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International Journal of Computer Information Systems, Vol. 3, No.

4, 2011

Neuron Activation Functions Modeling the Types of Male Psyche

Andrey Makarovskiy
Applied Mathematics Department Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics Moscow, Russia amac@inbox.ru
Abstract We used the experimental approach to specify the fundamental differences between male and female psyche. We proved that they can be explained by the difference in male and female brain structure and hormones can stimulate a certain type of behavior. We offer the neuron activation functions modeling the male type of behavior. Keywords-neural network, hormones, estrogen neuron activation function,

We can provide one more example. In Sofrino (I think, it was about 2001), a girl that was performing her second jump detached the chute to fly and open the reserve one. But she suddenly suffered a heart rapture and died. As it was her second jump her actions must have been unconscious: she tried to learn free fall during one jump without overcoming her fear. II. STUDY I found the explanation of female psyche in Sprengers and Institoris works [2]. St. Augustines teaching On Free Choice of the Will the authors mention applies well to women but Christians consider it to be a an objective and universal law. For the Judgment of Christ, the restricted choice of will cannot be proved even in the most evident cases. For example, if an insane person or an alcoholic that suffers different hallucinations commit a murder without understanding clearly what is happening around them they will be sentenced to the same punishment as a normal person: the court will proceed on the basis that they all had free choice whether to commit that murder or not. In Ancient Greece and Rome, the court could take into consideration the restricted will (as Gods take part in these matters) and even free that criminal from restraint. We can also recollect Article 30 of the Criminal Code of Russia saying running that if a person tried but did not manage to commit a crime for reasons beyond control he or she can be sentences to the same punishment as for the committed crime and the murder cases are determined according to their motives (willful homicide, a murder in strong emotional excitement, etc.). Christians consider every persons will free and that is why they bring to court not just for the crime but for an intention whereas Ancient Greeks and Romans brought to court for the crime only. These laws are closely related to the fact that the Russian nation appeared as the result of Christianization of Kievan Rus' so Christian mind is characteristic of the most people in Russia irrespective of if they consider themselves believers or not. Similar laws should exist in other Christian courtiers though if we speak about Article 30 of the Criminal Code of Russia I think it is an over-exploitation of Christianity aiming at imprisoning the most possible number of people and sentencing them to the longest term of imprisonment. Nowadays, most people consider murder and attempted murder to be two different crimes but the Criminal Code treats them the same.



While going skydiving I noticed that there is a certain stumbling block that we have to overcome with the help of some mental efforts. If the block is too strong (for example, you have to detach the main chute and open the reserve one) you may not be able to overcome it during your first jumps as you need to complete a certain number of jumps so that your mind can achieve the level you need. You can level down your demands to your mind if you pack your parachute yourself. Schopenhauer was the one who explained it well in his work [1]. Our life consists of regular overcoming of difficulties and obstacles: every time a human being suffers a lot when getting ready for overcoming the difficulty, then overcomes it with an effort of will and a short-time peace of mind and then plunges into the deepest sufferings again. You can feel it in skydiving to the full extent. When overcoming strong psychological blocks, our mind gets objectivized originating new ideas that pass to the subconscious level. It is not the same with the women. Here you can recollect a girl that died while doing her parachute jump in Kolomna (Russia) in about 2000 with D-6 round stabilized parachute. She pulled the rip cord when on the plane, then grasped the cord attaching the chute to the plane and jumped in a stupor condition. As a result, she found a stabilizing parachute in her hands and was falling down grasping it till she smashed up. She just had to throw the stabilization away or open a reserve chute but she did nothing. When feeling such a terror a man just cant jump. Female fear is usually much stronger but it does not work as a protective mechanism.

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Free will is characteristic of women and must belong to the innate fundamental ideas. The differences in male and female behavior can be explained by their brain structure: mens behavior is based on the exertion of their will and ideas arise as the result of its objectivization they way Schopenhauer put it. Men can be characterized with the following saying: He who has ears to hear let him NOT hear, as the ideas that a man cannot try out practically bring about defective self-confidence if one an provide argumentation to persuade him. Books mostly provide facts but can hardly affect human convictions and beliefs. Free will is characteristic of women; that is why they are capable of manifesting mainly someone elses will perceiving existing ideas and their self-confidence is quite natural. An illusion arises with women that they can cognize somebodys will and men are not capable of that. Mens self-confidence is determined by the correlation of the developmental level of their will and intellect. The stronger is their will the greater is their self-confidence. Normal intellect or beauty is enough for womens selfconfidence. But in fact, it is a little bit conventional as women have some male qualities as well as me have some female ones. That is why female parachute jumpers get very self-confident as they also take some will training but the womens requirements to their will are much lower. Hormones also influence the behavior type (both male and female). Testosterone intensifies the male behavior type with the men and estrogen intensifies the female behavior type with the women. All the parachuting accidents described above might have been related to the high level of estrogen in the blood or the use of hormone contraceptives.

International Journal of Computer Information Systems, Vol. 3, No. 4, 2011 I was using Diane-35 on purpose for a long time. It is a hormone contraceptive containing estradiol (a kind of estrogen) and a component reducing the level of testosterone (that is reversible). No female behavior appeared in me; I checked it in the gym where everyone can see the difference between men and women well enough. Thus, we may come to the conclusion that it is the brain structure that determines the difference in male and female psyche and hormones play the secondary role in it. III. CONCLUSION

So, we may suggest neuron activation functions considering the male type of psyche. For that purpose, neurons must have the blind area with the small levels of input signals. We can give an example with a neuron with the linear activation function (Figure 1). Such activation function can be described by the following equation:


[1] Arthur Schopenhauer. The World as Will and Representation. Aphorisms and Maxims. New Aphorisms. / Translated from German into Russian by Yu. Aikhenvald, F. Chernigovets, R. Kresin. Minsk: Sovremenny Literator, 1999. 1408 p. J. Sprenger, H. Institoris. Witchcraft. Catholic Encyclopedia. / Translated from Latin into Russian by N. Tsvetkova. M.: Amphora, 2006.



Mr. A. Makarovskiy was born in Novosibirsk, Russia on May 8, 1966. Now he lives in Moscow. In 1986 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers. Since 2011 he studies at the postgraduate course (computer scince) in Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (Technical University).

Figure 1. Linear function of neuron activation with the blind area.

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