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ALBERT PIKES HISTORY AS Chief Justice OF THE KKK & Masonrys History Of Racism

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ALBERT PIKE AND THE KKK? http://www.freemasonrywatch.org/kkk.html The "Ku Klux Klan", from the greek "kuklos", ("circle" or "wheel"), is, like Masonry, a "fraternal organization". This one grew out of the Civil War in America to protect and preserve the white race and ensure "voluntary separation" of the races, and even extinction of Blacks, Catholics, and Jews. They are well known the disguised hooded Klansmen, in their white sheets, posing as ghosts of dead Confederate soldiers, with their blazing torches burning large wooden crosses in a "circle", to terrorize and kill Blacks, just for the sake of being Blacks... ... "we don't burn crosses, we light them", they claim, "and it is a religious celebration and ceremony, not an act of desecration"... they are really sick!... with a violent history, including lynchings, murders, and bombings. It was founded in Polaski, Tennessee, in 1866 by 6 Confederate officers. One of them, and the first Imperial Wizard of the KKK, was a former Confederate general and Freemason, Nathan Bedford Forrest. ... Albert Pike held the office of Chief Justice of the KKK while he was simultaneously Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite of Masonry, in the Southern Jurisdiction... ... the KKK was known as the "Invisible Empire of the South"... in 1869 Forrest ordered the Empire to disband because of the extreme violence. 1915 was the rebirth of the KKK, just after the film "The rebirth of a Nation" where Klansmen were romantically portrayed as heroes who had preserved the moral fiber and character of America... this time another Mason, W.J. Simmons, was the architect. By the mid-1920s they controlled some states such as Indiana

from the courthouse to the statehouse. Almost all of the top officials of the revived Klan were also Masons, with a total of 5 million members, most of them Masons and white Protestants, with several Senators and Governors. - By 1944 the KKK collapsed, in a storm of corruption, murder, rape, and torture... Today, there are a few thousands left, very divided... each one wants to be be a Grand Wizard of nothing!. Resource: 101 Cults and Secret Societies

I took my obligation to White men, not to Negroes. When I have to accept Negroes as brothers or leave Masonry, I shall leave it. Illustrious Albert Pike 33 History and Evolution of Freemasonry, page 329 Delmar D. Darrah, The Charles T Powner Co. 1954

For more on the ties between Freemasonry and the Extreme Right you may refer to the following pages: Proof that Freemasonry is lying about Albert Pike and the Ku Klux Klan Freemasonry's History of Racism U.S. Masonic History 101 P2, Nazi's, Fascist's, Far Right Reactionary Politics, and Freemasonry Nomenclature of an Assasination Cabal: White Russians, Nazi's, Fascists, Freemasons and the Murder of JFK, MLK, and RFK


Proof that Freemasonry is lieing about Albert Pike and the Ku Klux Klan
Left: The Main Library of the Supreme Council 33 of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, S.J., U.S.A., the Mother Supreme Council of the World, Washington D.C., is dedicated to none other than Confederate General Albert Pike, the KKK's Chief of "Judiciary". He has lived. The fruits of his labors live after him. - Albert Pike, 33 These words dedicated to Albert Pike are mounted in bronze near the impressive, leather-covered doors leading into the Library of The Supreme Council, 33. They are an appropriate greeting to the user of the Library since today The Supreme Council's Library continues Pike's lifework and Freemasonry's mission. Pike, who admitted to being "capricious in my reading," was an avid collector of books. In his Little Rock, Arkansas, home one of the most impressive rooms was the library, and Pike kept an extensive collection of books at his Arkansas mountain cabin retreat where he wrote the first drafts of what was to become Morals and Dogma. Pike saved what he could of these books during the turmoil of the Civil War and its aftermath, and when he moved to the nation's capital area, he built on these collections, first in his home in Alexandria, Virginia, and then in the first House of the Temple at Third and D Streets, NW, in Washington, DC. his death, he willed all his books to The Supreme Council, 33, under the provision that they be made available to the general public at no charge. Thus in 1891, the House of the

Temple Library became, in effect, the first "public library" in the District of Columbia. Today, many of these books from Pike's personal collection form the nucleus of the Library of The Supreme Council at the present House of the Temple at 1733 Sixteenth Street, NW, and they are still available for use, free of any charge, by the general public as well as, of course, the Brethren. One of the thrills of conducting research in the Library is, unexpectedly, to come across a few words in Pike's own small, meticulous handwriting in some of the older books. The above description of Pikes importance to Freemasonry from the Supreme Council 33 shows the claims by Masonic Apologists today that Pike is a "nobody" whose "importance is nothing to masonry", who "no one even knows who he is save for a few anti's" to be a real whopper. Albert Pike is to Freemasonry what Shakespeare is to Drama. One is inseperable from the other. Don't let practiced dissemblers tell you anything different. Right: One of the most widely read occult books in the world; Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. This book is still given to Masons on being awarded the 32nd Degree. Pike has been termed by a number of well known Masonic authors as the Plato of Freemasonry, and even the Masonic Pope! Freemasonry, that is to say Organized Freemasonry practices the big lie technique. More to the point organized Freemasonry has perfected the big lie technique. They term this doublespeak ' diverting the discourse'. In regard to Confederate general, slaver, British spy, convicted Confederate war criminal, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council 33rd Degree, Ku Klux Klan ritual designer, Ku Klux Klan Chief Judicial Officer and Arkansas Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon it is necessary to add some superlatives on to the term 'divert the discourse', because that opaque term doesn't nearly come close to describing the effort and tactics it has and is employing to cover-up, obscure, deflect, and divert about Pike's leading roll in the KKK's creation. Please excuse us if we seem to go to some length to explain what exactly organized Freemasonry with all it's thousands of internet sites, millions of members, and billions of net worth is doing in regard to the Albert Pike issue

because one has to be very specific when dealing with the masters of parsing. In fact it is likely the case that Freemasonry provided the initial instruction to intelligence agencies on the most effective methods of using disinformation. First they eliminate all "documents" - not that a oral secret society such as Freemasonry or the KKK keeps a paper trail. Then they say no documents exist or none can be found. If there is any eyewitness testimony included in books or writings on the topic they deny the books or writings exist, if that fails they attack the witnesses and try and destroy their character - even if they were masons and thereby ignoring their oaths on the matter, and if that fails they attack the character of the authors themselves - again if they also too were masons. Finally they will simply lie or mischaracterize the nature of a book or writing by terming it 'anti' - even if the work was 'pro' but written in another time before the fall of the KKK. The use of the term "anti" is one of pure Orwellian rhetoric. All those who write critically of Freemasonry are anti's and all anti's are frauds, liars, zealots, or extremists and cannot be accepted. Therefore there is no such thing as a legitimate work criticizing Freemasonry because by it's very nature it must be 'anti' and organized Freemasonry will accept no references from 'anti's' in any debate or discussion of Freemasonry. If per chance the writing was from a mason but was one that was meant not to come out into the public view (in the jacket cover of most masonic books is typed that the books must be returned to the Lodge if the owner dies), or if it was simply written in another time politically such as the case with pro Ku Klux Klan books that extoll the roll of Albert Pike in the KKK, the tact is to attack the authors. Even though at the time the books were written Organized Freemasonry was more that happy to accept the kudos of the millions strong KKK on all the wonderful things that Pike did for them. A non-mason may provide quote after quote from old masonic or KKK works and Freemasonry will not accept any of them because anyone who would suggest such a thing today (the non-mason) would be doing so with the knowledge that it would be harmful to Freemasonry's public image and standing, and anyone who would do that would obviously have to be an 'anti'. Of course nothing an "Anti" says or writes is acceptable to a Mason. Logicians term this circular reasoning and furthermore classify circular reasoning as a fallacy. A fallacy is equivalent to an mathematical error in logic or rhetoric, and it is disallowed. It is not a legitimate debating method, it is in the same category as ad hominem personal attacks. Unfortunately with the Freemasons power it is very difficult to compete with the deluge of misinformation they spew out repeating these illegitimate debating and reasoning methods. In crude terms organized Freemasonry's most effective tactic is to "baffle them with bee's wax". Mountains of it. If it will take a thousand websites or a hundered thousand usenet posts to bury the 'anti's' point (which they never respond to without employing shabby cut and paste, deletion, or misquoting games) then that is what they will do. Masons term this 'good work'.

Right: Atrium of the Supreme Council 33, Washington DC. A bust of Pike can be seen in the distance on the landing of the Grand Staircase which leads up to the main temple room which all 33 Masons must file past. Pike is buried in a secret crypt under the stairway, beneath the bust, the only Freemason to be given this "honor". But what is the purpose of this exercise? Masons who find themselves on the clear loosing end of a Pike match (it happens but they quickly cancel the posts or pretend the verbal arguement never occured) will say "but even if you are right, so what it happened 150 years ago and has no bearing today, etc". Here is why it does very much matter. Pike wasn't just any Freemason he was the head of the Supreme Council which has defacto control of the entire worldwide masonic movement. Therefore the Ku Klux Klan was an official (albiet very secret) and planned masonic organization with political overtones that foreknowingly was set up to engage in murder, arson, blackmail and other extra constitutional tactics to achieve the Scottish Rites political objectives. The KKK and Freemasonry relationship thereby is as a seamless as could be. From it's inception through the open recruiting of masons in newspapers to the KKK, to the use of masonic temples and halls for KKK meetings, to the rituals, rites, and occult themes, to the high degree masonic membership of the leadership of the old and new klans. Even the present coverup can be seen to be part of Organized Freemasonry's continued involvement with reactionary politics. They have never stopped, they have never given up. Many have speculated on what happened to the millions of KKK Members that were on the rolls up to the KKK's final downfall at the hands of the IRS in the 40's. We now know. They simply carried on inside the masonic lodges as if nothing had changed at all. And what really had changed? In most regions of the country the local KKK Klavern's membership was indistinguishable from the local 'Blue' masonic lodges membership. After all the KKK had openly advertised in newspapers for new recruits specifiying that masons were preferred! The only change was the sheets were stowed away, but the political goals and willingness and capability to follow through on them carried on. The letter that the head of the Supreme Council wrote about a Roman Catholic president in 1960 in the official organ of the Scottish Rite - 'New Age' magazine, and the continuing practically non-existant black membership in the 'blue' lodges, plus the non-recognition as 'regular' of black only Prince Hall lodges testify's boldly to that.

The 1940's folding was a complete sham. That is why the desperate defense of Albert Pike. They're still at it, they never went away. Here then gentle, patient readers are the references which prove that the Illustrious Albert Pike was part of the KKK, and that the KKK and Freemasonry were intrinsically linked.

Reference Number ONE.

Ku Klux Klan: Its Origin, Growth, and Disbandment It was in 1905 that the Neale Publishing Company, New York and Washington, published Ku Klux Klan: Its Origin, Growth and Disbandment, written and edited by Walter L. Fleming, incorporating earlier published material by J.C. Lester and D.L. Wilson. Historian Walter Fleming's introduction to this 1905 book explains that he has been given "information in regard to Ku Klux Klan, by many former members of the order, and by their friends and relatives." Dr. Fleming states that "General Albert Pike, who stood high in the Masonic order, was the chief judicial officer of the Klan." On a page of illustrations of important founders of the KKK, Dr. Fleming places General Pike's portrait in the center, makes it larger than the six others on the page, and repeats this information as a caption: "General Albert Pike, chief judicial officer". Dr. Fleming attaches as an appendix to his book, a KKK "prescript" or secret constitution which had then recently been discovered. This document sets forth the regulations of the Klan's "judiciary"' department, over which Albert Pike ruled. This is the internal disciplinary or counterintelligence department. It also corresponds to Pike and the Klan's influence over the regular court system and the legal profession in the post-civil War southern states. As the boss of all the southern secret societies and simultaneously president of the Tennessee Bar Association, Pike was the grand strategist of Klan "justice." It is to be stressed that Walter Fleming's book was not a slander or hatchet job against Albert Pike. Though it revealed much important data for the first time, it placed the KKK and Pike in the most favorable possible light. The book was a hit among diehard Confederates and Anglo-Saxon "race patriots," and it launched Fleming's career as the dean of southern historians. Fleming became the leading apologist for the KKK, and was the father of the modern historical line that Reconstruction was a corrupt oppression of the South. In September 1903, Fleming had written in the Journal of the Southern History Association: "The very need for such an organization in the disordered conditions of the time caused the

Dens [KKK local units] to begin to exercise the duties of a police patrol for regulating the conduct of thieving and impudent negroes and similar "loyal' whites...." Dr. Fleming's biases have not hurt his reputation with established authorities. The National Cyclopedia of American Biography calls his 1905 Ku Klux Klan history "an authoritative account of that organization." The Dictionary of American Biography states bluntly: "Fleming covered the Civil War and Reconstruction in the South more fully than any other man. His works are characterized by ... scholarly objective. A Southerner, Fleming wrote of the sectional conflict with Southern sympathies yet he was more objective than most Southerners of his generation. The historiography of the Civil War and Reconstruction owes much to his indefatigable research, his breadth of scholarship, and power of interpretation." Basing his career on his defense of Pike's KKK, Fleming became dean of arts and sciences at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Pike's Tennessee Klan Command It was in Nashville that Albert Pike and other Confederate generals met in 1867 to form a southern states-wide terrorist KKK, expanding the little project they had started two years before in Pulaski, Tenn. The organization he formed in Nashville designated Pike its chief judiciary officer, and its Grand Dragon for Arkansas. As owner-publisher of the Memphis, Tennessee, Daily Appeal, Albert Pike wrote in an editorial on April 16, 1868: "With negroes for witnesses and jurors, the administration of justice becomes a blasphemous mockery. A Loyal League of negroes can cause any white man to be arrested, and can prove any charges it chooses to have made against him. ...The disenfranchised people of the South ... can find no protection for property, liberty or life, except in secret association.... We would unite every white man in the South, who is opposed to negro suffrage, into one great Order of Southern Brotherhood, with an organization complete, active, vigorous, in which a few should execute the concentrated will of all, and whose very existence should be concealed from all but its members." (A copy of that issue of Pike's paper may be viewed at the Library of Congress, as may the books mentioned in this article.) Left: The Albert Pike Memorial Room inside the Supreme Council 33 Temple, which itself is located 13 blocks directly north of the White House in Washington D.C..

But it was as the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite, and the recognized boss of the southern white masonic order, that Pike exercised the great clandestine power that welded the KKK together. Dr. Walter Fleming designates Confederate Major James R. Crowe as the pre-eminent source for his 1905 KKK History, and describes Crowe as one of the original KKK founders in Pulaski. Fleming says that Major Crowe "held high rank in the Masonic order." In his honor roll of "well-known members of the Klan," Dr. Fleming places "General John C. Brown, of Pulaski, Tennessee" and "Colonel Joseph Fussell, of Columbia, Tennessee." General Brown and Colonel Fussell, like Major Crowe, are identifiable as soldiers of Albert Pike's masonic order. General Brown had been a master mason in the Pulaski lodge for 15 years when the KKK was formed there, and became grand master of Tennessee Masons and governor of Tennessee during the Klan's era of power. Colonel Fussell was commandant of Tennessee's masonic Knights Templar during the Klan rule. The preceding masonic information is taken from Tennessee Templars: A Register of Names with Biographical Sketches of the Knights Templar of Tennessee by James D. Richardson. This James D. Richardson was himself the Commandant of Knights Templar and Grand Master of Masons in Tennessee, and was speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives during the era of the Klan power. This same James D. Richardson was Albert Pike's successor as commander of the southern Scottish Rite masons. It was this same Richardson who ordered the Pike statue to be erected in Washington, D.C. It was Richardson who, as a U.S. congressman from Tennessee, introduced into the U.S. House of Representatives the infamous 1898 resolution: It called for the federal government to provide federal land to Richardson's masonic organization, on which to put up their statue honoring the master strategist of KKK terror.

Reference Number TWO.

The KKK on Parade Susan Lawrence Davis's 1924 Authentic History, Ku Klux Klan, 1865-1877, repeats the pattern Fleming created in 1905, revealing Pike's KKK role but treating him and the Klan sympathetically. The Davis book was written to celebrate the new, 20th-century KKK, which was just then staging full-dress mass marches in Washington and northern cities such as Detroit. In her chapter on General Pike's leadership of the Klan, Miss Davis applauds Pike's clever stewardship of the KKK secret organization. She reproduces in her KKK history an oil portrait of Albert Pike given to her for the KKK book by Pike's son.

Reference Number THREE.

The Tragic Era The same is true of other book-length histories of the Klan and numerous published biographies of Albert Pike: Pike's role as Klan leader or KKK boss of Arkansas is discussed, but treated as if KKK terrorist murder of AfricanAmericans was "regrettable" but "only natural" and "understandable." In his book, The Tragic Era, Claude Bowers, who served many years as the U.S. ambassador to Spain and to Chile, described Albert Pike as one of the handful of distinguished, respectable founders of the KKK and the Klan's leader in Arkansas. Bowers describes the KKK as patriotic southerners defending their way of life from out-of-control blacks and northerners. Bowers wrote that much of the KKK's alleged violence was actually perpetrated by Negroes disguised in Klan robes to wreak vengeance on other Negroes!

Reference Number FOUR.

The Fiery Cross "Prominent Southern gentlemen were later cited as state leaders of the Invisible Empire. Alabama claimed General John T. Morgan as Grand Dragon. Arkansas was headed by General Albert Pike, explorer and poet. North Carolina was led by former governor Zebulon Vance, and Georgia by General John B. Gordon, later a U.S. Senator." Source: The Fiery Cross: Wade, Wyn Craig. Oxford University Press 1998 Page 58 Originally Published: Simon & Schuster 1987 Library of Congress Catalogue Number: 1.Ku Klux Klan (1915-)-History. 2. White Supremacy movements-United States --History. 3. Racism--United States-- History. 322.4'2'0973-dc21 97-44001

Reference Number FIVE.

The Aryan's

Albert Pike also wrote extensively on the mythtical super-race of the Aryans, extolling their virtues, imagined history, and religion which he tried to show was the precursor of Freemasonry in is numerous Published Works. It would seem that Pike was a fellow traveller with Blavatsky on this subject. Fifty years later in Central Europe there will be others who will take up this mantle and use these writings as the basis for a ideology that curiously enough will also use the term 'new world order' to describe it's agenda. Just a co-incidence of course.

Reference Number SIX.

History and Evolution of Freemasonry A further useful quotation from Mr. Pike was also supplied by Mr. Bill Maddox, a Freemason on the Usenet group alt.freemasonry (and vigorously attacked for doing so by the resident "e-m@sons"). "I took my obligations from white men, not from negroes. When I have to accept negroes as brothers or leave masonry, I shall leave it" - Albert Pike 33rd* Delmar D. Darrah History and Evolution of Freemasonry 1954, page 329. The Charles T Powner Co.

Reference Number SEVEN.

A Critical Examination of Objections to the Legitimacy of the Masonry Existing Among the Negroes of America On Bastille Day 2001 in response to a reference made in the usenet newsgroup alt.freemasonry to the page you are currently reading a mason once again attacked the above reference as being a "anti lie". He is then publically rebutted by a brother thusly: Lee Duncan wrote in message news:1bfe0d70.0107141925.c01c59d@posting.google.com... > For example, there is a popular claim among "anti's" that Pike said > something resembling this: "I took my vows to white men, not > Negroes...when I must call a Negroe 'brother,' I shall resign from > Masonry." > Of course, Pike said no such thing. In reality, Pike was a great > champion of Prince Hall (Negroe) Masonry.

snip For your consideration the full text of Pike's letter follows as quoted in "A Critical Examination of Objections to the Legitimacy of the Masonry Existing Among the Negroes of America" by William H. Upton, 1902, p.214-15. My thanks to Brother Bennie for prompting me to scan the document because of his contribution. F&S, Mike Wells Normal #673 AF&AM Illinois Collector of old Masonic books Views of General ALBERT PIKE, Sovereign Grand Commander, A. & A. Scottish Rite. ALEXANDRIA, Va., 13th September, 1875. My DEAR FRIEND AND BROTHER.-I can see as plainly as that the negro question is going to make trouble. Then plenty of regular negro Masons and negro lodges in South America and the West Indies, and our folks only stave of the question by saying that negro Masons here are clandestine. Prince Hall Lodge was as regular a Lodge as any lodge created by competent authority, and had a perfect right (as other lodges in Europe did) to establish other lodges, making itself a mother Lodge. That's the way the Berlin lodges, Three Globes and Royal York, became Grand Lodges. The Grand Orient of Hayti is as regular as any other. So is the Grand Orient of the Dominican Republic, which, I dare say, has negroes in it and negro lodges under it. Again, if the negro lodges are not regular, they can easily get regularized. If our Grand Lodges won't recognize negro lodges, they have the right to go elsewhere. The Grand Lodge can't say to eight or more Masons, black or white, we will not give you a charter because you are negroes, or because you wish to work the Scottish Rite, and you shall not go elsewhere to get one. That latter part is bosh. Hamburg recognizes the Grand Lodges. Yes, and so the German Grand Lodge Confederation is going to do, and so will the Grand Orient of France before long. Of course, if negrophily continues to be the religion established by law of your States, there will be before long somewhere a beginning of recognition of negro lodges. Then the Royal Arch and Templar bodies of negroes must be taken in, and Masonry go down

to their level. Will your plan work? I think not. I think there is no middle ground between rigid exclusion of negroes or recognition and affiliation with the whole mass. If they are not Masons, how protect them as such or at all ? If they are Masons, how deny them affiliation or have two supreme powers in one jurisdiction. I am not inclined to meddle in the matter. I took my obligations to white men, not to negroes. When I have to accept negroes as brothers or leave Masonry, I shall leave it. I am interested to keep the Ancient and Accepted Rite uncontaminated, in our country at least, by the leprosy of negro association. Our Supreme Council can defend its jurisdiction, and it is the law-maker. There can not be a lawful body of that Rite in our jurisdiction unless it is created by us. I am not so sure but that, what with immensity of numbers, want of a purpose worth laboring for, general indifference to obligations, pitiful charity and large expenses, fuss, feathers and fandango, big temples and large debts, Masonry is become a great helpless, inert mass that will some day, before long, topple over, and go under. If you wish it should, I think you can hasten the catastrophe by urging a protectorate of the negroes. Better let the thing drift. Apres noun le, deluge. Truly, yours, ALBERT PIKE Left: The Albert Pike Scottish Rite Temple, Little Rock Arkansas, home of the Arkansas Scottish Rite Supreme Council 33, and the Grand Lodge of Arkansas. There are also a large number of regular 'Blue' lodges named after Pike in small and big town U.S.A..

Reference Number EIGHT.

The Knights of the Golden Circle

Brigadier General Albert Pike organized and lead the African Slave Owning Cherokee Indians in the Oklahoma Territory who were part of the Masonic Knights of the Golden Circle, in their own secret society called the Keetowah. Under Pikes Generalship this Brigade raped, pillaged, and murdered civilian communities in the Oklahoma and Missori Territories. For these "good works" Brother Albert became a Convicted War Criminal in a War Crimes Trial held after the Civil Wars end. Unfortunately the "Pope" and "Plato" of Freemasonry had to be tried in absentia because he had fled to British Territory in Canada. Second Generation British-American Pike has also been alledged to have been working for the Crown as an agent and key civil war agitator. Pike only returned to the U.S. after his hand picked Scottish Rite Succsessor James Richardon 33 got a pardon for him after, making President Johnson a 33 Scottish Mason in a ceremony held inside the White House itself! In fact given Mr. Pikes leadership roll in the Knights of the Golden Circle and the fact that the name Ku Klux Klan is a version of Circle (Kluklos) it seems pretty clear to most researchers who was higher up the secret society occult ladder and therefore more instrumental in the founding of the Klan - Mason/Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forest or Mason/Confederate General/ Knights of the Golden Circle Leader/British Agent/ Scottish Rite Supreme Council Head Albert Pike 33.

Reference Number NINE

Scholarship Dr. Walter Fleming's Academic Credentials by Auburn University. Where or what are the academic credentials of Masonic "truth seekers" such as the self styled "Grand" Lodge of BC and others that call anyone who says Pike was a key figure in the KKK a liar and "a hater"? FLEMING, WALTER LYNWOOD, 1874-1932 University professor, dean. Born: April 8, 1874, Brundridge. Parents: William Leroy and Mary Love (Edwood) Fleming. Married: Mary Wright Boyd, September 17, 1902. Children: Four. Education: Alabama Polytechnic Institute, B.S., (with honor), 1896; M.A., 1897; Columbia University, A.M., 1901; Ph.D., 1904. While at Auburn served as an instructor in history and English; assistant librarian. At Columbia, lecturer in history. Served with the Alabama Voluntary Infantry in the Spanish-American War. Taught at West Virginia University, 1903-1907; Louisiana State University, 1907-1917; Vanderbilt University, 1917-1928; dean of the College of Arts and Services, 1923-1926. Member of the editorial board of the Mississippi Valley Historical Review, 1922.

Source: Who Was Who in America, Vol. 1; Owen's The Story of Alabama, and Dictionary of American Biography, Supplement 1. Author: Civil War and Reconstruction in Alabama. New York: Columbia University Press, 1905. Documentary History of Reconstruction: Political, Military, Social, Religious, Educational & Industrial, 1861 to the Present Time. Cleveland, Ohio: A. H. Clarke Co., 1906-1907. The Freedman's Savings Bank. Chapel Hill, N.C.: University of North Carolina Press, 1927. History of Louisiana State University (1860-1896). Sewanee, Tenn.: The University of the South Press, 1931. The Reconstruction of the Seceded States, 1865-76. Albany, N.Y.: New York State Education Department, 1905. The Reconstruction Period: a Syllabus & Reference List. Morgantown, W. Va.: A. G. Sturgiss, 1904. The Sequel to Appomatox .... New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press, 1921. Southern Biography. (Vols. 11 & 12 in The South in the Building of the Nation) Richmond, Va.: Southern Historical Publication Society, 1909-1913. Editor: Documents Relating to Reconstruction. Morgantown, W. Va.: s.n., 1904. General W.T. Sherman as College President: a Collection of Letters, Documents, and Other Material .... Cleveland, Ohio: The Arthur M. Clarke Co., 1912. Ku Klux Klan, its Origin, Growth and Disbandment. New York: Neale Pub. Co., 1905. SOURCE: Auburn University History Department

Reference Number TEN.

Investigative Journalism Detroit Metro Times article:

Top Twenty List of Monuments and Statues in the United States of America that must Topple.

Rather than quake in fear when Masonic Propagandists puts the muscle on (as in the case of the 1990's Pike Statue removal fight in Washington D.C.), a citizen or his political representative ought to put this question to General Pike's defenders: "Do you say that Professor Fleming, Miss Davis, Mr. Bowers, and all the other pro-Confederate historians were liars when they wrote of Pike's marvelous deeds as KKK founder and leader?" They want to have it both ways: first to issue propaganda justifying Klan terrorism as the work of "respectable'' men like Pike; later, when their hero is under attack, to claim that their own propaganda slanders their man!

Essay by John Covici, January 19, 1993

The Crown in the Capitol The Ku Klux Klan, It's Origins Growth and Disbandment Authentic History, Ku Klux Klan The Tragic Era The Fiery Cross History and Evolution of Freemasonry The Published Works of Illustrious Albert Pike 33 Usenet Knights of the Golden Circle Cherokee Indians In 1995 African-American and Anti-Racist Groups attempted to get Pike's statue near the Federal Department of Justice Building in "Judiciary" Square taken down but were out lobbied by the Supreme Council 33, who were able to successfully mobilize fellow Scottish Rite 'travelling brethren' inside the powerful ADL of the Grand Lodge of B'nai B'rith, who then told politicians and officials that no evidence existed for Pike's involvement in the KKK. Brother heal thyself. We predict Grand-Wizard Pike's future in Judiciary Square is about as promising as the statues of assorted henchman that used to sit outside KGB headquarters in Moscow under the hammer and sickle. The worm has turned, brethren

Freemasonry's History of Racism

Klan and Black Legion meetings were usually held inside Masonic Temples and Halls in the Midwest during the 1930's. The Klan recruited almost exclusively from within Masonic ranks and often the membership of both organizations was indistinguishable. All of the Leadership of the old and new Klan were high degree Freemasons. The Ku Klux Klan was in fact a Masonic movement.

