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Interview with a student coIIeague - in-cIass exercise

Interview one student colleague about a job (s)he did or a successIul project in which (s)he
participated. Write 2-3 paragraphs about the job or project, quoting the interviewee.

For an example oI this kind oI report, click:

The assignment is worth 2 percent. The deadline Ior this Iorum is Sunday at 23:55.

The Iinished product should be 3-4 paragraphs. It should include:
1. asic inIormation about the interviewee and the job (position, employer (company
2. The job itselI.
3. How she/he added value to the company.

The deadline for this assignment is Sunday, November 8 at 23:55.

Click on "Reply" to post your response.

After the assignment has been marked, click the pull down list to "All Annotations" at the top
right of your screen to see your instructor's comments.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by aban Gill - Monday, 14 November 2011, 11:25 PM

I am so sorry Emily!
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Vickram Hoonjan - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 11:51 PM

shley Ingleby

shley Ingleby works as a part time as a sales associate for Michaels rts and
Crafts. It is located in Vancouver, BC. The store specializes in selling arts and crafts.
Her job is to be a cashier, salesperson, and the supervisor. Her tasks are making
sure the store is functioning properly as in customer traffic, sales, and ensuring
customers are being helped.
Skills needed to work effectively at Michaels are to make sure everyone works at a 5
star pace to meet the company standards. shley achieves this by doing well at all
her tasks such monitoring the break schedules for everyone in the store. shley adds
value to the company by making sure she does all jobs efficiently to meet the

company standards. She is responsible for all basic tasks such as training cashiers
and existing cashiers on new procedures. She monitors customer line-ups, and is
prepared to call for backup if there are too many customers.
Michaels requires shley to do all jobs efficiently at work such as filling a product
bin after it becomes empty from sales. lso merchandising and making sure that the
all product are in its rightful place. When there are new products in stock she sets up
custom equipment. She makes sure the entire store gets clean by making sure the
janitor does all chores every night. nother important task is that she ensures the
cash flow is correct by checking the cash registers at the end of the day.
The owner of Michaels requires workers to have a high school diploma. shley also
encourages this because basic skills are needed when dealing with customers. Skills
include basic math, english, and communication skills. shley has added value to the
company because she was able to ensure that the front end functions perfectly. This
minimizes customer complaints, ensure cash flow is perfect. She has done very well
working at Michaels because she is the best employee when she manages the cash
flow. There has never been a error when she does this.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Daryl Oberg - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 11:47 PM

Jessie Malli has worked at Vancouver Community College Ior one year as a program
assistant Ior the Heavy Duty Transportation department. Daily responsibilities include:
Dealing with student inquiries, helping instructors put programs together, purchasing
department supplies, and absence reporting. Management has her working with two other
associates who she is direct supervisor oI. All oI these require eIIective time management
and prioritization on the job.
She adds value to the company because she manages ordering department supplies and
has established an inventory system she is in charge oI. The most recent program she is
involved with has her helping with redesigning the 2013 Heavy Duty Mechanic
apprenticeship program at the school. The greatest problem Iaced with this endeavor is
listening to many diIIerent opinions and reaching a common agreement.
At the age oI 23 Jessi Malli has complete two years oI part time university and has been
successIul working at Vancouver Community College. Formidable accomplishments that
should help whatever Iuture endeavors she chooses to pursue.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Emily Pillsbury - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 11:13 PM

Interview with aban Gill

y: Emily deKleer

aban Gill currently work Ior the Surrey School oard, District no. 36. She has held a
position oI 'Special Education Assistant' on the Spare oard Ior over two years. At the
moment Ms. Gill is on an 'education leave' while attending Kwantlen Polytechnic
University. She is pursuing her Fashion Degree.

Her position as a Special Education Assistant consists oI teaching special education
students when their regular teacher is away, or sick. These students consist oI those 'with
leaning disabilities or are physically unable to perIorm at school, or get around.'

This Spare oard position can be a lot more challenging because it 'usually takes a teacher
a Iull year to learn about a child.' aban must arrive to the school early to learn as much
about her student as possible beIore he/she arrives. aban 'Iollows what the regular
Special Assistant already does' during a typical day, because 'some students are not used
to changes.' She Ieels that it is 'easier' to teach students in grades eight onwards since they
already have an 'integrated educational plan'. This means that their educational, emotional
and social levels are already determined, and do not Iluctuate as much.

Ms. Gill knows that with more seniority she will have a better spot in line in choosing her
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Jasmeet Sidhu - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 10:58 PM

Harpreet Channa
IT Silver

Harpreet Channa is an Electronic and Communication graduate Irom India .He
owns a company named ITSILVER which oIIers IT solutions and is based in
Jalandhar,India . It oIIers services like Web Designing and Development,
Multimedia Solutions, Hardware Networking etc.

'My interest in Electronics made me invest in something like this. AIter my
graduation Irom Delhi University I took over my Iamily owned business,
Matchless Engineering Works ltd. ut I wanted to do something more
innovative.conIesses Harpreet Channa.

Harpreet decided to come to Canada to study business skills and apply it to his

As a CEO, oI two organisation Channa has a busy liIe, his tasks involves
managing, organizing, planning and controlling business matters. He believes
'Risk taking and commitment are two essentials Iactors when it comes to
running business.

