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Determine SbarePoint Upgrade Approacb

lnplace and daLabase aLLach upgrade are Lwo baslc approaches LhaL need Lo be selecLed Lo upgrade
from MlcrosofL Cfflce ShareolnL Server 2007 Lo MlcrosofL ShareolnL Server 2010lannlng Lhe rlghL
upgrade approach whlch ls sulLable for your organlzaLlon carrles a loL of lmporLance 1hese meLhods of
upgrade have Lhelr pros and cons wlLh concern for downLlme and hardware cosLs eLc Cenerally
downLlme ls needed Lo be mlnlmlzed durlng an upgrade buL ln acLual several parameLers affecL Lhe
downLlme all dependlng upon Lhe upgrade model chosen performance of server farm slze and

Upgrade Approaches

lnplace upgrade approach ls qulLe slmple as you can lnsLall ShareolnL 2010 on Lhe same machlne1hls
approach enables you Lo upgrade Lhe server farm seLLlngs along wlLh Lhe conLenL ln a slngle process
WlLh lnplace upgrade approach farm wlde seLLlngs are preserved and cusLomlzaLlons are avallable
afLer Lhe upgrade buL servers and farms are offllne durlng Lhe process
WlLh daLabase aLLach upgrade approach you can upgrade Lhe conLenL on a separaLe server farm1hls ls
a fasLer upgrade process larm seLLlngs are noL upgraded so you have Lo Lransfer seLLlngs and
cusLomlzaLlons manually ln order mlgraLe from Lhe old farm 1he foremosL pulllng facLor of daLabase
aLLach upgrade approach ls LhaL you may merge several server farms ln one server ?ou can upgrade
several daLabases aL Lhe same Llme ln any order

Improv|ng Upgrade erformance

ln order Lo lmprove Lhe upgrade performance and reduce downLlme cerLaln mlLlgaLlon Lechnlques may
be applled Lo achleve an opLlmal upgrade

WlLh parallel upgrade you can speed up your upgrade process by aLLachlng and upgradlng mulLlple
daLabases aL Lhe same Llme1he processlng Llme and number of parallel upgrades rely upon Lhe
hardwarearallel upgrade ls a manual process and lnvolves addlLlonal sLeps wlLh monlLorlng

AnoLher useful meLhod ls Lhe Pybrld Lechnlque whlch can be dlvlded lnLo Pybrld plan 1 and Pybrld plan
2ln Pybrld plan 1 ConLenL wlll be provlded a read only access durlng upgrade and Lhe daLabases shall
be seL Lo read only mode whlle Lhe upgrade ls runnlng on Lhe oLher farm?ou wlll reduce half of your
processlng Llme for users ln Lhls approach Lhe exlsLlng farm keeps on hosLlng Lhe nonupgraded slLes ln
read only mode whlle Lhe conLenL ls belng upgraded Server and farm shall noL be upgraded and you
need Lo Lransfer seLLlngs and cusLomlzaLlons whlch you wanL Lo preserveln case of Pybrld plan 2
8eneflL from lnplace's upgrade capablllLy Lo upgrade conLenL and seLLlngs whlle en[oylng Lhe speed of
daLabase aLLach upgrade modelPybrld plan 2 lnvolves Lhe usage of ln place upgrade for upgradlng Lhe
farms and seLLlngs and Lo deLach and upgrade several daLabases ln parallelupgrade makes your
cusLomlzaLlons avallable afLer Lhe upgrade process 1hls plan allows mulLlple conLenL daLabases Lo be
upgraded aL Lhe same Llme

Upgrade Scenar|os

Upgrade from 32 b|t to 64 b|t SL Server

ln order Lo obLaln Lhe besL performance resulLs lL ls a musL Lo mlgraLe from 32blL edlLlon Lo a 64blL
edlLlon lL ls recommended Lo perform one Lype of upgrade aL a Llme Lo avold a fallure ?ou may use Lwo
meLhods for a 32blL Lo a 64 blL SCL Server upgrade LlLher you may back up all Lhe farm daLabase seLs
perform Lhe upgrade and resLore Lhe daLabases afLer wards ln Lhls case you wlll have a full back up and
once you resLore Lhe daLabases no change would be requlred wlLhln ShareolnL 2010 CLher Lhan Lhls
meLhod you can always move Lhe daLabases Lo a 64 blL SCL Server edlLlonWlLh a dlfferenL 64 blL
edlLlon you need Lo run a command Lo Lhe compuLers whlch are runnlng ShareolnL Server 2010 ln
order Lo polnL Lhem Lo Lhe 64 blL SCL Server edlLlon

Upgrade from 32b|t CS to 64 b|t CS

lor an upgrade you need Lo mlgraLe from a 32 blL operaLlng sysLem Lo a 64 blL operaLlng sysLem
Addlng 64 blL servers Lo Lhe server farm and removal of 32 blL servers mlLlgaLe Lhe servlce down Llme