The Brotherhood and Racism

The book "Christianity and American Freemasonry" by William J. Whalen (Our Sunday Visitor:1987, pgs 23-25) discusses the racism of Freemasonry at some length; An organization dedicated to brotherhood, Masonry ironically remains a bulwark of racial segregation in the United States. By 1987, decades after most American institutions had accepted racial integration, only four of the forty-nine Grand Lodges could count even one black member in their jurisdictions. As the author of a recent scholarly study of black Freemasonry observes, "The legitimation of social intermingling between black and white Masons has remained anathema in mainstream Freemasonry."' (Handbook of Secret Organizations by Whalen) A lodge within the British military forces initiated Prince Hall with fourteen free black men in 1775 after the men had been rebuffed in their attempt to join St. John's lodge in Boston. Eventually the black Masons received a charter from the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England for African Lodge No. 459 (1784). Regular Masonry has continued to deny recognition to Prince Hall lodges, and individual lodges have barred black candidates by the simple method of the black cube. Except for one curious exception, Alpha Lodge No. 1 16 in New Jersey, and a handful of blacks reported to be initiated by lodges in New York and Massachusetts, regular Freemasonry remains ninety-nine and forty-four hundredths percent white. A Prince Hall Mason may not visit a white lodge, nor a white Mason visit a Prince Hall lodge, without risking Masonic punishment. Albert Pike, no friend of blacks, admitted in 1875 "Prince Hall lodge was as regular a lodge as any lodge created by competent authority. It had a perfect right to establish other lodges and make itself a Mother Lodge."

When the Grand Lodge of New Jersey accepted several blacks into membership, other Grand Lodges decried the action and some severed fraternal relations with New Jersey. Mississippi was one. The Grand Master of that state wrote in 1908 "Masonry never contemplated that her privileges should be extended to a race, totally, morally and intellectually incapacitated to discharge the obligations which they assume or have conferred upon them in a Masonic lodge. It is no answer that there are exceptions to this general character of the race. We legislate for the race and not for the exceptions. We hold that affiliation with negroes is contrary to the teachings of Masonry, and is dangerous to the interest of the Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons." The Prince Hall lodges include a number of distinguished gentlemen on their rosters such as Supreme Court Justice Marshall, Mayor Tom Bradley of Los Angeles, Dr. Benjamin Hooks of the NAACP, Mayor Andrew Young of Atlanta, and Mayor Coleman Young of Detroit. Of course, none of these black Masons would be allowed to visit a white Masonic lodge. Whether Masonry influenced Southern mores or was simply influenced itself is hard to determine. Even during the civil-rights battles of the 1960s, knowledgeable blacks discovered that many of the leaders of the segregationist movement, such as Governors George Wallace of Alabama, Orval Faubus of Arkansas, and Ross Barnett of Mississippi, were also active Masons. Resource:Acacia Press

The Daughters of Freemasons are recruited into 'Rainbow for Girls' In 1976 , the Masonic afflliate organization for girls, the International Order of the Rainbow, suspended all Iowa chapters of the group because one local chapter endorsed membership of a 12-year-old black girl. According to press reports, Michelle Palmer, whose father is white and mother is black, had been invited to join the Rainbow chapter in Indianola, Iowa, and was approved by the local assembly in October of that year.

However, officials at the Rainbow's international headquarters at McAlester, Oklahoma ruled that all 136 Rainbow assemblies in Iowa must disband by the end of the year because they did not follow "rules and regulations." It was explained that the organization took disciplinary action on the basis of an unwritten law which excludes blacks from membership. Freemasonry has many unwritten laws it seems.

I want to say this about my state: When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We're proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years, either. 'Illustrious' Trent Lott 33 December 6, 2002

Racism in Masonry Today as described by a recently demitted 32 degree Scottish Rite Freemason The Truth About Freemasonry, by Chuck Easttom 32
----- Original Message ----From: Chuck Easttom chuckeasttom@yahoo.com Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry Sent: September 15, 1999 9:33 AM Subject: THE TRUTH ABOUT MASONRY I was not going to do this but, I feel I need to make this posting. For a time I was an avid defender of masonry in this newsgroup ( I still have nothing against it per se). My masonic credentials are numerous and lengthy. I was Senior Warden of Durant Lodge #45 Durant Oklahoma, "C" certificate lecturer from the Oklahoma Grand Lodge, 32d Scottish Rite Mason McAlester Valley (and active in performing Scottish Rite degrees), Past Patron of OES Chapter #17,Sr. DeMolay, and Shriner. About 2 months ago I resigned from all of this. I see too extremes in this newsgroup: 1. Anti masons who , in their paranoid delusions, blame masonry for every evil in the world. 2. Staunch apologists who refuse to acknowledge real problems. I would Like to set the record straight and tell the truth: First of all to the anti masons - despite my deep involvement in masonry I never saw one single shred of anything even remotely resembling satanism. I never met one single mason who I would have even suspected of satanism. I was quite active in doing scottish rite degrees, and saw absolutely nothing that would conflict with any of the mainstream monotheistic religions. I also never saw any evidence of any conspiracy to cover up any crimes committed by masons, or any conspiracy to influence politics. These conspiracy theories and satanism theories that anti-s come up with are pure delusion.

Now for the other side, or put another way: why did I resign? Well I can only speak for Oklahoma Masonry (and I travelled extensively in Oklahoma): 1. Racism is rampant here. Over half the members I have met openly announce that they will resign the day that a "nigger" sets in an Oklahoma Lodge. Racist jokes are common place just before or after a masonic function. One of our past grand masters even made racists jokes at a District meeting. 2. We are not even a little bit selective about the white people we let into lodge. In Oklahoma if you are white and are not on America's Most Wanted, then some lodge will let you in. I personally know of A lodge Jr. Warden who was renown in his town as an alcoholic and wife beater. He was widely known as such when initiated, passed, raised, and when elected to office. And this is not at all an exception in Oklahoma. In fact the bulk of attending masons (those that show up) are usually from the lower end of society. They are the poorly educated , bigoted,and often ignorant. I know of past masters that won't keep a job, past masters that are renown for their beligerant attitude,etc. They seeem perplexed that the few members in the lodge that have some community standing (be they a teacher, doctor, etc.) don't show up for meetings. Well its because they are embarressed to be seen with their lodge brothers. I am also not talking about 1 or 2 incidents. In my entire district their are maybe 6 to 8 masons that I would not be ashamed to have show up at my job. I had one past master show up at my office on one occaision having worn the same clothes for several days. When I joined not one person that signed my petition even knew me at all. I asked friends and coworkers, none had ever had any inquiries about my character. Frankly noone in the lodge cared as long as I was willing to pay the dues. But maybe its different elsewhere. 3. We lead a man to believe that he will learn great philosophical truths. This is what originally attracted me to masonry as I have always been a student of philosophy. Yet the "teachings" of masonry are the most mundane and common place lessons that virtually all men have already heard elsewhere. When we charge a man for degrees in which he learns "lessons" that he already knows, we are in effect defrauding him. 4. Few Oklahoman masons take it seriously. Even those who memorize the degree work frequently don't even know the meanings of the words they memorize much less the meanings (you would be amazed how many think the word "alllusion" is "illusion". Franklly masonry is not evil, its not a conspiracy, etc. It is simply (at least in Oklahoma) a club for old men and rednecks to go to and give each other important sounding titles. Now I am donning my asbestos suit... -- Chuck Easttom http://www.geocities.com/~chuckeasttom/

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Chuck Easttom 32 vs Ted Berry 32

----- Original Message ----From: Chuck Easttom Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry Sent: September 15, 1999 11:23 AM Subject: Re: THE TRUTH ABOUT MASONRY > In article 7rol1q\$nsc$1@nnrp1.deja.com, > Ted Berry tedberry_dc@my-deja.com wrote: > Note from TB-The following original article has been truncated to make > it easier for discussion. See the orignal post for the full detail. > In article 7rohnv\$lep$1@nnrp1.deja.com, > Chuck Easttom chuckeasttom@yahoo.com wrote: [Ted Berry] > I am indeed surprised to see this post. You had been involved in this > NG and Freemasonry for a long time > > > > > > > > > > > > > > I see too extremes in this newsgroup: 1. Anti masons who , in their paranoid delusions, blame masonry for every evil in the world. 2. Staunch apologists who refuse to acknowledge real problems. I would Like to set the record straight and tell the truth:

[T.B] > Truth is made up of those things we experience and choose to accept as > reality. Everyone (including me) approaches the world looking through > a filter. And so therefore, we can each only speak for and from our > experiences. > > And I think anyone knows, that to show this NG even the slightest > dissatisfaction with one's membership is to give fodder to those who

> would use it. This makes it difficult for anyone to stay in the middle > ground and have discussion on the "issues." Truth is not nearly so nebulous as you assert. Truth is that which is real, or true. For example: It is true that I am setting at a PC right now, it is not true that I am on the moon. Truth is much simpler than you suggest. > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Now for the other side, or put another way: why did I resign? Well I can only speak for Oklahoma Masonry (and I travelled extensively in Oklahoma): 1. Racism is rampant here. 2. We are not even a little bit selective about the white people we let into lodge 4. Few Oklahoman masons take it seriously.

[T.B.] > I thought these fit together, so I have separated them from #3. Your > #4 comment says it all. If it is not taken seriously, then it will > fall apart, and rightfully so. > > Local Masonic lodges will be made up of the people from its community. > It is not my intent to insult the folks from the area of Durant > Oklahoma. But you will likely find that the lodge will take on the > character of its locals. I don't doubt that one bit. However even in the small town of Durant we have dozens of men of character, education, etc. None of whom will join the lodge. [T.B.] > When I was in a rural town in Massachusetts, my lodge was made up of > farmers, machinists, etc. These folks were predominantly white, > because the town was predominanlty white. I am now involved in a lodge > in Washington DC and it is made up of the type of people you would > expect to find here; lawyers, accountants, World Bank, IMF, etc. The > racial mix here is quite diverse as you expect within DC. > > The lodge will represent the community. I have found a far higher concentration of racism in lodge than in the general Oklahoma population and a generally lower level of education than census stats show for our state. But again , I am not saying this is masonry's fault, I am saying that in Oklahoma masonry's only standard is that you be white. > > > > > > > > 3. We lead a man to believe that he will learn great philosophical truths. This is what originally attracted me to masonry as I have always been a student of philosophy. Yet the "teachings" of masonry are the most mundane and common place lessons that virtually all men

> > have already heard elsewhere. When we charge a man for degrees in > > which he learns "lessons" that he already knows, we are in effect > > defrauding him. [T.B.] > This is an interesting point of contention. But let me ask you a > question. While I do not have the reference at hand, Jesus says his > commandment is that "You love one another, as I have loved you." > > Do you think this is an obvious approach to life? Do we need thousand > of pages in the Bible to learn this? Do we really need dozens and > dozens of Christian denominations to teach us this? Do we need a > bureaucracy the size and scale of the Roman Catholic Church (no offense > intended) to teach that we should "love one another"? Do we defraud a > Church member by asking for donations to make this information > available to the congregation? To answer your questions: No an extensive ecclesiastical bureaucracy is not required to teach this lesson. You also note that a church requests donations, you can get the teachings for free. Masonry demands payment. [T.B.] > The lessons of Freemasonry may be simple, common sense truths, but > when I look around this world (and when you looked around your lodge room) > I see the application of these truths to be quite lacking. That simply makes another point (one that I failed to make in my original posting). Trying to teach a lesson by veiling it in allegory is an incredibly bad way of teaching. And from what I see in Oklahoma MAsonry its efficacy is definately questionable. [T.B.] > I am truly sorry that your experience has been such. And I wish it > were different. My experience has been quite different. > > -> Ted Berry 32' PSD > Benjamin B. French Lodge #15 Washington DC > Albert Pike Consistory, etc. Valley of DC > Eastern Star Lodge, Rehoboth, Mass > > Sent via Deja.com http://www.deja.com/ > Share what you know. Learn what you don't. -Chuck Easttom http://www.geocities.com/~chuckeasttom/ Sent via Deja.com http://www.deja.com/ Share what you know. Learn what you don't.

Chuck Easttom 32* vs Eugene Goldman 32*

----- Original Message ----From: Chuck Easttom chuckeasttom@yahoo.com Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry Sent: September 15, 1999 6:36 PM Subject: Re: THE TRUTH ABOUT MASONRY > > > > In article 37dfcde2.73902029@news.swbell.net br_gene@pacbell.net (Eugene Goldman.?) wrote: On Wed, 15 Sep 1999 16:33:03 GMT, Chuck Easttom chuckeasttom@yahoo.com wrote:

[Eugene Goldman] > *But maybe its different elsewhere. > > Based on the fact that my personal experiences in Tennessee, > Louisiana, Nevada and particularly California Masonry has been the > antithesis of yours in Oklahoma... > > Based on the fact that (for the most part - issues of nontraditional > forms of Masonry aside) my experiences in venues such as this - open > to Masons all over the world - has been universally opposite of what > you describe... > > Based on the fact that certain areas of this country are fairly > well-documented to host a disproportinate share of individuals such as > you describe... > > I can't help but wonder if your experiences aren't more indicative of > the demographics and culture in which your Lodge is located than it is > of the fraternity. I have no doubt that demographics plays a part. However I have seen local college clubs (made up mostly of Oklahomans) run by 18 year old kids that displayed more maturity and enlightenment than the average Oklahoma lodge.

[E.G.] > Has there been any support of the sort of attitudes you describe on > the part of the fraternity, as matters of policy, official positions > or public statements? Has your jurisdiction promoted, in any way, > these sorts of feelings on the part of the membership? If so, then > perhaps other jurisdictions might want to revisit the issue of > fraternal relations with them. If not, why do you associate these > things with Masonry? Oh our Grand Lodge officers will say the correct things in public. Get them to a private function however, and the racist talk is more reminiscent of a klan meeting. It is also interesting how many men,not just members but lodge officers, in Oklahoma masonry of men of low repute. I am not blaming the teachings of masonry for this, I am frankly saying that in least in Oklahoma masonry has lowered its standards to such a point as to no longer have any substance or character at all. [E.G.] > Granted, our investigation procedures are a lot more haphasard than I > would like to see. far too much varyance. At the same time, I do > know Masons who do take their job as investigators or sponsors very > seriously. It just seems to me that the make up of a community plays > a far greater role in contributing to the overall state of affairs > than you might be considering. I know Scout Troops, right here in San > Diego, that could be described exactly as you did this Lodge. Is > Scouting, therefore, tainted? No. Tarnished perhaps. A lot worse > for wear, sure. But it will recover. So will the fraternity. The > bigots will, sooner or later, die off and rational men will replace > them. In the mean time, you were probably right to disassociate > yourself with the bigots in your community - be they Masons, Scouts, > PTA members, congregants or co-workers. I knew this would be the standard answer. I am well aware that all groups have "bad apples". I became disenchanted with Oklahoma Masonry when I realized that a rather large portion of our OFFICERS where men who I would frankly be ashamed to associate with in public. > |O| Be well. Travel with a light heart. > Who said that? > > Brother Gene .*. > http://www.calodges.org/no442 > http://www.blackmountainlodge.net > http://www.freemason.org > MBBFMN #387 > And in case I don't see ya' - Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night! -Chuck Easttom http://www.geocities.com/~chuckeasttom/

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Chuck Easttom 32* vs Manny Blanco M.M.

----- Original Message ----From: Chuck Easttom chuckeasttom@yahoo.com Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry Sent: September 19, 1999 7:35 PM Subject: Re: WHAT IS A GOOD MAN( was:Re: THE TRUTH ABOUT MASONRY In article 19990919124148.02686.00002769@ng-cd1.aol.com, masontruth@aol.com (MasonTruth) wrote: > >Subject: WHAT IS A GOOD MAN( was:Re: THE TRUTH ABOUT MASONRY > >From: Chuck Easttom chuckeasttom@yahoo.com > >Date: Sun, 19 September 1999 12:46 AM EDT > >Message-id: 7s1pqf\$3g5$1@nnrp1.deja.com > >> > >Here is the problem: how we define good men. I doubt very seriously, > >since these men live in a different state than you do, that you know > >them well enough to decide whether or not they are good men. But since > >they came out for a few hours, acted friendly, and shared a meal they > >must be good. Throughout masonry, masons seem convinced of other > >masons good character based solely on a few friendly tidbits of > >conversation exchanged of an after-degree meal. [Manny Blanco] > Dear Bro. Chuck, you are assuming that they are not..All the above mentioned > ways of inrteracting are part of what makes up Masonic Fellowship. I base > things on a gut feeling when I meet someone. These men have displayed in and > out of Lodge that they are sincere.

No I am not assuming that they are not. I simply reserve judgement until more data is available. > >I have seen members of biker gangs and ex cons that can be quite > >cordial over a meal, especially with their comrades. This does not > >make them good men. Now I am NOT saying that masons and bikers have > >any commonality at all. I am merely pointing out that deciding that a > >man is of good character because he was cordial at a single function is > >really premature. [M.B.] > To assume he is not a good man is wrong as well , wuldn't you agree. Heck I > have met Bikers that I would trust.. I don't care what they are wearing for me > it is the heart condition and their works that count. I am not going to count a > man out simply because he is part of a group or a Mason from a certain State. > Please Bro. chuck understand that I know Masonry is not perfect nor do I hide > her faults under the carpet. It is the best thing going though and even with > our faults we strive to do what is right and good .

My point is simple: No masonry is not evil, however it is not the "best thing going" either. I have seen several college clubs made up of 19 year old students where there was less bickering and more character. Due to certain jurisdictions desire for more numbers masonry is no longer the fraternity it once was. > > > > > > > >This is where Oklahoma's problem is. If a man is not black and does >not have a known felony record then he must be good. If he actually >does any memory work at all, learns any part of any degree then attends >even occaisional functions then he is deemed to be an "outstanding" >mason. We want so bad to believe that the fraternity is made up >predominatly good men that we need next to no evidence at all to decide >that a man is of good character.

[M.B.] > I am not from there but have met many Masons that are. I cannot imagine that > being "White" would be the only requirement to be a Mason. The men I met > traveled many miles to share Masonry with others. None showed a "Dark Side" and > all were loving and kind. Then please explain the brief list I put at the end of this message. I have personal and direct knowledge of a number of OFFICERS who are men of

very low character, but they where white. I have sit in lodge on many occaisions and listened to the discussion before a vote. > >Let me give you a few examples: >> > >1. I know of one lodge Jr. Warden who showed up for meetings and was > >quite cordial yet he was renown as a wife beater (now on his third > >wife) and a drunk. >> > > >2. A past master and current lodge secretary who is nothing but > >friendly to any mason he meets and who attends most local functions> >yet he is a dead beat and has defrauded our Grand Lodges Masonic > >Charity Foundation. >> > >3. A past master and Past District Deputy Master who always has a > >ready smile for any mason, but is known throughout the community as an > >incredibly belligerant and hostile man. His own brother denounces him > >and his belligerence eventually drove his oldest son to suicide. >> > >4. A past master who will drop everything for any mason, but who > >abused all three of his children (all now grown and all have had to > >undergoe therapy for his extreme abuse). >> > >5. A past Grand Master who is nothing but cordial with fellow masons, > >but is known to co workers as the most "self serving sob" any of them > >have met and is a renown womanizer routinely cheating on his wife. >> > >6. A Past Grand Master who is at many lodge functions and is very > >cordial with any mason.... also on his third wife and an overt racist > >renown for his "nigger" jokes. >> > >7. A past master well known for his attendence, also well known for > >heavy drinking and infidelity. >> > >8. A junior warden and 32d scottish rite mason who has actualy been > >clinically diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and is an alcoholic. >> > >9. A past master with several DUI's one of which he got while a > >sitting master. >> >> > >I am not stating that these men are what they are because of masonry. > >Their activities fly in the face of masonic teaching. But something is > >very wrong when such men populate not just the membership of Oklahoma > >masonry, but hold our highest offices. It is clear that , at least in > >this jurisidction, character does not matter at all. >> > >I could go on literally for hours listing nothing but lodge officers > >and Grand Lodge officers who are as friendly as they can be at lodge > >functions yet who are men of deplorable character. And yes their

> >actions are well known to their lodges. For thoses that are from my > >own lodge, I did complain to my current master, immediate past master, > >and sent complaints to the Grand Lodge. [M.B.] > Chuck some of these things could be dealt with by Good Counsel in a brother's > Ear.. Some are un-Masonic and grounds for a Masonic Trial or at least an investigation. > Bottom line is the only way to change wrong is by working from within in my way > of thinking. I am not there nor do I know the circumstances. I am not knocking > you for your decision as it might have been too much too handle. I might have > done the same thing in your shoes and almost did once..I just know in my heart > that Masonry will never let a person down in the long run. No sir , the bottom line is how can I expect to change anything when this kind of behavior is seen in MASTERS and GRAND MASTERS? Not simply a few bad apples in the barrel, but our highest offices! [M.B.] > I also disagree that all of any one State can be that way.There are reasons > that we became Masons in the first place and those reasons are Lodged in our > hearts. I hope that you someday decide to join a Lodge again. You are a good > man and not having you in the Fraternity is a great loss. I hope also that you > stay and continue to change what you feel is wrong. When I first began to have serious concerns about masonry in Oklahoma I developed a habit of inquiring with OK masons why the became masons. IN many cases it was simply because their father/uncle/etc had been one. In others it was frankly so they could become shriners. And in a few cases it was in hopes of obtaining business favortism. The overwhelming majority sited social functions. ONly 4 men ever told me that they had joined in search of truth and understanding. Masonry has become simply a social club with standards lower than many other social clubs. [M.B.] > I am sure there are others that think as you do and are good in heart. >God Bless > > Sincerely & Fraternally > MasonTruth > Bro. Manny Blanco (Junior Warden) > Moreno Valley Lodge # 804 > Moreno Valley, CA

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Chuck Easttom 32* vs Joe 'Schmuckatelli'

----- Original Message ----From: Chuck Easttom chuckeasttom@yahoo.com Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry Sent: September 16, 1999 6:34 PM Subject: Re: THE TRUTH ABOUT MASONRY In article 37dfd416.2574169@nntp.cts.com, joeschmuckatelli@KILL.SPAMFORD.WALLACE.NOW wrote: > > > > > > > > > > On Wed, 15 Sep 1999 17:04:18 GMT, br_gene@pacbell.net (Eugene Goldman.?) wrote: >Based on the fact that my personal experiences in Tennessee, >Louisiana, Nevada and particularly California Masonry has been the >antithesis of yours in Oklahoma... >Based on the fact that certain areas of this country are fairly >well-documented to host a disproportinate share of individuals such > as you describe...

[J.S.] > Perhaps a long, lengthy, detailed description of what's been > happening, the state of current events, and the reiteration that this caused him to > demit should be submitted not only to the lodge of which he was a member, > but to the state's Grand Lodge, and whatever national body has jurisdiction over > Oklahoma.

[C.E.] I sent such a letter to my lodges secretary, my grand lodge, and the Scottish Rite valley I was a member of. One Mr. Jim Tresner responded on behalf of both the Grand Lodge and the Scottish Rite. He tried to down play the racism and the officers of low character. In response I started naming names and incidents. When I did that all correspondence from him, the Grand Lodge, and the Scottish Rite ceased. They frankly did not want to examine their own dirty laundry. They simply want to keep packing in plenty of dues paying members. [J.S.] > Perhaps it should also be submitted to whatever nationwide Masonic > publications exist. Am I suggesting they be publicly humiliated? Absolutely. > > -------------------------------------------------+------------------> "One World; One Web; One Program." -- Microsoft | OS/2 Warp > | Solid like Linux > "Ein Volk; Ein Reich; Ein Fuhrer." -- Hitler | Easy like Windows > > -------------------------------------------------+------------------Chuck Easttom http://www.geocities.com/~chuckeasttom/ Sent via Deja.com http://www.deja.com/ Share what you know. Learn what you don't.

Chuck Easttom 32* vs Dr. Roger Firestone 32*

----- Original Message ----From: Chuck Easttom chuckeasttom@yahoo.com Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry Sent: September 16, 1999 6:41 PM Subject: Re: More Masonic disinformation on African Americans In article Q08E3.88\$JS.1154859@newsie.cais.net, rfire@chele.cais.net (Dr. Roger M. Firestone) wrote:

[C.E.] > >Our grand lodge has 1 goal: getting more people paying dues.. [R.F.] > Is it just the money? Or is it that more members means: [C.E.] No its just money. Of our 1 day conferrels fewer then 10% ever even visit a lodge again. Even of our regularly initiated bretheren the average Oklahoma Lodge is running about 10 to 15% of the members that ever attend at all and about 5% that actually work. So more members does not mean more people to know the ritual nor does it mean more participants in charitable work. It only means more money. BTW Dr. Firestone, you where one of the people I was talking about when I spoke of the "die - hard apologists who refuse to see any problem with masonry". I could actually publically name the names and misdeeds of lodge officers, I could give evidence from now to kingdom come and it would change nothing. In my own lodge there are 160 people on the books, 8 of whom went to 1 day conferrels. Usually a meeting might get 10 or 12 guys (none of whom where 1 day conferrels, those guys never even bothered to show up), and maybe 3 or 4 of those actually do any work. BTW on that 1 day conferral issue, this year our grand lodge even went so far as to have the attendees sign a peel off label that was sent to the lodges to be placed in the by laws in lieu of the 1 day conferal recipient having to ever attend his lodge even to sign the by laws. [R.F.] > * More people to know the ritual and perform it > > * More participants in charitable work and more people helped > > * More members to do work around the Lodge and keep it in good shape, > so that just a few do not bear the burden of the task > > * More people at social occasions, making them more fun > > * More members with specific interests, so that the old bowling leagues, > bridge tournaments, fishing clubs, and such of thirty and more years > back can be organized again > > * More money coming in means more opportunity for quality > communication with members and funding for all the things that > Grand Lodges used to do > > From the one goal of getting more people paying dues comes many other > benefits. > > Roger M. Firestone, 32 KCCH

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Chuck Easttom 32* vs Eric Diamond M.M.

----- Original Message ----From: Chuck Easttom chuckeasttom@yahoo.com Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry Sent: September 17, 1999 6:31 AM Subject: Re: THE TRUTH ABOUT MASONRY In article ru39c1mpigb11@corp.supernews.com, "Eric Diamond" xxediamond@xxinteraccess.com wrote: > > Chuck Easttom chuckeasttom@yahoo.com wrote in message > news:7rrc27\$na7$1@nnrp1.deja.com.... [C.E.] > > Consider this: >> > > 1. If a man wishes to learn morality can he not freely attend any > > number of churches, read treatise on philosophy,etc. This information > > is now freely available to all (it wasn't when the first Grand Lodge > > was formed in 1717). [E.D.] > It was freely available in 1717, if he was freeborn. Treastises and > pamphlets on philosophy were cheaply printed and widely available. It > is how Ben Franklin made his living for many years.. Many became bestsellers > in England and in the Colonies. [C.E.] The literacy rate was quite low and one could not just run down to Barns & Noble or go online to Amazon.com and get books an any idea you wished.

[C.E.] > >2. If a man wishes to give to charity there are countless charities > > that would love to accomodate him. [E.D.] > That's reeeeally cynical of you, Chuck. What if all charities took the same > attitude? [C.E.] I think you misunderstand my point. I am stating that if one feels that masonry is a vehicle for charity (as some have stated) and that is ones primary reason for masonic membership, then why not simply give to charity and skip the masonry? [C.E.] > > 3. If a man seeks socializing, there are plenty of social organizations. [E.D.] > But none that are as deep or as useful to men as Masonry. Believe me I've > looked for them. I did not come to Masonry by way of legacy. No one in my > immediate family were masons. I was looking to hang with a bunch of guys who > had a purpose in life, and I found it in masonry. [C.E.] But that is not what I have found in Oklahoma masonry. I have found a group of uneducated rednecks that sit around lodge rooms and bicker about everything and share racist jokes. > > Essentially no matter what you expect to get out of masonry, you can > > get it without memorizing arcane language, performing outdated rituals, > > and exchanging secret handshakes. [E.D.] > Yeah, but doing all that stuff is fun and it helps me connect with the deep > history of my predecessors in Masonry. Is it easy? No, but then again, it > ain't coal mining either. [C.E.] To be honest the "secrets" and ritual are reminiscent of a group of small boys in a tree house club. [C.E.] > > Unfortunately I have met many masons who, in an effort to exaggerate > > their own importance, imply that masonry has "deep secrets" . I > > frankly expected to find some deep an enlightening truth, that simply > > was not there.