It was his commitment that took the company to the next level. They had started
oII Irom their headquarters at Jalandhar, India. Harpreet decided that they need
to open international oIIices in order to globalize their organization. Now they
have a branches in England and Australia.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Emily Pillsbury - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 10:54 PM

deKleer P
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Karanpreet Dhaliwal - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 10:42 PM

Sonam Chauhan works as a waitress at Ricky`s All Day Grill. She has been working there
Ior the last six years. Her position started out as a greeter and now she is a part-time
waitress. She is going to school part-time and is currently enrolled at Kwantlen in the
usiness Management Diploma. Upon completion she wishes to continue studying and
eventually graduate with a degree in Human Resources.
At the age oI 14 Sonam decided to get a part-time job to work on the weekends while she
was still in high school. Getting a job at such a young age taught Sonam many liIe lessons
such as the value oI a dollar, responsibility and reliability. Currently, Sonam`s main duties
include greeting and seating customers. She takes beverages and Iood orders, makes
recommendations and inIorms the guest oI any specials. Sonam is able to wait on many
customers at once. Her job also requires her to handle cash and do credit transactions.
She brings a lot oI amazing qualities to her job. She is very outgoing and Iriendly with her
customers and over the years she has even built a special relationship with some oI her
regular customers. One oI the ways she adds value to Ricky`s is by working well with her
coworkers. Since she has been one oI the most experienced workers at Ricky`s she has
great chemistry with them. This enables her and everyone else around her to work more
eIIiciently and makes the atmosphere more Iun and enjoyable.
Sonam does not plan on working at Ricky`s Ior a long time but would love to stay there

until she has her Human Resources Degree. She enjoys working there and having the
experience oI working in a public environment and also believes that her experience Irom
working at Ricky`s will contribute a lot to her Iuture success. The most important thing
that she has learned Irom her time there is that 'Ior success to happen, you must always
give it your best.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Jasanpreet Dhaliwal - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 10:36 PM

Jaspreet Singh, Irom Vancouver, C currently works Ior Carter GM oI urnaby. He is
one oI the Delivery Drivers Ior their Parts Shuttle.
Jaspreet is required to drive all over the Lower Mainland making deliveries on behalI oI
Carter GM. He delivers vehicle parts manuIactured by General Motors, in his Shuttle
Van, and occasionally new cars. These deliveries are made either to other GM
Dealerships or independent mechanics.
Although the majority oI the parts may be small, occasionally there are heavy parts; Ior
example a transmission which weighs nearly 250 lbs. In most cases this transmission will
be liIted manually by Jaspreet and anybody else willing to help at these shops.
Jaspreet helps maintain a Iace to Iace relationship with these clients all while eIIiciently
accomplishing his tasks. He is the company`s most reliable Delivery Driver and Ior that
reason he has received a promotion to be the new Shipper/Receiver. Until he starts as the
new Shipper/Receiver he will continue to be the main Rush Delivery Driver.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Jaspreet Singh - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 10:17 PM

Interview with: Jimmy Dhaliwal
Jimmy Dhaliwal is currently enrolled in achelor oI usiness Administration:
Accounting at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. He used to work Ior Maven Transport as
a dispatcher.
He was responsible Ior coordinating the movements oI trucks. He communicated with
truck drivers through computers, phones or two-way radios, and assigned drivers to trucks
and make sure that they leIt and arrived on schedule. He was available at all times to
answer any questions Irom drivers, help them avoid traIIic jams.
Jimmy added value to his company by making sure that the customers were well satisIied
by his company`s services. In addition to his job he also kept track oI the accounts
receivables and payables.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Joseph Napoleone - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 09:32 PM

Raj Khella is a Iull-time student at Kwantlen University and is in the usiness
Management Diploma. Eventually Raj would like to transIer in the Iour year program to
get his degree. Raj had a part-time job at Silver Valley Farms, in Maple Ridge. Silver
Valley Farms is a plant where they receive home-grown blueberries to sort, pack and
eventually ship across Canada. Some oI the duties and promotions that Raj achieved by
working there, was by starting out as a blueberry Ilat washer then becoming a sorter and
packer, and Irom there he became manager oI the production line. Sooner or later Raj had
higher priorities and chose school instead oI work.
Raj`s Iirst job at Silver Valley Farms was washing blueberry Ilats. This job was 'super
wet and had harsh conditions, as Raj told me. He barely got any breaks and worked long
hours. He also had to Iight oII raccoons and coyotes that tried to break in the plant and
steal blueberries. Raj then got promoted to the second level, which was sorting and
packing. Raj told me that he didn`t really enjoy this job because it was 'really wet and
cold. He Iought through it, and eventually got promoted to production line manager. As
manager, Raj made sure that there was no slip up and bumps along the production line,
and made sure that his workers were working eIIiciently. ut aIter a month oI being
production line manager he had to choose between school and work, and chose school.
Raj added great value to his company through hard work and great determination to
achieve his Iour promotions. Along with those promotions, Raj excelled even Iurther in
working more eIIiciently, by knowing the in`s and out`s oI his duties, and by also using
his time management skills. Raj enjoyed working at Silver Valley Farms; because it
showed him how important every worker is to the company or corporation and learned
some great skills, which will help him open his own business in the Iuture.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Manjodh Sunner - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 09:29 PM

