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3 additional ps of service marketing People

It is the employees of an organisation which represent the organisation to its customers. In a service organization, employees are essentially the contact personnel with customer. Therefore, an employee plays an important role in the marketing operations of a service organisation. To realize its potential in services marketing, a firm must realize its potential in internal marketing - the attraction, development, motivation and retention of qualified employee-customers through need meeting jobproducts. Internal marketing paves way for external marketing of services. A service company can be only as good as its people. A service is a performance and it is usually difficult to separate the performance from the people.If the people dont meet customers' expectations, then neither does the service.Therefore, investing in people quality in service business means investing in product quality.

Bharti airtel limited is a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 19 countries across Asia and Africa. The company offers mobile voice & data services, fixed line, high speed broadband, IPTV, DTH, turnkey telecom solutions for enterprises and national & international long distance services to carriers. Bharti airtel has been ranked among the six best performing technology companies in the world by business week. Bharti airtel had 200 million customers across its operations. People are important because:

Providing a service, rather than selling a product. Quality of personal relationships between company and clients becomes vital. New staff needs thorough training and constant monitoring. Recruiting specialist staff- time consuming and expensive. Strategies and tactics for recruiting, training and safeguarding relationships.

They have developed the habit of thinking in terms of the people inside and outside of your business who are responsible for every element of your sales and marketing strategy and activities.It's amazing, for them, their ability to select, recruit, hire and retain the proper people,with the skills and abilities to do the job they need to have done, is more important than everything else put together.

Board of Directors
The board of directors of the Company has an optimum mix of executive and non-executive directors, which consists of two executive and twelve non-executive directors. The Chairman and ManagingDirector, Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal, is an Executive Director and the number of Independent Directors on the Board is 50% of the total board strength. The board members possess requisite skills, experience and expertise required to take decisions, which are in the best interest of the Company. The key functions of the HR Committee include the followings:
Attraction and Retention strategies for employees.

Employees Development Strategies. Compensation (including salaries and salary adjustments, incentives/benefits bonuses, stock options) and performance targets for the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) and Joint Managing Directors (JMDs)Executive Directors. All Human Resources related issue.

They believe that one of the most important drivers of growth and success for any organization is its people. At Bharti Airtel, our Mantra for employee delight focuses on 5 Ps People, Pride, Passion, Processes and Performance. Bharti Airtel has been recognized among the Best Employers in the Country for two successive years being 14th in 2003 & jumping ahead of several other large conglomerates to an enviable position of the 2nd Best Employer in the Country in2004. This is a clear demonstration & acknowledgement of the robust, progressive, people as well as business

aligned Human Resource practices, which the organization has developed and implemented remarkably in a very short span of time. Bharti Airtel follows an open door policy to approach the management, which helps resolve issues with mutual agreements. We encouage people to stand up against any unfair treatment for which we have the Office of the Ombudsman, where employees can raise any issues regarding business and workplace conduct. Bharti ensures transparency through the various communication policies, strategies and plans. Regular Employee Communication Forums provides a platform for the employees to raise issues that require resolution.Their leaders strongly believe in facilitating and initiating activities that help employees manage their health and well-being. Our focus always remains to redefine leadership; we develop leaders who enable performance and inspire their people to unleash their potential. Their people orientation reflects in their vision of being targeted by top talent, and a key aspect of our business focus building a best-in-class leadership team that nurtures talent at every level. Employee friendly HR policies have been put in place, which amply reflect the organizations concern for its people. Some typical examples of these policies and practices include a family-day at office, half day leave for birthdays, gifts for anniversaries, compulsory 10 days off, festival celebration with family, no official meetings on weekends, five day weeks, concierge services, call center engagement programs etc. These care policies and practices are applied across the organizational levels without any discrimination. From self-management workshops to aerobics sessions, yoga classes to provision of relaxation/meditation rooms, we ensure that every employee keeps a check on his/her fitness. Tie-ups with leading health service organizations enable our employees to undertake periodical health check-ups depending upon their age. This facility is also extended to employee family members at discounted rates. The company provides Flexible Group Medi claim insurance to all employees, covering all kinds of illnesses, accidents and hospital coverage for serious ailments. Apart from these specific engagements, we regularly organize health check up camps, eye check-up camps and stress management sessions. Some of their offices have opened gymnasiums/fitness facilities to ensure that the fitness fanatics do not have to worry about time constraints to remain fit. At many of their locations, they have hired psychologists who undertake personal counselling sessions for employees.

Bharti Airtel offers a flexible compensation structure to its employees wherein the employees have the flexibility to structure their fixed component of their compensation according to their requirements within the ambit of legislation.

Target customers
Airtel is positioned as an aspirational and lifestyle brand, in a way that trivialised the price in the mind of the consumer. It was pitched not merely as a mobile service, but as something that gave him a badge value. Others like: Technicians Dealers
Other Employees (BPO Employees)

Service process is the way in which a service is delivered to the end customer. It is also a critical component in the service blueprint, wherein before establishing the service, the company defines exactly what should be the process of the service product reaching the end customer. Process is referred to the procedures, mechanisms and flow of activities by which the service is delivered i.e. the service delivery and operating systems. Creating and managing effective service processes are essential tasks for service firms. Managing the process factor is essential due to the perishability of services which means that services cannot be inventoried, stored for reuse or returned. As services are performances that cannot be stored, it is a challenge for service businesses to manage situations of over or under demand. Another distinctive characteristic of the service process is that they provide evidence to the customer is the standardized or customized approach based on customers needs and expectations. Since services are created as they are consumed, and because the customer is often involved in the process, there are more opportunities for customizing the service to meet the needs of the customers.

Customer defined business process, Airtel Marketing Strategy Process innovations and continuous improvement through people involvement Based on customer specifications, Airtel have webbed many business processes on the following concepts:

Delivery time Turn around time Lead time Time to market Other performance indicators Result Oriented Approach: Each process has been designed by first planning the desired result. The targeted results are then arrived at through identification of the following:

The next-customer and end-customer expectations. Quantifiable purpose of the process and key result areas. Past experience of what went wrong and can go wrong

Other facts
Process for services is very easy and customer can avail it very


121 is the customer support no. which can be dialled from anywhere

in India.

Agents are available all over India.

Promotion is so heavy that customers find it very easy to avail


Choose a product (say prepaid connection)

Pay the appropriate fees

Take the respective product (like Sim card)

Avail the facilities

Give feedback


The last element in the service marketing mix is a very important element. Physical evidence refers to the environment in which the service is assembled and in which the seller and customer interact, combined with tangible commodities that facilitate performance or communication of the service. The physical evidences include signage, reports, punch lines, other tangibles, employees dress code etc.Services are intangible in nature, however to create a better customer experience tangible elements are also delivered with the service.Physical evidence acts as a differentiator.Because of the simultaneous production and consumption of most services, the physical facility i.e. its services cape can play an important role in the service experience.The services cape illustrates how three physical environment dimensions (ambient conditions, space/function and signs, symbols and artifacts) provide a means of understanding environment-participant relationships in service systems. As services are intangible, customers are searching for any tangible cues

to help them understand the nature of the service experience. The more intangible-dominant a services, the greater the need to make the service tangible. In summary, physical evidence serves as a visual metaphor of what the company stands for, and facilitates the activities of customers and employees.


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