[E.D.] > Wasn't there or you did not find it? The path of mysticism is not for > everybody and it's not easy. Those who delve shallowly will discover shallow > truths, while those who delve deeply will find deep truths. The cool thing > about Masonry is that it provides a link for the profundity of mystical > experience and the here and now. It allows us to put our great truths into > practice. If you ever a mason in good standing again, I urge you to visit > our lodge. You may leave with a different impression of Masonry. Especially > after you talk with Jean-Pierre. [C.E.] I dug into masonic history and philosophy as few masons do. I also have had some formal education in philosophy, rhetoric, etc. And what masonry offers is so commonplace as to be useless. The great culminating "teaching" of the Scottish Rite, is "the anser is in yourself", a teaching that every self help book, wanna be guru, and pop psychologist has already shared. [C.E.] > > If brothers actually keep their oaths. But when you do, as Oklahoma > > has done, and allow any man (who is white) to join then you will , of > > course, get men who will not honor their oaths. > > I have seen in 1 lodge alone a past master defraud our masonic charity > > foundation (with the consent of the sitting master), another past > > master freely broadcast the secrets of another mason (personal secrets, > > nothing criminal). When I first was raised one past master (and past > > district deputy grand master) gave me a brief lesson on how to sidestep > > the letter of many of my obligations. [E.D.] > I am so sorry. That is awful. I understand why you did what you did. But I > don't think it is typical of Masonry around the world. If it is, I'm sure > I'll be right behind you. [C.E.] I freely admit that it may be different elsewhere > -> Eric Diamond, MM > Oriental Lodge No.33 > AF&AM > Chicago, Illinois USA -Chuck Easttom http://www.geocities.com/~chuckeasttom/ Sent via Deja.com http://www.deja.com/ Share what you know. Learn what you don't.

Chuck Easttom 32* vs Sam Schwarzman 32*

----- Original Message ----From: Chuck Easttom chuckeasttom@yahoo.com Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry Sent: September 22, 1999 6:27 PM Subject: Re: The secrets of Freemasonry [S.C.] >In article 19990921171449.26731.00001154@ng-fi1.aol.com> > sclarke505@aol.com (SClarke505) wrote: > Chuck: > I had a long talk with your former Lodge's Secretary about you and >why you changed your positions. Ray T.(I will omit his last name for privacy) >is a real fine guy and the man that taught you the ritual. [C.E.] First of all he taught me only the memorization needed for advancement. I attended a weekly class nearby to learn the degree work. Secondly I was not going to name names but since you think old Ray is such a "fine guy" try this: Ray is a dead beat who refuses to get a job and work. Other lodge members tried to disuade me from hosting a fundraising dinner for him when his step son died. They told me that it was his own fault he was in financial trouble. After the dinner where I personally cooked the meal and helped count the money, we had a little over \$300. Ray and our then master Chadd reported 1200 to the masonic charity foundation. I repeatedly complained that this was fraud, and clearly violated the tenents of our charity foundation. You may also want to know that this "fine" gentleman is on his third wife, is a very strong racist, and an 8th grade drop out. But I have long since realized that all one mason needs to judge another to be a "fine man" is a single polite conversation.

[S.C.] >You have only been a Mason a couple of years (I think he said since 1997) > but you talk as though you have great experience in the craft. [C.E.] I grew up in a home with my father a mason, my mother a star and myself a demolay, the few years I have been in I was very imersed. I also have read a tremendous amount of masonic history and philosophy, all of these are facts ray is well aware of. [S.C.] >You talk about Masons not being able to hold down jobs but you seem > to have more problem keeping your own and although you have been down > on your luck from time to time, brothers have helped you. [C.E.] That is a bald faced lie. When I first joined the lodge and Ray met me I was a software engineer with a consulting firm. I left that job and took one at a local university, after almost two years I left that job last month to take a job with a software firm. At no time during my masonic membership have I required or recieved ANY financial help from any mason or masonic order. But Ray does tend to stretch the truth. [S.C.] > Remember how a brother installed an alternator in your car without >charge? [C.E.] No charge my asss. BTW ask Ray who took the computer he uses and personally paid for the parts and the upgrades to it. [S.C.] > I still look forward to you coming back to Masonry but you have to get >your own house in order. Chuck, please read your past posts earlier this year >and compare them to the present, think before you type. > > Which is the REAL Chuch Easttom. You are a good hearted guy and I >still like you but you seem to be lashing out at people that have befriended and >helped you. [C.E.] I am a good hearted guy , but seeing that my former lodge secretary is now a liar as well as thief convinces me that I did the right thing demitting. [S.C.] >You cannot fight bigotry from afar and I know that is eating you up but >that only alienates you and sets you up as an enemy. A few short >years ago, no one would have thought that mainstream Masonry would > have relations with Prince Hall, this has changed, not because of

> outsiders but because of good men on the inside. There are a lot of good > men and Masons in Oaklahoma but as the old saw goes, "your having problems > seeing the forest because all them dang trees keep get'n in the way". > >Think about what I'm saying to you Chuck, please. > > >V.'.W.'.Sam Schwarzman, PM > Guiding Light/Olympia F&AM #808 > South Bay F&AM #1145 > Freeport LI Chapter # 302 RAM > Holy Land Chapter #8 RAM (Israel) > Mort Weitman Post # 50 Masonic War Vets > 1st Nassau Dist., AGL > GLNY

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United States Masonic History Many of the leaders of the American Revolution such as Washington and Franklin were Masons, but according to the Masonic writer Charles Van Cott, more Masons remained loyal to the crown than to the colonial cause and at the start of the revolt only one of the one hundred or so lodges sided with the patriots. Washington joined the Masonic order in 1752 and at the time of his election as president was serving as Master of his lodge. Benedict Arnold was also a Mason. Masonic orators and writers sometimes get carried away and assert that most of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Masons, but the evidence of Masonic affiliation for many of these signers is flimsy or nonexistent. A recent publication of the Masonic Service Association identifies only nine of the fifty-six signers as Freemasons, and some historians put the figure at eight. (Pg. 15-16) Freemasons did play a more significant, but certainly not dominate, role in creating the American Constitution. A document whose purposes have been summarized by President Wilson in his book, Division and Reunion, as follows, The Federal government was not by intention a democratic government. In plan and structure it had been meant to check the sweep and power of popular majorities. The senate, it was believed, would be a stronghold of conservatism, if not of aristocracy and wealth. The President, it was expected, would be the choice of representative men acting in the electoral college, and not of the people. The Federal judiciary was looked to, with its virtually permanent membership, to hold the entire structure of national politics in nice balance against all disturbing influences, whether of popular impulse or of official overbearance. Only in the house of representatives were the people to be accorded an immediate audience and a direct means of making their will effective in affairs. THE GOVERNMENT HAD, IN FACT, BEEN ORIGINATED AND ORGANIZED UPON THE INITIATIVE AND PRIMARILY IN THE INTEREST OF THE MERCANTILE AND WEALTHY CLASSES (emphasis added). Originally conceived as an effort to accommodate commercial disputes between the States, it had been urged to adoption by a minority, under the concerted and aggressive leadership of able men representing a ruling class. The Federalists not only had on their side the power of convincing argument, but also the pressure of a strong and intelligent class, possessed of unity and informed by a conscious solidarity of material interests.

President Wilson's assessment of the motivations of the Masonic framers of the constitution is restrained compared to the case built by Allan L. Benson in his book Our Dishonest Constitution (B. W. Huebsch:1914). He remarks, 'If the patriot fathers were still living and doing business as they did 125 years ago we should call many of them grafters' (pg. 5). The historical precedent for a massive conspiracy to cover-up an assassination occurred in the early 19th century, when Captain William Morgan was abducted and murdered by Freemasons for his efforts to expose the organization's inner working. The crime, which led to the formation to the first third party political movement in this country, was described in The Address to the People of the United States issued from the United States Anti-Masonic Party convention, held in 1830: In 1826, William Morgan, your free fellow citizen, was, by highly exalted members of the Masonic fraternity, with unlawful violence, seized,-- secretly transported through the country more than one hundred miles, to a fortress of the United States, then in charge of freemasons, who had prepared it for his reception,-- there imprisoned, several days and nights, against his utmost efforts to escape,-- and after suffering the most unmanly insults, and the most inhuman abuse, he was privately murdered. Previously to his seizure, numerous meetings of freemasons, in lodges and otherwise, were held for the purpose of contriving and adopting the most certain means of carrying into effect, their unlawful objects upon him. These meeting were attended, and the designs of them approved, by several hundred of the most respectable and intelligent of the Masonic brethren. They included legislators, judges, sheriffs, clergymen, generals, physicians, and lawyers. And they proceeded in discharge of, what they deemed, their Masonic duties. After the crime was exposed, a massive cover-up was required and executed by the Masonic brotherhood. It was also described in The Address to the People of the United States: In this alarming emergency, the agents of government seemed paralyzed. Our public institutions for the preservation of tranquillity, and the repression of crime, seemed nugatory.... No arts were left untried by freemasons to baffle the pursuit of truth, and defeat the administration of justice. The lion's grip of the order was upon our courts, and loyalty to that, displaced fealty to the state. A large proportion of the constables, justices of the peace, lawyers, judges, sheriffs, and jurymen, of the counties where these acts were performed, were members of the society, and had taken oaths binding them,..., to conceal each other's crimes. The high sheriffs were all masons, and at that time, summoned as grand jurors, at their discretion, any such men as had the common qualifications.

The preface to former President John Quincy Adams's 1847 book Letters on the Masonic Institution describes the implementation of the crime: That so many men, at so many separate points, should have acted in perfect concert in such business as they were engaged in, would scarcely be believed, without compelling the inference of some distinct understanding existing between them. That they should have carried into effect the most difficult part of their undertaking, a scheme of the most daring and criminal nature, in the midst of a large, intelligent and active population, without thereby incurring the risk of a full conviction of their guilt and the consequent punishment, would be equally incredible, but for the light furnished by the phraseology of the Masonic oath. The preface goes on to say of the oaths: Upon the first hasty and superficial glance, a feeling might arise of surprise that the frivolity of its unmeaning ceremonial, and ridiculous substitution of its fictions for the sacred history, should not long ago discredited the thing in the minds of good and sensible men everywhere. Yet upon closer and more attentive examination, this first feeling vanishes, and makes way for astonishment at the ingenious contrivance displayed in the construction of the whole machine. A more perfect agent for the devising and execution of conspiracies against the church or state could scarcely have been conceived. The preface also describes difficulties in energizing the public against the conspirators: Multitudes preferred to believe the Masonic oaths and penalties to be ceremonies, childish, ridiculous and unmeaning, rather than to suppose them intrinsically and incurably vicious. They refused to credit the fact that men whom they respected as citizens could have made themselves parties to any promise whatsoever to do acts illegal, unjust and wicked. Rather than to go so far, they preferred to throw themselves into a state of resolute unbelief of all that could be said against them. The results of the Anti-Masonic movement were described in the Anti-Masonic Scrap Book, published by the National Christian Association in 1883. The excitement caused by Morgan's abduction and murder lasted ten years. And Daniel Webster, Edward Everett, John Quincy Adams, John Marshal, Wm. H. Seward, Thaddeus Stevens, and other great men condemned the lodge in the strongest languages men can use. The lodges feigned dead in the free States, and hid beyond discussion in the slave. The Anti-Masonic army disbanded, and the lodges silently crept back into power. This 19th century event could be dismissed, as an irrelevant bit of Masonic history, except upon investigation one finds Freemasonry has not been inactive.

It has been identified as the parent of a violent and far right American organization, the Ku Klux Klan. In the book Christianity and American Freemasonry, by William J Whalen, on pages 17-18 we find: A former Confederate general and Freemason, Nathan Bedford Forrest, founded the Ku Klux Klan and served as its first Imperial Wizard. Albert Pike held the office of Chief Justice of the Ku Klux Klan while he was simultaneously Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction. Pike's racism was well known. He expressed his concept of Masonic brotherhood succinctly: "I took my obligation to White men, not to Negroes. When I have to accept Negroes as brothers or leave Masonry, I shall leave it." Some believe Pike concocted the ritual for the original KKK. In The Ku Klux Klan by William Pierce Randel, on page 200 we learn: The Klan shared its Protestant restrictiveness with the Masons and more than once sought to capitalize on the parallel. Kleagles commonly remarked to prospects, in an offhand manner, that 'the Klan is, in fact, a Masonic movement.' Many leading Klansmen, in both the old Klan and the new were Masons; [Hiram] Evans himself gained the 32nd degree. The institution of Freemasonry remains largely segregated even today. Another Masonic spin-off created after the Civil War was the Knights of Labor. This organization, originally created as a secret society, can be viewed as a fascinating case study of a failed attempt to use an elaborate, cult like, 'value system' to suppress political activism and control the labor movement. In his book Inside the Brotherhood, Martin Short points out, "It seems wherever Masons have common political aims, but cannot pursue them through Freemasonry, they set up parallel public movements (pg. 239). Martin Short describes how the OSS, later to become the CIA, reintroduced Freemasonry into Italy after WWII as a tool "to prop up a sickly democracy threatened by Soviet-inspired destabilization and the prospect of a communist election victory" (pg 399). From 1970 through 1981 a far right Masonic lodge, P2, with links to Ronald Reagan, the Republican party, the CIA, British Intelligence and British Freemasonry are now believed to have been preparing for a coup against "clerico-Communists", should they seize power (pg. 399-401). This lodge was disbanded when its activities became public. The P2 case is a documented modern example of a Masonic lodge positioned as an extra-governmental body for the execution a coup. It is therefore not implausible to suggest that elements within the American Masonic lodges successfully executed a coup in the United States by assassinating President John F. Kennedy. In his book, Freemasonry in American History, the Masonic

scholar, A. E. Roberts identifies some of the Masonic participants in the investigation of the Kennedy assassination, Johnson had received the Entered Apprentice Degree in Johnson City Lodge No. 561, Texas, on October 30, 1937. Reasons for him going no farther are unclear. Until the 1850s becoming an Entered Apprentice made a man a full member of the lodge conferring the degree. During the 1850s all Grand Lodges adopted laws making the Master Mason (or Third) degree the criteria for a man to be considered a Freemason. Before then, all Masonic business was conducted in the First Degree (and still is in some foreign countries). With the adoption of the new law, business can be considered only in a Master Mason Lodge. One of Johnson's first acts was to order the Federal Bureau of Investigation to check every aspect of the assassination. The FBI was headed by J. EDGAR HOOVER, who had become a member of Federal Lodge No. 1, District of Columbia, on November 9, 1920... But the public wanted more answers concerning the murder of the President than any agency could provide. So, on January 29, 1963, Johnson issued an executive order creating a special commission. It would take the name of the man chosen to head it, Chief Justice EARL WARREN. Warren, a Past Grand Master of Masons in California, was joined on the Commission by two other known Freemasons. They were Senator RICHARD B. RUSSELL, a member of Winder Lodge No. 33, Georgia, and Representative GERALD R. FORD of Michigan. John Sherman Cooper, Hale Boggs, Allen W. Dulles, and John J. McCloy made up the balance of the Commission. (pg. 379) It is difficult to reliably determine if other members of the Warren Commission were also Freemasons, because no published records of membership exist. Even Mr. A. E. Roberts, who should have excellent access to Masonic sources of information, qualifies his list of Masonic participants on the Warren Commission to describe 'known Freemasons'. It is clear that millions of Americans have taken the Masonic oaths to secrecy and obedience. These would include people in the government and the media, historical, scientific and medical professions. It is quite possible Masonic elements representing many interests conferred and reached a consensus on Kennedy's fate, as occurred in the Morgan case in 1826, each knowing their discussions would be held in confidence. Their motives would probably be to protect and advance business interests and their social positions (wealth and power). These would include:

Taking the presidency for Freemason Lyndon B. Johnson Protecting his control of the FBI for Freemason J. Edgar Hoover Eliminating Kennedy's softening position on communism, a threat to a wide variety of American business interests overseas

Slowing the progress of the civil rights movement, an irritation to the KKK Eliminating Kennedy's challenges to the CIA's leadership; he'd fired CIA Director Allen Dulles (another Warren Commission member) and Deputy Director Charles Cabell There is also an interesting religious element, at that time Kennedy's Church, Catholicism, explicitly condemned membership in Freemasonry "under pain of excommunication". The level of hostility that Freemasons felt toward Kennedy was documented in February 1960 issue of New Age magazine, a Masonic publication, where Luther A. Smith, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, told his readers: "Whatever bigotry is in evidence in the United States is exhibited solely by the Roman Catholic hierarchy; that the Canon Law of the Roman Church and the directives of the Pope validate the fears of the people that the dual allegiance of American Catholics is a present danger to our free institutions, and lastly that the people in passing upon the qualifications of a Catholic candidate for the Presidency will be guided by their knowledge of history and their great store of plain old-fashioned common horse sense, and their innate caution not to gamble when their LIBERTIES AND THE NATIONAL SECURITY ARE AT STAKE (emphasis added). Among American citizens there should be no question or suspicion of allegiance to any foreign power, but in the case of the Roman Catholic citizen, his church is the guardian of his conscience and asserts that he must obey its laws and decrees even if they are in conflict with the Constitution and laws of the United States."

CIA resources developed in the anti-Castro campaign Kennedy was canceling, and redirected against the internal threat, Kennedy, probably executed the assassination. The investigation, which followed the assassination, was overseen and directed by Freemasons, who could influence the selection of the rest of the investigative team and effectively control the results. The Kennedy assassination appears to have been part a campaign of assassinations against a generation of leaders, who posed challenges to the entrenched power structure. The death toll included John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. Viewed as a whole, one is driven to the conclusion that the anyone advocating or supporting serious social reforms (share the wealth and power) will not be tolerated in a leadership position. You can read The CIA's Greatest Hits by Mark Zepezauer for an overview of the assassination cases. These assassinations suggest the merger of KKK ethics with CIA resources and techniques.

If we agree with Michael Morrissey's analysis in the article, Rethinking Chomsky, which states that it is irrefutable that Kennedy was planning to withdraw from Vietnam 'by the end of 1965' and that Freemason Lyndon Johnson reversed Kennedy's policy toward Vietnam, it is clear that the escalating involvement in the Vietnam conflict was driven by the Freemasons who seized control of the United States government after the assassination of President Kennedy. Both the American and Vietnamese peoples paid dearly in both squandered resources and lost lives to pursue the dubious objectives of the illegitimate Masonic leadership. The CIA and modern Freemasonry can be viewed as tools for America's corporate ruling elite. The CIA principally focused on influencing events overseas, Freemasonry's old-boy and increasingly old-girl networks used to influence domestic interests. The assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and the Kennedy's revealed the undemocratic and brutal character of America's ruling elates and demonstrates their ultimate control of modern society. The domestic campaign of social repression and control seems to have moved from assassinations to manipulation of the media, intimidation, harassment and reprisals against any person or organization, which pose a challenge to business interests or the entrenched power structure. As Americans are bombarded by the media with distortions and distracted by trumped up issues, often designed to divide the public, a massive consolidation of wealth has occurred, labor unions crushed, social welfare programs attacked and media outlets consolidated. The government and the judiciary have made a dramatic move to the right, essentially erasing much of the 'New Deal'. A case can be made that the government helped foment the recent 'terrorist' attacks in Oklahoma and at the World Trade Center to protect the massive military budget and advance the enactment of broad new police powers, which strip away American civil liberties and protect the entrenched power structure. It is remarkable that no effective voice has been raised in opposition, until one realizes we have lost those voices. We have a new generation of "pro-business" Democrats and a history of ineffective or, more likely, dishonest civil rights, union and progressive political leadership. A Masonic conspiracy addresses all the points raised by Chomsky at the start of this article:

It provides historical precedents It provides an existing organizational structure capable of covering-up the crime It explains the absence of internal records It provides many potential motives.

The larger question, which still needs to be answered, was asked in an American Anti-Masonic pamphlet published in 1829 and holds true for today:

Ought a secret society to exist amongst us whose members can commit murder and yet escape punishment? MASONS HAVE done this, and their brethren ... are sworn to protect them. Fellow citizens, are men bound by such obligations and possessing such principals, FIT to be rulers of a FREE PEOPLE." It also warned us: It is to be hoped that an institution whose very principles lead directly to such horrid outrages, and which is entirely made up of dissimulation and fraud, will be completely suppressed in this country and throughout the world, and that a barrier be instituted to prevent it from ever again polluting the earth with its insidious influence. But the public must not expect to accomplish this desirable object without unwanted pains and incessant vigilance; their task is but commencing, and, should they lack in circumspection or perseverance, the monster will yet flourish with more power and commit greater enormities than ever. The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers, which are cited to justify it. John F. Kennedyaddress to newspaper publishers, April 27, 1961

The Nazi Party, the Thule Society, the Occult, and Freemasonry

All the supposed abominations, the skeletons and death's head, the coffins and the mysteries, are mere bogeys for children. But there is one dangerous element and that is the element I have copied from them. They form a sort of priestly nobility. They have developed and esoteric doctrine more merely formulated, but imparted through the symbols and mysteries in degrees of initiation. The hierarchical organization and the initiation through symbolic rites, that is to say, without bothering the brain by working on the imagination through magic and the symbols of a cult, all this has a dangerous element, and the element I have taken over. Don't you see that our party must be of this character...? An Order, the hierarchial Order of a secular priesthood." -Adolf Hitler praising Freemasonry

Madame Blavatsky's Mystic Brooch

Harness those seething energies brethren...

Has anyone noticed NATO has morphed it's symbol into a swastika? Perhaps someone should ask NATO's litigous Freemason Secretary General Lord Rxxxxxson

The single fact that we owe not one single truth, not one idea in philosophy or religion to the Semitic race is, of itself, ample reward for years of study, and it is a fact indisputable, if I read the Veda and Zend Avesta alright. Illustrious Albert Pike

"Hitler did make one exception, however; his 1942 law banning secret societies and confiscating their assets specifically exempted the "old Prussian" Freemason

lodges. This group followed the Nazi racial purity ideal far more closely than the "humanitarian Freemasonry" (as the Angeberts distinguish the different streams) and shared Hitler's disdain for the other branches of Freemasons, not to mention for the Jews as well. (p.157)" - Hannah Newman 'The Rainbow Swastika'

Table of Contents The Frederick the Great Association The Dukes of Kent Der Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, Thule Associate Member Albert Pike: KKK Leader, Spy, Revolutionary, Aryanist Descent into Hell The Thule Society The Big "G", The Swastika Madame Helen Blavatsky Madame Helen Blavatsky's Occult Brooch The New World Orders Swastika Sun Religion Alfred Rosenberg Karl Haushofer

Rudolf Hess Dr. Wolfram Sievers and the Anhenerbe The Extremely Weird Tale of Hanussen, Hitler's Magician The Occult and the Nazi's, additional research material 'The Blue Forget-Me-Not Flower Pin'; another Masonic fabrication demolished Was Hitler a Christian? German Freemasonry and Its Attitudes Toward The Nazi Regime, by Alain Bernbeim, MPS Hitler's Racial Ideology, Content and Occult Sources - Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance The Nazi Party, the Thule Society, the Occult, and Freemasonry Kulturkampf and Freemasonry Frederick the Great, and His Relations with Masonry and Other Secret Societies The Rainbow Swastika, A Report to the Jewish People about New Age AntiSemitism Related Topics General Reinhard Gehlen and the OSS Why America needs the CIA CIA: The use of Journalists Sex Magic Ritual Practice in the Mystery Religion School Tradition; A new slant on the term 'Brotherly Love' Proof that Freemasonry is lying about Albert Pike and the Ku Klux Klan Freemasonry's History of Racism

The Frederick the Great Association One of the more twisted myths being propagated by 'Regular' Anglo-American Freemasonry of late is that the Nazi's persecuted 'regular' Freemasonry in Germany during it's reign. 'Regular' Freemasonry plays the recognition game if it wants to deny that a particular infamous individual was a Freemason. Usually this is carried out in regard to Grand Orient Freemasons, which it does not recognize as being legitimate Masons because it has it's own operation called 'Grand Lodges' set up in their countries, France being the largest instance. In Germany at the time the Nazi's came to power(with the aid of numerous Freemason High Financiers like Henry Ford) there existed nine Grand Lodges and Orients. Three Grand Lodges were were known as 'Old Prussian Grand Lodges', which were large, well organized, and contained the bulk of all Freemasons in Germany. Six were called 'Modern Grand Lodges', which were small, isolated, with only a few thousand members each. One of the groupings had always banned Jews from joining and was fiercely nationalistic and reactionary in it's politics. One of the groupings had always allowed Jews to join and was international and liberal in it's politics. It was the 'Old Prussian Grand Lodges', which contained the High Command Officers, Industrialists, and Royal Houses who had always banned Jews from joining and which was fiercely nationalistic and reactionary in it's politics that the American and British Grand Lodges recognized as being 'regular'. The 'Moderns', the ones that allowed Jews to join? 'Regular' Freemasonry said they were 'irregular' and

'clandestine'. In other words they did not recognize the Grand Lodges that allowed Jews to join as being Freemasons or Freemasonry what so ever. 'Regular' Freemasonry is trying to hoodwink their recognition of the anti-semitic National Grand Lodges and their non recognition of the non anti-semitic International Grand Lodges. The Nazi's shut down the 'Modern' Grand Lodges whose membership was heavily jewish, liberal, and 'international', but allowed the 'national' Old Prussian Grand Lodges to carry on after their Grand Master's sent formal written oaths of alliegence to 'Mein Furher', changed their name to 'The Frederick the Great Association'(Frederick the Great being German 'Regular' Freemasonry's founder and principal patron.), and removed any obvious Hebraic wording from it's rituals. When the war was over 'regular' Freemasonry operating under the guise of 'The Frederick the Great Association' changed their name back to what it was before Crystal Nacht. You won't see any of this mentioned on any of those 'Is it true what they say about Freemasonry?' or 'Difficult Questions about Freemasonry' web sites that 'regular' Freemasonry has mirrored all over the net. The Scottish Rite had its beginning in France, when in 1754, the Chevalier de Bonneville established in Paris, a chapter of twenty-five so-called High Degrees which, including the three symbolic Degrees, these High Degrees were called the Rite of Perfection. In 1758 these Degrees were taken to Berlin and placed under a body called the Council of Emperors of the East and West, and in 1762 Frederick the Great of Prussia became the head of the Rite and promulgated what is known as the Constitution of 1762. In 1786 a reorganization took place in which eight Degrees were added to the twenty-five, and the name changed to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. By this Constitution, Frederick resigned his authority as Grand Commander and provided that the government of the new system of Degrees should rest with a Council of each Nation, to be composed of nine Sovereign Grand Inspectors General of the Thirty-Third and last Degree of Freemasonry. Source: AASR, Orient of Texas. There was absolutely no persecution of 'regular' Freemasonry in Germany. How could there have been? The Old Prussian 'regular' National Grand Lodges were filled with Officers of the High Command, Captains of Industry, Commerce, Finance, Leading Citizens, and Royalty, most of whom were loyal Nazi Party members themselves. The very men who brought Hitler to power. All with the knowledge of American and British 'regular' Grand Lodge Freemasonry and it's hereditary pro-nazi Grand Master the Duke of Kent. There are lies and then there are damnable lies.

Potsdam Day, 1933 The Memorial Stamp Set issued to mark the opening of the first Nazi Reichstag, or German Parliament. It depicts Hitler's personal hero, Prussian King Frederick The Great, the founder and patron of 'Regular' Freemasonry in Germany.

