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Human civilisation has taken root for nearly 10,000 years (give or take a few thousand) and warfare

has been around for even longer but today we live in the era of 'human rights' or as they prefer to say in the US, 'civil rights'. Thus we should not be getting into wars or committing massacres of foreign unarmed civilians or destroying a sovereign nation by bombing it back to the Stone Age or starving an entire people through self-approved 'sanctions' but we still do. In this era of human rights or civil rights we should be hammering swords into ploughshares so to speak but we do not. Instead we are not only making more swords but producing many fancier types of them including space-age swords and sabres. Yet in the same instant we talk about human rights. There is nothing right or human when bombing families while they are fast asleep or blasting children with anti-tank cannons while they are out collecting much needed firewood for their families. There is also nothing right or human about sending weapons to al-Qaeda associates even if nobody dares to object. It is also not right, human, civil, or even remotely compatible with long accepted universal rules to instigate people to use violence against the government of the day in foreign lands. Or use waterboarding against suspects in secret prisons. Only hitlers and genghises do such things. US leaders and the US media very blasphemously and self-righteously lecture humanity about human rights when the US itself has so many blemishes cluttering its house from its attics to its basements. The US is an unrivalled warmonger, an artificial creation, a nation that practises double standards. It has one set of rules for itself and its cronies and

another for outsiders. It is a nation that has the largest prison system in the world. The US is also a very violent society and it has exported violence far, far beyond its borders. It has the most aggressive military in the world and it has never renounced the right to use terror weapons aka nuclear missiles. How to talk about human rights ? Totally bogus the US is. Totally bogus and evil. The US is probably the least qualified to talk about human rights as proven in the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests. The protesters are all unarmed and yet the US authorities have used force and brutal tactics against them. They are not like protesters elsewhere who loot, rape, murder and burn innocent parties. But such people often have the sympathy of US leaders ! Total rogues and hypocrites. The US has very clearly singled out societies that are different either in skin colour or political outlook, culture/ religion in order to force them to remain weak vis--vis the US. It will cripple them if needed to make sure. The US is also a nation that loves to create havoc and replace the existing social order with imported varieties. In other words the US wants to create a replica of itself in all other places. It will not hesitate to putrefy, corrupt, destroy and/or replace all that is natural or which has existed for millennia. Above all, the US wants to impoverish further those who are already poor so that Uncle Sam can continue enjoying an artificial standard of living. Or more specifically the 1% of US society. The US right-wing elite. The close-knit group of political and economic fascists that is in charge of the giant military-industrial-casino-banking insitution in the US. The US has so shamelessly employed threats, blackmail, coercion and other loansharking techniques to force other nations to worship it and provide regular 'tributes' to Washington. China, for example, gives big streams (rivers) of cash to the US to help finance the US Pentagon and its huge war machine annually in order to lessen the bitter US assaults against it when the money should have been fully used at home to help improve safety and other measures of living standards for its people. Right now the US is again hollering loudly about certain matters, including the fraudulent currency issue to make sure the money keeps flowing. Is this the real picture of the essence of human rights and is this the true and ultimate meaning of human civilisation ? ? ? ? ? ? Human civilisation is certainly on the right track to hell. Simply because we fail on so many counts, most critical of all is our failure to turn all our swords into ploughshares. Not just the military sword, but the political and cultural and other swords as well. Hell is beckoning to us right now !