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How to study the books of Arabic Grammar


Ash-Shaykh 'Abdur-Rahmaan al-'Adanee

-may Allah protect him-
advises how to study the books of Arabic Grammar

Arranged and translated by

Aboo Imraan al-Mekseekee

Question: We desire to study the Arabic grammar texts so what is preferable for
us to begin with…al-Aajuroomeeyah1 or Qatar-an-Nadaa2? Now if we begin with

Al-Aajuroomeeyah is a classical text on Arabic grammar written for the
beginning student of the language and authored by Aboo Abdillah bin
Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Dawood as-Sanhaajee known as Ibn
Aajurroom-rahimahullah 672-723 A.H.

Qatar-an-Nadaa written by Jamaal-ud-Deen Abdillah bin Yusuf bin Hishaam al-
Ansaaree-rahimahullah 708-761 A.H. Ibn Khaldoon-rahimahullah said of him,
“We were in the Maghrib (Morocco) when we heard of a scholar of the Arabic
language being present in Misr (Egypt) known as Ibn Hishaam more
knowledgeable of an-Nahwu than as-Seebawayah.” Reference the explanation of
Qatar-an-Nada by ash-Shaykh, al-Alaamah Muhammad Muhyee-ud-Deen Abdul-
Hameed page 9.

How to study the books of Arabic Grammar

al-Aajuroomeeyah do we study the explanation of ash-Shaykh al-Uthaymeen3-

rahimahullah-or with the brother Muhammad al-Maqtaree’s footnotes4 to al-
Aajuroomeeyah “Al-Hulul-adh-Dhahabeeyah ‘ala At-Tuhfatis-Saneeyah”?

Answer: I ('Abdullah MacPhee*) asked ash-Shaykh Abdur-Rahmaan al-

‘Adanee-may Allah Most High protect him-the method in studying Arabic
grammar so he advised with first studying al-Aajuroomeeyah, then at-Tuhfah
then Mulha-tul-‘Iraab5 then al-Mutammimah6 then Qatar an-Nada then Ibn
‘Aqeel7 and so forth.

Known as “Sharh-ul-Aajroomeeyah” and available for purchase by our brothers
at Salafi Library at : http://www.salafilibrary.com/slib/

This precious work is study notes to ash-Shaykh, al-Alaamah Muhammad
Muhyee-ud-Deen Abdul-Hameed’s-rahimahullah-“At-Tuhfatus-Saneeyah (The
Precious Masterpiece)” and is entitled: “Al-Hulul-adh-Dhahabeeyah ‘ala at-
Tuhfatus-Saneeyah (The Golden Vestments upon the Precious Masterpiece)”
written by Muhammad as-Sagheer bin Qaaid Ahmad al-Abdaalee al-Maqtaree
and in which ash-Shaykh Muqbil-rahimahullah-said in the introduction on page
eight: “As for the student who becomes strong in the grammar of the Arabic
language then the rest of the Islaamic sciences will be easy for him with the
permission of Allah, so the good deed that was carried out by the brother
Muhammad bin Qaaid is a beneficial one, some of its topics have been read to me
whereas I found it will benefit the beginner of Arabic and the advanced student of
Arabic will find it indispensable.”

Mulha-tul-‘Iraab is a poem that teaches Arabic grammar written by Aboo
Muhammad al-Qaasim bin ‘Alee al-Hareeree al-Basree-rahimahullah 446-516

Al-Mutammimah is an explanation to al-Aajuroomeeyah written with examples
to each of Ibn Aajurroom’s sections of his text. It was written by ash-Shaykh

How to study the books of Arabic Grammar

Muhammad bin Muhammad al-Ra’eenee-rahimahullah. There also exists an

explanation to it as well entitled: “al-Kawaakib-ud-Durreeyah written by ash-
Shaykh Muhammad bin Ahmad bin ‘Abdul-Baaree al-Ahdal.

The explanation to Alfeeyah of Ibn Maalik.
* On behalf of some of the brothers from Mexico City I sent our brother 'Abdullah
(may Allah reward him), a series of questions from them regarding various
topics. I will post the others soon inshaAllah.