German Freemasonry's Attitude Toward The Nazi Regime Germany's Grand Lodges Up To 1930 At the beginning of 1930, Germany comprised some 75,000 Masons and nine regular Grand Lodges, the numerical importance of which was very different. Table 1- Masonic Membership In Germany 1930 -1932 Grand Lodges.............Founded........Lodges..............Membership .....................................1930.....1932........1930......1932 'Old Prussian' Three Globes...............1744.......177......183........21,300....21,300 Grand Land Lodge...........1770.......179......180........20,400....20,400 Royal York of Friendship...1798.......108......109........11,400....11,000 'Humanitartian'(Clandestine, not recognized as Freemasons by U.G.L.E. & U.S. G.L.'s - FW) Hamburg....................1811.......54.......54.........5,000.....5,000 Bayreuth...................1811.......45.......42.........4,000.....3,800 Dresden....................1811.......45.......46.........7,300.....6,900 Franklurt..................1823.......26.......26.........3,200.....3,000 Darrnstadt.................1846.......10.......10.........900.......900

Leipzig....................1924...... 10.......10.........1,900.....1,900 Othcrs ............................... Rising Sun.................1907....... 2,000 Symbolic Grand Lodge.......1930.......8........13 800 About two-thirds of the brethren belonged to the three oldest, always Christian-oriented and at that time strongly nationalistic Grand Lodges founded in the 18th century which were called 'Old Prussian' because they were founded and had their seats in Berlin. They never initiated 'non christians', that is, Jews. Along the l9th century, five more German Grand Lodges were founded and a further one in 1924. They were called 'humanitarian' and initiated men of any religious denomination. Table 2 - German Grand Lodge and 'non-Christians' (S) Grand Lodges........Formal decision.........Visit of..........Initiation of ....................to initiate only........non-Christians....non-Christians ....................Christians:.............possible:.........possible: 'Old Prussian' Three Globes.............1763................1849.............impossible Grand Land Lodge.........1770................1857.............impossible Royal York of Friendship.1815................1854.............impossible(*) 'Humanitarian'(Clandestine, not recognized as Freemasons by U.G.L.E. & U.S. G.L.'s - FW) Hamburg..................never...............1811.............1841 Bayreuth.................1833................1847.............1847 Dresden..................1831................before 1845...... Frankfurt/Main...........1810................1838.............1844 Darrnstadt...............1846................1873.............1873 In 1922, the Old Prussian Grand Lodges decided to withdraw from the German Grand Lodgs' Alliance founded in 1872, explaining: 'There is a border which strongly dfferentiates humanitarian from Old Prussian national Freemasonry. We, the three Old Prussian Grand Lodges refuse to take part in the general humanitarian fraternization movement between people in the world.' . (Steffens, p. 332) Some brethren believe that there was only one type of German Freemasonry which was indifferently persecuted by Hitler. In fact, several masonic spiritual families existed side by side in Germany, which reacted and were treated differently by the Nazis. ---------------------------------------

In the March 1933 issue, the last one to be printed in Germany, the Symbolic Grand Lodge (Clandestine, not recognized as Freemasons by U.G.L.E. & U.S. G.L.'s - FW) announced that on March 28th, it had resolved to become dormant. That issue also included the text of a resolution in support of Hitler, adopted toward the end of March by the National Mother-Lodge The Three Globes. It was followed by an article from the Nationale Zeitung, Essen, dated March 30, 1933, declaring The Grand Lodge of Saxony [at Dresden] sent a telegram expressing its faithful support to Dr. Goebbels The three [Berlin] Grand Lodges even sent a congratulatory address to the Reich chancellor Hitler. German Freemasonry and Its Attitudes Toward The Nazi Regime Alain Bernbeim, MPS Philaltethes Magazine February 1997

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The Dukes of Kent The Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, the Most Worshipful, His Royal Highness, Prince Edward George Nicholas Paul Patrick 33, Duke of Kent, Knight of the Garter, Field Marshall, GCMC, GCVO, ADC, Hereditary Grand Master of Anglo-American Freemasonry. The previous Duke of Kent - George Edward Alexander Edmund was installed as Grand Master by King George VI in 1939. He died three years later in 1942 in a mysterious plane crash in Scotland, six months after it was alleged he and the Duke of Hamilton had kept a moonlight appointment with ReichFuerher Rudolf Hess on the Caledonian Moor. Historians tell us that the late Grand Master was Pro Nazi and travelled the Fatherland in order to better educate the King about National Socialism, so as to allow the Empire to "come to an understanding" with The New World Order, European Occultist's latest 'Great Work'. Go figure.

There are three plans in action in America today and they all have different purposes. The first plan is God's plan, a nonsectarian plan; the second is the Roman Catholic plan, and this is a denominational or sectarian plan, and the third is the Communistic plan, an anticapitalist plan. God's plan is dedicated to the unification of all races, religions and creeds. This plan, dedicated to the new order of things, is to make all things new -- a new nation, a new race, a new civilization and a new religion, a nonsectarian religion that has already been recognized and called the religion of 'The Great Light.' Looking back into history, we can easily see that the Guiding Hand of Providence has chosen the Nordic people to bring in and unfold the new order of the world. Records clearly show that 95 per cent of the colonists were NordicsAnglo-Saxons. Providence has chosen the Nordics because the Nordics have prepared themselves and have chosen God. They are not church worshippers, for they worship God's word--the Holy Bible. The Nordics are the great Bible-reading people of the world today, and the Nordics--Anglo-Saxons--were the first people to print the Holy Bible in great quantity, and they were known as the people of a book, that book being the Holy Bible. But, in order to read the Bible, it is necessary to know how to read. In the Nordic race there is no illiteracy. In Norway there has been no illiteracy for more than a hundred years. Another fact that shows clearly that the Nordics are God's chosen people this time is they are always looking for more light on the mission of life. Looking at their station of life, these great Bible-reading people should open the eyes of the world. King Gustaf of Sweden is a great light in the nonsectarian Masonic Brotherhood, and King Haakon of Norway is a Masonic light in Norway. The late King Christian of Denmark was a Masonic spirit in his Denmark; also King George of England is a Masonic light to his AngloSaxon people.

Just as Providence has chosen the Jewish race--the Children of Israel--to bring into the world righteousness by carrying the 'Ten Commandments' which emphasize 'Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy,' so also Providence has chosen the Nordic Race to unfold the 'New Age' of the world--a 'Novus Ordo Seclorum.' God's Plan in America Brother C. William Smith NEW AGE MAGAZINE, September 1950 The official organ of The Supreme Council 33rd Degree A. & A. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, S.J.U.S.A. Published at 1735 Sixteenth Street N.W., Washington, D.C..

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Adolf Hitler, "The Leader" Worshiped by P2 Masonic Lodge Grand Master Licio Gelli as well as a host of other Freemasons such as Juan Peron and Thule "Society" founder Baron von Sebbetendorf.

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Illustrious Albert Pike 33 Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council 33rd Degree, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, the Mother Supreme Council of the World. Ku Klux Klan Founder and Chief Judicial Officer(the KKK's intelligence and enforcement arm). Arkansas Grand Wizard. Convicted War Criminal for numerous massacres during his Confederate Generalship of the Knights of the Golden Circle Slave Owning Oklahoma Territory Cherokee Indians during the U.S. Civil War. British Agent. Fled to Canada but Pardoned after Pikes hand picked Scottish Rite successor made President Andrew Jackson a Scottish Rite Mason on site inside the White House. Co-conspirator of European and Italian Revolutionary, Grand Orient Grand Master, and Mafia founder Guiseppi Mazzini. Poet and author of numerous treatises on Freemasonry including the seminal Morals and Dogma. Called by noted Masonic Authors the Plato of Freemasonry and the Masonic Pope.

Expounded and wrote extensively about the Mythical and Mystical Lost Tribe of the Aryans as being the source of Freemasonry.

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Descent into Hell The city is in turmoil. The Kaiser's republic has collapsed with the defeat of Germany in the First World War, and the whole country is up for grabs. It appears as if Germany is about to fall apart into the warring city-states from which it had been assembled nearly fifty years ago. The victorious Allies are demanding enormous concessions from Germany. The Russian Revolution has been in full swing for a year, and German soldiers returning from the front are being cajoled into helping midwife the same type of Communist regime amid the ashes of the Second Reich Kurt Eisner--an intellectual and a Jew, a defender of the League of Nations--takes the initiative and proclaims a Socialst Republic in Munich on the seventh of November, 1918. It looks as if there is going to be a Communist regime in Germany-- or, at least, a Socialist one in Bavaria--after all. Hysteria grows among the nationalists, and with it despair that their nation is on the verge of realizing the dreams of Marx and Engels as codified in their famous Manifesto. Germans are bewildered, shocked... stunned into a kind of nervous stupefaction. They have lost the war, their country may be broken up once again into many seperate bickering pieces, and there will soon be Communists calling the shots in Berlin and in the capitol of Bavaria: Munich

Within forty-eight hours there is a meeting of the Thule Gesselshaft. The Thule, a mystical society based in part on the theosophical writings of Guido von List and Lanz von Liebenfels--which is to say, an amalgam of Eastern religion, theosophy, anti-semitism, Grail romance, Runic mystification, and Nordic paganism--meets every Saturday in spacious rooms at the elegant Four Seasons Hotel in Munich. There are roughly 250 members of the Thule in Munich... and over fifteen hundred in Bavaria. On that day, November 9, a bizarre individual, an occultist, an initiate of the Eastern mysteries in Turkey as well as of Freemasonry, and the leader and founder of the Thule--the self-styled Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff--makes an impassioned plea to the assembled cultists for armed resistance to the Reds. This plea eventually degenerates into a monologue on runes, German racial theory, Nordic mythology, and other arcane lore. No matter. Most of his listeners know what to expect. They are, in fact, members of the supersecret, superracist, and superoccult "German Order Walvater of the Holy Grail," or Germanenorden, which is using the name Thule Gesellshaft--or Thule Society, a "literary-cultural society"--as a cover to confuse Munich's fledgling Red Army, which is on the lookout for right-wing extremists. Sebotendorff himself is Master of the anti-Semitic Germanenorden's Bavarian division under its leader and founder, Hermann Pohl. The Thule cultists--whose symbol is a long dagger superimposed on a swastika-need no encouragement. They begin stockpiling weapons in secret supply dumps in and around Munich, anticipating a counterstrike against the new Socialist Republic. They make alliances with other nationalist groups, such as the Pan-Germans under editor Julius Lehmann, the German School Bund, the Hammerbund... and an organized resistance movement is born. All the mystical and clandestine labors of the past twenty years involving a series of secret occult organizations with elaborate initiation ceremonies and complex magical rituals, from the List Society's inner HAO (Higher Armanen Order) to the Order of the New Templars, will soon culminate in a pitched battle in the streets of Munich between the neo-pagan Thule Society and the "godless Communists". February 21, 1919. The idealistic but hapless Kurt Eisner--who preceded political speeches with symphonic concerts -- is assassinated by a young count and would-be Thulist. The police descend upon Thule headquarters, looking for inflammatory leaflets and other evidence of Thule Society involvement in the plot. Was the notoriously anti-Semitic Thule Society somehow responsible for Eisner's assasination? Sebotendorff stonewalls, and threatens to instigate a pogrom if the police don't leave the Thule Society alone. The police comply. April 7, 1919. A rebel Bavarian Soviet Republic is proclaimed in Munich as the legitimate minister-president of Bavaria flees north with his council to the town of Bamburg to prevent the Communists from taking over the government. The Thule organizes among the anti-Communist factions in Munich and Sebottendorff begins conspiring with the "exiled" Bavarian government in Bamberg for a counterrevolt. April 13, 1919. Sebotendorff is away at Bamburg, busy organizing a Freikorps (Free Corps) assault on Communist headquarters, when a Red Army unit raids Thule Society offices and arrests it's secretary, the Grafin Hella von Westarp, and seizes the Thule membership lists. Six more Thulists are arrested at their homes, including the Prince von Thurn und Taxis, a well-connected aristocrat with blood relations among the crowned heads of Europe. April 30, 1919. Walpurgisnacht. The High Holy Day of European Paganism and Witchcraft. The Red Army executes the captured Thulists and other hostages, shooting them against a wall in a courtyard of Luitpold High School. It is probably the worst mistake they could have made. The next day, an obituary appears in Sebottendorff's Munchener Beobachter--a newspaper which a year later become the official Nazi propaganda sheet, the

Volkishcer Beobachter[Under Alfred Rosenberg]--giving the names of the seven murdered cultists and laying the blame on the doorstep of the Red Army. The citizens of Munich are finally outraged, shaken out of their lethargy. Thulists continue their well-organized campaign of agit-prop against the Communist regime. The people take to the streets. The Free Corps--twenty thousand strong--marches on Munich under the comand of General von Oven. For the first time in history, storm troopers--members of the Ehrhardt Free Corps Brigade--march beneath a swastika flag with swastikas painted on their helmets, singing a swastika hymn. As they enter the city, they find that the Thule has managed to organize a full-scale citizen rebellion against the Soviet government. They join forces. When the dust settles on May 3, the Communists have been defeated in Munich, politically and militarily. Hundreds of people, including many innocent civilians, have been senselessly slaughtered in their streets and homes by the crusading "Whites" with the swastika banners. But there will be no Socialist or Communist government in Germany until after World War II, over twenty-five years later, and even then it will rule over half of the country and will take its orders from Germany's most despised enemy, the Soviet Union. But now, so soon after the victorious march of the Freikorps through the streets of Munich, the threat of a Soviet regime in the rest of Germany is still very real. Units of the navy are in mutiny, raising the red flag over Germany's battleships. France will march into the Ruhr Valley, Germany's industrial heartland. But the spectacular success of the Freikorps has aroused the admiration of anti-Bolshevik forces all across Europe. In Riga, the newly formed Latvian Republic begs for Freikorps assistance to defend their country against the Bolsheviks and even the British support it's decision. Hence, Freikorps units move to the defense of Latvia until the British themselves have to intervene to free Latvia from the death grip of these rabid proto-Nazi brigands. Even Germany's own right wing is divided into two camps: those in favor of restoring the monarchy and seperating Bavaria from the rest of Germany, and those in favor of a unified Greater German Reich, without a monarch but with a leader, a leader with vision. A German messiah. A Fuhrer. Where is that Fuhrer to be found? Unwittingly, the Thule Gesselschaft provides the answer. Meeting in the expensive Four Seasons Hotel, the leading industrialists and aristocracy of the city, along with a generous helping of local police and military officials, are designing a two-pronged strategy of political activism. The Thule Society will do the organizing, will make the right connections among the society figures, the wealthy capitalists, the intelligentsia. They will stockpile weapons. They will organize units of the Free Corps, particularly the Ehrhard Brigade (which will become an official unit of Germany's navy as the Ehrhardt Naval Brigade and, eventually, subsumed into Himmler's SS) and the Freikorps Oberland. But another arm of the Thule has already begun recruiting-- not among Munich's "beautiful people", the rich and the powerful-- but among the working people, the lower and middle-class citizens who have been hit hardest by the civil wars, the enormous rates of inflation, the chaos and confusion. There will be no overt involvement of the Thule Society in this group, which is to be called instead the German Workers Party and which will be led by a serious, humorless, railroad employee and locksmith named Anton Drexler. They will meet in a beer hall. Perhaps between the two groups--the Thule with its academics, nobles, and factory owners meeting at the Four Seasons, and the German Workers Party with its rought-andtumble factory workers meeting in beer halls-they will be able to form a united front against Communism, "international" Freemasonry, and world Jewry.

[Dear Reader: It is one of the more recuring facts of the occult secret societies of their habit of superficially turning on their own current public petina's when they sense opportunity presented by political wind blowing in a new direction, then simply resurfacing under a new nom-de-plume when the advantage of the situation has been taken. In order to detect and understand this it is necessary to have some background on the core theology of this occult battle. The essence of it is this, which we hope to expand on in the future: that "God" of the Bible - Jehova or Yahwah (YHWH) is not god but the jealous and vengeful Satan, and that Samael (Satan) is the real God of Light who is endevouring to "Free" man into "Liberty" from the yoke of Jehova who want's to keep us in ignorance. Hence the Serpant (or Dragon as they prefer to refer to him as) is the "God" of Wisdom. This theology is always consistent, please refer to the belief system of the Gnostics, Mandeans, Goths, "St. John" Christians et all. You will also find this completely agrees with the writing's of the Freemason's if you pursue some of the treatises of their more well known authors, as well as of course the accusations made against the Knights Templar. The Occult Religion of the Nazi's is entirely consistent with this. The objective is destroying the "yoke" of Jehova and as the biggest advocate of Jehova is the "Jews" then that is why they are singled out for "special" treatment. Of course there has been some Jewish Sects who have incorporated elements of this heresy in their secret doctrines, such as the early Judeo-Gnostics and probably the infamous Benjamites. It is a very tangled tale but the important point to always remember is that the objective is not ascendency of whatever current public organizational device they are using but the ascendency of the idea; the idea that Samael is the God of Light, Liberty and Wisdom, while Jehova is the God of Darkness, Tyranny and Ignorance.] Within a year, this project of the Thule Gesellschaft will become the NSDAP: the National Socialist German Workers' Party. The Nazi Party. It will sport a swastika flag and a corporal who had been sent by the German Army to spy on the organization: Adolf Hitler. And by Novemeber, 1923, the tiny German Workers Party will have grown to enormous proportions with many thousands of members, and will attempt to take over the country in the famous Beer Hall Putsch. The Putsch will fail, but Adolf Hitler the Fuhrer will be born--not in a manger like the Son of God he often believed himself to be--but in a jail cell at Landsberg Prison. What was the Thule Gesselschaft? What were cultists doing fighting Communists in the streets of Munich? What did they believe? How did it influence the Nazi Party? Unholy Alliance Peter Levenda Avon Books, 1995.

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The Thule Society, Nazi Party founders. The Thule Society (Thule Gesselschaft), the real inspiration of Nazism, was founded in August, 1919, in Munich, as an off-shot itself of the Germanen Order, under the initiative of a strange character named Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf. Among its most important members were also Max Amann, Anton Drexler, Dietrich Eckart, Hans Frank, Rudolf Hess, Alfred Rosenberg, Gottfried Feder, and others who later became Nazi leaders. Adolf Hitler belonged to the Society as an "associate" or "visiting brother." The emblem of the Thule Society depicts a German dagger over a sinistroverse swastika of curved legs inscribed in a circle. The Thule Gesellschaft was a front for a whole web of secret societies which had similar racist and anti-Semitic occultist roots. Among the members of these groups were influential people, like the political theorist Gottfried Feder, whose Hammer Union furnished cadres to the future Nazi Party. In this circle of initiates was also Hans Frank, a lawyer member of the Nazi party and future governor-general of Poland, who at that time was involved with a society for heraldic and genealogical research, headed by Dr. W. Daumenlang. Daumenlang was infatuated by his discovery of a swastika in the coat of arms of the Hohenzollern. The initiative for the creation of the Thule Gesselschaft came from Baron von Sebbotendorf, head of the Bavarian branch of the Germanen Order. In the name of the Thule Gessellschaft Sebottendorf bought the newspaper Vlkischer Beobachter --which later became the official Nazi Party journal. Dietrich Eckart, for many years Hitler's mentor, provided the money for the purchase. Sebetendorf was a Freemason.

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The Swastika Rune. The Swastika is a powerful magical symbol still used in High Masonic Degrees today. It is the Ancient "Furthore" Rune Script for the letter "G", the most important and universal symbol in Freemasonry. It was to replace the Cross in the post christian pagan religion of the Nazi's Occult New World Order.

THE MASONIC SIGN OF LUCIFER-SAMAEL 'A Pretty Little Pin' ----- Original Message ----From: "Alistair Rae" alrae_spamtrap_@iee.org Newsgroups: soc.org.freemasonry Sent: Sunday, July 01, 2001 4:03 PM Subject: Re: unusual symbol > Don > > The backing symbol is derived from Hindu mythology. It was used by the Nazi > Party inverted which denotes an evil connotation, which was borne out by > later events. In its normal configuration it has some good/ light meanings. > > I would assume from the emblem atop it, that it is used in that degree > Scottish Rite. >

> In UK the base symbol is used in some of the esoteric orders, but not in > white. > > Hope this gives some guidance. Pretty little pin tho. > > Alistair > > SW Union of Malta, No 407 > 1AS William Kingston RA Chapter > MM Mother Kilwinning No 0 > Fr Elias Ashmole College SRIA > > > > "Donald C. Sargent" dsargent@lcc.net wrote in message > news:sl8sjtgmbln9sadvtmqcf0hjp2bqvh7j9v@4ax.com... >> >> > > Today I received an e-mail from a friend in New Hampsire. He has a > > lapel pin and a tie bar that have a symbol that neither of us have > > seen. It is a white swastika (with the bent arms turning counter > > clockwise) that has a black triangle with a 32 in it. If you would like > > to see a picture, you can find it at > > http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View? u=1056318&a=13410637&p=51109149 >> > > Has anyone seen anything like this before or know what organization uses > > it? Any help that anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated. >> > > Sincerely and fraternally, >> > > Don Sargent >> >>

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Helen Blavatsky

We, the Thrice-Illustrious Sovereign Grand Master General, and we, the Sovereign Grand Conservators, thirty-third and Last degree of the Sovereign

Sanctuary of England, Wales, etc., decorated the Grand Star of Sirius, etc., Grand Commanders of the Three Legions of the Knights of Masonry, by virtue of the high authority with which we are invested, have declared and proclaimed and by these presents do declare and proclaim our illus- trious and enlightened Brother, H. P. Blavatsky, to be an Apprentice, Companion, Perfect Mistress, Sublime Elect Scotch Lady, Grand Elect, Chevaliere de Rose Croix, Adoniramite Mistress, Perfect Venerable Mistress, and a crowned Princess of Rite of Adoption. Given under our hands and the seals of the Sovereign Sanctuary for England and Wales, sitting in the Valley of London, this 24th day of November, 1877, year of true light 000,000,000. John Yarker, 33 Sovereign Grand Master M. Caspari, 33 Grand Secretary A. D. Loewenstark, 33 Grand Secretary

Her teachings were instrumental to the creation of the Nazi Party and it's Darwinian drive to annihalate the "race polluters" and restore the Aryans with their "pure" religion of fire, sword, and swastika to their previous glory. Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) was born in what is now now Ukrainia. She would be forty-four years old before creating the Society for which she is best remembered, but her most important achievements still lay ahead of her. In 1877--two years afer starting the Theosophical Society -- she would publish Isis Unveiled, an energetic blend of Eastern religion and mysticism, European mythology and Egyptian occultism, who rambuctious style would pave the way for her even more ambitious The Secret Doctrine in 1888. Some authors have written that the popularity of Blavatsky's writings in the late nineteeth century was evidence of an anti-positivist reaction among the middle classes to the effect that science was having on religous belief. In other words, science was going to far toward "proving" the errors of faith that the average person--suddenly up the existential creek without a paddle or prayer book--embraced the quasi-scientific approach toward religion represented in The Secret Doctrine. Darwin had published The Origin of Species in 1859 and this was followed by the Descent of Man in 1871; both books offered evolution as the means by which humans were created, as opposed to the Biblical account found in Genesis. The effect of the theory of evolution on religion was as great then as it is now; the controversy over Darwinism caused many people to question the existence of God, the possiblity of redemption, life after death, etc. People were startled to discover that Biblical myths were at odds with scientific theories, and thus began to doubt everything they ever believed. They found themselves spiritually--and, perhaps, morally--adrift. Blavatsky provided a much-appreciated antidote to Darwin even as she was brazenly appropriating (and reversing) his theory of evolution. As bizarre as here theories appear today, they were actually quite briliant for her time, for they enabled intelligent and educated men and women to maintian deep spirutual beliefs while simultaneously acknowledging the inroads made by scientific research into areas previously considered beyond the domain of mere human knowledge. Blavatsky outline a map of evolution that went far beyond Darwin to include vanished races from time immemorial through the present imperfect race of humans, and continuing on for races far into the future. Based on an idiosyncratic selection of various Asian scripture--including a few she made up herself-- The Secret Doctrine's message would later be picked up by the German occultists, who welcomed the

pseudoscientific prose of its author as the answer to a dream. The smug and condescending attitude of scientists and their devotees toward the "unscientific" had proved contagious among many in the newly created middle class, and mystics began to satisfy the requirements of science in what are patently unscientific (we may say "nonscientific") pursuites. Modernism in general was seen as being largely an urban, sophisticated, intellectual (hence "Jewish") phenomenon, and this included science, technology, the Industrial Revolution, and capitalism. The only wholesome lifestyle was that of the peasant on his "land," and the naive beliefs of the people of the land, the paganus or pagans--with their sympathetic magic and worship of ancient gods in the form of such superstitious practices as fertility rites, the lighting of bonfires on particular days sacred to the old calendar, and the whole host of cultural traditions that can be discovered by consulting Fraziers The Golden Bough-were set up in opposition to "science," with its suspect lack of human warmth and its cold indifference to the "gods". Science in its hubris was treading dangerously close to the territory claimed by religion (the orign of life, the creation of the universe, even the existence of God), and in order to get there it would have to dance a jig all over the occult "sciences." Science still smarted from the religious furors caused by Galileo and Copernicus; so rather than mount an all-out attack on God, it was a lot safer to conduct a rearguard action and go after the ghosts. But then along came Blavatsky, who took new scientific attitudes as they were popularly understood and gave them a mystical twist. Taking here cur from Darwin, she popularized the notion of a spiritual struggle between various "races", and of the inherent superiority of the "Aryan" race, hypothetically the latest in the line of spiritual evolution. Blavatsky would borrow heavily from carefully chosen scientific authors in fields as diverse as archaeology and astronomy to bolster her arguements for the existance of Atlantis, extraterestrial (or superterrestrial) life- forms, the creation of animals by humans (as opposed to the Darwinian line of succession), etc. It should be remembered that Blavatsky's works--notably Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine--appear to be the result of prodigious scholarship and were extremely convincing in their day. The rationale behind many later Nazi projects can be traced back--through the writings of Von List, Von Sebettendorff, and Von Liebenfels--to ideas first popularized by Blavatsky. A caste system of races, the superiority of the Aryans (a white race with its origins in the Himalayas), an "initiated" version of astrology and astronomy, the cosmic truths coded within pagan myths ... all of these and more can be found in the ideology of its Dark Creature, the SS. It was, after all, Blavatsky who pointed out the supreme occult significance of the swastika. And it was a follower of Blavatsky who was instrumental in introducing the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to a Western European community eager for a scapegoat. [Levenda doesn't say here who the Blavatsky follower that was responsible for introducing the Protocols to the Nazi Party Inner Circle is. It was the Estonia/Russia born Alfred Rosenberg later to be known as the "Philospher" of the Party, author of the mystical Myth of the Twentieth Century which rivaled Mein Kampf in its importance on Nazi Dogma. Rosenberg later was Publisher of the Party's Official Newspaper and Reichminister for the conquored Soviet Eastern Territories, as well as one of the principal defendants at the Nuremberg War Crime Trials]. Unholy Alliance A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult Peter Levenda Avon Books, 1995

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Mme. Blavatsky's Mystic Brooch It shows her initials in an hexagram topped by a short-legged sinistroverse swastika standing on one of its angles and enclosed in a circle formed by a snake biting its tail. The snake biting its tail, also called the Ouroborus, is an old symbol of the infinite. The Swastika is the letter "G" in the Ancient Northern European Runic Script known as "Furthore". The "G" of course is the most important and well known symbol in Freemasonry, which is said to mean by Masons depending on whom they are speaking to either "God", "The Great Architect of the Universe"(T.G.A.O.T.U.), "Geometry", or "Gnosis"(They generally deny that one).

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The New World Order. Nazi Swastika illustrated as the Sun, on display in Occupied Paris.

The New World Order 2000 NATO Headquarters Brussels, Belgium

It looks like a WHAT? Next question...

Born Again Swastika, Acacia, and Torch One Nation, one Race, one Religion The Light of the New Order of the New Age 'We Germans are finally happy, we don't have to think any more'... 'The Order' is all about control. Control of peoples, of idea's, of religious belief. This is where the secret societies have been leading us for the last century and a half through Fascist pagan-occult Nazism and Fascist pagan-athiestic Communism. They will sometimes try and position themselves as being democratic, using various front organizations, when in fact these Machavelian manipulators are far right reactionaries who use events like the Cold War, the Gulf War, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, the protests at Durban, the WTO, and G8 to create a situation were they are "forced" to react, and thereby increase their control. Their goal through the ages has always been the same, the complete ascendency of their heretical religious-occult doctrine via the infiltration, alteration, and eventual elimination of all other religions, movements, and beliefs. Ordo Ab Chao. Order out of Chaos. For the possessed 'Brethren of St. John' the means is always justified by the end.

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Alfred Rosenberg, Reich Minister Eastern Territories.

