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CIPL-II 2011-12

Date: 23 November 2011 Sandeep Shelke.

Case Study 11: Death Knell into the Coffin of Biggest Enterprises Network 1. More thank 2.5 Lakh farmers committed suicide in Bharat since 1995. 2. Maharashtra is leading the chart by accounting for more than 30% suicide cases. 3. Through policy of freebies, NREGA, controlled market government has paralyzed the farming community. 4. On one side our food production is not enough e.g. pulses, cereals while whatever being produced is of less nutritional values. 5. PM lost his sleep when a person was arrested under the charges of terrorist activity in Australia. But he does not talk about 70-75Crore farming population's agony. Without fail he says there is 70% excess human resources in farming, on what basis he made this statement? Is he following the designs of making this nature loving, agrarian economy into a urbanized industrial economy which will be dependent on foreign countries for food at the end of the day? 6. I do not oppose promoting modernization or industries but making policies to exploit one section to serve other isn't a leader is expected to do. 7. P. Chidambaram propose to convert land owners into industrial labours by acquiring land, setting up businesses and then employing the land owners as labours. For that he propose to setup 1000 training schools. This all on the suggestions of world bank. Did he bother to go and ask the farmers for that matter? No he did not. 8. Sole question is why not to promote agriculture to the fullest through farmer friendly policies. If at all you want to setup industry have the land owners as partners, share earning with farmer. 9. E.G. At my in-laws village there is one farmer family who earn Rs. 1Cr per year from pomegranate orchard of 9 acres. Can Mr. MMS and Mr. PC make sure that he will continue to earn this much after industry setup? Not just that my in-laws earn Rs.10-13 Lakh per year in Sugar cane crop from 6 acres while having the luxury to eat fresh vegetables and freedom from pressure. Will he be able to maintain this lifestyle? 10. Kautilya has clearly asked to develop rural area through agricultural economic activities. Gandhiji too asked for "Gram Swaraj". And this Harvard/Cambridge tribe of politicians want rampant urbanization that too on behest of world bank/IMF. A question arises then for whom are the policies? are they for us or the IMF/World bank? 11. Kautilya has emphasized on Aanvikshiki at the start of the book. Because he want the King/Leader/Minister to be a person with logical reasoning. 12. Kautilya repetitively speaks about sustainable development. If food is imported then how can it be sustainable? 13. Kautilya talks of Association with elders and continuous learning. Our politicians seem to be forgetting the importance of the thoughts proposed by our elders and wise at various times. 14. Society has to become duty centric by shunning right seeking attitude, since exploitation is not a way of human life its barbarism. Jai Bharat!