Alketa Katro
Alketa is 32 years old and is born in Albania where she received her entire education. She
moved to Canada two years ago with her husband. Alketa has two children one boy and
one girl. She is in her Iirst year oI her accounting A. AIter receiving her degree, she
plans to work Ior a major accounting Iirm in the auditing department. ut while she is
attending school Iull time at Kwantlen, she is working in customer service at Tim
Alketa works downtown on urrard Street at Tim Hortans. She works primarily at the
cash register oI the store. She also serves cold and hot beverages to customers. Other
activities involve her preparing and serving sandwiches, soups, donuts and other Ioods
Tim Hortons has to oIIer. The job also involves her dealing with customers complaints
which she tries to deal with to the best oI her ability and iI she can`t solve the customer`s

problem or concern then she receives assistance Irom her manager.
Alketa adds value to her role by being cheerIul and happy at work all the time. She makes
a positive environment to work at because her mood rubs oII on other employees. She
works well with her Iellow employees to develop great team work. She is very social and
warm with all the customers. ,They appreciate her service as she makes the experience at
Tim Horton`s an enjoyable one.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by aban Gill - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 08:59 PM

mily Delker
ccountant, ccouting Clerk
Peterson Investment Group: Dodwell Strata Management Division
Emily Delker worked at Peterson Investment Group in the Dodwell Strata Management
Division as an Accounting Clerk. AIter, 6 months she achieved a promotion as an
Accountant Ior her hard-work and dedication to the company. Emily was on salary pay
but still put in extra hours to help out her boss.
Emily`s duties as an Account Clerk consisted oI accounts receivable and payable Ior over
a hundred diIIerent strata`s Ior the Lower Mainland. Her daily tasks consisted oI:
OEntering in invoices.
ODepositing cheques.
OManage strata accounts and special assessment accounts.
OGive input to manager oI how to manage better and run tasks more
During her time at Dodwell Strata Management, the computer`s main accounting systems
were changed over to a new accounting system. So, Emily worked extra hours on top oI
her 8-hour shiIts to help out the division manager with the new accounting system.
Emily`s division recognised her dedication and hard-work Ior the company and promoted
her to an Accountant. Despite the promotion, Emily`s salary did not reIlect her position.
Dodwell Strata Management approved Ior the salary raise but Peterson Investment Group
did not approve. Even aIter meetings and negotiations, Peterson Investment Group did not
approve Ior the raise. Emily had no choice but to leave the company.
Emily is graduating in December at Kwantlen Polytechnic University Ior her Accounting
Diploma but is choosing to pursue other options.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Inderjit Dhaliwal - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 09:02 PM

My interview with Jimmy Dhaliwal:

Jimmy Dhaliwal is a 20 year old student who is enrolled in the usiness Management
program here at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. He has not yet decided what career
path he should take, so currently he is taking a variety oI classes to help him make his
decision. Jimmy used to work Ior a transport company called Maven Transport as a
Maven Transport was a brand new company when he started working there. Jimmy had
started working at the company in the summer oI 2009 right aIter graduation. He had
worked Iull-time when Maven was Iirst started. Jimmy was in charge oI coordinating
drop-oIIs and pick-ups Ior Ireight delivery. He was also responsible Ior sending invoices
and keeping track oI the company`s accounts payable. Since Jimmy is now attending
school Iull-time, he only works at Maven during the summer.
Jimmy's liIe-long ambition oI owning a business had really brought value to this company
Ior many reasons. When he was not busy planning deliveries, he had continuously
contacted potential clients trying to establish an on-going business relationship Ior Maven
Transport. Jimmy had also established a healthy relationship between himselI and the
company`s truckers. He had always answered their phone calls both on and oII work
hours to give them detailed directions iI they were lost or wanted to Iind Iaster routes. His
relationship with his drivers had helped make his job just that much easier, knowing they
would be happy with the deliveries he had scheduled them Ior. Jimmy's entrepreneur
skills had helped him do all the right things Ior Maven Transport to grow and establish a
good reputation.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Sonam Chauhan - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 08:55 PM

Student Interview Assignment
Karanpreet Dhaliwal
Karanpreet Dhaliwal works at the South Surrey Winners as a Cashier. He has been
working there Ior over a year now. Along with work Karanpreet is enrolled in the A
Accounting Degree at Kwantlen and is in his second year at the university. He plans on
Iinishing his degree and getting a diploma in Finance along with becoming a CMA. He
has previously worked at McDonalds and the past two Federal Elections as a registration
oIIicer. He has also done a lot oI volunteer work which includes tutoring and is currently
coaching the senior boys` team at Queen Elizabeth Secondary.
As a part time employee at Winners his main task is to provide excellent customers
service as a cashier. Along with that he also has some cash balancing and handling
responsibilities, and also working with his coworkers in keeping the store clean. He adds
value to his company by providing excellent service to the customers and working great

in a team to make every customers experience in the store enjoyable.
Karanpreet doesn`t plan on working at Winners Ior anything more than six months. He is
currently trying to get a job as a tutor at the Kwantlen Learning Center and use his
experience Irom Winners to help students improve in their studies. Even though he likes
his job, it doesn`t Iit with his Iuture plans and goals.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Saranpreet Pannu - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 08:45 PM