Nazi Inner Circle Party Member, closer to Hess and Himmler than Hitler, Goebbels or Speer who often mocked him in private as the "Party Philospher" (Albert Speer: "Infiltration"). Born in Estonia and fled to Germany after the "Reds" took over which he and other "Whites" continually lobbied Hitler to reverse by invading Russia. This Eastern contingent of ethnic Germans and others who fled Lenin and Trotsky formed one of the key groupings in the inner circle of the party, paralleling other exile communities in history such as the later Miami Cuban's for the virolent fervour of their anticommunism. (Toland: "Adolf Hitler") Rosenbergs mystical work "The Myth of the Twentieth Century" was as important if not more so than Hitler's Mein Kampf as setting the party line in it's radical line to deal "once and for all" with the "Judeo-Bolshevik Menace", as was his roll as Master Propaganist as publisher of the Party Newspaper "The Volkischer Beobachter" (Speer: "Inside the Third Reich"). His statements were virolently Anti-Semitc but it is conceivable that this was merely a device as part of his contingent's lobby efforts to reverse the Russian Revolution. Speer wrote that Rosenberg often stymied Himmlers Empire building plans in the East. Who knows, maybe he was just another crazy nazi occultist, albiet one of mixed ancestry himself. As they say there is none more fervent than the converted. It has been speculated that Rosenberg was model for the character "Meloch" who lead the Nazi Occult Archeological Team in the Steven Spielberg classic "Raiders of the Lost Ark" who were in a race with "Indiana Jones" to discover the Lost Ark of Covenent. Another among the many people who may have influenced Adolf Hitler's in the selection of the swastika as a Nazi symbol was Alfred Rosenberg, the "intellectual leader" of the Nazi movement. Born the son of a poor shoemaker, Alfred Rosenberg's key to his rise to fame among the Nazi leadership was the possession of a manuscript he smuggled from Moscow, The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion . [1] Some claim that he presented the manuscript to Hitler, who saw in it a blueprint to total power. Rosenberg told a strange story about how the manuscript came to his hands. It is probably that he quickly discovered that it was a forged document. Nevertheless, he also knew that he had in his hands a valuable document, full of racial and political dynamite, which, if used to his advantage, may become the key to his personal success. Despite some Jewish ancestory, Rosenberg gained access to the Thule Society by showing the Protocols to Rudolf Hess and to Dietrich Eckart, who became wildly excited on reading it. Very soon the Protocols viewed its first German edition. German intellectuals were impressed. Edition followed edition. The book was given away at no cost and widely distributed. French, Polish, and British editions appeared. Then it was published also in America, in Italy, and in Hungary. After the creation of the Nazi Party, Eckart introduced Rosenberg to Adolf Hitler, and the young Estonian emigr from Russia became an active Party member. In 1930 Rosenberg reached a high point in his career as a Nazi ideologue with the publication

of his most important work, The Myth of the 20th Century . According to a review of that time, it was, "with Hitler's Mein Kampf, the most important work on National Socialism. The book eventually became a best seller, and sold more than one million copies. During the World War II, Rosenberg led an art-looting staff which carried off to Germany more than 21,000 carloads of stolen paintings, rare books, sculptures, and jewelry. Much of this loot found its way into the private collections of Reichmarshall Herman Gering. Anxious to be in Hitler's good graces, some Nazi leaders, Rosenberg prominently among them, repudiated Christianity completely. Instead, they wanted to set up a pagan cult of "blood, race, and soil." They would go back to the dark ritual of dramatic rites of their ancestors. The New Pagans resurrected Odin, Thor, and the old gods of primitive Teutons before Christ's time. Instead of the Old Testament they adopted Nordic sagas and fairy tales. They set up a new trinity for worship---bravery , loyalty , and physical force . They even created a hymn for the new German Faith Movement: The time of the Cross has gone now, The Sun-wheel shall arise, And so, with God, we shall be free at last And give our people their honor back. Though Hitler did not openly supported the new paganism, he was not opposed to its ideas. In 1937, he awarded the National Prize, Germany's version of the Nobel Prize, to Alfred Rosenberg, maximum foe of Christianity and leader of the Neo-Pagans. Rosenberg, the White Russian turned into Nazi philosopher, wanted a return to the old Teutonic religion of fire, sword, and swastika. NOTES: 1. The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion purported to be a record of the proceedings of the Jewish World Congress held in Basel in 1897, at which, it was affirmed, plans were laid towards total world domination by an international Jewish conspiracy. The Protocols , however, proved to be a hoax. They were the appendix of a work called The Anti-Christ, written by Nilus, a degenerate Russian writer and the proteg of Soloviev, the Russian philosopher. The Protocols were largely copied from the book of Maurice Joly, Dialogues aux Enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu , published in 1864. The extraordinary resemblance of the two works could not be accidental, not only whole paragraphs are almost identical, but the various points in the programme follow each other in the same order. Maurice Joly was a French lawyer, a conservative and a monarchist. He had no intention of writing a secret document; on the contrary, he had in mind a satire against the French emperor, Napoleon III. The French police soon discovered the author of the anonymous pamphlet, and Joly

was sent to prison for fifteen months. His book was published in a second edition and then forgotten. Today scarcely any copies of it can be found. At the time when Joly published his Dialogues aux Enfers , the secret societies were particularly active and, as people feared that a number of Jews had penetrated their ranks, a whole crop of literary efforts directed against Jews and secret societies marked the decade. After thirty years of oblivion, however, Joly's great day came--in Russia. A copy of his book fell in the hands of some agents of the Ochrana, the tsar's secret police. They wanted to scare the tsar and drive him to bloodshed. Using Joly's book as evidence, they persuaded him that the Jews of the whole world had devised a secret conspiracy to achieve domination, first over Russia, then over the whole world. The superstitious Tsar became frightened. The religious community was concerned by Soloviev's warnings about the imminent coming of the Antichrist. Now Sergei Nilus, one of his disciples, had made the Antichrist a Jew. Authors Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln in their "The Holy Blood and Holy Grail", "The Messianic Legacy", and "The Temple and the Lodge" Trilogy say that the "Protocols" was actually based on an authentic document about not the "Jews", but about the mysterious Priory of Sion. The Prioy of Sion is said to be a Secret Society that was alledgedly behind the Knights Templar, Freemasonry, and Arthurian and Grail Legends who are working towards the restoration of World Kingship for it's "hidden masters". These "hidden masters" are said to be of the Judaic Royal Messianic Bloodline descended from Merovingians, Arcadia, Troy, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, James, the Benjimites and King David who possess "powers" that are seemingly supernatural. Resources: The Swastika and the Nazi's

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Karl Hausofer. Was one of the key figures in Nazi Occult Circles Notwithstanding Adolf Hitler's claims on the contrary, some authors believe that it was Karl Haushofer, whom they see as Hitler's guiding brain, the one who suggested the Fhrer the adoption of the swastika as the Nazi symbol. This is, i. e., the opinion of Pauwels and Bergier. [1] Karl Haushofer was born in Bavaria in 1869. He chose a career as a professional soldier, and his intellectual gifts and meticulous attention to detail quickly allowed him to get an appointment to the Staff Corps. Haushofer is known to have had a reputation for precognition, manifested when he was a young field artillery officer in the Bavarian army. In 1908 the army sent him to Tokyo to study the Japanese army and to advise it as an artillery instructor. The assignment changed the course of his life and marked the beginning of his love affair with the Orient. During the next four years he traveled extensively in the Far East, adding Korean, Japanese, and Chinese to his repertoire of Russian, French, and English languages. During his multiple visits to Japan, Haushofer made the acquaintance of many influential Japanese politicians and developed a strong rapport for the Japanese culture which helped in some way to create the German-Japanese alliance during the war. Karl Haushofer had been a devout student of Schopenhauer, and during his stay in the Far East he was introduced to Oriental esoteric teachings. He became proficient enough to translate several Hindu and Buddhist texts, and became an authority in Oriental mysticism. Some authors even believe that he was the leader of a secret community of Initiates in a current of satanism through which he sought to raise Germany to world power, though these occult connections have been denied. It is also believed that he belonged to the esoteric circle of George Gurdjieff. [2] Others claim that he was a secret member of the Thule Society. Some authors have linked Haushofer's name with another esoteric group, the Vril Society, [3] or Luminous Lodge, a secret society of occultists in pre-Nazi Berlin. It was not until the age of forty-five that he obtained his doctorate with a brilliant thesis on Political Geography. He continued developing the ideas expressed on his dissertation, until developing a whole new doctrine he called geopolitics. [4] Among Haushofer's students at Munich university was a young, bright army officer: Rudolf Hess. Soon Hess became Haushofer's favorite student. Later Hess also became one of the closest associates of Hitler. He was serving time with Hitler at Lansdberg. It is a well known fact that it was Rudolf Hess who introduced Haushofer to Adolf Hitler, and also that the professor frequently visited the Fhrer while he was

writing Mein Kampf in Landsberg Fortress prison after his failed Munich putsch in 1923. After Hitler came to power in 1933, Professor Haushofer was instrumental in developing Germany's alliance with Japan. Most of the meetings between high rank Japanese officials and Nazi leaders took place at his home near Munich. He saw Japan as the brother nation to Germany, the Herrenwolk of the Orient. Before the war Professor Haushofer and his son Albrecht maintained close contacts with British members of the Golden Dawn. [5] When war between Germany and England broke out Haushofer tried to use his influence with Hess in trying to convince Hitler to make peace with the British. In the Spring of 1941, after having failed to convince Hitler, Haushofer urged Hess to make a direct contact with the Duke of Hamilton, a Scottish member of the Golden Dawn. On may 10, 1941, Hess took off for Scot-land. Whether Hitler knew his plans or not is still subject of debate among historians. The British government, however, didn' t even want to hear Hess' peace propositions and put him in jail incommunicado. After Hess' failure the Nazis denounced him as mentally disturbed. Karl and Albrecht Haushofer fell from grace. Albrecht became involved in a failed coup d'etat against Hitler on July 20, 1941. Frau Haushofer Karl's wife and Albrect's Mother was Jewish and this is undoubtably related to their distancing themselves from the Nazi's virlent Anti-Semitic Program (Toland: Inside the Third Reich). Karl Haushofer was sent to the infamous Dachau concentration camp, and Albrecht to the Moabite prison in Berlin, where was later executed. Some authors claim that, while in Japan, Haushofer was active in the ultra-secret Green Dragon Society, whose members were under oath to commit ritual suicide if faced with dishonor. After the war Haushofer was among the Nazi members to be put to trial before the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal. But Professor Haushofer never went to trial. After killing his wife, Karl Haushofer committed suicide in the traditional Japanese way, cutting his intestines with a sharp samurai short sword, in a personal, formal ceremony called seppuku (commonly known as hara-kiri). NOTES: 1. The Morning of the Magicians . New York: Avon Books, 1971, 280. 2. George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff was born in 1872 in the Caucasus region of Russia, of Greek, Armenian, and Russian ancestry. He claimed to have met members of a Hidden Brotherhood while traveling in Asia, and they initiated him in the occult tradition. After returning to Moscow Gurdjieff started an esoteric school where disciples were supposed to be taught how to reach higher levels of conscience through meditation exercises. After the school's success he opened a similar one in Paris. Gurdjieff has always been an enigmatic figure. Some speculate that he may have been sent by the Russian authorities to Tibet as a spy. Others affirm that while in Tibet he was actually the man known as Dorjieff, the preceptor of the Dalai Lama. According to some sources, it was in Tibet where Haushofer met Gurdjieff and became one of his adepts. On the other hand, it is evident that Gurdjieff never held the Nazis in high esteem. While visiting Berlin during the height of Nazi power he and a small group of disciples were watching a street parade, which he begin to satirize loudly. Somebody called the police and he was about to be hauled to prison, but was eventually dismissed as a madman.

On the other hand, it seems that Haushofer was somehow influenced by Gurdjieff's teachings, which held that men are asleep, just waiting for a strong leader to force them to awake and become supermen. Gurdjieff also believed in the legend of the Masters of Wisdom, superhuman intelligences who keep a careful watch over the destiny of mankind and intervene whenever human affairs get out of hand. Even more, he believed that he himself was in direct communication with a source of higher energy from which, through him, his disciples could draw. 3. The Vril Society, or Luminous Lodge, was a secret community of occultists in preNazi Berlin. The Berlin Vril Society was in fact a sort of inner circle of the Thule Society, it was also in close contact with an English group known as the Golden Dawn. The Vril Society in Berlin apparently sought connection with supernatural beings in the entrails of the earth, and its members practiced the techniques which would eventually strengthen their mastery of the divine energy, the Vril, empowering them to master people and events. The term "Vril" came to the attention of the Western world through the writings of a not well known French author, Louis Jacolliot (1837-1890). Jacolliot was an avid reader of occult literature, and was familiar with the work of Swedenborg, of the theosophist Jacob Bhme and of Louis Claude de Saint Martin. In the course of his professional career Jacolliot had been president of the tribunal at Chandernagor, India, and afterwards French consul in Calcutta. The works of Jacolliot have inspired several writers and occultists, among them Rudyard Kipling and H. P. Blavatsky. Among Jacolliot's many books are: La Bible dans l'Inde ou la Vie de Iezeus Christna (1859); Les Fils de Dieu (1873); Christna et le Christ (1874); Les Traditions indo-europennes (1876); La Gense de l'humanit (1879); and L'Olympe brahmanique (1881). The main theme in his books is that modern civilizations were originated from a single, primordial nucleus, which was the same for India, western Asia, and Europe. The Semitic and indo-European races were not different at the beginning, but the Semitic races degenerated in the process, while the Aryans remained pure. A code of law rules civilized people, the Code of Manu, name of the divine ruler in India, while in Egypt he was called Menes, Mosses among the Hebrews, and Minos in Crete. According to Jacolliot, Jesus Christ is but a recent reconstruction of an old indo-aryan tradition, that of Iezeus-Christna. Jesus of Nazareth is only a different characterization of the same personage. North of Europe a magic civilization has existed for millennia and its name is Thule. The superior beings of Thule live in huge caverns in the entrails of the earth. They possess an extraordinary source of magic energy: the Vril. The theme of the Vril is exalted in most of Jacolliot's writings. Vril is an energy latent in man, but he utilizes only a fraction of it. It is the source of divinity, the source of the coming superman. He who discovers it and masters its use acquires great powers. He can become a master of men. In many of his works, particularly in Les Fils de Dieu, and in Les Traditions indoeuropenes , Jacolliot affirms that he discovered the existence of Vril among an Indian sect: the Jains, still active in the regions of Mysore and Gujerat, and counting

millions of adepts. The discovery of Vril by Jacolliot created extraordinary interest among European intellectuals, avid of knowledge about traditional oriental wisdom. Inspired by his writings a group of Rosicrucians from Berlin founded, by the end of the 19th century, the Vril Society to divulge the writings of the French master. Jacolliot's ideas were introduced in England by S. L. Matthews at the Golden Dawn Society, of which he was the Great Master. With the passage of time, apparently the term Vril fell in disuse. Interest on Vril was renewed after it was used again in a novel with occult and prophetic overtones, The Coming Race , written by the Baron Edward Bulwer-Lytton. Bulwer-Lytton was an English writer and occultist better known as the author of the best seller The Last Days of Pompeii. In The Coming Race he describes the existence of a superhuman race of beings living in huge caves in the entrails of the earth. These beings had developed a strong energy source of psychic energy --the Vril-which make them equal to gods. Their plans are, one day, to take control of the earth and, using his energy, bring about a mutation of the now dormant human elite, subjugating afterwards the rest of the low-grade human beings. Like Gurdjieff, Baron Bulwer-Lytton believed that he was a storer of Vril. He practiced ceremonial magic and Madame H. P. Blavatsky affirmed he was a Theosophist. According to Bulwer-Lytton, Vril was a sort of great fluid, resembling electricity, with which all of life was pervaded. His "Vril people" accumulated it through yoga-like mental and physical exercises. The adepts of the Vril Society and the Thule Society shared the belief that it was possible to get in touch with the Vril, a belief which they inculcated in Adolph Hitler. It was precisely to get in touch with the spiritual "powerplant" of Vril that the Fhrer created the Ahnenerbe. The Society for the Study of Ancestral Heritages, the Ahnenerbe, was an organization founded in 1935 privately by Frederick Hielscher, a mystic and friend of the Swedish explorer Sven Hedin, and Wolfram Siever's spiritual teacher. SS soldiers receiving a crash course on the meaning of the Germanic runes and other "Aryan symbols". The Ahnenerbe was the SS branch in charge of the research on ancient symbols and other esoteric subjects. Frederick Hielscher was never a member of the Nazi party, and was in friendly terms with Martin Buber, the Jewish philosopher. But his theories had some aspects in common with the esoteric doctrines of the Nazi leaders. Two years after Hielscher privately founded the Ahnenerbe, Himmler turned it into an official organization, attached to the SS. Finally, in January 1939, the Ahnenerbe was incorporated into the SS as one of its branches, and its leaders absorbed into Himmler's personal staff. At that time it had fifty branches under the direction of Professor Wurst, an expert on ancient sacred texts who had taught Sanskrit at Munich University. The mission assigned to the Ahnenerbe was to locate the origins of the "Nordic" race which, according to Nazi lore, was of Aryan stock. But the Ahnenerbe's multiple branches dealt with a more broad spectrum of

activities. These activities ranged from strictly "scientific" research --like vivisection practiced on prisoners-- to espionage, as well as the study and practice of occultism. According to the scant information available about the Ahnenerbe --its huge archives mysteriously disappeared after the war-- it seems that Germany spent more money and devoted more resources on the Ahnenerbe than America did on the atomic bomb. More than fifty departments in this branch of the SS succeeded in spending over a million marks on such "scientific" research. Among the many researches tackled by the Ahnenerbe at enormous cost were: Gathering information about the strength of the Rosicrucian organization. Researching about the possible consequences of the suppression of the Irish harp in Ulster. The occult significance of Gothic towers and of the Etonian top-hat . Scientific examination of "Aryan" horses and "Aryan" bees, whose honey had special properties. Study of the Germanic runes and other "Aryan" symbols, among them the swastika. Thorough search for the Grail. The Ahnenerbe also had archaeologists digging up all of Europe for remains of Germanic cultures. When the German army invaded the Caucasus in the Spring of 1942, a strange ceremony took place. Three SS mountaineers climbed to the summit of Mount Elbruz, the sacred mountain of the Aryan race, and planted a swastika flag. The Ahnenerbe organized several expeditions to Tibet. Their purpose was to locate the origins of the "Nordic" race which was, according to the Nazi theoreticians, of Indo-Germanic stock. But the main goal of these expeditions was to get in touch with the spiritual "power-plant" producer of Vril. 4. The nucleus of Haushofer's doctrines was a term originated in his first lecture at Munich university: Lebensraum (vital space). Later on he was appointed professor of geopolitics at that University. Haushofer theories became extremely popular in Germany and all around the world. Even American scholars were influenced by his ideas. As Hans W. Weighert put it in an article published in Foreign Affairs in July, 1942: ". . . the highest eulogy a political writer could earn was to be called 'the American Haushofer' . . . colleges all over the country hurried to organize 'Institute of Geopolitics.' " Haushofer disguised racial mysticism in a veil of geography and science, providing Germans with a powerful reason to return to those areas in the hinterland of Asia where the Aryan race supposedly originated. His appeal for Lebensraum for the German people and his plans to achieve it were no more than a justification for international pillage on a grand scale, virtually a blueprint to world conquest. Haushofer became an important personage among the Nazi elite. He was made president of the German Academy and finally became director of the highly

respected Institut fr Geopolitik of the University of Munich. His eldest son, Albrecht, was also a geopolitician, and occupied the Chair of Political Geography at the University of Berlin. Haushofer advised Hitler to enlarge the living space of the Third Reich by moving out from a powerful territorial hub and by accomplishing this conquest progressively, step by step, following the accelerating movement of a growing spiraling sinistroverse swastika. 5. The Hermetic Society of the Golden Dawn was formed in England in 1887. Its three founding members were prominent Masonic figures and early members of the first Masonic lodge of research Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076. It was basically a society of occultists devoted to the study of magic. Among its early members were the poet W. B. Yeats, the actress Florence Farr, the writer Arthur Machen, and the notorious Aleister Crowley, who in 1905 broke away to found his own Order, the Argenteum Astrum. The Golden Dawn was also popular among members of the British aristocracy. Among its affiliates were the Duke of Bedford, the Duke of Hamilton, and Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick. The Rosicrucians claim an ancient origin from Egypt and the Mystery religions. Their rise, however, can be traced only to the 17th century with the publication in 1614 of an anonymous document entitled, Fama Fraternitas Rosae-Crucis. This document claimed that Christian Rosenkreutz, a German born in 1378, was the founder of Rosicrucianism. The term Rosicrucian is supposed to be derived from the Latin 'rosa' (rose) and 'crux' (cross). These two symbols of the Order, however, are not to be confused with similar Christian symbols and meanings. Even more, it seems that, at least in some cases, the swastika, not the cross, has been actually linked to the rose. In the monastery of Loudum, founded n 1334, several Carmelite brothers left their names engraved in a staircase, which has for this reason been named the staircase of the graffiti. Among the names of these brethren is that of a Brother Guyot, who added to his signature a rose overlaid by a sinistroverse swastika. (See Louis Charbonnay-Lassay. L'Esoterisme de quelques symboles gomtriques chrtiens. Paris: Editions traditionnelles, 1960).

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Rudolf Hess Hess was Hitler's personally selected successor and number two man in the party. He was captured in 1941 in Scotland during a solo flight while on a mission to meet with Golden Dawn figure The Duke of Hamilton trying to arrange for some sort of peace settlement between Hitler and Churchill. The Golden Dawn is an esoteric Order founded in England in the 1880's. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was originally heavily influenced by Freemasonry. Its three founding members were prominent Masonic figures and early members of the first Masonic lodge of research Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076. Also with the the Golden Dawn at the time was none other than Aleister Crowley, who was actively involved with British Intelligence M.I. 5 which had it's own official Occult Division/Department. Crowley and the Golden Dawn, O.T.O., Theosophy crowd were involved with a number of key Nazi Occult figures. Rudolph Hess was born in Egypt in 1896, the son of a rich exporter and wholesaler from Bavaria who moved to Alexandria. When Rudolf was fourteen he was sent back to Germany to attend school. Like Adolf Hitler, Hess always felt strongly attracted by the occult. He volunteered for the army as soon as World War I began, and soon was placed as officer in an infantry regiment. During the war Hess was wounded twice. When the war ended he went to Munich and joined the Thule Society. He was only 22. Hess was one of the hundreds of war veterans recruited in Munich by Freemason Baron von Sebottendorf [1] to join the Freikorps. Hess joined the Freikorps and became an expert street fighter helping them in getting the leftist revolutionaries out of Munich. Later Hess joined the German Workers Party. It was in one of its meetings where he saw Adolf Hitler for the first time and was instantly captivated by Hitler's charismatic powers. When the would-be Fhrer ended his inflammatory speech Hess was already one of Hitler's followers. A few months later Hess became Hitler's personal secretary. With Hitler he participated in the frustrated Munich Beer Hall putsch of 1923. He escaped to Austria, but when Hitler was sent to prison he gave himself up to the authorities in order to join the Fhrer at Landsberg. Some people believe that Hess was instrumental in Hitler's decision of adopting the swastika as the Nazi symbol. Sharing the prison tied even more the homoerotic bond between the two men. Hess helped Hitler in writing Mein Kampf. It was there when he told Hitler about his professor, the geopolitician Karl Haushofer. He introduced Hitler to Haushofer and

the professor became a frequent visitor to Hitler's cell at Landberg. When the Nazis took power over Germany and Hitler became the Fhrer of he Third Reich, Hess fortune seemed linked forever to Hitler's. The Fhrer named Hess his heir-apparent. On May 10, 1941, however, a strange incident occurred. Following Haushofer's suggestion, Rudolf Hess astonished the world by flying alone from Germany to Scotland and parachuting near the state of the Duke of Hamilton to contact some British members of the Golden Dawn and deliver a peace proposition. But the British government paid no attention to Hess' message and put him in jail for the rest of his life. NOTES: 1. The Thule Gesellschaft was founded in 1919 by Baron von Sebottendorf. Born in Saxony in 1875, he was the son of a Silesian locomotive conductor. His true name was Adam Rudolf Glauber. He adopted in 1911 the name Baron von Sebottendorf after the death of the later. Sebottendorf was a Freemason. Just before World War I he made several trips to the Near East. During the Balkan War of 1912-1913, he directed the Turkish Red Crescent and was named a Master of the Order of the RoseGarland (Rosenkranz). Expelled from Germany as an undesirable alien (he had been a Turkish citizen since 1911), he returned to Turkey in 1924. From 1929 to 1931 he roamed through Mexico and the United States. By 1919 he founded the Thule Society and elevated himself to the rank of Grand Master. He exerted considerable influence in high German circles. Inspired by Madame Blavatsky, he brought to life the age-old myth of Atlantis, calling it Thule. Occultists believe that that Thule, like Atlantis, was the center of a vanished civilization whose members had magic powers. It is believed that Sebottendorf drowned in 1945. Resources: The Swastika and the Nazi's Hitler's Search For The Holy Grail The Golden Dawn Library Inside the Third Reich, Albert Speer Infiltration, Albert Speer Adolf Hitler, John Toland Unholy Alliance, Peter Levenda

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Dr. Wolfram Sievers, Anhenerbe Uber... On the heels of the German army and the SS came the Ahnenerbe, whose mission it was to provide conclusive proof of the Germanism of western Russia. Even Hitler was embarrassed: 'Why do we call the world's attention to the fact that we have no past? It isn't enough that Romans were erecting great buildings when our forefathers were still living in mud huts; now Himmler is starting to dig up these villages of mud huts enthusing over every potsherd and stone axe he finds.' The search became ever more frenzied and indiscriminate. At the end of 1942, while German soldiers were freezing to death at Stalingrad, the Ahnenerbe was ransacking southern Russia for archaeological and artistic spoils not only for research but also to decorate Himmler's country home at Wewelsburg. But there was worse to follow. The Ahnenerbe began trawling the death camps for skulls to buttress its own crackpot racial theories. As the SS was responsible for the camps, this grisly trade was a mere formality. But there was a price to pay. After Germany's defeat in 1945, the head of the Ahnenerbe, Dr Wolfram Sievers - who had been heavily involved in the criminal medical experiments that were carried out on Jews in concentration camps, all to prove racial differences and the superiority of the Germanic 'Aryan' race - was brought before a war crimes tribunal, found guilty and sentenced to death. He was executed on 2 June 1948. The archaeological world of the Ahnenerbe died with Hitler, Himmler and Sievers, and the Ahnenerbe, too, melted away. Many of its top archaeologists returned, unpunished, to university life, only to re-emerge as leading academics in postwar Germany. Himmler's Camelot, Wewelsburg Castle, remains as mute testament to the twisted power of a perverted philosophy. Resources: Hitler's Search for the Holy Grail

