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BEFORE: Astaghfirullah [3x] Allahumma antassalam wa minkas-salam, tabrakta ya thal jalali wal ikram O my Ilah.

You are Assalam and from You comes Salam [peace, or safety], blessed are Thee O Owner of Glory and kindness La ilaha illa allah wahdahu la shareeka lah, lahul mulku, wa lahul hamd, wahuwa ala kulli shayin qadeer, Allahumma la mani a lima a lima a tayta, wa la mutiya lima mana ta, wa la yanfa u thal jaddi minkal jadd There is no Ilah except Allah alone, no associates does He have, His is the Kingdom, to Him is AllPraise, and He is all able to do all things. O my Ilah there is none to prevent what You have given, nor is there anyone to give what You have prevented, nor is the jadd [luck, success, wealth, and/or greatness] of a person possessing such jadd of any benefit to that person from You. Subhanallah [33x] Alhamdulilah [33x] Allahu Akbar [33x] La ilaha illa allahu wahdahu la shareeka lahu, lahul mulku, wa lahul hamdu, wahuwa ala kulli shayin qadeer There is no Ilah except Allah alone, no associates does He have, His is the Kingdom, to Him is All Praise, and He is well able to do all things Muawwidhat [Quran 113 & 114] Qul aoothu bi.rabbil.falaq Min sharri maa khalaq Wa min sharri ghaasiqin ithaa waqab Wa min sharrin.naffaathaati fil uqad, Wa min sharri haasidin ithaa hasad Say: I seek refuge with (Allah) the Lord of the daybreak, From the evil of what He has created; And from the evil of the darkening (night) as it comes with its darkness; (or the moon as it sets or goes away). And from the evil of the witchcrafts when they blow in the knots, And from the evil of the envier when he envies. Qul aoothu bi rabbin.naas Malikin.naas Ilaahin.naas Min sharril.waswaasil.khannaas Alladhee yuwaswisu fee sudoorin.naas Minal.jinnati wan.naas Say: I seek refuge with (Allah) the Lord of mankind, The King of mankind, The Ilah (God) of mankind, From the evil of the whisperer (devil who whispers evil in the hearts of men) who withdraws (from his whispering in ones heart after one remembers Allah), Who whispers in the breasts of mankind, Of jinns and men.

Allahumma a inne ala thikrika wa shukrika, wa husni ibadatik O my Ilah help me in establishing your remembrance, thanking You, and worshipping You properly La ilaha illa allah wahdahu la shareeka lah, lahul mulku, wa lahul hamd, wahuwa ala kulli shayin qadeer. La hawla wa la quwwata illah billah, la illaha illa allah, wa la nabudu illa iyyah, lahun nimatu, wa lahul-fadl, wa lahu ath-thanaul-hasan, la ilaha illa allah, mukhliseena lahud-deen wa law karihalkafiroon. There is no Ilah except Allah alone, no associates does He have, His is the Kingdom, to Him is All Praise, and He is well able to do all things. There is neither might nor strength except by Allah. There is no Ilah except Allah, and we worship not any one except Him. His are the bounties, His is the favour, and to Him all good commemoration and praise is due. There is no Ilah except Allah, [we are] sincerely faithful to Him in our life, even if the infidels hate that. Ayatul Kursi: Allaah u laa ilaah a ilaa h uw-al-Hayy-ul-Qayyoom. Laa takhudhuhoo sinatuw-wa laa nawm. Lahu maa fis-samawaati wa maa fil-ard. Man dh al-la dh e e yashfau inhadoo illa bi idhnih. Yalamu maa bayna aydeehim wa maa khalfah um. Wa laa yuheetoona bi shayim-min lmihee illaa bimaa shaa. Wasia kursiyyuh-us-samaawaati wal-ard. Wa laa ya-ooduhoo hifdhuh umaa wa h uw-alAliyy-ul- Adheem Allah! None has the right to be worshipped but He, the Ever Living, the One Who sustains and protects all that exists. Neither slumber, nor sleep overtake Him. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on earth. Who is he that can intercede with Him except with His Permission? He knows what happens to them (His creatures) in this world, and what will happen to them in the Hereafter. And they will never encompass anything of His Knowledge except that which He wills. His Foot-stool extends over the heavens and the earth, and He feels no fatigue in guarding and preserving them. And He is the Most High, the Most Great. Subhan-Allahi wa bihamdihi, `adada khalqihi, wa rida nafsihi, wa zinatah `arshihi, wa midada kalimatihi Allah is free from imperfection and I begin with His praise, as many times as the number of His creatures, in accordance with His Good Pleasure, equal to the weight of His Throne and equal to the ink that may be used in recording the words (for His Praise) ." -Sahih Muslim 17. Rabbana wa 'atina ma wa'adtana 'ala rusulika wa la tukhzina yawmal-Qiyamah innaka la tukhliful mi'aad Our Lord! Grant us what Thou didst promise unto us through Thine apostles, and save us from shame on the Day of Judgment: For Thou never breakest Thy promise [3:194] 18. Rabbana aamana faktubna ma' ash-shahideen Our Lord! We believe; write us down among the witnesses. [5:83] 19. Rabbana anzil 'alayna ma'idatam minas-Samai tuknu lana 'idal li-awwa-lina wa aakhirna wa ayatamminka war-zuqna wa anta Khayrul-Raziqeen O Allah our Lord! Send us from heaven a table set (with viands), that there may be for us - for the first and the last of us - a solemn festival and a sign from thee; and provide for our sustenance, for thou art the best Sustainer (of our needs) [5:114] 20. Rabbana zalamna anfusina wa il lam taghfir lana wa tarhamna lana kuna minal-khasireen Our Lord! We have wronged our own souls: If thou forgive us not and bestow not upon us Thy Mercy, we shall certainly be lost. [7:23]

21. Rabbana la taj'alna ma'al qawwmi-dhalimeen Our Lord! Send us not to the company of the wrong-doers [7:47] 22. Rabbana afrigh bayana wa bayna qawmina bil haqqi wa anta Khayrul Fatiheen Our Lord! Decide Thou between us and our people in truth, for Thou art the best to decide. [7:89] 23. Rabbana afrigh 'alayna sabraw wa tawaffana Muslimeen Our Lord! Pour out on us patience and constancy, and take our souls unto thee as Muslims (who bow to thy will)! [7:126] 24. Rabbana la taj'alna firnatal lil-qawmidh-Dhalimeen wa najjina bi-Rahmatika minal qawmil kafireen Our Lord! Make us not a trial for those who practise oppression; And deliver us by Thy Mercy from those who reject (Thee) [10:85-86]