Interview with a student colleague
Gaganpreet Pannu
Gaganpreet Pannu is a Iull time student at Simon Fraser University and is taking some
part time courses at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. He works at a Tim Hortons in
urnaby. He works as a supervisor under his manager Gurjant Sandhu. Gaganpreet works
in a really Iast paced environment. He has been working there Ior last 2 years. He was
hired as a cashier, but due to his good customer service and communication skills was
later promoted as a supervisor.
Gaganpreet deals with the customers and inventory that arrives once a week. He also
overlooks how other workers are perIorming. He has to report all day activities to the
manager at the end oI his shiIt. He is responsible Ior any problem that might occur during
his shiIt. II customers have any complains or they are not satisIied with the customer
service then its Gaganpreet`s responsibility to make the customer satisIied.
Gaganpreet wants Tim Hortons to maintain its reputation. He is always ready to
contribute to Tim Hortons by making himselI available Ior service Ior 24hours.
Sometimes Gaganpreet has to drive in his own car to pick up delivery when it is urgent.
He does not hesitate in providing his services, it does not matter iI he is on duty or not. In
the end oI the interview Gaganpreet said that 'I am planning to pursue my career at Tim
Hortons aIter I am done with my post secondary education.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Ishrat ashar - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 08:33 PM

Travis Sekhon, Save-On-Foods
By Ishrat Bashar
Travis Sekhon, from Mission, BC, was 16 years old when he started his first job at
Save-On-Foods supermarket. He was first hired as a grocery stocker and later also
worked in the dairy section.
Travis describes his daily duties as a grocery stocker "When I first arrived at work, I
would have to sign in through the computers at the checkout aisles. Then I would go

to the back area where we received the new grocery shipment. There would be carts
already set up with all the groceries on them. They would be placed all together as
best they could, so I didn't have to stock one item and then have to go to the other
side of the store and put something else there. It would generally be in the same
aisle or area. We would also have to count how many items were on the cart and
then write down the time we went onto the floor and write down the time when we
came back, so the managers could see what kind of pace we were working at.
While working a late shift, Travis says that he would continue to do the same thing
till the last hour when they would have to Face which he explains as "bringing all the
items to the front of the shelf and aligning them so that the shelves would look neat
and clean. He would also interact with customers and help them out while stocking
the shelves.
Travis was a diligent worker and was later asked to help in the dairy department by
his manager. He feels he added value to the company due to his great customer
service skills. Travis says "I think I added value to the company by being able to
communicate with customers very well, which I think is the most important thing to
any job.

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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Travis Sekhon - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 08:24 PM

Interview oI Ishrat ashar
y Travis Sekhon
Ishrat ashar went to live in Dhaka, angladesh Ior a year aIter her dad passed away in
2007. She started working at a non proIit Ioundation called Lakehead Foundation, which
involved raising Iunds to implement education programs Ior underprivileged children all
around the country. She was hired to be a Human Resources Associate and said that she
thought the job was 'really interesting and challenging because the HR system was really
outdated and they really needed some new systems. She had just moved Irom New York,
where she studied Iinance and international studies. So she wanted to implement western
HR systems in an eastern work environment.
She added value by assisting in draIting a new HR protocol manual which dealt with
employee compensations, beneIits, leave applications, medical beneIits and many more
things. They put into place a new payroll system, and she said that the new system was
'automated and was a bit challenging at Iirst but became eIIicient with time. She also put
together three training sessions to educate the staII about workplace protocol, sexual
harassment and how to communicate eIIectively. The Ioundation employed around 65-70
people. She mentioned that 'the most challenging part was dealing with a certain set
attitude that the employees had. ut it was a success.
Ishrat worked there Ior two years and said it was a 'great experience. She learned a lot

about how people in diIIerent cultural environments respond to the same set oI ideas
about workplace protocol.
November 13, 2011
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Harpreet rar - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 08:09 PM

Rajveet Sekhon
Rajveet Sekhon works as a Iull time accounting assistant at Langley Hyundai. She has
been working there Ior about 6 months. When she is not working, Rajveet is attending
classes at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.
Her job consists oI producing Iinancial statements, which include balance sheets, income
statements, and bank reconciliations. She is also responsible Ior the inventory records,
which requires her to deal with suppliers to determine accounts receivable and payable.
In the Iuture she wants to apply the skills she will obtain Irom a degree in accounting.
'Hyundai is Iull oI opportunities and experiences, said Rajveet. She adds value to
Hyundai by providing Iinancial statements accurately and on a timely basis. She has
excellent accounting and communicating skills, which have allowed her to become an
excellent assistant.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Tyler Tribe - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 08:06 PM

Meena, Thankur, Administration Assistant
Meena Thankur works at HSSC in Surrey as an Administration Assistant. Meena works
part-time hours oI about 20-25 hours a week. She attends Kwantlen Polytechnic
University as a Iull time student Ior her business degree.
As an Administration Assistant at HSSC your duties consist oI organizing Iiles,
meetings, and maintains Ior management. All Iiles are categorized and maintained by
proper Iormat so data can be retrieved easily. Most meetings that are organized by the
Administration Assistant are those oI province wide. The main Iocus oI the job is to
maintain business data, and to keep management up to date.
Meena Thankur has been an Administration Assistant with HSSC Ior two years now.
She keeps the Iiling organized and up to date so her job is easier when she needs to pull
data up. She enjoys setting up management meetings because it pushes her to be in charge
and it shows her potential towards the company.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Gagan Pannu - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 07:59 PM