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Erik Jan Hanussen, Hitler's Magician In the last days of 1932, Hitler was contemplating suicide Released from prison n 1924 after the Beer Hall Putsch got him a light sentence for what was, after all, high treason, his Mein Kampf a best-seller, and his Nazi Party back and stronger than ever, he nonetheless was losing ground in the Reichstag. Hindenberg - the much-respected and very popular President of the Republic - was not pleased with the rough- and-tumble crowd that seemed to compose Hitler's voting bloc, and various ministers were conspiring against Hitler to keep him out of government altogether. In 1932, they were succeeding. Hitler was facing a crucial election. Members of the Nazi Party were in danger of defecting to other political organizations. His own trusted disciples were dividing the Party into warring factions that could not be controlled And on Halloween night - the pagan Sabbat of Samhain - his mistress Eva Braun shot herself. Although Eva survived what the doctors would later characterize as a serious suicide attempt, Hitler himself knew he was politically dead. It appeared as if he had lost the will to fight, and he began to speak more and more of his own death. He entered the political campaign a distracted, depressed leader who seemed unable to hold his fractious Party together. They lost heavily in the Reichstag five days later - losing seats to the hated Communists - and the press began publishing the Party's obituary. At this nadir of his career, he turned to an old friend whom he had met years earlier, in 1926, in Berlin. This was Erik Jan Hanussen, a famous astrologer and master of several occult disciplines who had - it was said - taught Hitler everything from the body language and gestures to use in public speaking to what friends and associates he should cultivate. The Vienese Hanussen - whose real name was Herschel Steinschneider, the son of a Jewish vaudeville performer - began his career as what Americans call a "carny," doing odd jobs in a travelling circus, until he began his own newspaper and threatened to publish vile things in it about people he knew unless they paid up! This small-time blackmailer soon became interested in hypnosis and mediumship and published several books on the subject, eventually becoming the darling of the international socialite set, a man who never failed to entertain at parties but who also provided more serious assistance to those of his hosts who needed a horoscope drawn up or a spell cast. He dyed his hair blond to fit his new persona as a Danish

aristocrat, and dived into the frantic, heady atmosphere of the early 1930's Berlin competing with astrologers, clairvoyants, and mediums of every description. Although he had never cast Hitler's astrological chart before, now in the late days of 1932 with Hitler morose and on the verge of doing himself damage, Hanussen erected his natal and probably a transit or progressed chart and appeared before Hitler with an eerie prognosis. Hanussen told his host that there were good times ahead, but that a few "obstacles" remained that had to be eliminated. The implication was oddly surreal. The "obstacles" were not actual people or circumstances. Instead Hanussen claimed, Hitler was the victim of some sort of hex or magical spell. History has not recorded who might have been responsible for this, and it is possible that all Hanussen knew - or claimed - was that "evil occult influences" were around Hitler, causing him to lose his edge. We may fantasize about a lodge of German magicians, summoning angelic forces to thwart the attempts of Hitler and his Nazi Party to gain power in Germany. We may wonder if a witch or sorcerer - operating alone in some mountain fastness of the Obersalzberg, perhaps - was casting a spell against Hitler for something as relatively trivial as a broken promise or unrequited love, and thereby altering the course of European history forever. We will certainly never know the actual dimensions of this baneful influence around the Fuhrer, but the outcome of Hanussen's meditations was nothing short of spectacular. In order to rid himself of this evil spell, he said, one would have to go to Hitler's hometown. At the time of the full moon. At midnight. In a butcher's backyard. And remove a mandrake from the ground. Now a mandrake is the man-shaped root famous throughout European folklore for its occult and medicinal properties. According to some traditions, one had to stop one's ears with cloth or cotton before pulling the root from the earth, as it would emit a piercing scream that would shatter the eardrums. A dog was sometimes used to pull the root from the earth as the magician kept his hands clasped around his own ears. The resulting shriek - it is said - normally killed the dog. The mandrake is also known for its powers as an aphrodisiac, and as an amulet of protection. We must assume that Hanussen was thinking of this last property in connection with Hitler. Also, the significance of the butcher's yard should not be ignored: such a place would have given the surrounding earth the peculiar quality of a veritable Teutonic orgy of blood, dismemberment, death, and pain, which would have a mystically absorbed by the root itself. Hanussen decided to perfrom the necessary rituals himself and set off for Hitler's birthplace in Austria, returning on New Year's Day 1933 with the amuletic root and with a prediction: that Hitler's return to power would begin on January 30, a date roughly equivalent to the pagan Sabat of Oimelc: one of the four "cross-quarter" days of the witches' calendar. It seemed an outrageous prediction but - after a series of bizarred coincidences and half-baked conspiratorial machinations on the part of his opponents - Hitler went from washed-up political has-been to Chancellor of Germany with dizzying speed in thirty days and, on January 30, 1933 he assumed power. Hanussens's impossibly optimistic prediction came true to the day. That was not the end of Hanussen's ability to predict the future, however, for on February 26 of that same year - during a seance held that evening at his own lavishly furnished "Palace of Occultism" on Lietzenburger Strasse and attended by Berlin's movers and shakers - he predicted that the Communists in Germany would attempt a revolution, signaled by the destruction (by fire) of an important government building. The next day, the Reichstag was in flames and Hitler had all the excuse he needed to go from Chancellor of Germany to Fuhrer of the Third Reich. European history had

been changed forever, and once more the Society Seer was right on target. But, six weeks later in April of 11933, Hanussen would be dead: murdered in a forest outside Berlin by agent or agents unknown. There was speculation that Hitler ordered the execution since Hanussenn "knew too much" or perhaps might even have had connections to the Communist Party (hence his accurate prediction of the Reichstag fir; some mediums and psychics - Hannussen was no exception - are known to "enhance" their abilities by gathering intelligence on their clients ahead of time or by bugging the rooms in which seances are held, etc. In fairness, however, no amount of dirty tricks could have explained Hanussen's accurate prediction of Hitler's enormous success in January). Another version had it that Hanussen's murder enraged the Fuhrer, and that he ordered the death sentence for its perpetrators, Karl Ernst, who was executed during the Rohm purge with a bewildered "Heil Hitler" on his lips. Another story, that SA leader Count Wolf Heinrich von Helldorf had Ernst arrest and murder Hanussen because the count owed him money, is also current. Hanussen was said to have thrown orgies at the count's Wannsee villa, where attractive young ladies - usually "actresses" - were thrown into hypnotic trances and made to mime orgasms. The count was a rather degenerate sort who went through money like schnapps, and wound up owing a great deal to Hanussen, who carried the count's markers with him whereever he went. Needless to say, the markers were never found (which either proves that the count killed Hanussen and removed the IOU's from the body, or that the story is completely fictitious and never happened; take your pick). And then, of course, Hanussen's father was Jewish, which would have been reason enough to execute the inordinately influential seer. Unfortunately we will never know what happened, for Hannusen died as he had lived: the Count St. Germain of Weimar and early Nazi Germany, a complete and compelling mystery. Resource: Unholy Alliance A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult Peter Levenda Avon Books, 1995.


http://www.freemasonrywatch.org/LATimes.html A CONSPIRACY THEORY

KGB: It was Johnson - President John F. Kennedy's Assassination

White Russians, Nazi's, and Freemasons

The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers, which are cited to justify it. President John F. Kennedy Address to newspaper publishers April 27, 1961

The 35th President of the United States of America moments before his assassination

The Assassinations Record Review Board released a previously Top Secret FBI Document which showed the Soviet KGB has evidence, and believes, that President Lyndon Johnson was responsible for the Assasination of President John F. Kennedy

The Supreme Council 33's flattering portrait of Hoover

Masonic Brotherhood J. Edgar Hoovers F.B.I. Directors Desk and Memorial today sits not inside the F.B.I. museum but instead incredibly it rests 13 blocks directly north of the White House inside the Supreme Council 33 of the Scottish Rite of Ancient and Accepted Freemasonry, the Mother Supreme Council of the World. Freemasonry was one of Hoover's main political power bases and he set up a special lodge just for FBI members. It was said that the chances of promotion into senior ranks were next to nil for non-masons during Hoovers reign.

Whatever bigotry is in evidence in the United States is exhibited solely by the Roman Catholic hierarchy; that the Canon Law of the Roman Church and the directives of the Pope validate the fears of the people that the dual allegiance of American Catholics is a present danger to our free institutions, and lastly that the people in passing upon the qualifications of a Catholic candidate for the Presidency will be guided by their knowledge of history and their great store of plain old-fashioned common

horse sense, and their innate caution not to gamble when their Liberties and National Security are at state. Among American citizens there should be no question or suspicion of allegiance to any foreign power, but in the case of the Roman Catholic citizen, his church is the guardian of his conscience and asserts that he must obey its laws and decrees even if they are in conflict with the Constitution and laws of the United States." Illustrious Luther A. Smith 33 Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council 33, Washington D.C. New Age Magazine, February 1960 The Official organ of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

'Johnson will not be on the ticket' The last words President Kennedy dictated to his secretary before departing for Dallas

Masonic Justice: Freemason Earl Warren presents Freemason Lyndon Johnson the Warren Commission "Final" Report

33 Scottish Rite Freemason and Warren Commission member, Senator Arlen 'Magic Bullet Theory' Spector having a chuckle. LBJ, the Dulles Brothers and many other key players in the assassination, cover-up and whitewash were also 'on the level'. Freemasonry has a long history of involvement with reactionary politics, from KKK founder and Supreme Council Head Albert Pike, to the pro Nazi hereditary Grand Master of Anglo-American Freemasonry the Duke of Kent, to the founder of the Thule Society Baron von Sebbetendorf.

33 33 33


by William Torbitt NOTICE This manuscript is the result of research and investigation by the investigator and author. It is compiled for the sole purpose of research and the statements and averments of fact contained herein are the result of investigation and research of agencies both private and public. The purpose of this document is to place into perspective such research and investigative findings and is to be used only at a time in the future when it may be legally published and circulated as an historical document. The name of the author is a cognomen and nom de plume. CITATIONS The following abbreviated form of citation is used in this work: References to the testimony in the 26 Volumes of the Hearings Before the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy are cited as follows: C.H. for Commission Hearings, the volume numbers in Roman numerals and the page numbers in Arabic (e.g. C.H. XV, 315)

CHAPTERS I. Permindex and Its Five Subsidiaries.

II. J. Edgar Hoover, Ferenc Nagy, Clay Shaw, L.M. Bloomfield, and Permindex. III. Roy Cohn, General John Medaris, Joe Bonanno, L.M. Bloomfield, The Syndicate and the Mafia. IV. The Assassination Attempt on DeGaulle. V. In 1961, European and U.S. Publications Revealed the Defense Intelligence Agency's Support of the Revolting French Generals. VI. Permindex and Double-Chek Agents and Their Activities. VII. Albert Osborne, Missionary for the A.C.C.C. and the Cabal. VIII. Jean De Menil, OSWALD;, Gordon Novel and Their Activities and Associates. IX. Hungarian Prime Minister, Ferenc Nagy's Chronological Activities and Werner Von Braun. X. Tryall Club in Jamaica and World Commerce Corporation Successor to the German Munitions Cartels. XI. Clay Shaw, Permindex Director, Plans a Murder. XII. William Seymour, Agent for the Defense Industrial Security Command, Participates in a Murder. XIII. Conclusion. About the Author. Bibliography Appendices Index Footnotes

I. Permindex and Its Five Subsidiaries

When Jim Garrison, the New Orleans District Attorney, began to investigate the assassination of President Kennedy, he took the position that regardless of who was behind the assassination, the American people could take the truth, should have the facts, and that the right of the American people to know superseded an damage that might be done to the image of the United States by the revelation of respected government leaders' involvement in the crime. Chief Justice Warren and other members of the Commission charged to investigate the assassination took another position: that is, to reveal the assassination scheme would do great harm and damage to the image of the United States in the eyes of the world, and therefore, it would be to the best interests of the Nation that their findings be as were reported by them.

Enough evidence has now been uncovered by the Warren Commission, other investigative agencies here and in Europe, and Jim Garrison to reveal an almost total working knowledge of how the assassination was carried out and by whom. The killing of President Kennedy was planned and supervised by Division Five of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a relatively small department within the FBI whose usual duties are espionage and counter-espionage activities. Actually, Division Five acted dually with the Defense Intelligence Agency which was acting on behalf of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon. Directly under the two-pronged leadership of Division Five and the DIA was the Control Group, their highly secret policy agency - the Defense Industrial Security Command. The Defense Industrial Security Command has always been kept secret because it acts, in addition to its two official control organizations, on behalf of NASA, the Atomic Energy Commission, the U.S. Information Agency, and the arms, equipment, ammunition, munitions and related miscellaneous supply manufacturing corporations contracting with NASA, the AEC, USIA, and the Pentagon. One can readily observe that DISC is not compatible with an open Democracy and the U.S. Constitution. Consequently, the top secret arms manufacturers' police agency has been kept from the knowledge of even most U.S. officials and Congressmen. The Defense Industrial Security Command had its beginnings when J. Edgar Hoover in the early 1930's organized the police force of the fledgling Tennessee Valley Authority at the request of David Lillienthal. The police force covered the entire TVA from Knoxville, Tennessee through Huntsville and Florence, Alabama into Kentucky and back through the eastern portion of Tennessee into southern Kentucky. This was one of the first federal agencies with a separate police force. This force grew and Lillienthal took it forward to cover the Atomic Energy Commission, thus tying it into the Army Intelligence Service. L.M. Bloomfield, a Montreal, CANADA lawyer bearing the reputation as a sex deviate, the direct supervisor of all contractual agents with J. Edgar Hoover's Division Five, was the top co-ordinator for the network planning the execution. A Swiss corporation, Permindex, was used to head five front organizations responsible for furnishing personnel and supervisors to carry out assigned duties. The five groups under Permindex and their supervisors were: 1. The Czarist Russian, Eastern European and Middle East exile organization called SOLIDARISTS, headed by Ferenc Nagy, ex-Hungarian Premier, and John DeMenil, Russian exile from Houston, Texas, a close friend and supporter of Lyndon Johnson for over thirty years. 2. A section of the AMERICAN COUNCIL OF CHRISTIAN CHURCHES headed by H.L. Hunt of Dallas, Texas. 3. A Cuban exile group called FREE CUBA COMMITTEE headed by Carlos Prio Socarras, exCuban President. 4. An organization of United States, Caribbean, and Havana, Cuba gamblers called the Syndicate headed by Clifford Jones, ex-Lieutenant Governor of Nevada and Democratic National Committeeman, and Bobby Baker of Washington, D.C. This group worked closely with a Mafia family headed by Joe Bonnano.

5. The SECURITY DIVISION of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) headed by Wernher Von Braun, head of the German Nazi rocket program from 1932 through 1945. Headquarters for this group was the DEFENSE INDUSTRIAL SECURITY COMMAND at Muscle Shoals Redstone Arsenal in Alabama and on East Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio. The Defense Industrial Security Command is the police and espionage agency for the U.S. munitions makers. DISC was organized by J. Edgar Hoover; William Sullivan, his chief assistant, is in direct command. We shall later examine the involvement of a large number of the DISC agents including Clay Shaw, Guy Bannister, David Ferrie, Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby and others with Permindex's Louis Mortimer Bloomfield of Montreal, Canada in charge. As it must be, all of the preceding facts are established and documented by overwhelming evidence beyond a reasonable doubt on the following pages. Gordon Novel obtained the aid of the Columbus office in 1967 when Jim Garrison was attempting to get him back to Louisiana from Ohio. Personnel of the Defense Intelligence Agency were subject to assignment with the Defense Industrial Security Command. Back to Table of Contents.

II. J. Edgar Hoover, Ferenc Nagy, Clay Shaw, L.M. Bloomfield, and Permindex.
The Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was in charge of NASA's Security Division and the Defense Industrial Security Command in his position as head of counter-espionage activities in the United States. His agents investigated every employee of the space agency as well as the employees of the pertinent contractors doing business with NASA and also prospective employees of every arms and munitions manufacturer. The Defense Intelligence Agency is headed by Lt. General Joseph F. Carroll, a former assistant Director of the FBI. Carroll worked closely with Sullivan, Hoover and L.M. Bloomfield in directing activities of the munition-makers' police agency, the Defense Industrial Security Command. Walter Sheridan, whose activities are covered later, was the direct liaison man between Carroll and Robert F. Kennedy during the pertinent period. The address for DISC is 3990 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio. The Field office for the Command was located at the old Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville and Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Von Braun had been decorated more than any other Nazi during World War II. Hoover had worked directly with Von Braun in connection with NASA's security since his arrival in the United States in December 1945. Lyndon Johnson, as Vice-President, was Chairman of NASA, and he, Von Braun, Bobby Baker, [and] Fred Black had worked diligently to obtain the nine billion dollar Apollo contract for North American Aviation in 1961. NASA awarded this contract to North American despite the fact that it went against the recommendation of its own source evaluation board.1 Each of the NASA security personnel who were assigned duties in connection with the assassination were employees or contractees for Division Five of the FBI and many were connected with the other four groups. It must be born in mind that this was a relatively small group within all of these agencies. It was not official, and it was not an American operation, but was simply the independent action taken by these men, some of whom happened to hold official positions. J. Edgar Hoover was named first Director of the FBI in 1924, and he immediately organized the anti-communist Division Five for espionage and counter-espionage work which President

Roosevelt made official in 1936. Actually, Division Five was in existence as the General Intelligence Division of the Justice Department since 1919. Hoover, an Assistant Attorney General and head of the GID, had used the Czarist Russians in tracing the Bolsheviks during the Red Scare and Palmer raids of that period.2 1924 was the year the Communists finally took complete control of Russia after five years of resistance by the imperial Czarists. From 1918 to 1923, the leaders of the Czarists were leaving Russia with vast fortunes by the tens of thousands. One of those escaping Russians was John DeMenil, presently of Houston, Texas, who fled to France, married into the Schlumberger family, moved to Caracas, Venezuela and then to Houston, Texas before World War II. He is presently the Chairman of the Board of Schlumberger Corporation, a world-wide oil well service company. The forerunners of the Solidarists have been described by James Wechsler of the New York Post and other writers, before and during World War II, as the Ukrainian Fascists. The Solidarists expanded this group to include all East European exiles, including those of various religious denominations. Of course, these Russian exiles in all countries of the world were violently anticommunist and considered themselves as a government in exile with headquarters in Munich, Germany.3 One has only to glance at Czarist Russian history to learn that these people are the most proficient dealers in assassination the world has ever known. George DeMohrenschildt, a Russian emigre who refused to join the Solidarists and who was familiar with the workings of espionage groups and had worked with them in the past, testified that J. Edgar Hoover, using Division Five of the FBI, was the planner of the assassination of President Kennedy. Through DeMohrenschildt's testimony before the Commission and his documentation, the connection of the espionage section of the FBI and the Assassination has been established.4 The public records of the Corporate Records Department of Italy and Switzerland, Who's Who in the South and Southwest, 1963, 1964, The Invisible Government, The Espionage Establishment by Wise and Ross, Buddy Floyd murder files, Alice Texas, Warren Commission 26 volumes., the Grand Jury records of New Orleans Parish, New Orleans Louisiana, all further substantiate, bolster, and corroborate the testimony of DeMohrenschildt concerning the FBI's Division Five's involvement. Many examiners of the case have concluded that George DeMohrenschildt was a part of the conspiracy because of his close association with Oswald during the fall of 1962, and winter and early spring of 1963, but a close reading of the Russian exile's testimony before the Warren Commission shows that DeMohrenschildt was being used by the Solidarists the same as Oswald was being used, and was to have been tied in with Oswald; in connection with the assassination. However, DeMohrenschildt, a highly polished professional geologist, saved himself by moving to Haiti in April of 1963 in connection with a contract with the government of Haiti, where he still resided on the day of the assassination of President Kennedy. DeMohrenschildt, in retrospect, knew that Division Five of the FBI and the Solidarists had intended to use him as a scapegoat along with Oswald, and he did not hesitate to name the small group within the Federal Bureau of Investigation as the instigators of the assassination of President Kennedy.5 Concerning the Solidarists, Jack Ruby was a second generation immigrant from the White Russian area of Poland and his brother, Hyman Rubenstein, was born there. Ralph Paul, Ruby's Dallas partner in the Carousel Club, was a Russian immigrant having been born in Kiev, Russia.6 While in confinement, Jack Ruby said in letters later authenticated by Hamilton Autographs, New York City, that pogroms against the Jews in this country were a real threat. He repeated over and

over the words "pogroms against the Jews" in these letters and in a number of habeas corpus hearings in Federal District Court in Dallas, and at the same time, he testified that Lyndon Johnson was the head of the organization carrying out the assassination plans. Ruby's testimony is acceptable in every court as an accomplice witness needing only corroboration in so far as his naming Lyndon Johnson as one of the accomplices. This has been done. Ruby's constant use of the words "pogroms against the Jews" reveal his close affiliation with and his deeply ingrained awareness of his family's Russian Czarist background. Everyone even slightly conversant with Russian history knows that the words "pogroms against the Jews" are exclusively descriptive of the Czarist Russian Cossacks pillaging and killing of Jews in their villages and neighborhoods in Russia during the centuries under the Czars. But to return to J. Edgar Hoover's connection with the Czarist Russians in exile. With the Solidarists' vast number of agents within Russia and the common anti- communist objectives with J. Edgar Hoover, these two groups immediately merged and have continually worked almost as one since that time. In 1960, when it was determined that Castro was a Communist, he too was considered an occupying force, and the Cuban exiles with the common cause worked quite naturally into the Solidarist and Division Five organizations. Another organization participating with Division Five was a religious group called the American Council of Christian Churches. A.C.C.C.'s West Coast representative, E.E. Bradley, was indicted by the New Orleans Grand Jury for complicity in the assassination. A.C.C.C. launched a campaign in 1964, at J. Edgar Hoover's request, to elect him President of the United States.7 In 1941, J. Edgar Hoover had his good friend and agent, Carl McIntire, organize the espionage and intelligence unit under the cover name "American Council of Christian Churches" with the headquarters in New York City. This group was able to take in many innocent religious groups who did not know they were connected with a spy and propaganda agency. However, Hoover and McIntire through this guise were able to place agents posing as ministers and missionaries throughout the United States and most Latin American countries. We will examine the involvement of this group's agents later.8 HOOVER was joined in the cabal to murder President Kennedy by LYNDON JOHNSON, WALTER JENKINS, Johnson's assistant, FRED KORTH (whom Kennedy had fired as Secretary of the Navy some two weeks before November 22), H.L. HUNT of A.C.C.C, JEAN DEMENIL, Houston multi-millionaire, head of Schlumberger, and a director of the Russian exile Solidarists, CARLOS PRIO SOCARRAS, ex-Cuban president and long time gambling partner of Jack Ruby and director of the anti-Castro Cubans, BOBBY BAKER, ex-Senate Secretary, ROY M. COHEN, New York attorney and head of the Jewish League Against Communism, CLIFFORD JONES, exLieutenant Governor of Nevada, Democratic National Committeeman, and business partner with Bobby Baker and L.J. McWillie, L.J. MCWILLIE, of Las Vegas, Nevada a partner in Havana gambling with Ruby and Jones, L.M. BLOOMFIELD of Montreal, a long time friend and agent of J. Edgar Hoover, FERENC NAGY, ex-Premier of Hungary, WERNHER VON BRAUN, German Nazi rocket engineer whom Hitler personally decorated for his work in slaughtering over 7,000 Allies during World War II, JOHN CONNALLY and CLINT MURCHISON, SR.9 L.J. McWillie, who earlier had been a partner in the Havana, Cuba gambling casino with Jack Ruby, Clifford Jones and ex-Cuban President, Carlos Prio Socarras, in 1962 entered a new business arrangement with Clifford Jones and Bobby Baker at the Thunderbird Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.10 The Warren Commission uncovered incontrovertible evidence that Ruby and McWillie were the closest friends and business associates for over fifteen years. Ruby and Ray Brantly of Dallas, the Warren Commission discovered, had sent a number of Cobra guns to McWillie in Havana in 1958, but Ruby and McWillie had been gun runners for years.11

The complicity of Carlos Prio Socarras, President of Cuba from 1948 to 1952, with the assassination group was documented and authenticated in the official volumes of the Warren Commission Hearings in volume XXVI at page 634: December 1, 1963 AT T-2 advised on November 29, 1963, . . . . stated that in the . . . 1950's, Jack Ruby held interest in the Colonial Inn, a nightclub and gambling house in Hollandale, Florida. He stated that Jack Ruby, known then as Rubenstein, was active in arranging illegal flights of weapons from Miami to the Castro organization in Cuba. According to T-2, Ruby was reportedly part owner of two planes used for these purposes. T-2 further stated that Ruby subsequently left Miami and purchased a substantial share in a Havana gambling house in which one Carlos Prio. . . . was principal owner. T-2 stated that Carlos Prio was within favor of former Cuban leader Batista, but was instrumental in financing and managing accumulation of arms by pro-Castro forces . . . On page 650 of the same volume, a revealing document is found connecting Prio, Ruby, and Robert Ray McKeown, the gun-runner who was to work with Ruby in shipping the surplus jeeps to Cuba in 1959, T. Gonzales, who rode the bus into Mexico with Oswald, and Ramos, who stayed at the Hotel Commercia in Mexico City with Oswald. The document follows: Information concerning reported contact between Jack L. Ruby and Robert Ray McKeown was furnished by President's Commission on March 2, 1964. . . . Files reveal that McKeown was one of the subjects in an extensive investigation . . concerning the activities of Carlos Prio. . . . Prio, a former President of Cuba . . . was engaged with others, including McKeown, in attempting to assist Castro in his revolutionary action against the Batista regime in Cuba. . . . Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Unit, Bureau of Internal Revenue, continued the investigation in this matter and charged various individuals, including McKeown, with conspiracy to smuggle guns and related equipment to Cuba. The defendants in this action were as follows: Dr. Carlos Prio Socarras, also known as Carlos Prio, age unknown, male, resident of Miami, Florida, citizen of Cuba. . . . Orlando Garcia Vasquez, also known as Orlando Vasquez, F. Valdez, Ramos, age unknown, male, resident of Miami, Florida, citizen of Cuba.12 Angel Banos, age unknown, male, resident of Miami, Florida, citizen of the United States. Robert R. McKeown, also known as Dick McKeown, Max, J. T. Brown, H.J. McAllister, age 47, male, resident of Galena Park, Texas, citizen of the United States. . . . Manuel Arques, also known as Manny, age 23, male, resident of Miami, Florida, citizen of the United States. Evelyn Eleanor Archer, also known as Mrs. Manuel Arques, Ruby, age 36, female, resident of Keyport, New Jersey, citizen of the United States. Pedro Luis Chaviano Reyes, also known as Luis Chaviano, F.

Castillo, Gilbert Pawtoja, age 44, male resident of Miami, Florida, citizen of Cuba. Abelardo Pujol Barrera, also known as Joe Sanco, Jose Sauco, Jose Alonzo, age 42, male, resident of Miami, Florida, citizen of Cuba. Francisco Gonzales Obregon, also known as T. Gonzales.13 Mrs. Ethel Jane McKeown, age unknown, female, resident of Galena Park, Texas, citizen of the United States. The arms and ammunition being smuggled to Castro at the time and later to anti-Castro Cubans by McKeown, Ruby, Prio, and their New Orleans associates were obtained principally from the Redstone Arsenal in the Florence, Muscle Shoals, and Huntsville area of Alabama, and to a lesser extent from the Pine Bluff, Arkansas arsenal. The orders for these men and direction for their activities came from the office of the Defense Industrial Security Command, the munitions makers secret police agency at Redstone..14 McKeown, Ruby, Prio, and their New Orleans associates, David Ferrie, Clay Shaw, Maurice Brooks Gatlin, Guy Bannister, Sergio Arcacha Smith, and the others all followed the orders of Jean DeMenil in Houston and Wernher Von Braun of Redstone. Clay Shaw and Walter Jenkins, only two of the large number of sex deviates at command and lower level in the cabal were together almost constantly, pushing LBJ during the 1960 Democratic Convention in Los Angeles, according to delegates present there. Shaw and Jenkins will be covered later and their close relationship established. Prio had met with John DeMenil and Fidel Castro in Houston, Texas in 1956 and furnished Castro with the funds to purchase the ship which transported Castro and his men back to Cuba after their Mexican stay. This is documented in all accounts of Castro's rise to power. Prio, DeMenil and their group all turned violently against Castro in 1960 when Castro made public his Communist connections. After this time, DeMenil and Prio, through Schlumberger, furnished agents, arms, transportation and organization for the overthrow of Castro. As a matter of fact, Artime, who was in charge of the Bay of Pigs Cuban Revolutionary Council, had been Cuba's Premier under Prio's rule. Jack Ruby's complicity with ex-President Prio in the running of guns to Cuba, both before and after Castro took charge in January 1959, is documented by well over 150 credible witnesses in the twenty-six volumes of evidence taken before the Warren Commission. A large group of these witnesses testified concerning Jack Ruby's presence and gun running activities in Islamorada, Florida in 1958. Islamorada is located on the Florida Keys, which DeMenil and Schlumberger have for a long time used as a shipping point for arms due to its proximity to Cuba. We quote from the testimony of the witnesses: MRS. MARY THOMPSON, 1155 Dupont, Kalamazoo, Michigan, states as follows: On about May 30, 1958, she traveled to Islamorada, Florida, accompanied by her daughter and son-in-law, DOLORES and RICHARD RHOADS. They visited her brother and sister-in-law, JAMES and MARY LOU 'BUTCH' WOODARD, who resided in a cottage, address not known, which was located behind the cottage of TED WILLIAMS, well-known professional baseball player. While there, they met JACK and ISABEL (last name unknown), acquaintances of the

WOODARDS. There was notsufficient room in the WOODARD cottage and JACK and ISABEL suggested that DOLORES and RICHARD spend the night at their home. The offer was accepted and it was determined that JACK and ISABEL lived in a small motel situated on a white coral pier, which was reached by crossing an old bridge. . . . . . MARY LOU said that JACK was originally from Chicago, Illinois, and reportedly had killed a couple of men. He later ran a drinking place in Dallas, Texas, where he became acquainted with JAMES WOODARD, who was a member of the Dallas, Texas Police Department for a short time in 1954. . . . . . . . MARY LOU said that JACK had a trunk full of guns and ... that JACK was going to supply them to the Cubans. MRS. THOMPSON stated that she was told that there were supplies of guns hidden in the marshes. . . .15 Mary Thompson and six members of her family identified Jack Ruby as being the person involved in the gun running in Florida in 1958. But the Warren Commission had already uncovered one hundred fifty unimpeached witnesses who put Jack Ruby in theCuban gun running business for over twelve years preceding 1963. Let us return to the involvement of Carlos Prio Socarras. On November 20, 1963, Salvador Diaz Verson proceeded to Mexico City at the direction of Carlos Prio. In Mexico City, Diazimmediately after the assassination fed the following story to the world news media: Dr. Angel Fernandez Varela stated that when Diaz Verson returned to Miami from Mexico City in the latter part of November 1963, Diaz Verson advised him that while in Mexico City he had had contact with other newspapermen there and had learned that the Mexican Federal Police had arrested a Mexican citizen, Sylvia Duran, an employee of the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City, because of her connection between Oswald and the Cuban Embassy.16 Dr. Fernandez said Diaz Verson also told him that Oswald had stayed at the home of Duran, and subsequently met with the Cuban Ambassador in Mexico City at a restaurant called Caballo Bayo, accompanied by Sylvia Duran. Dr. Fernandez said he understood from Diaz Verson that Duran, the Cuban Ambassador to Mexico, whose name Fernandez did not know, and Oswald, reportedly went for a ride together in a car. Dr. Fernandez said that the federal police in Mexico City reportedly had turned over the information concerning these incidents involving Oswald; to the United StatesEmbassy in Mexico City.17 Salvador Diaz Verson had been Prio's Chief of Military Intelligence Service during the Cuban presidency of Prio from 1948 through 1952. Diaz and Prio together had worked for the Defense Industrial Security Command since coming to the U.S. after Castro embraced Communism.18 The anti-Castro Cuban part of the plan was to tie the Castro regime into the murder of Kennedy and thus to have the U. S. military give all service to the overthrow of Castro. Another connection of Carlos Prio Socarras and the assassination unit was uncovered by the Warren Commission. This evidence concerned Dr. Cesar Fernandez, Prio's Minister of Information during his presidency of Cuba. Prio and Fernandez in addition had been close lifetime friends and Prio obtained Fernandez employment with the Defense Industrial Security Command. The following was confirmed by the daughter of the witness in all respects, she having been shown the documents of Mrs. Hoover in October, 1963. Here is the story of Prio's friend, Fernandez.

