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Minutes of Equal Opportunities Committee held on Thursday 17th November 2011 at 5:30 pm in Teviot Row House, Balcony Room


Hazel Marzetti (Chair), David Mark, Aurora Adams, Suzi Compton, Judith

In Attendance:- Hazel (staff) Apologies:- Kate Harris

Meeting Opens: 1730 1. Welcome HM welcomed everyone and thanked them for their attendance. Reported some confusion about meeting times

Action HR to circulate meeting times and venues. Hazel R to chase up Martin

Hazels equal opps convener email address is still not working.


Action Group Round-Ups

International Planning campaign on casual and offensive language. This could be a joint campaign with all AG groups in the next semester. Each group should brainstorm offensive language campaign Examples, we know youre not racist so dont use the language Noted that AG as a safe space for brainstorming and realisation that some words are considered too offensive by some people. Should link to website for more explanation. Other AG conveners expressed that they would like to take part. HM to make marketing aware of potential campaign AG convenors to send HM results of brainstorming sessions.

International group as had a lot of overlap with BME group so not having meetings. Minority Ethnic Reported that Black History Month in October- lots of events and worked in co-

ordination with University. Until Christmas will be working on Pollock campaign- issues with lack of international food and lack of heating which can be problematic for students who have moved from hot countries. HM has previously brought up with Keith and Lynn- may provide heater if are in a cold spot but not of coming from a hot country.

DM to talk to Pollock. HM will provide contacts for Pollock and external/ welfare convenors.

David and two other students from group are going to Black Students Winter Conference Women Reclaim the Night on Thursday the 24th. EM ensure promoted on EUSA and student council mailing list. SC reminder at student council

Disability and Mental Wellbeing Wellbeing Week beginning the 28th of November. Same time as See Me accreditation for the union- date of signing is not confirmed yet. Stall outside the library- post-a-positive mental health message. Encourage student council to take part. Possibility of outreach to other campuses. Has had low attendance at meetings. Meeting of DMW next Wednesday. Reported JD meeting staff at St Leonards Land to discuss swimming pool access. Went to access and facilities sub group: Problems with personal evacuation plan. Schools are not taking responsibility and been problems implementing these. JM has been in touch Ryan regarding Teviot staff not making sure that people using disabled lift are getting in. Quote for lift for Teviot. Same company but this one is for the exterior and weather proof. EM ensured student input in this. Jude acting as Guinea Pig to try new ramps at Old College. Issue of disabled students needing to arrange prior access. International Day of People with Disabilities Will be having an online even encouraging people to post a positive message of

disability. Photos on Tumbler-International angle as posting same time with University in South Africa. LGBT (Hazel in place of Kate) Outreach to BLOGS- wish to foster a partnership. LGBT to have input TAP website. Equal Marriage Consultation Trying to get as many responses as possible. Labour club, AGM, Amnesty. Pop boxes and put on the EUSA reception. Set deadline of 6th December. LGBT+ now having meetings every two weeks.

HR set up meeting with TAP staff

3. Convenor Report Accessibility Audit- student led guide for accessible buildings. Covers pubs, clubs and university buildings, available online. Accommodation Issues: Perceptions of insecurity- poor lighting, hidden marks Co-operation with Alex Munyard (Accommodation Officer) External forum should talk about perceptions of safety. Regarding possible lighting audit of buildings- can hire car a car in co-operation with EUSA. EM added that: Had attended Neighbourhood partnership meeting. Lothian and Border Policewant student input. Online consultation to identify particular areas of what is unsafe. International Womens Day EUSA looking for input from AG on this. Emma, Abi, Hazel and Phillipa are going to I will lead the way training on Tuesday 22nd November. Enable them to deliver in house training. Have provisional date for 1st workshop. Workshops will lead into elections. Aim to open up campaigning and knowledge of campaigning. Meeting finished 7pm