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Angelica, angelica root Angelica root (Angelica archangelica), also called angelica, combats flatulence and bloating Angelica,

Angelica archangelica Angelica, angelica root An angel is said to have sent them in times of great need as a remedy to the gro und. A pious man found her and she used as a remedy for the plague. The talk is of the angelica also known as angelica root whose name derives from this legend. Because their home is the far north, was principally the Northmen angelica (Ange lica archangelica) as a medicinal and vegetable. The Vikings brought the crop in the 10th Century as trade goods to Central Europe. There she was soon planted i n monastery gardens and appreciated later by Paracelsus as a panacea. Even today, it paves the many Norwegians, Icelanders and Lappe to the root as a vegetable. What is the medicinal plant and where they occur? The aromatic odor angelica root can be up to two meters high. It has a turnip-li ke, reddish-brown with yellow latex and root sprouts a grooved hollow stems. Thi s may be due to the thick as your arm. The light green colored leaves are large triple-pinnatisect. The greenish flowers are arranged in 20 to 40 double-beam tr usses. The angelica is one of the Umbelliferae (Apiaceae) and blooms from July t o August. It is native to northern Europe and northern Asia, and there is growin g on moist meadows and bogs. Which part of plant and substances are used?

Wh t do the ingredients? While helping the medicin l pl nt? Angelic root extr cts c use bec use of its bitter t ste th t is more stom ch c id. Also, bile cids nd p ncre tic enzymes re rele sed. This stimul tes the pl nt to bring your ppetite nd digestion on the go. Another effect: Angelic h s n ntisp smodic. For this effect is prob bly the so-c lled fur nocoum rins re responsible. These second ry met bolites re to block c lcium ch nnels, which s it on the smooth muscle of the g stro-intestin l tr ct, nd thus they rel x. Angelic root helps therefore s n herb l remedy for ilments such s loss of ppetite, blo ting nd fl tulence. This herb is often combined with other herbs, such s peppermint or c r w y. Since the ngelic c n lso solve cr mps, prep r tions re lso m de from the root for Irrit ble bowel syndrome in consult tion w ith the ttending physici n. Import nt notes:

The inform tion cont ined fur nocoum rins c n m ke the skin more sensitive to li ght, le ding to skin re ctions, simil r to sunburn. Avoid fter t king ngelic

Angelic root c n be confused with other Umbellifer e, for ex mple with the pois onous hemlock. Why not collect even better, but ngelic receive from the ph rm cy.

Angelica root essential oil contains mainly. It consists of 80 to 90 percent of terpenes with -phellandrene, -phell ndrene nd -pinene s m jor components. In tion, scientists identified pproxim tely 60 ddition l subst nces. Ap rt from t he essenti l oil in the roots re still fur nocoum rins such s berg pten nd Ar ch ngelicin, coum rins nd fl vonoids.


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stom ch ulcer m y not use ngelic root