On November 27, 1963, Corporal Theodore La Zar, Pennsylvania State Police, Hollidaysburg, Pa., advised that at approximately 10:00 pm on November 27, 1963, Robert Steele, 316 Brayton Avenue, Altoona, Pa., stopped at the Pennsylvania State Police Barracks and advised that he was the brother of Margaret Kathryn Hoover, 105 S. Walnut St., Martinsburg, Pa., and had the following information to offer concerning the assassination of President Kennedy which he had received from her.19 During the third week in October, 1963, Mrs. Hoover who lives in a second-story apartment, 105 S. Walnut St., Martinsburg, Pa., located three items in the dry leaves immediately below her upstairs porch. This porch and Mrs. Hoover's residence are located at the rear of a lot containing two homes. The home at the rear is occupied by Mrs. Hoover and the home in the front of the lot, which was formerly occupied by Mrs. Hoover, is known as 400 E. Allegheny St., Martinsburg, Pa., and for the past two months has been occupied by Dr. Julio Fernandez, a Cuban refugee, who is presently teaching at the Morrison Cove Junior High School, Martinsburg.20 These items consisted of an envelope used for tickets from the Seaboard Airline Railroad Company, Miami, Fla.; a used ticket which was enclosed therein indicating the holder had a coach reservation on the railroad, seat number 48, car number 3E, on a train leaving Miami, Fla., at 12:40 pm on September 25, 1963, and arriving in Washington, D.C., the following date. This ticket bore the number, D-214332. Also in the leaves was a throw-away advertisement, commonly used in advertising trailers, which was found by Mrs. Hoover. Penciled on the back of this throw-away, which contained no handwriting, were the following notations: The upper left hand corner contained the name of a club, unrecalled by Mrs. Hoover, and a six digit number thereunder which contained either an address or a telephone number.21 In the top middle of the page was the name, Lee Oswald.22 On the right top of the page was the word, Rubenstein.23 In the middle of the page were the words "Jack Ruby".24 On the bottom of the page, toward the center, were the words, Dallas, Texas.25 Clay Shaw, the defendant in the New Orleans assassination case and L.M. Bloomfield of Montreal, Canada, were the only North American members of both the Board of Directors of Permindex and Centro-Mondiale Comerciale. Shaw had been one of the incorporators of the Swiss corporation, Permindex.26 The other members of the Board include a publisher of the Fascist National-Zeitung in West Germany, an Italian industrialist who married into the family of Adolph Hitler's finance minister, and a Rome lawyer, the Secretary of the Fascist Party.27 Also on the Board of Permindex was Ferenc Nagy, a Solidarist and Prime Minister of Hungary from 1946 to 1947; George Mandel, alias Mantello, a Hungarian Fascist who supervised attempts to purchase national monuments for real estate development in Italy, and Munir Chourbagi, an uncle of King Farouk. Chourbagi was the victim in a recent murder in Italy. 28 The ruling clique of Permindex and its two subsidiaries, the Italo American Hotel Corporation and Centro Mondiale Comerciale, in addition to the sophisticated Nazis and Fascists heretofore named, were Gutierez di Spadafora, who was Under- Secretary of Agriculture in Mussolini's Fascist regime and who was also a ruling lord in the Mafia with Italy and Southern Europe as his land area; Enrico Mantello (Henry Mandel, brother of George Mandel); Guiseppee Zigiotti, the head of the Italian political party, Fascist Nationalist Association for Militia Arms; and Hungarian emigre and former Nazi, H. Simonfay.29 On December 1, 1962, the representative of the publication, Who's Who in the South and Southwest, was told by Clay Shaw in New Orleans that he was a director for the Swiss

Corporation, Permindex. Shaw was also one of the directors for Centro Mondiale Comerciale of Rome. As we shall see later, one purpose of Permindex was the funding of the 1961 and 1962 assassination attempts on DeGaulle. Both firms being directed by the same men, the stated corporate purpose was to encourage trade between nations. Their actual purpose was fourfold: 1.To fund and direct assassination of European, Mid-East and world leaders considered threats to the Western World and to petroleum interests of the backers. 2.To furnish couriers, agents, and management in transporting, depositing and re-channeling funds through Swiss banks for Las Vegas, Miami, Havana and international gambling syndicate. 3.To co-ordinate the espionage activities of the Solidarists and Division Five of the FBI with groups in sympathy with their objectives and to receive and channel funds from the financiers to the action groups. 4.To build, acquire and operate hotels and gambling casinos in the Caribbean, Italy and other tourist areas.30 The principal financiers of Permindex were a number of U. S. oil companies, H. L. Hunt of Dallas, Clint Murchison of Dallas, John DeMenil, Solidarist director of Houston, John Connally as executor of the Sid Richardson estate, Haliburton Oil Co., Senator Robert Kerr of Oklahoma, Troy Post of Dallas, Lloyd Cobb of New Orleans, Dr. Oschner of New Orleans, George and Herman Brown of Brown and Root, Houston, Attorney Roy M. Cohn, Chairman of the Board for Lionel Corporation, New York City, Schenley Industries of New York City, Walter Dohrnberger, ex-Nazi General and his company, Bell Aerospace, Pan American World Airways, its subsidiary, Intercontinental Hotel Corporation, Paul Raigorodsky of Dallas through his company, Claiborne Oil of New Orleans, Credit Suisse of Canada, Heineken's Brewery of Canada and a host of other munition makers and NASA contractors directed by the Defense Industrial Security Command. The gambling syndicate and Mafia contracting agents who handled the transactions with Permindex were ex-President Carlos Prio Socarras of Havana, Miami and Houston, Clifford Jones of Las Vegas, Morris Dalitz of Las Vegas, Detroit, Cleveland and Havana, former head of the Cleveland mob and close friend of Hunt, Hoover and Roy Cohn, L.J. McWillie of Las Vegas, a gambling partner with Cliff Jones, Bobby Baker of Washington, D.C., Ed Levinson of Las Vegas, Benny Seigelbaum of Miami, Henry Crown of Chicago, associate of the Mafia, Patrick Hoy of the controlling clique in General Dynamics and Joe Bonanno of Lionel Corporation of New York.31 It should be pointed out here that John Connally, Paul Raigorodsky and Jean DeMenil were close friends and business associates. The were members of an exclusive club in Northern Jamaica. The name of the club was Tryall located on Montego Bay. Bill Stephenson, former head of British Intelligence in the U.S., started in the club in 1946. Connally, DeMenil and Raigorodsky owned and still own palatial retreats within the tightly guarded Tryall compound. L.M. Bloomfield met with the three on numerous occasions at Tryall in Jamaica.32 Among Connally's assigned duties was the keeping of Texas police agencies in line after the murder. John Connally was an active participant in the assassination plans, but he was one of the agents whose over-all knowledge was limited by the "need to know basis".

One of the banks through which the American backers channeled funds to Permindex was Astaldo Vaduz in Miami, Florida. As a matter of fact, the Miami bank was owned and controlled by the Permindex financiers and board members. The European banks handling the accounts were De Famaco Vaduz, Liechtenstein, Credit Bank of Geneva, Switzerland, (Credit Bank and Credit Suisse are one and the same), Banca Nazionale del Lavoro of Italy, De Famaco Astalde Vaduz, Switzerland and Seligman Bank of Basal, Switzerland. The attorney for the transactions through the Miami bank was Alex Carlson, Double-Chek's Miami Springs manager.33 Alex Carlson turned the entire CIA Double-Chek organization and personnel over to Division Five of the FBI to work for Permindex in executing the assassination thus causing many astute observers to mistakenly believe the CIA carried out the affair. L.M. Bloomfield, a lawyer of Montreal, Canada and a long time friend and confidant of J. Edgar Hoover, has been Hoover's contract supervisor of Division Five since his days in the OSS before World War II. Bloomfield held one-half of the shares of Permindex and was in total command of its operation in Europe and Africa as well as the North and South American continents. He was the co-ordinator of all activities responsible only to Hoover and Johnson in carrying out the plans for John Kennedy's assassination.34 Bloomfield ordered Permindex's Ferenc Nagy and George Mandel, alias Giorgio Mantello, to the United States in 1962 where they helped to supervise the plans. Mandell was assigned to the Los Angeles, California area. Ferenc Nagy, former Premier of Hungary in 1946 and 1947, settled in Dallas, Texas, where he contacted H.L. Hunt, Igor Voshinin, George Bouhe, Peter Gregory of Fort Worth, Paul Raigorodsky and other members of the Solidarists and took command of actual planning in the Southwest. It should be pointed out that although the White Russians were dominant in the Solidarists, it contained East Europeans, Jewish and Orthodox Christians and even Arabic nationals whose countries had been taken over by Communism. 35 Nagy in Dallas over the months before November 22, 1963, worked with Carlos Prio Socarras and Alex Carlson in Miami, Clay Shaw in New Orleans, John DeMenil in Houston, Clifford Jones and L.J. McWillie in Las Vegas, Bobby Baker and Fred Korth in Washington, D.C., Albert Osborne, alias J.H. Bowen, of Laredo, Texas and Mexico, Roy Cohn in New York City, and others all under the direction of L.M. Bloomfield in making the plans and preparations.36 Albert Osborne, the missionary supervisor of the professional assassins, met Nagy in Laredo, Texas a short time before the November date. The details of the movement of the professionals were worked out and Osborne then traveled to Montreal where he conferred with his direct boss of over twenty years, L.M. Bloomfield.37 On November 22, Osborne and about ten of his riflemen were living at 3126 Harlendale in Oak Cliff, a section of Dallas. Three of his professionals were at Tammie True's house in Fort Worth and Leon Oswald, alias William Seymour, had been at the Oak Cliff address for about four weeks. Before dark on November 23, l963, Osborne, Seymour, Gonzales and the other riflemen were out of Dallas.38 This is the nomenclature of the assassination team. That is the way John F. Kennedy met his death in Dallas. At the top was JOHNSON, HOOVER, BLOOMFIELD, NAGY, DeMENIL, PRIO, JENKINS, HUNT, BAKER, JONES, McWILLIE, VON BRAUN, COHN, KORTH, CONNALLY and MURCHISON. L.M. Bloomfield was in overall charge responsible only to Hoover and Johnson.

The second layer of participants with supervisory and working assignments under Bloomfield and the first group were Walter Dornberger, ex-Nazi General, Guy Bannister, Albert Osborne of A.C.C.C., E.E. Bradley of A.C.C.C., Morris Dalitz of Las Vegas, Major General John B. Medaris, Robert McKeown, Igor Voshinin, George Bouhe, Peter Gregory, Maurice Gatlin, Sergio Arcacha Smith, Lee Harvey Oswald, William Seymour, David Ferrie, T. Gonzales, Manuel Garcia Gonzales, Layton Martens, Gordon Novel, Walter Sheridan, William Dalzell, Paul Raigorodsky, Joe Bonanno, Dimitri Royster of A.C.C.C., Alex Carlson, George Mandel, Breck Wall, Clay Shaw, Joe Cody, Jake Kosloff, Mike McLaney, Ruth and Mike Paine, Igor Vagonov, Jack Bowen, Mike Ryan, Tammie True, Max Cherry, Patrick Hoy, David Hoy, James Powell and a number of others with limited assignments informed only enough to carry out the assignments with dispatch. There were others involved also, but the published evidence up to 1969 is such that it would be unfair to name them. Substantially the same management under Bloomfield of Montreal and J. Edgar Hoover planned and carried out the execution of Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy. Albert Osborne had his riflemen in Memphis and one of his professionals fired the fatal shot at King. Ray was used as Oswald had earlier been used. The book, The Strange Case of James Earl Ray reveals that Ray was a persistent visitor to the International Trade Mart in New Orleans39 just prior to the killing40 and that the real assassin of King entered the naval base near Memphis, Tennessee, where Division Five maintains a headquarters, only minutes after King's assassination. He was in the white Mustang involved in the mysterious chase described on police radio immediately after the killing.41 On August 4,1969, James Earl Ray confirmed that Division Five of the FBI was used in the slaying of Martin Luther King, Jr. He stated on that date that Dr. King was killed by federal agents and that they used him to be a fall guy.42
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III - Roy Cohn, General John Medaris, Joe Bonanno, L.M. Bloomfield, the Syndicate and the Mafia.
Roy M. Cohn, using a representative of Intercontinental Company of Garland, Texas, a subsidiary of Lionel Corporation, provided a Dallas located agent to work with Ferenc Nagy. This agent was Ramon Buenrostro Cortez. Others with Cortez in Texas were Lorenzo Saunders and a Cuban exile, Ignacio Hernandez Garcia, alias Fernandez Feito.43 In the September 5, 1969 issue of LIFE Magazine, it was reported that J. Edgar Hoover punished three of his FBI agents in New York for cooperating with the United States District Attorney in New York, Robert Morgenthau, in his prosecution against Roy M. Cohn on a number of felony charges. The LIFE report has this to say: During the McCarthy inquisitions of the early 1950's, Cohn, as Senator McCarthy's chief counsel, had worked closely with (Louis B.) Nichols and the FBI in developing cases against suspected Communists. Agents spent weeks screening FBI security files and extracting them in memos for Cohn during the prolonged hearings. Through these years Cohn's friendship with Director Hoover also developed, and this was further cemented by their mutual regard for the multimillionaire boss of the huge Schenley distillery complex, Lewis Rosenstiel. (Cohn to this day addresses Rosenstiel variously as "commander-in-chief" or "supreme commander" and Rosenstiel refers to his younger friend as "field commander" or "sergeant major").

When Nichols decided to retire from the FBI in 1957, Cohn set out to land him a job with Schenley. He had the willing support of another Rosenstiel friend, the late conservative columnist George Sokolsky, for whom Nichols represented 100% anti-Communist Americanism. At a social evening in August, 1967, Cohn and Sokolsky agreed to try to sell Nichols to Rosenstiel as prime executive timber. The next night they made their pitch to Rosenstiel. Nichols, Cohn contended, was a genius, truly "one of the greatest men in America", whereupon Rosenstiel dispatched the Schenley private plane to Washington to fly Nichols and his wife to a conference at Rosenstiel's Greenwich, Conn. estate. Under Cohn's continued urging, Rosenstiel agreed to give Nichols a 10-year contract at \\ $100,000 a year, plus stock options, in addition to arranging for Schenley's to buy and furnish a Manhattan apartment for Nichols. The whole package had to be an impressive introduction to corporate business for a middle-aged FBI man who had spent most of his adult life as a modestly paid public servant. Nichols later became executive vice president in charge of corporate development and public affairs and was elected to the Schenley board. . . . Hoover personally ordered the three agents transferred out of New York. On May 2, each received a letter of censure and was given 30 days to report to his new post - (Donald) Jones to go to St. Louis, (Russell) Sullivan to Louisville, and (Jack) Knox to Pittsburgh. Bureau men are accustomed to being ordered around in a fairly peremptory way, but such disciplinary transfers usually have a gloss of logic. This time the men were being moved for doing what in essence they were paid to do -- helping a U.S. Attorney protect his case. The ensuing rumble of protest was so loud that it could be heard even outside the Bureau, which virtually never happens. Morgenthau was furious. He confronted Assistant FBI Director John F. Malone, the top man in the New York field office, and Malone promptly reported the confrontation to Washington. The next day Hoover personally directed the New York field office to inform the three wayward agents that they now had until midnight the following day - 36 hours in all - to report totheir new stations, which they did. LIFE went on to say: "Cohn has cultivated a long friendship with Edwin Weisl, President Johnson's handpicked ambassador to New York's Democratic party. Weisl .... is a frequent Cohn luncheon companion." Weisl was a long time friend of Johnson. As a matter of fact, during the 1950's, Weisl was the general counsel to the Senate Space Committee and he and Johnson were constantly together along with General John B. Medaris, then head of the Army Space Program. Among other groups, Medaris, during this program, had been in charge of Wernher Von Braun and the other Nazi space scientists at Huntsville, Alabama.44 From 1960 to 1963, the ruling hierarchy of Lionel Corporation was General John B. Medaris, Roy Cohn and Joe Bonanno (Joe Bananas), a top Mafia man from New York, Las Vegas, Tucson and Montreal, Canada. Lionel Corporation during this period didover ninety percent of their business with the space agency and army ordnance furnishing such items as electronic equipment, rocket parts, chemical warfare agents and flame throwers. Also, during this period, General Medaris, though having retired in 1960, remained on active duty as special advisor to Army Intelligence in the Pentagon.45 The Lionel Corporation management was in direct contact with Louis Mortimer Bloomfield who, among other things, was a lawyer with offices in Tangiers, Morocco and Paris, France. Bloomfield was also the president of Heineken's Brewers, Ltd., Canada.

General Medaris was a director of one of the land speculation companies of Bobby Baker and Senator George Smathers in Florida. Joe Bonanno (Joe Bananas) in his capacity as a Mafia leader, was associated in the Havana and Las Vegas gambling with L.J. McWillie, Clifford Jones and others.46 In addition to J. Edgar Hoover's close association with Roy Cohn, he was also a long time friend of General Medaris. Joe Bonanno (Joe Bananas) had been a personal informer for J. Edgar Hoover for over a decade during 1963.47 Grant Stockdale, ex-United States Ambassador to Ireland and former George Smathers Administrative Assistant and a stock holder and officer in Bobby Baker's vending machine and Florida land transactions, knew and was closely associated with almost all of the top figures in the cabal.48 Shortly after President Kennedy's assassination on November 22, 1963, Grant Stockdale was pushed, shoved or fell from the fourteenth story of a Miami building and was killed immediately in the fall. As an officer in the Bobby Baker enterprises, Grant Stockdale had particular knowledge of a good part of the workings of the cabal and his death was one of a series made necessary to protect the group from public exposure. A number of the conspirators' connections in the early 1960's and the various connections, organizations and financial conduits were revealed in books published in 1969. Donald R. Cressey revealed in his work, Theft of a Nation, that a "Lelow" was the top guy of the Joseph L. Bonanno group in Montreal, Canada. The name was overheard on a telephone tap and it is believed to be Lazlo Nagy, a close relative of Ferenc Nagy. There, it is also revealed, "the Bonanno family has for decades had other interests in Montreal which is a bet taking lay-off center for U.S. bookmakers and lay-off men re-insure their bets." All of the investigators looking into Louis Mortimer Bloomfield's activities in connection with Permindex, the Swiss corporation, reported him as a banker in Montreal, Canada. He is not a banker as such, but a bet lay-off man is always referred to as a banker and this is where the confusion came. In fact, Bloomfield, as has been shown before, was the contract agent in charge of Division Five, the espionage agency of J. Edgar Hoover, and was a Montreal lawyer with offices in Paris, France, and Tangiers, Morocco.49 Among the large number of suppressed Warren Commission Documents were two which are of interest here. Their titles are: 1.Allegation Oswald was in Tangiers, Morocco Document Number 1188 2.Allegation Oswald in Montreal, Summer 1963 Document Number 729 Poor's Register for 1963 lists the corporations and dummy corporations through which Bloomfield funneled the funds into and away from the Swiss banks. They are: Credit Suisse (Canada), Ltd. (a subsidiary of CREDIT SUISSE of Berne, Switzerland) Manoir Industries, Ltd.

British Controlled Oil Fields, Ltd. Grimaldi Siosa Lines (Canada), Ltd. Berkeley Property Corp., Ltd. Canscot Realty Investments, Ltd. Canscot Building, Ltd. Beaver Hall Investments, Ltd. Israel Continental Oil Co., Ltd. Lenzing Pulp and Paper Corp., Ltd. Leviton Mfg. of Can., Ltd. Mirelia Investments, Ltd. Progress Luminaire, Ltd. Protrade Commercial Devel., Ltd. Heineken's Breweries (Can.), Ltd. Ed Reid, in The Grim Reapers, reveals one of the other subsidiaries of CREDIT SUISSE and conduits through funds were funneled. There the connection of Bobby Baker, Morris Dalitz, Cliff Jones and others in the conspiracy and their connections with the conduits are shown. The principle funding agency for Permindex was the Credit Bank of Geneva, also known as Credit Suisse.50 The Syndicate Caribbean money structure is partially represented by the Bank of World Commerce, Ltd., which was incorporated in 1961 under British law in Nassau, Bahamas. Nevada's Cliff Jones and Ed Levinson were listed as stockholders. Tied into the whole structure was a firm known in 1961 as Allied Empire, Inc., formerly Allied Television Films, Inc., of Beverly Hills, California. At that time Allied Empire was listed as a corporate stockholder with ten thousand shares of Bank of World Commerce stock, and was the holding company for the bank.51 The financial structure has myriad connections. A score of Las Vegas gamblers and state and federal politicians were involved in the setup through Anjon Savings and Loan, account Number 804, and Merritt Savings and Loan of Baltimore, Maryland, which was bought out by Anjon Account Number 804. By means of a network of American and British corporate laws, Account Number 804's list of depositor-stockholders includes not only the Bank of World Commerce - \\ $23,000 - but also a number of Las Vegans. When all the records are put together, we find that the names of a number of individuals involved show up again and again in the complex web of gambling operations in various places on the North American continent and form compass points which chart a course to the truth of the operation.

Account Number 804 listed among its stockholders: Irving Devine, Las Vegas gambler whose wife was named by LIFE as a mob courier, Clifford Jones, Edward Levinson, John Pullman, one time president, Bank of World Commerce, M.A. Riddle, B.E. Seigelbaum and Sav-Way Investment Company. The persons holding office and stock in the Bank of World Commerce at the time of its inception were: John Pullman, president and director; Edward Dawson Roberts, vice-president and director; Gerald Nelson Capps, secretary and treasurer; N. Roberts, director; Alvin I. Malnic, director, and Philip J. Mathew, director. Among the stockholders were; Leon C. Bloom, Jr., Clifford A. Jones, John Pullman, Irving Devine, Edward Levinson and Allied Empire, Inc. On September 8, 1967, two of the individuals involved with the Bank of World Commerce and Anjon Savings and Loan, Account Number 804, were named by LIFE as "bagmen" for Meyer Lansky in the syndicate's far-flung gambling kingdom. A third, an alleged "bagwoman", is the wife of one of the Bank of World Commerce stockholders. Cash was carried by these people and others, the article stated, via the Bank of World Commerce into the financial arteries of an organization in the Bahamas known as the Atlas Bank, a working subsidiary of the CREDIT SUISSE in Berne, Switzerland. All three of the boards of directors and staffs of these money entities were what LIFE described as "studded with both skimmers and couriers" for the mob.52 Among the fund couriers listed was Ben Sigelbaum (Seigelbaum), sixty-five years old, political advisor and a long time associate of Ed Levinson in many of his business endeavors. Sigelbaum was also a business associate and confidant of Bobby Baker when the latter was Secretary of the Democratic Majority in the U.S. Senate. Also named was John Pullman, sixty-seven years old, original president of the Bank of World Commerce who once served a prison term for violating U.S. liquor laws and gave up his American citizenship in 1954 to become a Canadian. He now lives in Switzerland. Another courier was Sylvain Ferdmann, a thirty-three year old Swiss citizen described as in international banker and economist and, by U.S. authorities, as a fugitive accused of interfering with federal inquiries into the skimming racket in Las Vegas and elsewhere.53 Ida Devine, wife of Las Vegas gambler Irving (Niggy) Devine, traveled with Sigelbaum from Las Vegas to Miami with skimmed money for Lansky; Ferdmann is said to have carried the skim from the Bahamas to Lansky; and Lansky counted the money in Miami, took his own cut and dispensed other sums, via different couriers, to a few syndicate chieftains in the United States. At that point, the story went on, Ferdmann and Pullman carried the remainder of the funds to the CREDIT SUISSE in Berne, Switzerland and deposited them in numbered accounts in the Swiss haven for secret-money banking.54 An active part in the whole affair was carried out by Ferdmann, who organized the Atlas Bank as the Bahamas subsidiary of the CREDIT SUISSE of Berne, Switzerland. The foregoing further confirms, Bloomfield, Permindex, Double-Chek and the connections with the same group as was connected earlier in Credit Bank of Geneva which is one and the same as CREDIT SUISSE, Miami Astaldo Vaduz, Double-Chek, Alex Carlson and the other Swiss and Liechtenstein Banks. Fred Black of Washington, D.C. was a lobbyist for North American Aircraft and business associate with Bobby Baker and Clifford Jones. Black has confirmed the connection between Jones, McWillie, Baker, Ruby and ex-Cuban President, Prio.55 After November 22, l963, Black publicly told many people in Washington, D.C. he had informed J. Edgar Hoover that an income tax conviction against him must be reversed or he would blow the lid off Washington with revelations of the assassination conspirators.56

Lobbyist Black prevailed upon J. Edgar Hoover to admit error before the Supreme Court where his case was reversed in 1966.57 Hoover did well to rescue Black from the conviction. Fred Black, while socially drinking with acquaintances in Washington has, on numerous occasions, been reported to have told of J. Edgar Hoover's and Bobby Baker's involvement in the assassination through Las Vegas, Miami and Havana gamblers. He named some of these as the Fox Brothers of Miami, McLaney of Las Vegas, New Orleans, Havana and Bahamas, Cliff Jones of Las Vegas, Carlos Prio Socarras of Havana, Bobby Baker and others. He stated there was also a connection in that some of the gamblers were Russian emigres.58 Don Reynolds, Washington, D.C. businessman and associate of Bobby Baker and who had a number of questionable business transactions with Walter Jenkins on behalf of Lyndon Johnson, also gave testimony concerning Bobby Baker's involvement with the principals and he has stated on numerous public occasions that this group was behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.59 Black was a stockholder with Baker in the Waikiki Savings & Loan Association in Honolulu. The other members were Clifford Jones and his law partner, Louis Weiner. There was the Farmers and Merchants State Bank in Tulsa where Jones joined Baker and Black in a stock deal and brought in a Miami pal by the name of Benny Sigelbaum, a courier of funds and documents to the Swiss banks for Permindex and the Syndicate.60 Of all the enterprises, none could compare with the controversial Serv-U Corp., a Baker-Black controlled vending-machine firm. Ed Levinson, president of the Fremont Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, was also a partner. Grant Stockdale, President of Serv-U and his money is covered later.61 Formed late in 1961, Serve-U Corporation provided vending machines for the automatic dispensing of food and drink in companies working on government contracts. In the next two years, Serv-U was awarded the lion-share of the vending business at three major aerospace firms - North American Aviation, Northrop Corporation and Thompson Ramo Wooldridge's Space Technology Laboratories.62 Baker and Black each bought stock in the company for \\$1 a share, while the others paid approximately \\$16 a share. Early in 1963 when Baker's Carousel Motel in Ocean City, Md. ran into financial difficulties, it was bought by Ser-U for \\$1 million.63 McWillie, Baker and Jones were involved in numerous transactions together, one of which was the incorporation of Greatamerica, the conglomerate company. The incorporating papers in Carson City, Nevada dated April 27, 1962 lists Abe Fortas as vice-president, general counsel and director. There is not sufficient evidence made public yet to connect Fortas with the assassination conspiracy. One of the incorporators of Greatamerica was Clifford A. Jones, Nevada Lieutenant Governor from 1945-54 and a part owner and officer of the Thunderbird Hotel in Las Vegas. The gambling license issued to Jones and a partner in the hotel was revoked by the Nevada Tax Commission in 1955 on grounds that underworld figures had interests in the hotel. The decision was later overturned by the Nevada Supreme Court.64 On January 5, 1966, Clifford Jones was indicted for perjury in connection with the grand jury investigation of Bobby Baker, former secretary to Senate Democrats.65

Baker was indicted the same day for conspiracy, tax evasion and fraudulently converting to his own use nearly \\$100,000 from California savings and loan executives who thought they were making political contributions.66 Clifford Jones was named a co-conspirator in that indictment. Baker was later convicted of failing to pay tax on the \\$100,000. Jones' case had not come to trial as of the summer of 1969.67 Abe Fortas was Baker's attorney until Johnson became President in 1963. At that time he withdrew from the case.68 The two other incorporators of Greatamerica were Helen Irving and Katherine Waldman, both of Las Vegas, and both also listed as directors of a Las Vegas concern which got a gambling license in June, 1964. The same three incorporators - Jones and the two women - were listed as incorporators when Greatamerica filed to do business in Texas on January 29, 1963, records in the Texas Secretary of State's Office in Austin showed.69 Troy Post of Dallas, Texas was the originator of Greatamerica. It was Troy Post working with Bobby Baker and Clifford Jones who put the conglomerate together. Edward Levinson of the Fremont Hotel in Las Vegas was associated with Bobby Baker, Clifford Jones and L.J. McWillie in the plans for the assassination of President Kennedy. Levinson refused to answer any questions before the Senate Committee investigating the Bobby Baker case in 1964. Levinson took the Fifth Amendment seventy-five times. Levinson and Morris Dalitz of the Desert Inn and Stardust in Las Vegas were also connected with Carlos Prio Socarras, ex-Cuban President, and Cliff Jones in all Havana gambling before and after Castro took control. Morris Dalitz, Roy M. Cohn, H.L. Hunt and J. Edgar Hoover had worked together for years in the anti-Communist movement. They had been active as a group for the Joe McCarthy investigations during the early 1950's.70 Morris Dalitz, for years had been the head of the Cleveland, Ohio underworld and as such had been a business partner of Joe Bonanno of the Mafia and Lionel Corporation. Dalitz and Bonanno had been a constant target of Robert Kennedy in his organized crime fight. We shall later look into Bonanno's activities and connections. Ed Reid in his 1969 book, The Grim Reapers, published a picture of Lyndon Johnson at Morris Dalitz' Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, taken when Johnson and Bobby Baker met with Dalitz prior to the assassination. Johnson and Dalitz were photographed together a number of times during the important Las Vegas meeting. Also at the meeting with Johnson, Baker and Dalitz, the host, were Ed Levinson, Clifford Jones and Roy Cohn. The great majority of FBI agents knew nothing about Hoover's actions and capable agents made a conspiracy case against Clifford Jones along with Bobby Baker in connection with their various financial transactions. Jones was indicted in 1964 for the conspiracy and a second indictment was made against him for perjury, that is for lying under oath when testifying for Baker. J. Edgar Hoover pressured the Justice Department and Jones has not been brought to trial for more than five years after the charges. Hoover and Jones were personally close friends as well as a members of the assassination cabal. Because of the wide publicity and public pressure, Hoover could not quash the Baker case without a trial. However, he worked through Abe Fortas on the Supreme Court and Baker's appeals were handled in such a way as to block any final decree and to bring questions on the case lasting into late 1969.

