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Applying a Management Philosophy in Your Classroom

Philosophy: Students deserve to learn, be treated with dignity and respect. The classroom is a team for the school year. Behavior Expectations:

Students are to be respectful to their peers, teacher, staff and themselves. Students are to be compliant, follow directions when asked to. Students are encouraged to care for one another, share, and help each other when needed. students are to abide by the rules agreed upon the first day of class.

Pre-School Check off

materials, textbooks, emergency plan/evacuation, first-aid kit, seating chart, name plates for all students, rules, emergency contact numbers

Classroom Motto: Learning

is a team sport

Classroom Arrangement: 4 rows, 3 columns (more detail on classroom layout doc)

Class Rules: First day of class share my ideas of the rules with the students have the students input and create more rules and come up with a social contract. Have students, and parents sign the contract. Hierarchy or Consequences for Rule infractions: With students come up with logical and natural consequences for rule in-fractures the first day of class. Have consequences and rules visibly posted in the classroom. Motivational strategies:

token economy systems Rewards (stickers, stamps, positive feedback, no-homework coupons) Pizza parties (as reinforcement of behavior over prolonged lapse of time)

Management Procedures and Routines: I would try to keep a routine, especially with inclusion, there may be students who need a routine to stay on task and reduce anxiety, stress. I would make transitions by using a call bell. I will condition students to react to the bell with specific behaviors. The bell can be a stimulus for students to put their things away, clean up time, line up for lunch, transition between activities, or to pay attention to the teacher. Instructional Planning:

I would use lesson plans from a variety of sources, educational journals/ textbooks, Internet, and create some of my own. Would provide a sense of community by having regular class meetings, assign all students a job, and create a classroom flag the first week of school with the student's as well as the classroom motto. I would model behaviors I expect from my students Go over safety guidelines in the classroom Work with special education teachers /counselors/ and paraprofessionals to gain information pertaining to the best education strategies for inclusion students. Include cultural diversity into lessons throughout the year Provide class with educational field trips that enhance lessons learned in class. Individualize curriculum for each student to a certain extent, consider Gardner's multiple intelligence and try to meet the different learning styles of students.