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Name : S.V.SRINIVASULU, Email-id: svs451@gmail.com Mobile: +919966174482.


Seeking a good position in an organization where my skills can be put to good use for the growth of the organization.
S.S.C from B.V.S.High School,Ongole in 2004 Intermediate(M.P.C) from Vignan Jr.College,Guntur in 2006 Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communications Engineering (2011) from Samskruti College Of Engineering And Technology, Hyderabad.


Languages Operating Systems

MINI PROJECT: Project Software Used Hardware Used Project Description

: C, Java. : Windows 98/2000/XP.

: :

MICROCONTROLLER BASED HOME AUTOMATION Assembly Programming (or) C-51(Cross Compilers).

: Atmel 8051 Microcontroller,Relay,LCD,Switches,Keypad. : An Embeddeed project is a combination of hardware software,designed to

Perform a specific task . In embedded techonology, the embedded programing is burnt into the AT89C52 micro controller In security system project. Every user will be given his ID and Password for accessing any Hardware. The security system then asks for authentication. Then the systemsscans the passwordthrough keypad and checks whether the perticular ID is getting access or not and generates the appropriate signals.If the user is authenticated user then he has the permission to access. The main modoles of this project are authenticating unit, Microcontroller unit and LCD interfacing unit.


Project Software Used Hardware Used

: :


: Motors,IR Sensors, Microcontrollers and different ICs.

Project Description

: Our project is a Microcontoller based infrared traking robot that is operated

through remote. It consists of both hardware and software. Hardware side it uses the motors,IR sensors,microcontrllers and different ICs. software side it uses the ALP(assemble language programming). Its working includes operating robot through system. It operates under the microcontroller and stepper motors. The robot described here sence a38kHz IR radiations and moves towards that direction. The system consists of three sections viz.,sensor,controller and driver. The sensing section detects the 38kHz IR radiation. We are plasing the sensors in the sides of stepper motor under the control of remote, if the remote press in the direction of right then it will turn on the right position. Similarly what ever the direction we press the remote it will automatically changs the direction. Microcontroller place a major role in this project it is the hert of embedded systems, we dump the software coding into microcontroller it will work on that program only. By using the infrared waves under the the control of remote it will works.

Name Fathers Name Date of Birth Branch / Specialization Linguistic Capabilities Hobbies Permanent Address

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Surevenkata. Srinivasulu. S.Venkaiah Setty. 12-06-1989. Electronics and Communications Engineering/B.Tech. English, Telugu. Reading Books and Listening to Music. Mallampeta[Vi & Po], Donakonda[M], Prakasham[Dt], Pin.No:523315.


I here by declare that the above mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above mentioned particulars.

Place: Hyderabad