Saranpreet Pannu works as an assistant manager in XS cargo located in surrey. He is a
second year student at the kwantlen polytechnic university and works part time at store.
His job duties involve providing the customers with any type oI assistance that they need
about diIIerent products in their store. He has been working at the same store Ior last 3
years. He started oII as a sales manager when he started working, latter on aIter seeing his
passion and excellent work ethic he was promoted to assistant manager. He is so
passionate about his work that even in his spare time he searches about various products
that are held by XS cargo and gets knowledge about those products.
Saranpreet communicates with people Irom all communities at his work and his goal is to
provide excellent customer service to all his clients. He also takes leadership initiative
guiding and grooming new recruits. He supervises to see iI all the workers are working
properly and are perIorming the tasks that are given to them.
Saranpreet loves what he does at his job; he treats everyone at work as a part oI his
Iamily. He also goes above and beyond his job description to make excellent environment
Ior customers and his staII. Despite oI having such a busy school schedule he tries to
make himselI available Ior work iI they need a person to work. He also helps the
managers to make schedule`s which is not a part oI his job. As being an accounting
student, he also assists XS cargos accountant in some oI the book keeping jobs. This way
he contributes a lot to XS cargo except his normal work duties.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Natalie Mydske - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 07:50 PM

Kohl Macdonald, Supervisor
Little Caesar`s Pizza
Kohl Macdonald is a Supervisor at Little Caesar`s Pizza. He works Iull-time and his shiIts
are usually between six and eight hours long, depending on how busy the restaurant gets.
Kohl has many duties to complete during each one oI his shiIts and keeps very busy on
the job. He loves his job and really enjoys the people that he meets. He also enjoys the
Iree pizza that he receives as a beneIit Ior being employees with Little Caesar`s Pizza.
Kohl`s main duties are prepping and baking pizzas, Iilling the pop machines, taking
customer orders, managing sales at the end oI the day, closing the restaurant, helping to
support new employees, cleaning the Iloors and kitchen, and upselling on orders. As well,
a new manager was recently hired and Kohl has been helping him become Iamiliar with
all oI the job speciIications and tasks that are to be completed during the day and night.
Kohl has added value to the company by doing an outstanding job oI completing all oI his
assigned job tasks. He does a lot oI promoting and advertising in the restaurant. As well,
he promotes deals, such as $10.99 large pizzas with unlimited toppings, on a regular

basis. Kohl has also added value to Little Caesar`s Pizza by promoting delivery. His
previous manager didn`t have a delivery option and, because oI this, the company was
losing sales. Kohl took it upon himselI to persuade his new manager to consider delivery.
The company now does delivery and is beneIiting greatly Irom it.
Kohl loves his position at Little Caesar`s Pizza and said that it has taught him a lot. He
has learned how to deal with people and has gained a lot oI sales experience, which will
be very useIul in his Iuture endeavors.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Nabila Qazi - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 07:40 PM

nthony Carpenter
Anthony Carpenter worked at the Great Canadian Casinos. He worked there as a RelieI
Surveillance Supervisor. Great Canadian Gaming Corporation is a gaming and
entertainment operator with operations in ritish Columbia and all across Canada.
The primary Iocus oI his job was to enIorce government and company policy and
procedures pertaining to the operation oI a casino. The job also required constant
monitoring oI patrons and staII to ensure the saIe operation oI the casino, reporting and
communication with all levels oI management, provincial staII, police and ambulance
service. Anthony said, 'Supervisors require excellent organizational skills as well as
decision making qualities to ensure the correct Ilow oI inIormation.
He was able to communicate very eIIectively. He also added that, 'As a director and
operational consultant having good communications and relations with staII, government
and emergency oIIicial enabled me to ensure to strive Ior excellence.
As a member oI the staII and a director he was able to be very consistent with policy and
procedures. He also made sure to deal with the people in a way that was respectIul and
helpIul. He also told me that surveillance personnel are among the most hated people at
any casino Iacility but he prided himselI as being able to talk to anyone at any time and
not inherent the normal reputation oI surveillance personnel.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Haseeb Ehsan - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 07:33 PM

Interview oI randon Jackman
y Haseeb Ehsan
randon is a Customer Relation representative at Rogers Communications in urnaby,
C. The main objective oI his job is to assist customers who are looking to discontinue
their services with Rogers.
As randon explains his job main priority is building relations between the company and

their customers. Majority oI the customers he speaks to are looking to cancel their
services. For that reason, randon has to Iind alternative solutions in order to keep them
as clients. randon explains his position can be diIIicult Ior a person who doesn`t have
good interpersonal skills and isn`t able to make quick decisions. Also his most awarding
aspect oI his job is 'acting as a ambassador on behalI oI his company.
In addition, randon is currently enrolled in school and works at the same time. He would
like to use the skills gained in school and use them in everyday job requirements, in order
to get promoted within the company.

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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by randon Jackman - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 07:38 PM

Haseeb Ehsan,
Haseeb works as a Customer Service Representative at Coast Capital. Haseeb was just hired in august and
Iinished his six week training program around two months ago. He went through Iour interviews in total, the
Iirst two were over the phone and the last two were in person. Haseeb was quite nervous Ior his interviews
but tried to stay calm and be Iriendly.
Haseeb was amazed how many job duties his new job entailed. Some oI his tasks as a Customer Service
Representative include:
- ill payments
- Cash withdrawals
- Opening/Closing oI accounts
Customer Service Representatives are the Iace oI the company since they are the Iirst thing there customers
see when they walk into the bank. ThereIore customer service is important to ensure customers always have
a positive experience when doing there banking. Haseeb must be well inIormed oI his products and services
since he needs to be able to handle any customers' concerns and complaints.
Haseeb adds value to Coast Capital by providing an excellent customer experience to every client. He
always tries to turn a bad situation into a positive one that leaves the customer Ieeling happy and satisIied.
He tries to look out Ior the best interest oI the customer by advising them with diIIerent options and
packages. The most important value Haseeb utilizes in his position is teamwork. Haseeb says 'You must be
able to work together to complete your daily objectives.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Anthony Carpenter - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 07:18 PM

Interview oI,
Nabila Qazi, Executive Assistant
y, Anthony Carpenter

Nabila works at FMK Consulting in Surrey, C. Her job is to help new immigrates Iill
out the correct paperwork to immigrate to Canada.

