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INTRODUCTION School is dubbed as the second home of the young people and they should find the things

they learn reflected around their environment to enable them to see things learned in the classroom in action School buildings and the school environment should be conducive to learning, a place toward sustainable development. The environment should reflect the teachings and learning imparted to the students. The environment plays a vital role in shaping our youth. The school should ideally provide this environment to the students not only for comfort but for a more profound purpose of giving them a healthy soil so they can grow the healthy way. University is an institution organized and incorporated for the purpose of imparting instruction, examining students, and otherwise promoting education in the higher branches of literature, science, art, etc., empowered to confer degrees in the several arts and faculties, as in theology, law, medicine, music, etc. While malls are defined as a large retail complex containing a variety of stores and often restaurants and other business establishments housed in a series of connected or adjacent buildings or in a single large building. Considering both definitions, the researchers have conducted a special study regarding the location of CvSU - Imus Campus annex in comparison with CvSU Imus Main Campus.


The study will serve as a basis for the administration if the students were satisfied of having an annex inside a mall. What are the students opinion and insights about the location, do the students absorb knowledge that the instructor impart during the discussion? Does the place give special motivation for the students to go to school and study more evenly?

To students. The study serves the students as their medium of expression. It will also help students taking different programs with classes in both area to be heard.

To administrators. The study will help administrators to have a clearer vision towards the level of satisfaction the students had regarding the CvSU - Imus Campus Annex. By this study they will come up with easier and powerful administration.

To future researcher. The study will benefits and help the future researcher as their guide. The study can also open in development of this study. This will lead to much deeper study; the effect of school environment and student academic performance.


A number of factors affect the academic performance of students and thus may positively or negatively influence student learning. In the case of CvSU-Imus Campus, school location is one of biggest factor that influenced the students academic behavior. Examines aspects of the learning environment the way the student experiences it - through the senses. A stimulating school environment arouses the student to learn especially in the area of science. Hence the degree of interest a student derives from a learning environment affects his performance.


This study aimed to


This study was delimited to the evaluation of academic records of the respondents rather it is focus on the impact of the location of the extension building of the school. Furthermore, the study was confined to getting the responses of the student-respondents and did not include teacher-respondents.

The study involved only sophomore students, forty at all, in the tertiary level enrolled in the different courses during the first semester of the academic year 2011-2012 at the

Cavite State University- Imus Campus. The class was picked by the researcher because they are the students who have a class in both Main and Annex Building of the Campus.