Upgrade a form based authent|cat|on env|ronment

Cnce Lhe mlgraLlon ls compleLe from ShareolnL 2007 Lo ShareolnL 2010 Lhe auLhenLlcaLlon sysLem ls
converLed Lo a Wlndows Logln based auLhenLlcaLlonlor ShareolnL envlronmenLs where Wlndows
based auLhenLlcaLlon exlsLs no new changes are requlred and web appllcaLlon wlll also work
smooLhlyAddlLlonal conflguraLlon changes wlll be requlred lf your web appllcaLlons are uslng Lhe form
based auLhenLlcaLlonlor uslng ShareolnL 2007 based web appllcaLlons ln ShareolnL 2010 lL ls
lmporLanL Lo converL Lo clalms based auLhenLlcaLlon AfLer Lhls converslon web appllcaLlon zones musL
be conflgured Lo form based auLhenLlcaLlon ?ou wlll be able Lo mlgraLe users and permlsslons from
ShareolnL 2007 Lo ShareolnL 2010

Upgrade |arge databases

uaLabases havlng greaLer number or slze of documenL verslons Lake more Llme Lo upgrade as compared
Lo smaller ones 1he denslLy of daLa deLermlnes Lhe acLual Llme requlred Lo upgrade lL buL noL Lhe
daLabase slze 1he upgrade process usually Llmes ouL due Lo connecLlon lssues

Upgrade databases hav|ng mu|t|p|e s|te co||ect|ons

lL ls recommended Lo break up large slLe collecLlons ln a daLabase lnLo mulLlple daLabases A defaulL
warnlng aL 9000 slLe collecLlons and a hard llmlL aL 13000 slLe collecLlons ls offered ln Cfflce ShareolnL
2007 buL Lhese values are converLed Lo 2000 slLe collecLlons and 3000 slLe collecLlons ln ShareolnL
2010 ?ou can always fasLen up your upgrade process by performlng paralleled upgrade for mulLlple

Upgrade from W|ndows Shareo|nt Serv|ces 30

?ou can aLLach and upgrade Lhe conLenL daLabases from Wlndows ShareolnL Servlces 30 Lo ShareolnL
2010 by uslng a daLabase aLLach upgrade approach ?ou wlll be able Lo upgrade Lhe daLa ln Lhe conLenL
daLabase wlLh Lhls process buL cannoL Lransfer any farm seLLlngs

Upgrade M|crosoft Cff|ce forms server 2007 to Shareo|nt 2010

uue Lo Lhe unavallablllLy of Cfflce lorms Server 2007 for buylng lLs capablllLles have been lncorporaLed
lnLo ShareolnL Server 2010 lor uslng forms you need Lo upgrade Lo ShareolnL 2010 by adopLlng Lhe
daLabase aLLach upgrade approach

hange Languages for s|te or env|ronment

lor changlng Lhe language for a parLlcular slLe you need Lo upgrade ln Lhe same language and
afLerwards lnsLall new language pack for changlng Lo LhaL language 8uL lf you need Lo change Lhe
lnsLallaLlon language for servers you need Lo use Lhe daLabase mlgraLlon approach for mlgraLlng your
daLa from Lhe old verslon and language Lo a new one

Use Internat|ona||zed Doma|n names

lL ls recommended Lo deleLe Lhe conflguraLlons and relaLed seLLlngs of lun's ln Lhe exlsLlng ShareolnL
server 2007 before mlgraLlng Lo ShareolnL 2010

uecldlng on a parLlcular upgrade approach aL Lhe rlghL Llme can lmprove upgrade performance varlous
upgrade opLlons can be chosen dependlng upon hardware and sofLware requlremenLs 1he key beneflL
of ln place upgrade ls LhaL lL can upgrade varlous seLLlngs and mlgraLe cusLomlzaLlons Lo ShareolnL
2010 8uL wlLh daLabase approach you wlll be allowed Lo aLLach mulLlple daLabases aL Lhe same Llme
buL each daLabase ls unavallable durlng Lhe upgrade WlLh parallel upgrade you can conslderable
reduce your down Llme whlle aLLachlng mulLlple daLabases ln parallel for upgradlng ln case of varlous
upgrade scenarlos you wlll geL Lhe besL resulLs lf you back up all Lhe farm daLabase seLs or add 64 blL CS
or coverL auLhenLlcaLlon sysLem Lo a Wlndows Logln based auLhenLlcaLlon lnsLall new language pack
all dependlng upon Lhe upgrade slLuaLlon ?ou can geL Lhe mosL favorable upgrade lf you selecL an
approprlaLe upgrade approach

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