Hoover's adroit handling of the Baker case has made it questionable whether Baker will ever serve a day of his sentence. History has recorded at least as early as World War II the definite working together of the Mafia and J. Edgar Hoover through his espionage department. From 1943 to 1946, Lucky Luciano and selected Mafia members throughout the United States worked on the docks of the various ports in the United States and in other areas with J. Edgar Hoover and the military intelligence agencies in preventing sabotage. Lucky Luciano's prison sentence was suspended in 1946 and he was allowed to leave the country to take up residence in Sicily.71 Vito Genovese and his select Mafia group worked with Mussolini in Italy before and during World War II and were a part of Mussolini's Fascist governing regime. However, in 1943, as the American Forces worked their way up the Italian peninsula, the same Vito Genovese and his group became active agents for the United States intelligence agencies and a number of American officials wrote flowery recommendations for Mr. Genovese citing his American patriotism, intelligence and ingenuity in carrying out his assigned duties for the U.S. espionage agencies.72
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Chapter IV - The Assassination Attempt on DeGaulle.

A group of Fascist French generals dedicated to keeping Algeria as a French colony were the middle group in the 1961 and 1962 assassination attempts on French General DeGaulle. A French colonel, Bastien Thiery, commanded the 1962 group of professional assassins who made the actual assassination attempt on DeGaulle. Colonel Thiery set his group of assassins up at an intersection in the suburbs of Paris in this final attempt in 1962 to kill DeGaulle. The gunmen fired more than one hundred rounds in the 1962 Colonel Thiery assassination attempt. But General DeGaulle, traveling in his bullet proof car, evaded being hit, although all of the tires were shot out. The driver increased his speed and the General was saved. Colonel Bastien Thiery was arrested, tried and executed for the attempt on DeGaulle's life but he was the breaking point between the operating level of that assassination attempt and the people financing and planning it and he went to his death without revealing the connection. General DeGaulle's intelligence, however traced the financing of his attempted assassination into the FBI's Permindex in Switzerland and Centro Mondiale Comerciale in Rome, and he complained to both the governments of Switzerland and Italy causing Permindex to lose its charter and Centro Mondiale Comerciale to be forced to move to Johannesburg, South Africa. General DeGaulle was furious at the assassination plots and attempted assassination upon himself. He called in his most trusted officers with the French Intelligence Agency and they advised him that they were already working on the investigation to ferret out who was behind DeGaulle's attempted assassination. The French Intelligence Agency in a very short while completely traced the assassination attempt through Permindex, the Swiss corporation, to the Solidarists, the Fascist White Russian emigre intelligence organization and Division Five, the espionage section of the FBI, into the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Brussels, Belgium. French intelligence thus determined that the attempts on General DeGaulle's life were being directed from NATO in Brussels through its various intelligence organizations and specifically, Permindex in Switzerland, basically a NATO intelligence front using the remnants of Adolph Hitler's intelligence units in West Germany and also, the intelligence unit of the Solidarists

headquartered in Munich, Germany. The overall command of the DeGaulle assassination unit was directed by Division Five of the FBI. Upon learning that the intelligence groups controlled by the Division Five of the FBI in the headquarters of the NATO organization had planned all of the attempts of his life, DeGaulle was inflamed and ordered all NATO units off of French soils. Under the contract between France and NATO, General DeGaulle could not force them to move for a period of time somewhat exceeding one year; yet, he told NATO to get off the soil of France and put the machinery in operation to remove them within the treaty agreements with the organization. The Defense Intelligence Agency, the intelligence arm of all armed forces in the United States and Division Five, the counter-espionage agency for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, were both found to have been the controlling agencies in NATO directing the assassination attempts on DeGaulle's life. DIA and Division Five of the FBI were working hand in glove with the White Russian emigre intelligence arm, the Solidarists, and many of the Western European intelligence agencies were not aware of the assassination plan worked directly through NATO headquarters. Even the high echelons of the United States CIA were not aware of the DIA, FBI and Solidarist directed activities. Jerry Milton Brooks, a close associate of Maurice Brooks Gatlin, Sr., testified in New Orleans that Gatlin was a transporter for the CIA and Division Five of the FBI. Gatlin in 1962 left New Orleans of behalf of Permindex with \\$100,000.00 in cash of the FBI's money and delivered the cash on behalf of Division Five and Permindex to the group of Fascist French generals planning the assassination of General DeGaulle. Gatlin flew from New Orleans directly to Paris, France and made the delivery.73 Gatlin was the general counsel to the Anti-Communist League of the Caribbean, and he worked directly under Guy Bannister. In 1964 Gatlin was thrown, pushed, or fell from the sixth floor of the El Panama Hotel in Panama during the middle of the night and was killed instantly. Guy Bannister had been in charge of the Midwestern FBI Division Five operation with headquarters in Chicago up until 1955. At this time, J. Edgar Hoover shifted Bannister from an official basis with Division Five to a retainer and contractual basis with the espionage section of the agency and moved him to New Orleans where Bannister worked with the New Orleans police department and later from a private office at 544 Camp Street. In his contractual capacity with Division Five, Bannister had close contacts with all of the armed service intelligence agencies and worked closely with them on the espionage section of the FBI's various projects. Bannister was the officer in charge who dispatched Gatlin with the \\$100,000.00 cash to Paris for the DeGaulle assassination group.74 We outline the DeGaulle assassination attempt with President Kennedy's assassination because the same organization carried out both operations.
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Chapter V - In 1961, European and U.S. Publications Revealed the Defense Intelligence Agency's Support of the Revolting French Generals.
Before the attempted assassination on DeGaulle by Thiery of Permindex and even before Maurice Gatlin, the New Orleans business associate of Guy Bannister, had acted as courier of

assassination funds for Permindex between New Orleans and Europe, a large hassle had developed publicly over the Pentagon and the Defense Intelligence Agency acting in concert with the revolting French generals in Algeria. These were the same French generals who were working with the Defense Intelligence Agency and Division Five of the FBI through Permindex, Centro Mondiale Comerciale (World Trade Center) and Italo American Hotel Corporation in the attempted assassination of DeGaulle in March of 1962. At the time these facts were put into general circulation, neither Permindex, Centro Mondiale Comerciale (World Trade Center) nor Italo American Hotel Corporation had been brought to public light, although we now know their operations, connections and purposes. The story was considered important enough in May, 1961, to be the subject of the lead editorial in Le Monde, the most respected and influential newspaper in France: It now seems established that some American agents more or less encouraged Maurice Challe, whose experience in NATO should have put him on guard against the dealings of these irresponsible people and their Spanish and German colleagues. Kennedy obviously had nothing to do with this affair. To make this plain he considered it necessary to offer aid to General De Gaulle, well-intentioned certainly but inopportune. Columnist Marquis Childs noted that some people at the top were aware of the Defense Intelligence Agency's involvement. Childs wrote: As one of the highest officials of France put it: "Of course your government, neither your State Department nor your President, had anything to do with this. But when you have so many hundreds of agents in every part of the world it is not to be wondered at that some of them should have got in touch with the generals in Algiers." And l'Express devoted two full pages to Challe and the DIA in a report the content of which obviously bore the imprint of high officialdom. Among other things, l'Express affirmed that: Knowing the sobriety, the prudence and the ambition of General Challe, all of his close friends are convinced today that he was encouraged by his companions (at NATO). In the course of the final conversations which he had in Paris certain American agents have told him "succeed quickly - in less than forty-eight hours - in a technical coup d'etat and we will support you." When the first stories of DIA and NATO involvement in the revolt were being published on April 22, 1961, some of them were launched cautiously "by officials at the Elysee Palace itself" according to Crosby S. Noyes in the Washington Star. At least a half dozen foreign newsmen were given privately to understand that the generals' plot was backed by strongly anti-Communist elements in the United States Government and military services. The leader of the revolt, General Maurice Challe, was reported to have received assurances that any move to keep Algeria under permanent French domination and out of Algerian hands would be in the interests of the United States. There also was a strong implication that a change in the NATO policies of General DeGaulle would be welcome as one of the results of a successful coup d'etat. Paul Ghali of the Chicago Daily News reported that: French army circles in the French capital made it known that they had 'irrefutable' documents proving that Pentagon agents in Paris and Algiers promised General Challe full U. S. support if

the coup succeeded. Simultaneously, the Polish Ambassador in Paris, Stanislaw Gajewski, volunteered the same information with even more precision to colleagues and social acquaintances. Said Il Paese in Rome: It is not by chance that some people in Paris are accusing the American secret service headed by Allen Dulles of having participated in the plot of the four 'ultra' generals . . . Franco, Salazar, Allen Dulles are the figures who hide themselves behind the pronunciamentos of the 'ultras'; they are the pillars of an international conspiracy that, basing itself on the Iberian dictatorships, on the residue of the most fierce and blind colonialism, on the intrigues of the CIA . . . reacts furiously to the advance of progress and democracy. . . . Pravda reported that: Taking part in the war against the Algerian people is not only the France of the arms manufacturers.. The war in Algeria is a war of NATO. This was openly and cynically stated by American General Norstad, Commander in Chief ofthe Armed Forces of the Atlantic Bloc. U.S. reactionary quarters are helping the French colonialists. . . . The traces of the plotters lead to Madrid and Lisbon, these hotbeds of fascism preserved intact with the money of American reactionaries and with direct assistance of top NATO circles. The traces from Spain and Portugal lead across the ocean to the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency of the U.S. . . . A version with a new twist appeared in a non-Communist Paris newspaper. It was written by Genevieve Tabouis. Madame Tabouis assured her readers that "the fact that the effort of Challes was encouraged, if not supported, by the most Atlantic of American services, is from now on a secret everyone knows. About this time, General James M. Gavin, United States Ambassador to France, attended a luncheon of the French American Press Association. Also on hand was Pierre Baraduc. Ambassador Gavin stood up to answer questions from the guests. One of the guests was Sam White, an Australian and Paris correspondent for the irreverent London Evening Standard. White, a man of blunt and simple Anglo-Saxon words, handed Ambassador Gavin a bombshell of a question: "Now that the story that the Pentagon played a part in the Algerian mutiny has received the blessing of the Quai d'Orsey, what steps does the American Ambassador propose to take to kill it?" By this time, the Defense Intelligence Agency, Division Five of the FBI and the NATO generals' involvement with the French Algerian generals was so well established that General Gavin declined to make any form of denial. Digressing somewhat but expanding further, it is desirable to document further the connection between the Defense Intelligence Agency, Division Five of the FBI, the Defense Industrial Security Command, the members of the Kennedy assassination cabal, it's employees and their common, connecting links and objectives. The Defense Industrial Security Command is a direct subsidiary of the Defense Intelligence Agency under the command of Lt. Gen. Joseph Carroll, who was a long time friend of Hoover and former Assistant Director of the FBI. The Defense Industrial Security Command was in operation before the Defense Intelligence Agency was formed in early 1961. However, before that time, it had worked with the separate armed forces intelligence agencies which were all brought together under General Carroll. The DISC was a police, security, investigative, intelligence and employee clearance arm of the sprawling military industrial

complex consisting of the Atomic Energy Commission, NASA, the munitions makers and suppliers of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps and the employees of all of those agencies and those companies who held contracts with them. It is not in the least surprising that the syndicate and the Mafia worked well into the Defense Industrial Security Command because of their members' ownership in many of the huge corporations manufacturing munitions and supplies for the Pentagon, Atomic Energy Commission and NASA. Henry Crown's and Patrick Hoy's ownership of the controlling block in General Dynamics between 1960 and 1966 is well known by the few who bother to keep up with such things. Henry Crown's close association with the Chicago Mafia figures has been well documented in Captive City by Demaris. Joe Bonanno's (the New York, Tucson and Montreal Mafia head) connection with the munition manufacturing corporation, Lionel, is also well known. Roy Cohn of Lionel, Ed Levinson, Clifford Jones and Cleveland mobster, Morris Dalitz, and their business connections are also totally established. Joe Bonanno keeps his personal lawyer on retainer (and has for years) in order to handle the intricate high financial legal moves in connection with his ownership of munitions, aerospace and other corporations registered on Wall Street. Bonanno's attorney is William Power Maloney who is also General Counsel for the Securities and Exchange Commission, the regulatory agency over the stock exchanges with headquarters in New York City. And, J. Edgar Hoover until 1959 vehemently denied that the Mafia even existed. He said there was no such organization as the Mafia. The Nazi rocket scientists are on management level also in the munitions and aerospace industry. Walter Dornberger, the Nazi general, left the space agency in the 1950's to become a high official in Bell Aerospace Corporation and he was followed by over thirty of the Nazi scientists to control level in the corporations manufacturing munitions and aerospace material. This still left well over sixty of the scientists at command level in NASA.75 The Nazis, Mafia and gambling syndicate members were all brought together under the large umbrella of the Defense Industrial Security Command and even the larger joint umbrella of the Defense Intelligence Agency and Division Five of the FBI. Of course, General Joseph Carroll of DIA could not possibly participate in any venture without the approval of the Joint Chiefs of Staff sitting over him in the Pentagon. The host of munitions and aerospace manufacturing companies with Mafia Members in the leadership positions began to surface during the 1960's and one of such connections surfaced as is shown in the Associated Press Dispatch of October 28,1969, which reads as follows: A Pennsylvania manufacturing firm linked to the Mafia by a Senate subcommittee has won millions of dollars in defense contracts from the Pentagon. Medico Industries Inc. of Pittston, Pa., currently is working on a \\$4 million contract to produce parts for rocket warheads used extensively in Vietnam. Since 1966, the firm has received about \\$12 million in Army, Navy, and Air Force contracts. Pentagon records indicate it has performed well on all its defense work. Medico Industries' present contracts do not involve classified material. However, a Pentagon spokesman said the firm and its principal officers had a security clearance from Jan. 28, 1968 to June 20, 1968. It was terminated at the company's request - a request which Pentagon sources said came after security officials asked for additionalinformation about its officers.

The company's name has cropped up in the organized crime investigations of a Senate subcommittee headed by Sen. John L. McClellan, D Ark. In 1964, McClellan's subcommittee listed Medico Electric Motor Co., later to become known as Medico Industries, as a principal hangout of Russell A. Bufalino, whom it described as "one of the most ruthless and powerful leaders of the Mafia in the United States." William Medico, former president and now general manager of Medico Industries, was listed in the same report as among the "criminal associates" of Bufalino. James A. Osticco, the firm's traffic manager, was present in 1957 when New York State Police broke up the Apalachin Conference - a meeting of top Mafia figures from throughout the United States. The participants also included Bufalino and Vito Genevese, once described as "king of the rackets." Bufalino has been battling deportation since 1952. According to the McClellan committee's 1964 report, the Sicilian-born Mafia leader has been active in narcotics trafficking, labor racketeering, and dealing in stolen jewels and furs. Last year, Bufalino was charged with transporting stolen television sets across state lines. Investigators say Bufalino and Medico have been friends since Bufalino moved to Pittston from Buffalo, N.Y. in 1938. A confidential report in the files of state and federal law enforcement officials refers to a company listed in the Senate report as being owned by Bufalino and says: "One of the silent partners in this enterprise is said to be William Medico . . . who is believed to have money invested in a number of places where the subject (Bufalino) acts as front man." In a telephone interview, Medico said he has no business interests with Bufalino. He said he has known Bufalino all his life. As for the McClellan committee report that Bufalino frequents the Medico plant, Medico said, "Sure he comes to see us. We're selling his equipment; he's a customer. I can't tell him to get the hell out." The firm's record of getting government contracts goes back to the 1950's. It has produced such items as maintenance platforms for the Air Force and Navy, rebuilt generators for the Signal Corps, rebuilt machine tools and hydraulic wing jacks for the Army, Navy and Air Force. It also has had contracts from the cities of New York and Detroit. In 1963 it competed with eight other firms to take over management of a government- ammunition plant in Scranton, Pa., but lost out to a lower bidder. In 1968 Medico Industries was one of the 166 companies from which the Army sought bids to produce parts for 2.75-inch rocket warheads. Ten firms, including Medico, responded and six got contracts. Medico was not among them. But in the summer of 1968, the Army announced it needed still more warheads to fill Vietnam requirements. The four unsuccessful bidders on the earlier round were invited to bid again. All four, including Medico, got contracts. The Medico contract, awarded September 19, 1968, called for supply of 510,000 parts for \\$3,090,600. Then, in December 1968, Medico was among the producers invited to submit proposals for shifting to production of a different and costlier type 2.75-inch warhead. The firm received a contract on Dec. 31 to supply 380,000 parts at a cost of \\$4,012,800. That contract is still in effect.

Under Defense Department regulations, a company can not be cleared for work on classified projects until its key personnel are given a National Agency check. This includes a search of FBI name and fingerprint files. If any derogatory information is found, it is up to the Defense Industrial Security Command at Columbus, Ohio, to determine if it is serious enough to warrant further investigation. If such a determination is made the case is referred to a higher level for review. No such reference was made when Medico's application was processed. In addition to security checks, all prospective defense contractors also undergo a pre-award review to determine their ability to produce. The personal background of company officials is not a factor in such reviews. Medico Industries' success in obtaining government contracts has helped it expand from a small electrical company housed in a former mule barn to a large modern plant on the outskirts of Pittston. With a work force of about 400 during peak contract periods, the firm is one of the largest employers in the coal mining area. William Medico and his four brothers, all officers in the family firm, are often in the news as participants in civic affairs, charity drives and occasionally politics, in the city of 13,000 midway between Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. To return momentarily to some of the employees of the DIA and DISC involved in the DeGaulle assassination attempt, it needs to be pointed out that Jerry Brooks and a number of other witnesses confirmed to District Attorney Jim Garrison that Maurice Gatlin had carried funds to Europe to finance the DeGaulle assassination attempt. It was also confirmed that Jack Ruby was a close associate of Maurice Gatlin and that Gatlin, Robert Ray McKeown of Baycliff, Texas, (adjacent to the Houston NASA headquarters), and Jack Ruby were all very closely associated over a period of at least ten years. As a matter of fact, Jerry Brooks told Garrison that Gatlin was the one who called Jack Ruby and Robert Ray McKeown in and ordered them to drop their plans to ship surplus army jeeps to Fidel Castro in the spring of 1959. Ruby, of course, was also very closely connected with L. J. McWillie of Havana and Las Vegas, the business partner of Clifford Jones, Ed. Levinson, Morris Dalitz, Bobby Baker and Roy Cohn. When questioned by the Warren Commission, Jack Ruby had this to say about L.J. McWillie: Mr. Ruby: . . . As a matter of fact, on the plane, if I recall, I had an article he sent me, and I wanted to get it published because I idolized McWillie. . . . Mr. Ruby: A fellow whom I sort of idolized is of the Catholic faith, and a gambler. Naturally in my business you meet people of various backgrounds. And the thought came, we were very close, and I always thought a lot of him, and I knew that Kennedy, being Catholic, I knew how heartbroken he was, and even his picture - of this Mr. McWillie - flashed across me, because I have a great fondness for him.76 Also buried deep in the twenty-six volumes of the Warren Commission report are the following statements which, of course, show that Ruby had contact with McWillie, Jones, Dalitz of the Stardust Motel and others in Las Vegas about two and one half weeks before the assassination time: GILBERT COSKEY, Casino Cashier, Stardust Hotel, advised that about four weeks ago an individual from Dallas, Texas, believed by the name RUBY approached the casino credit department and attempted to have a check cashed. COSKEY recalled that the man talked about owning the Vegas Club and another night club in Dallas. COSKEY stated he took the check to

JOHN TIHISTA, Credit Manager, for approval informing TIHISTA that the customer reportedly was from Dallas and owned night clubs in that city. COSKEY stated that if he recalls correctly TIHISTA refused to cash this check since the customer had no previous credit with the hotel. He could recall nothing more concerning this incident, but after seeing a photo of RUBY in the paper and reading about his background, he was certain that RUBY and the person attempting to cash a check at the Stardust were one and the same.77 JOHN TIHISTA, Credit Manager, Stardust Hotel, advised that about one month ago GILBERT COSKEY, Cashier in the hotel casino cage, came to TIHISTA with a check from a customer to determine whether or not it should be cashed. According to COSKEY, the customer wanting to cash the check had no previous credit; however, COSKEY stated that the man was from Dallas and owned a night club in that city. He believed COSKEY had stated the man's name was RUBY. TIHISTA stated that apparently this incident occurred on a weekend since they were unable to contact the customer's bank, and therefore, did not accept the check. TIHISTA reviewed hotel registration recorded for the months of September, October, and November (1963) but could not locate a registration for the name RUBY or RUBENSTEIN. TIHISTA stated there was no credit application for the name RUBY or RUBENSTEIN at the Stardust.78 JOSEPH STEFAN, Caddymaster, Tropicana Golf Club . . . . advised that when the news of RUBY'S killing of L. OSWALD; first appeared on television, he had the impression that at one time RUBY might have played golf at that course, since he is sure that at some time during the past year, a player from Texas, had given him a card from the Carousel Club in Dallas and told him to look him up if he ever got to Dallas. . . .79 Ruby was simply being guided and advised by his superiors in the gambling syndicate and Mafia section within the Defense Industrial Security Command. DISC also has within its group the secondary command level of the U.S. Information Agency whose duties are propaganda. Fred Korth, in addition to his close connection with Nazi Walter Dornberger as fellow board member on Bell Aerospace Corporation, has been active Director of U.S.I.A. and its subsidiary, Radio Free Europe. In any event, one may well rest assured that in the fall of 1969 and 1970, the Defense Industrial Security Command was continuing its activities on East Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio and at the George Marshall Space Center and Old Redstone Arsenalalong the Tennessee River in Northern Alabama. When F. Lee Bailey was called to represent Captain Ernest L. Medina in December of 1969, he was employed by DISC and he had never seen Medina until both were flown to Columbus, Ohio. After being together in Columbus a few days and after a number of propaganda stories were ground out from there, Medina and Bailey were flown to the Pentagon where they met the national press. After Ross Perot had flown around the world with food for North Vietnam prisoners of war as a propaganda venture, he flew to Columbus, Ohio where new and effective news releases were issued after several days there in January, 1970. The Columbus group had earlier secured lawyers for James Earl Ray, Sirhan Sirhan and others.

The Defense Industrial Security Command, the police agency of the munitions manufacturers successors to the German cartels, has many and varied functions.
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Chapter VI - Permindex and Double-Chek Agents and their Activities.

Double-Chek, a Florida corporation organized and operated by the CIA and the American counterpart of Permindex and Centro Mondiale Comerciale, was taken over by Division Five of the FBI and was used as one of the principal funding agencies for President Kennedy's death planners. Another was the Tolstoy Foundation, the Russian Solidarist funding source with its principal offices in New York City and Munich in Germany, and the Kentfield Fund in Dallas.80 The Solidarist world network is connected through the old Orthodox Catholic Church of North America and Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia which church connected organization used one of its priests, David Ferrie, in New Orleans as an agent in the planning of the Kennedy assassination. Ferrie became a priest and agent for the Solidarists when he dropped out of the Roman Catholic Seminary in Ohio and joined the Byelorussian Liberation Front at 3308 West 43rd Street, Cleveland, Ohio in 1946.81 Donald P. Norton told Jim Garrison he was impressed into the agency's service in 1957 under threat of exposure as a homosexual. In September, 1962, Norton was dispatched from Atlanta to Mexico with \\$30,000 for an anti-Castro group. He said he registered in the Yamajel Hotel in Monterrey, Mexico, per instructions, when he was contacted by one Harvey Lee, an exact duplicate of Oswald except that his hair seemed slightly thicker.82 In exchange for the money, Lee gave him a briefcase containing documents in manila envelopes. According to plan, Norton delivered the briefcase to an employee of an American oil firm in Calgary, Alberta, who repeated the pass phrase, "The weather is very warm in Tulsa."83 Breck Wall and Joe Patterson were in close contact with a person who called himself Archison, and Jack Wohl from Calgary. Norton also told of how he met David Ferrie earlier in his career. In early 1958, he was assigned a courier trip to Cuba and told to meet his contact at the Eastern Air Lines counter at the Atlanta airport. The contact was a man who called himself Hugh Ferrie. "Here are your samples," Ferrie remarked, handing Norton a phonograph record. "It is in the jacket." The jacket contained \\ $150,000.00, which Norton duly delivered to a Cuban television performer in Havana. Norton asserts he went to Freeport, Grand Bahama, on an Agency assignment late in 1966, and upon his return to Miami, his contact instructed that "something was happening in New Orleans and that Norton should take a long, quiet vacation."84 He did, and began to worry about the "people who have died in recent months--like Ferrie." