTLA Article XXVIII, Section 7.0; Classified contracts: Safety Article) 3. WAIVERS All waiver and side letter requests must come through the Office of Staff Relations which is the only office authorized to create these agreements. Please do not contact employee unions directly. The Office of Staff Relations is here to facilitate that for you.
November 2011

First day of District-wide Winter Shutdown Last day of District-wide Winter Shutdown

CERTIFICATED INFORMATION: 4. INITIAL PLANNING CONFERENCE The initial planning conference should have been completed by now. This was an opportunity to discuss the Initial Planning Sheet (IPS) and make clear the established objectives. Please review the applicable sections of the LAUSD/UTLA Agreement. If a teacher has failed to complete the IPS, complete it for the teacher immediately and review it at a conference. (Article X, Sections 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2) 5. EVALUATION AND DISCIPLINE OF CERTIFICATED EMPLOYEES Observations should be followed by conferences to discuss the employees performance. If problems are identified, the evaluator shall make specific written recommendations for improvement, and offer appropriate counseling and assistance. Within four working days of the conference, a copy of written records relating to observations, advisory conferences and assistance offered or provided, shall be given to the employee for the employees information, guidance, and as a warning to improve performance. (Article X, Section 5.0) 6. FREQUENCY OF EVALUATION Teacher evaluation periods may be extended beyond the two year period to once every three, four or five years. Any arrangement for an evaluation beyond the two-year cycle requires joint consent of the evaluator and employee; such consent is entirely discretionary and individualized and may be withdrawn by either party at any time. Your OSR Field Director can assist you in the development of extended evaluation schedules that best serve your program needs and comply with contractual requirements. This article and section apply only to those teachers with ten or more years of employment with the District and who are highly qualified under NCLB. Under no circumstances should any UTLA member who, in the 2010-2011 school year, has received even one (1) Needs Improvement or No, much less an overall Below Standard Stull, in any prior year be afforded this exception (Article X, Section 3.0) 7. PROBATIONARY TEACHERS In January 2012, the Human Resources Department will send out a list of the Probationary 2 teachers assigned to your site. The list will require the principal/administrator to decide whether to recommend that the employee be advanced to permanent status or recommend that the employee be nonreelected and released from employment with the District. Be prepared when making this important decision and provide a rationale. 8. POOL TEACHER EVALUATIONS Evaluations must be done for all pool teachers assigned to your site. If the pool teacher was transferred to your site, the evaluation should be done in

November 2011

conjunction with input from the previous school(s). It is especially critical to issue an evaluation for those probationary pool teachers, who will be eligible for permanent status. Call Leticia Figueroa, Staff Relations Field Director, if you are unsure about this process. 9. SUBSTITUTE TEACHER EVALUATIONS Substitute teachers who are continuously assigned to the same location for more than 20 days shall be evaluated not less than once each semester on a 1022 form. (Article X, Section 8.0)

10. INADEQUATE SERVICE BY SUBSTITUTES (Form 1080-14, rev. 11/06) The site administrator may issue for cause, a notice of inadequate service to a day-to-day substitute. This applies to all substitutes. Such notice shall be issued within ten days after the date(s) of service, with a copy to the employee (either in person or by certified mail to the employees address of record). Prior to issuance of such a notice, the site administrator shall make a reasonable effort to contact and confer with the substitute regarding the allegations. Upon employee request, a meeting will be held to discuss the matter. The employee may be accompanied by a UTLA representative or a person of the employees choice, as long as that person is not a representative of another employee organization. If you choose to file this report to document either commendable or inadequate substitute teacher service, please be sure to complete the entire form, including noting that a conference was held with the employee either by phone or in person and that the employee was sent a copy of the report by certified mail. Please contact your OSR Field Director if you need further assistance. (Article X, Section 7.0) 11. SECONDARY COUNSELOR REASSIGNMENT TO TEACHING POSITION Counselors who are reassigned to a classroom teaching position shall receive written reason for this action upon request. Only a failure or refusal to provide the reasons upon request shall be grievable. (Article IX-A, Section 11.0) 12. INSTRUCTIONAL COACHES Confidentiality: Instructional Coaches are not to participate in the evaluation of teachers. In order to encourage a supportive professional relationship between teachers and Instructional Coaches, conversations between the teacher and the Instructional Coach regarding the teachers performance are to be treated as confidential and privileged to the extent provided by law. (Article IX-C, Section 6.0) 13. SAFETY GENERAL The District shall provide reasonable packing and moving assistance to any employee who is required by OEHS to vacate his/her classroom or worksite. (Article XXVIII, Section 1.9)
November 2011

CLASSIFIED INFORMATION: 14. SCHOOL BASED EMPLOYEES BY COLLECTIVE BARGAINING UNITS Attached is a list of job classifications normally found in school sites, as well as contacts for assistance. Please note that Transportation Branch, Maintenance and Operations, and Food Services Branch handle their employees disciplinary issues and grievances. 15. ASSISTANCE AND GUIDANCE FOR CLASSIFIED STAFF AND TEACHER ASSISTANTS It is not necessary to provide advance notification to a classified staff member or Teacher Assistant prior to holding assistance and guidance meetings which will not result in disciplinary action (suspension, demotion or dismissal). Additionally, employees are not entitled to representation for such meetings. If you expect that a meeting with an employee may result in disciplinary action (such as an investigatory meeting), you should contact your Labor Relations Representative so that the employee is given advance notice of a meeting that is labeled pre-disciplinary. If you have any questions about these items, or other contract or discipline issues, please call Leticia Figueroa, Staff Relations Field Director at (213) 241-2563 regarding UTLA or Patricia Korpal, Labor Relations Representative, for Units D, B, F, G and S (clerical staff, paraprofessionals, campus supervision employees, and the SAA) at (213) 241- 6056.

November 2011

SCHOOL BASED JOB CLASSIFICATIONS BY COLLECTIVE BARGAINING UNITS UNIT AALA (Certificated Administrators ) UTLA (Teachers) MAJOR JOB CLASSIFICATIONS Assistant Principal WHERE TO CALL FOR ASSISTANCE Staff Relations Field Directors Staff Relations Field Director EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATIVE Associated Administrators of Los Angeles (AALA) United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA)

B (Instructional Aides)

C (Operations Support Services)

Teachers, Counselors, School Psychologists, Library Media Teachers, Nurses Education Aides, Campus Aides, Special Ed. Assts., Instructional Aides, Early Education Center Aides Building and Grounds Workers, Cafeteria Workers, Housekeepers

Staff Relations Labor Relations Representative

SEIU, Local 99

D (OfficeTechnical & Business Services) F (Teacher Assistants) G (School Supervision Aides) S (Classified Supervisors)
November 2011

Office Technicians, Library Aides, Sr. Office Technicians, Financial Managers Teacher Assistants School Supervision Aides and Community Representatives School Administrative Assistants

Cafeteria staffFood Services Branch Custodial staffMaintenance and OperationsArea Operations Supv. HousekeeperMicrocomputer Support Asst. Staff Relations Labor Relations Representative Staff Relations Labor Relations Representative Staff Relations Labor Relations Representative Staff Relations Labor Relations Representative School Adm. AsstStaff Relations Labor Relations

SEIU, Local 99

California School Employees Assn. (CSEA) SEIU, Local 99 SEIU, Local 99

Teamsters, Local 572

Cafeteria Managers, Plant Managers.

Rep. Cafeteria Manager-Food Services Branch Plant ManagerMaintenance & Operations Area Operations Supv.

November 2011