Nabila's responsibilities include not only taking care oI the clients she works with, but
also include making sure the oIIice is running in good order, Including managing the
staII, corresponding with clients on behalI oI consultants. She also makes appointments
and works closely with the Canadian Immigrating Center.

Her attention to details, reliability and punctuality adds depth to the company. Nabila also
maintains a high level oI conIidence by Iiling conIidential paperwork quickly and

Nabila's dedication to her coworkers and clients has empowered her to be very successIul.
Her dedication has turned her success into the company's success.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Meena Thakur - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 07:11 PM

Tyler Tribe, Electronics Associates
Zellers nc.
Tyler Tribe works at Zellers in Willowbrook Shopping Centre,Langley. Tyler works
part-time about 15-20 hours a week. He is part of 15 employees' team in
Electronics Department. He is also studying at Kwantlen Polytechnic University
part-time and is working towards a degree in Computer Science.
At the beginning of his shift he counts the inventory and places the order to
replenish the stocks. He makes his round through the department and organizes
the stock as needed. He fills out the return forms for the inventory that needs to
be returned to the company. While doing the rounds if he finds anything in the
wrong place then he makes an extra effort to take it to the right department.
He manages the Electronics Section where he performs daily tasks as required to
achieve his performance objectives. He deals with the customers concerns,
requests, and complaints and deals with the situation as needed in a professional
way. He answers the phone inquiries and also helps customers in person to find
the product they are looking for.
" liked dealing with customers when was in Customer Service Department.
When have direct contact with them know what they want and can help them.
Tyler enjoyed his job in Customer Service Department and has moved on to
electronics department. His interest in electronics is the reason that he chose this
department. " was always interested in technology, says Tyler. He is always
working on something and fixing it at home too. This experience has given him
some knowledge of electronics. He is pursuing higher education in the field of

technology at Kwantlen University. He is a team player who has ability to thrive in
fast paced environment. His extended knowledge in technology and his current
education is helping him add value to the company.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Raj Khella - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 06:53 PM

Interview oI Joseph Napoleone
y: Raj Khella
'There isn`t a problem that can`t be handled, is the motto Joseph abided by while
working at the Langley location oI olf Town. This store sells anything and everything
related to golI. eing employed as a shipping & receiving worker, Joseph`s reliable and
punctual habits quickly earned the respect oI his managers. He thereIore, was promoted to
the title oI 'sales representative/supervisor, where the pressures oI his duties would
Joseph`s initial duties had included: unloading, sorting, pricing and stocking. Joseph`s
duties aIter his promotion Included: scheduling employees, selling merchandise,
promoting items, and supervising. Even though some shiIts were long and without breaks,
Joseph enjoyed his position; and both customers and co-workers noticed this.
A positive impression was leIt on Joseph`s employers and co-workers, as he had to leave
the job Ior school. He had earned and maintained respect, and had acquired the loyalty oI
many customers Ior olf Town. Joseph had caught many employees breaking company
policies (such as; buying excessive amounts oI company stock on discount and re-selling)
and helped the branch discipline these oIIenders. Joseph Napoleone was a value to this
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Gary Rai - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 05:24 PM

Bhuvi Tripathi Shaw Cable, Technical Support Team
huvi Tripathi is a 20 year old student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. He is
currently working Ior Shaw Cable Company. huvi is interested in business course's and
he wishes to do his achelor's Degree in usiness Administrative.
Shaw Cable is operated by a T.V company called Shaw Communications. Shaw
Communications is Canada's largest telecommunications company. It provides Internet,
telephone, and television. It was Iounded in 1966 and currently has revenues oI $3.7
billion. The company employs 10,000 members and has its main headquarters in Calgary
and Alberta.
huvi answers phone calls Irom customers who are experience diIIiculty with their cable.
huvi explained how most customers would call and say they were experiencing

diIIiculties with their telephone or cable. All huvi would say is, "Can you check your
plug" and this would solve the problem. He really enjoys his job because it is interesting
to him and the hourly wages are high.
huvi adds value to the company because oI his work ethics and respect towards
customers. He guides customers and satisIies there every need. This builds the company
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Manmeet Dhaliwal - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 04:27 PM

elissa LeBlanc :

elissa is originally from NB. After she graduated from business school, elissa and her friend
decided to move to BC. They packed up the car with nothing but there clothes and some camping
gear and headed west, "the journey lasted a month and a half" said elissa.

She was employed at Classic Caregivers shortly after she arrived to Vancouver and as of now
she still works there. At work she is titled as a Administrator. The company she works at hires
nurses and schedules them to work with senior clients in their homes. elissa supervises payroll,
invoicing, accounts receivable and accounts payable. She also helps make important financial
decisions like acquiring other home health care agencies to increase market share in the

elissa adds value by being able to apply what she currently learning in school to her work. She
is often offering ways to improve her operations. She is a very hard worker and a successful
person in life.

