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Kings Park Primary School

128b Gillespie Road St. Albans 3021

Ph 93676555
Fax 93641099

Name: Sammie Duong

Address: 67 Andrea Street St. Albans/Cairnlea Victoria 3021
Date: 20-08-2008

To whom it may concern,

My name is Sammie Duong and I am from 6G. I am writing to apply to be a general
manager for the business ‘Base Kings Disco’

I would like to apply for a position as a general manager because I have the skills for
it, like being organised, a hard working person, responsible, honest, and
independent also, I have great leadership skills. I believe these skills will lead me to
be a terrific leader.

Last year while we were learning about the government, my grade elected me to
become a Technology Minister. While on this role, I got to control students from
going into inappropriate websites, helped the teacher and my friends when they
needed me and also when I have discovered something interesting I share it to the
class. All this proves to you that I have excellent leadership skills, reliable skills and
helpful skills.

I am well organised with my homework and always hand in my homework on time. I

always try to do great work to make my teacher proud like doing great learning
journals and doing great country of the week. I believe by working hard and trying my
best every time, I am always up to grade 6 standard.

I speak 4 languages including Teo Chieu (another type of Chinese), Cantonese,

Vietnamese and English. I reckon I am a good learner because every Saturday
mornings I attend a few hours of Vietnamese tutoring and also at afternoons, I go
tutoring. Every week, I achieve great scores. Also at school, every Wednesday, I
attend to Japanese Extension Classes with Ivan and Phillip. I am always willing to
learn new things.

This year, I was picked in two art projects. The first one was called the Wave of Life.
We used glazed tiles and pebbles. The artist is called Karen Scott. Also, The
Advocate published out art project with me and my group. The next project which is
our current one is called the Wave of Life 2. It is held over at the Copperfield College.
It is continued from the actual Wave of Life over at our school. The tools are the
same and also the artist. It was fun getting to socialise with the higher graded
people. I believe that I have great socialising skills and also confident skills.

I believe that I have independent skills. In 2007, I have been on a school exchange
trip to Japan with 10 other students and 5 teachers. The school trip lasted for 10
days. It was a great experience getting to compare Japanese culture with Australian
culture. Also this year during August, I have hosted a girl from Japan. Her name is
called Runan. She stayed in Melbourne for 6 days. It was also a great getting to talk
to her in Japanese.

In the past I have received certificates and awards. Last year in grade 5, I received a
Participation certificate for I.T (Information Technology) and Maths. For grade Prep to
6 I received ribbon awards.
For grade Prep I received 2 Ribbon awards, grade 1 I received 1 ribbon award,
grade 2 I received 1 ribbon award, grade 3 I received 1 ribbon award, grade 4 I
received 2 ribbon awards and grade 5 I received 2 ribbon awards.

All qualities mentioned above I believe, it is up to a general manager stage. If I

receive this position, I will always listen to my CEO, will put in 110% effort and do all
qualities mentioned above!

If I don’t receive this position my second preference is to become an assistant


Please employ me and give me the general manager position. I hope you read this!
I am just the suitable person for this job.

If you don’t employ me for the job I wish, I appreciate you reading this letter!


Yours Sincerely,
Sammie Duong

Grade 6G
Kings Park Primary School