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Faculty of Administrative Sciences Department of Business Administration

Course Information
Course Title : Corporate Ethics Class : MBA-1 & MBA-2 Credit Hrs : 3 Hours Prerequisites For this Course: None This Course is Prerequisite For: None Instructor: Dr. I U Shad e-mail: iuhad@mail.au.edu.pk Lab (Not Required)

Web: http://www.au.edu.pk Tel: 051-9262557-9, Ext. 232 Text Book: Business Ethics: Concepts & Cases, Sixth Edition by Manuel G. Velasquez

Address: Department of Business Administration, Ground Floor. Office Hours: 0830 to 1630 Hrs.

Reference Book(s): Available in the A.U. Library and are also mentioned in the text book.

Course Outline

Learning Outcomes of the course Ability to understand Business Ethics and Its issues. Ability to understand the Ethical Principles in Business. Ability to understand the Business Systems. Ability to identify Ethical Issues in the Marketplace. Ability to understand Ethics and the Environment. Ability to understand the Ethics of Consumer Production & Marketing. Ability to Comprehend Ethics of Job Discrimination. Ability to understand the Role of Individual in an Organization.

Teaching Methodology --Basic Lecture Format for Concept Overview. --Teaching by asking questions/Discussion (Socratic Method) especially concerning relevant cases: Students are assigned to study in advance relevant chapter / case studies as per scheduled lecture. Participation in discussion forms part of the evaluation. --Group study is highly encouraged if needed group study leaders will teach students who are having problems in the course. -- Students are to submit hand written assignments.

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Lecture Plan:
Week Topic Activity

Ethic & Business (CH:1) 1. Business Ethics and Its Issues 07-09-2011 Moral Development and Moral Reasoning To 11-09-2011
2. 12-09-2011 To 18-09-2011 3. 19-09-2011 To 25-09-2011 4. 26-09-2011 To 02-10-2011 5. 03-10-2011 To 09-10-2011

Ethic & Business (CH:1)

Arguments For and Against Business Ethics Moral Responsibility and Blame

Case Study Slavery in the Chocolate Industry (Page 61) Case Study ABC News: Enrons Fall (Page 63) Case Study Publius (Page 128) Case Study ABC News: Unocal in Burma (Page 129) Case Study ABC News: GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and AIDS in Africa (Page 168) Case Study Accolade versus Sega (Page 172)

Ethical Principles in Business (CH:2) Utilitarianism: Weighing Social Costs and Benefits Rights and Duties Justice and Fairness Ethical Principles in Business (CH:2) The Ethics of Care Integrating Utility, Rights, Justice, and Caring An Alternative to Moral Principles: Virtue Ethics Morality in International Contexts The Business System: Government, Markets, and International Trade (CH:3) Free Markets and Rights: John Locke Free Market and Utility: Adam Smith

6. 10-10-2011 To 16-10-2011 1.

The Business System: Government, Markets, and International Trade (CH:3) Free Trade and Utility: David Ricardo Marx and Justice: Criticizing Markets and Free Trade Conclusion: The Mixed Economy, the New Property, and the End of Marxism Ethics in the Marketplace (CH:4) Perfect Competition Monopoly Competition

7. 17-10-2011 To 23-10-2011 8. 24-10-2011 To 30-10-2011 9. 31-10-2011 To 06-11-2011

Ethics in the Marketplace (CH:4) Oligopolistic Competition Oligopolies and public Policy

Case Study ABC News: Playing Monopoly: Microsoft (Page 204) Case Study Archer Daniels Midland and the Friendly Competitors (Page 210)

Mid Term Exams

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10. 07-11-2011 To 13-11-2011 11. 14-11-2011 To 20-11-2011

Ethics and the Environment (CH:5) The Dimensions of Pollution and Resource Depletion The Ethics of Pollution Control The Ethics of Conserving Depletable Resources Case Studies The Ok Tedi Copper Mine (Page 260) ABC News: Gas or Grouse? (Page 264) Case Study Becton Dickinson and Needle Sticks (Page 302) Case Study The Ford/Firestone Debacle (Page 306) Case Study ABC News: Should Kroger Pay Now for What Ralphs Employees did Then? (Page 351) Case Study Wal-Marts Women (Page 354) Case Study ABC News: Gaps Labor Problems (Page 409) Case Study Who Should Pay (Page 414)

12. 21-11-2011 To 27-11-2011 13. 28-11-2011 To 04-12-2011 14. 05-12-2011 To 11-12-2011

The Ethics of Consumer Production and Marketing (CH:6) Markets and Consumer Protection The Contract View of Business Firms duties to Consumers The Due Care Theory The Ethics of Consumer Production and Marketing (CH:6) The Social Costs view of the Manufacturers duties Advertising Ethics Consumer Privacy The Ethics of Job Discriminations (CH:7)

Job Discriminations: Its Nature Discrimination: Its Extent

15. 12-12-2011 To 18-12-2011 16. 19-12-2011 To 25-12-2011 17. 26-12-2011 To 01-01-2012

The Ethics of Job Discriminations (CH:7) Discriminations: Utility, Rights and Justice Affirmative Action The Individual in the Organization (CH:8) The Rational Organization The Employees Obligation to the Firm The Firms Duties to the Employees The Individual in the Organization (CH:8) The Political Organization Employee Rights Organizational Politics The Caring Organization

Final Exams
Grading and General Course Policies: The grading will be done as per policy of the university, however, the final grade for the course will be determined based on the total points accumulated in the below areas with the following weightage: Assignments (Class Performance) (15%)
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Mid Term Examination Projects/ Practical Tasks Final Examination

(20%) (20%) (45%)

Students will be assigned a team project related to the important issues of the subject. Moreover, the students will visit at least one big organization and will write a report on their visit.

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