Manmeet Dhaliwal
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Katie Condon - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 02:54 PM

Amina Ahmed
Amina works at Tim Hortons. The positions that she has at Tim Hortons is doing
customer service. Amina believes that her job at Tim Hortons is okay, but she thinks it
could be better; maybe iI the pay was a bit higher.
The speciIic tasks that Amina does at Tim Hortons is that she serves customers. She
serves customers by taking customers orders, and bring the customer back their Iood.
Another task that she has is to work at the drive through. With working in the drive
through she has to be able to do everything in a timely matter and make sure that the
customers get their Iood right away. Amina is also able to work in the sandwich bar where
she prepares the Iood Ior the customers.
Amina adds value to Tim Hortons by trying to work Iast so that the customers are happy
and the managers are also happy. She also makes sure that she is on time so that she keeps
everything work properly by showing up at the right time. The work at Tim Hortons have
added value to her liIe by being a good company to get good work experience. She

beneIits Irom job by dealing with people and she now has better communication skills
Irom this.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Ashley Ingleby - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 02:19 PM

Interv|ew w|th a student co||eague
V|ck noon[an
vlck ls Lhe founder of a renovaLlon company 18ex Mechanlcal SysLem 1hey do
renovaLlons and preLLy much every Lrade ouL Lhere lncludlng elecLrlcal and plumblng
1he company was founded ln AugusL 2011 and have become very successful 18ex
Mechanlcal SysLem does work for companles warehouses homes and someLlmes
buslnesses 18ex ls wllllng Lo Lake on a varleLy of [obs from many Lypes of cusLomers
Pe ls Lhe CLC and manager of 18ex Mechanlcal SysLem Pls [ob lncludes maklng Lhe
schedules for all employees when Lo sLarL Lhe [ob and Lhe daLe lL needs Lo be
compleLed Pe also recelves calls for work and leLs employees know whaL Lo do and how
Lo compleLe Lhe [ob Moreover he lnforms employees where Lo buy Lhe parLs and how
Lo lnsLall Lhem
Pe makes Lhe recelpLs does all Lhe Laxes hlmself recelves lnvolces and does all Lhe
accounLlng for Lhe company lurLhermore he keeps Lrack of all lnvenLory and Lakes on
Lhe [ob of personally orderlng all lnvenLory and maklng sure employees don'L run ouL of
supplles such as Lools Pe personally goes ouL Lo flll Lhe orders for supplles
As Lhe founder and manager he makes sure Lhe work ls done properly Pe ls also able Lo
offer guaranLees for cusLomers MosL slmllar companles do noL do Lhls lor example lf a
cusLomer has a complalnL workers wlll be senL ouL Lo flx Lhe problem lmmedlaLely Pe
also adds value Lo hls company by markeLlng lL onllne Lhrough Coogle and word of
mouLh 1hey are a wellknown company locally for Lhe work Lhey've done for varlous
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by rittany Lowe - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 12:52 PM

Interview oI huvi Tripathi
y: rittany Lowe
huvi has been working Ior Shaw Cable since September 2011 as a Customer Service
Representative, dealing with issues regarding customer billing, technical support with
internet, phone and cable as well as sales oI products such as PVR`s and HD oxes. He is
currently working Iull time at the Downtown Vancouver location, in the Shaw Tower.

huvi explains that 'working as a customer service representative requires patience and a
positive attitude; he deals with all sorts oI as he puts it, 'colorIul customers on a daily
basis. He handles over 200 calls on average during a shiIt, mostly dealing with
Irustrations. He claims 'it can get stressIul especially when dealing with vulgar
customers. The job itselI requires a lot oI patience, but it`s unsettling how many people
become so rude while dealing with services such as what Shaw oIIers.
huvi explains that his being a DJ beIore his job with Shaw has added extra value to him
being a Customer Service Representative because he is not shy, and is very
personable. He is one oI the top sales persons in his sector. The customers huvi has
gained Ior Shaw he says are loyal because the gratitude they have Ior his honestly knows
no bounds. huvi explains that 'his exceptional customer service skill comes Irom |him|
being attentive to analysing the problem (iI there is one) and providing the best solution
Ior the customer. This is why most now within his sector come to him Ior help regarding
issues that they cannot solve.
In all huvi strikes me as a very diligent employee with a strong work ethic. I`m sure he
will be with Shaw Cable Ior many more years to come!
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Harpreet Channa - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 11:20 AM

Jasmeet Sidhu

Jasmeet Sidhu is an international student Irom India and is in Canada since last year. She
is a Iirst year usiness Management student. She had worked at P.C. Chandra Jewellery
Store in Kolkata, India while she was pursuing her certiIicate in InIormation Technology
Irom CMC institute.
Her job was to attend customers, analyse their tastes and preIerences Ior jewellery,
showing them the latest designs and providing help as per required. Moreover, she was
also in charge Ior setting the price oI items according to the weight and price oI gold. She
was also given the responsibility oI recording sales and closing the shiIt at the end oI the
She is a girl who believes in honesty and sincerity, and these qualities helped her in achieving
success. She has very strong customer service skills that attracted more and more customers
resulting in the growth oI customer satisIaction rate Ior which she was rewarded too. Her
leadership qualities and enthusiasm also helped motivating other employees at the store. Her
Iirst job leIt a signiIicant mark in her liIe and so does she in the organization.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by huvanesh Tripathi - Sunday, 13 November 2011, 11:11 AM

