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Project help PROJECT NAME :


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To find out reasons for quality of work life in. DELL & INFOSYS. To find out effects of quality of work life in DELL & INFOSYS. To find out way to improve quality of work life in DELL & INFOSYS.

To gain an insight into current working time policies and practices, as well as
work-life balance issues in INFOSYSY and DELL

To complement existing Foundation data and research on working time largely based on surveys of individual workers and on literature reviews in INFOSYSY and DELL


For achieving the objectives of study, survey was conducted. For survey, personal interviews of the Management & workers were undertaken. Personal interviews was selected as the mode of survey to make the study more meaningful & so that maximum information could be collected. For conducting the personal interviews of the workers, a questionnaire was made. The questionnaire was structured with open ended & close ended questions. The Management was interviewed on various aspects likely to have impact on the quality of work life & on the turn over of the employees viz. no. facilities provided to the employees, procedure for the promotions, increments in pay, bonus schemes incentive sector etc. given to the employees.

Sample Size:
I have covered 100 workers. 50 from DELL, Mohali 50 from INFOSYS, Mohali

Types of Data:
I have used printing as well as secondary data. Some data is been taken from internet, some from INFOSYS & DELL literature and some is gathered through questionnaire.

Every company has good managers and bad, just as every company has good employees as well as bad. If you want to look for examples, there are enough of them in this industry to pretty much any support point of view you hold. You will find extraordinarily long working hours but you will also find adrenaline pumping exhilaration at the end of a successfully completed project. You will find people complaining about monotony of work but you will also find a huge premium on creativity and enterprise. You will find callous managers who dont care about people but you will also find heartwarming stories of inspirational leadership. You will find tales of delivering under extreme conditions but you will also find the unmistakable shiny eyed pride in front of a delighted customer. This is the ground reality of the new knowledge industry of our country and while not everything is right with it, there is more that is good than has ever been in any single economic sector of India. DELL & INFOSYS are creating a positive environment for efficient and smooth work. With the repetitive nature of work, ones efficiency get affected and growth oriented opportunities becomes less. With hectic schedule and overtime burdened one really stressed and exhausted at work. Under the provision of the company, to any issue or problem, company take initiatives with time and appropriate measures. For efficient working, managers do

have to take care about the professional and personal growth. Nightshifts are really tiring and if it is the case with females its really hectic. In BPOs one get stuck to the work and in the scarcity of holidays, he/she affected mostly socially. Companies policies and procedures are making senses. Most of the working class in BPOs not get satisfied with the job, they always try to switch to other profession one get settled. Being hectic and over burdened with the worktime, ones efficiency really get affected.


There has been much concern today about the decent wages, convenient working hours, conducive working conditions, etc. Their term Quality of Worklife has appeared in Research Journals and press in USJ only in 1970s. There is no generally acceptable definition about this term. However, some attempts were made to describe the term quality of work life QWL. It refers to the favourableness or unfavourableness of a job environment for people. J. Richard and J. Lay define QWL as the degree to which members of a work organisation are able to satisfy important personnel needs through their experience in the organisation. Quality of worklife improvements are defined as any activity which takes place at every level of an organisation, which seeks greater organisational effectiveness through the enhanceme of human dignity and growth . a process through which the tock-holders in the organisation management, unions and employeeslearn how to work together better to determine for themselves what actions, changes and improvements are desirable and workable in order to achieve the twin and simultaneous goals of an improved quality of life at work for all members of the organisation and greater effectiveness for both the. company and the unions. Richard E. Walton explains quality of worklife in terms of eight broad conditions of employment that constitute desirable Quality of Worklife (QWL). He proposed the same criteria for measuring QWL.