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I have always completed the work allotted to me as per the standards defined adhering to the documentation

guidelines. I have always finished my work with in the schedules as per the requisite project norms. I have never
left any work pending, always responded positively to the issues and provided solutions for the same. I have
never faced any complaints from my supervisors. I have participated in reviews with my supervisor and other
team members. I have adhered to the customer guidelines regarding security and protection during the whole
process. I have always been guided by the project specific criteria as defined in the project plan. I have always
intimated any critical issues in time to my supervisors.

I am a good team player and have excellent communication skills. I have always escalated the project related
critical issues to my supervisor in time. Maintained good relationship through communication with the team
members and the mails received by the team members are promptly replied. Had good sharing of information
with team members to come up with optimum solutions and handled new work with great enthusiasm. I have
always been cooperative with all my team members, approached them for any kind of help needed and also
supported others in their needs. I have completed all Mandatory training with in the time span specified. I have
also taken up mandatory tests required and cleared them.

I have involved completely in some tasks independently like preparation of the test plan and test case document
and acquired good level of knowledge on system testing. During this project I have got to delve into windows
applications in dot net by solving some critical issues. I have always been cooperative with the new members in
the team and answered any queries asked by them. I have guided the new team member in understanding the
application and testing. I always tried my best to identify the critical issues in my project and reported them to
my supervisor in time.

I have got a profound knowledge on how to do system testing. I have gained good knowledge on windows
application in dot net by solving some issues in our project. Even in the tight schedule of our project, I took some
time to write the FCG test in C Language and cleared the exam with 64% marks. I have undergone training in
"Basics of SQL Server 2005" and "SQL Server 2005 Advanced level". I have prepared a paper on "Six Sigma
tools" but due to the busy schedule of our project I could not find time to present it to my team members.

Windows Live Partner Involvement in all the phases of I am in the Windows Live Partner
Installer(WLPI) specific tasks the project. Installer project from its inception
phase. I was involved in the
research phase where the
requirements of the project where
being decided and frozen. During
the coding, I actively involved
myself in testing the various builds
which were developed on different
versions of systems like Windows
XP SP2 and Windows Vista. I have
tried to find as many bugs in the
build as possible and intimated
regarding the bugs and also the
cause of the bugs to my
supervisor in time. I have also
solved some of the bugs like a)non
occurrence of the ordering of the
toolbar buttons, b)appearance of a
popup during the silent installation
of WLM and c)display of the wrong
exception messages and status
codes. I have involved in the
preparation of the protocol
document and the cookbook along
with my supervisors and provided
the necessary input. I prepared
the test plan and test case
document by taking the necessary
inputs from my supervisors. I have
always updated the test case
documents with the new test
cases and also intimated my
supervisors and all the team
members regarding the test
results through mail.