Interview oI rittany Lowe

y: huvi Tripathi
rittany started working at Cambridge Western Academy (CWA), an ESL school located
in Downtown Vancouver on June 3
, 2011. CWA is a sister academy to Cambridge
International Colleges (CIC) Iirst Iounded in Australia. rittany explains 'CIC is now
considered a University with certiIied courses and transIerable credits to virtually all tier
one University`s. It has campus` in the UK (and Canada), and enrolling oIIices all over
the world. 'Considering this started as a small Iamily business its marvellous what the
Ferrett Iamily has done!
Her position in the company started as a Receptionist with Iew duties but within the Iew
months, rittany has been working with CWA as her title has rose to an Admissions
OIIicer. She now has her own oIIice within the administrative portion oI the Academy
and handles all the admissions correspondence Ior the Vancouver branch oI this
international company.
Her role consists oI handling all requests Irom the students Ior admission related
documents such as making documents initially needed by Ioreign students and to obtain
there Visa`s. Along with admissions related responsibilities rittany also does the order/
receiving Ior CWA and has been responsible Ior updating the newly acquired database
CWA has just enlisted. This includes updating present student`s inIormation and insuring
that all Iuture students` inIormation is uploaded properly.
As described above, rittany in just less than Iive months, has grown rapidly in the
company with minimal experience in the corporate world. I believe her value is selI-
explained within her obvious success at CWA. 'CWA has been one oI the most
wonderIul jobs I`ve had. It`s hard work but the experience I am gaining is soo valuable!
rittany quotes.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Melissa Lelanc - Saturday, 12 November 2011, 02:35 PM

Money Dhaliwal is a part-time student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. He is
currently enrolled in the usiness Administration Program. When he`s not attending
classes or working Ior the Iamily business, Money enjoys staying Iit by going to the gym
or Ior a swim.
His Iamily owns Van Gogh Designs, a Iurniture manuIacturer in Surrey. 'We`re a leader
in the industry in Canada and the U.S. he told me. He works there three days a week. 'I
mostly work in the shipping and receiving department says Money. 'I help load and
unload the trucks. He also assists with oIIice duties. He enters orders in their computer
system and helps with the bookkeeping. He adds value to the company by educating his
Iamily on what he is learning in school so they can apply it to their business activities.
When asked iI he would like to one day run the Iamily business, Money said: 'I actually
want to go into law enIorcement. Money told me that he has been a cadet with the

RCMP Ior a Iew years and hopes to Iind employment with them in the Iuture.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Alketa Katro - Saturday, 12 November 2011, 01:47 AM

Manjodh Sunner
Manjodh Sunner works as a Customer Service Representative at TD Canada Trust in
Cloverdale. He has been working Ior about two years there. Meanwhile, Manjodh is
working toward his Diploma in usiness Management which will enable him to become a
Financial Advisor or a Mortgage Specialist. His major goal is to earn a achelor Degree
in Human Resources which would help him to transIer to the Human Resources
Department at TD Canada Trust. That is the job he sees himselI doing in the Iuture.
Some oI his tasks as a Customer Service Representative consist oI opening/closing bank
accounts, cash-handling, bill payments, line oI credit services, and overdraIt protection
services. At the end oI the work-day he balances the daily transactions and input the
Iigures into the system. Manjodh is the Iirst response to the bank customers and their
concerns. He reports to the Customer Service Manager and the ranch Manager.
Manjodh adds value to TD Canada Trust by providing excellent customer service. He
makes customers Ieel good by giving them personal attention and experience. He is
engaging to the customers, especially to the diIIicult ones. Majodh has great interpersonal
skills and he is a good team-worker.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Amina Ahmed - Friday, 11 November 2011, 06:29 PM

Katie Cordon,

Katie Cordon works at True North Management inc. Her position is customer service at
this place. Some oI the things she does at the job is answer phone calls when customers
call in, and call patients who have orders with the company.

She adds value to the company by showing up on time, being Ilexible, and being happy
and respectable to customers.The way this company adds value to her by showing how to
do well with a company and teaches about being respectIul to other people. She Iollows
all the rules given by manager or company and thats what makes her a good
employee.She puts a lot oI eIIort everyday at work in order to make this company
successIul. Working hard is one oI the big thing that she thinks would help her manager
and company a lot.

Katie really likes her job, and she gets to learn a lot about customer service.She beneIits
by learning how an online company works and to learn more about customer service
skills.She also learned how to deal with people who are rude and situations when there is
a problem in product and has to be dealt right away.
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Re: Interview with a student colleague - in-class exercise
by Kohl Macdonald - Wednesday, 9 November 2011, 10:06 AM

Student Interview Assignment

Daryl Verma

Daryl Verma past job was a manager at Night and Day restaurant which was a Iamily
owned business He was hired by the Iamily to increase revenue Ior the restaurant. His
duties included solving problems, maintain restaurant order, taking carer oI customer
complaints, and delivered Iood as well. One oI his most important duties, was to collect
the revenue oI the restaurant made each night.
Daryl proposed to the company, a very ingenuous schedule, he suggested that the younger
servers work in the evening to attract younger people. He also proposed that the restaurant
install more TVs and play louder music. He suggested that the older servers work in the
daytime and that soIt music was playing so it would attract Iamilies and the elderly.
Much to his disappointment the company reIused to listen to his proposals , and layoII
certain workers that were stealing Irom the company. The companies decision to reIuse
his proposals eventually put the company out oI business. And there operating license's
was terminated.
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