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Interview tips

How to answer interview questions

Hemadri.R 10/26/2011

These are the some of the frequently asked interview questions by an interviewer so, learn the following documents carefully and get the job in campus selections itself .ALL THE BEST -----FROM R.HEMADRI Btech,Mba.

Here are some tips on what you should avoid:

Leaning back: Gives the impression that you're not taking the interview seriously. Crossing your legs at the thighs: Too familiar, especially at the beginning of an interview. Sitting with your legs wide apart: Far too familiar for an interview situation, and can be both distracting and uncomfortable for the interviewer. Leaning forward too much: May make some interviewers feel uncomfortable, especially if you're physically big and talk loudly. Slouching: Gives the impression that you're not taking the interview seriously and will likely slouch in your duties. Tips on good sitting practice include: Straight and upright body: This is a neutral sitting position that interviewers expect to see. Male legs: Males can keep their upper legs facing straight forward and adopt what is commonly referred to as the starters positionthat is, the dominant foot flat on the ground with the other foot having only the front part touching the ground. Female leg:. Females can cross their legs at the ankles and position the legs slightly to one

Tell me about yourself

1. Thank you sir for giving me opportunity to introduce myself.
Sir I am hemadri.R, I was born in a small village in chittoor district named KARAKAMBADI, sir since I belong to a very small family I know the importance of money and above that What hard work is. Sir I did my schooling in nagarjuna high school and had an average percentage of 75%, currently I did my masters degree in management with the specialization of marketing and finance from jntu univ and have an 80% avg. We are family of four, apart from my mom, dad I have 1 younger brothers. My father is a very hard working person and he is a farmer, whereas my mother take care of entire house. I learned dedication towards work from my father and good Time management from my mother.

Prepared by R.Hemadri Btech.,Mba. Research Associate @EAIMS

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My strengths are adaptability, hardworking, positive attitude. Whereas easily believing others is my weakness.

I spend most of my free time helping my father with his work in fields and sometimes my mother also and also teaching my younger brothers.

My short term goal is to join your organization and enhance my skills.

My long term goal is to see your organization at peek level where I am one of the persons responsible for it.

Why should I hire you?

1. As I am a fresher I am eager to undertake challenging ventures and also I learn things quickly. I am quite confident about my skills and also I got ability to work in a team. I can adopt myself to any kind of environment. So I think that I am the right person for this position. 2. Since I am a young energetic fresher I zeal to learn new things. As rightly said that nothing is impossible I can give my full intense strength which enhance my professional skills and I utilize my technical skills along with your organization.

3. I have the anxiety to learn new things, the ability to do the work in an organized manner, positive
attitude, and analytical abilities which I believe are of foremost importance to achieve company goals and that is what your looking for....

4. As I am a fresher, I am having the eagerness to learn new ideas quickly.And I am very adjustable
to any situations,I will approach my goals in positive way and I will mold my mind according to the needs. I am flexible and optimistic. I am a quick learner as well. I can assure you that i will turn out to be a very good resource for you. I will put my soul into the work that i attempt.

5. Sir, apart from qualification what a company expects from their employee. Punctuality, honesty
and dedication towards the work. I accept that my qualification shows that I am an average student not the best, but still I can assure you that you will never have complain about my punctuality, honesty and about my work more over am a quick learner sir I can b the asset for your firm so I feel I should get a chance. Thank you.

Prepared by R.Hemadri Btech.,Mba. Research Associate @EAIMS

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Why do you want to work at our company?

1. It is a dream for every individual to start their carrier by working in such a big reputed company, it is something beyond the salary that you offers me because to be a belonging of this company is something prestigious and status-full. The basement of my carrier will get more tougher and I can built on it so that no one can test its rigidity.

2. I need a job which suits my qualifications and skills,and which recognize my ability in the
organization,so that i can update my knowledge and skills along with organization's growth.and i feel that my profiles are matching your requirement.As per fresher i feel that this is the challenging opportunities to test my theoretical knowledge to achieve the practical expertise,which can help your organization towards growth.

3. Sir everybody wants to work in best reputed companies. So I think that your company is a
better one for me to utilise my skills and ability to achieve organisational goals and learn new things which helps the society.

4. Sir, you know every fresher is trying to join global company. So as a fresher I like to join our
company. So I will use my best knowledge for betterment of our company & if you hire me sir then my dream comes true!I want to work in your company because it provides a good environment to boost up my knowledge and give the best for the upliftment of company as well as our country. It is also a great privilege to work in a reputed company like this.

5. Being a fresher Stepping into a organization like yours is a great challenge and I love
challenges. After viewing your company profile I hope that your company will provide me not only a job but also innovative working environment and new challenges everyday that provides me both professional growth and personal satisfaction

What are your goals?

1. Sir at present I have set my two goal, firstly I want to enter a company, not just a company. A good company and where I can gain experience learn more skills, atleast for next 3 years am not making money a criteria for my life and next goal is in coming years I want to be the best employee of that company, after reaching this two goals I will set my another goal. Thank you sir. 2. My short term goal is to put my skills in use in a reputed company like yours and my long
term goal is to be an inspirational leader bringing a positive difference to the people and society around me.

Prepared by R.Hemadri Btech.,Mba. Research Associate @EAIMS

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3. My short term goal -is to get placed in one of the good reputed company like urs.and
my long term goal is -to acquire a higher position in the same organization where i'm respected and admired by the people.

4. My short-term goal is to get a job in a reputed company with good position and my longterm goal is that I should become a successful person in this world with good name and fame and I want to fulfil all dreams of my parents so that they must be proud

5. I want to get a stage of my life from where i can inspire at least one people from my life

What motivates you to do good job?

1. The self satisfaction which is got after accomplishing the task drives me to do a good job. 2. My passion to learn new things and enhance my knowledge and skills, develop my abilities in a proper direction and the fact that your organization can provide me a good platform to achieve this motivates me 3. There are thousands of people in the world who are unemployed. I am selected from this thousands of people this is the point that motivates me to work. There is no work which is small. Smaller the work, more important it is. 4. Encouragement and good environment motivates to do good job 5. Rewards and recognition, appreciation of my work, senior's expectations acts as a good motivator, my inner desire for work. Since I love to be engaged in work instead of sitting idle, my work and my family are two most important things in my life

Explain how would be an asset to this organization

1. Sir/ madam as I understand hardworking and dedicated employees are an asset to any company and I will always put the best of my efforts to be one

2. I would like to become most successful employee in a reputed organization by contributing the most to the organization, their clients through clear thinking, keen insights, in-depth understanding of their requirements and by fulfilling their needs and to become an asset to the organization 3. with my knowledge and hard working,i will give my best to the company for its growth and success 4. Sir, I use my skill and ability towards the success of the company. Also sir, the company is related to field of my interest, so I think i can do my best 5. By integrating this organisation's economy to global economy as a result of my innovative works

Prepared by R.Hemadri Btech.,Mba. Research Associate @EAIMS

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