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Contact Numbers

Senior Pastor: Ray Albrecht Assistant Pastor: Andrew Storrs Church Leadership: Barry Klein Jamie & Sharon Klein Ian & Beryl Moncrieff (W) 4123 2711 (H) 4123 6562 (H) 4121 6132


Christian Outreach Centre

(H) 4122 1732 (H) 4122 2300 (H) 4123 6891

Management Committee: Ps Ray Albrecht Chairman (H) 4123 6562 Barry Klein Deputy Chairman (H) 4122 1732 Jamie Klein Secretary (H) 4122 2300 Reta Welsh Treasurer (H) 4121 7710 Andrew Storrs (H) 4121 6132 Kay Thorpe (M) 0421 085446 Childrens Church Leader: Jane Orr Ladies Leader: Reta Welsh Mainly Music Leader: Linda Storrs

(H) 4121 5071 (M) 0405 318061 (H) 4121 7710

Be Set Apart and Consecrated

20 NOVEMBER 2011
Senior Pastor:

(H) 4121 6132 (M) 0429 787982

New Christians Class Leaders: Steve & Alice Murray (H) 4123 2394 Steve (M) 0448 700460 Alice (M) 0437 958935 Worship Leader: Linda Storrs (H) 4121 6132 (M) 0429 787982

Ray Albrecht
Maryborough Christian Outreach Centre Hervey Bay Road Maryborough PO Box 461 Maryborough 4650 Phone: (07) 4123 2711

Deacons: Bob & Kay Thorpe (Head Deacons) Keith & Hilary Brockway Cal & Marion Dingwall Kevin Johnstone Joe & Carole Marrington Bruce Mayer Bradley Yates John Yates

Rosters for the week 27th Nov 11 Door AM Beryl & Tracey M Door PM Bruce G Comm Prep Jeanette Comm Table Jamie, Jenny K & Dorn Supper Kevin & Jeanette Cleaning Barry, Doug & Steve Offering & Prayer Andrew Money Count Ian & Andrew

www.cocmaryborough.org.au coc_maryborough@hotmail.com



Welcome to



Listen to Gods People.

Sunday 20th 8.00am Worship Team Practice SATURDAY 26 NOVEMBER God speaks in many ways and we should not discount 9.00am Prayer Meeting in Reception Time Out Christmas Celebration 7.30am what other Christians are saying. After all, God lives 9.30am Worship/Communion/Teaching in them doesnt He? Worried about picking up a at Kerry Taylors place in Tiaro. (Breakfast & bring Coffee/Tea & Fellowship in the rear of wrong belief or doctrine? You cant go far wrong if your swimmers the church after the meeting Further details from Kerry on 0409762991) 6.00pm Prayer Meeting in Reception

you listen to what others are saying and then study Gods Word to see what it says on the subject.

TUESDAY 29 NOVEMBER Ever been lost on what to study? Try studying what Ladies Christmas Lunch at Brooklyn was preached the week before. House, Howard. This week, from Sunday morning, you would have been looking at subjects like meditation, how Gods SATURDAY 3 DECEMBER lives IN YOU and from Sunday night, Set apart & Mens Breakfast at 7.00am. consecrated. SUNDAY 4 DECEMBER I know that the messages from last week have Lighthouse Childrens Church changed my thinking already, in less than one week. Christmas Concert a concert with a Proverbs 11:14 Without wise leadership, a nation difference! Bring a friend. falls; there is safety in having many advisers.

6.30pm Evening Meeting followed by supper and fellowship Tuesday 22nd 9.30am Mainly Music Christmas Breakup 9.30am 4Her Bible Study 6.00pm Powerful Hour of Prayer (in the Church ) Wednesday 23rd 10.00am Container packing in Activity Centre Thursday 24th 10.00am Craft at Retas 7 Silky Oak Crt, Tinana
making Christmas cards

Jamie Klein
************************************** PLEASE NOTE:
MENS BREAKFAST.LAST ONE FOR 2011 Saturday 3rd December in the Activity Centre at 7am. It will only cost you $5. Could you invite a friend? Afterwards, some men will be Reaching out to Maryborough with the Love of Jesus through Random ACTS OF KINDNESS. Please see Ian if you know someone who needs some love and AOK just before Christmas.

SUNDAY 11 DECEMBER Ps Nigel McNeil for both meetings SATURDAY 24 DECEMBER Christmas Eve Service at 6.30pm SUNDAY 25 DECEMBER Christmas Day NO Services ******************************************

10.00am 7.00pm Friday 25th 10.00am

Blanket Sewing in the Sewing Room Home Group at 205 Woodstock St

Container packing in Activity Centre

Saturday 26th 7.30am Girls Time Out at Tiaro Sunday 27th 8.00am 9.00am 9.30am

BIRTHDAYS this week:

24th Kay Sauer 25th Zach Davies 26th Jesse Terrell

6.00pm 6.30pm

Worship Team Practice Prayer Meeting in Reception Worship/Communion/Teaching Lighthouse Childrens Church Morning Tea in the rear of the church Prayer Meeting in Reception Evening Meeting followed by supper and fellowship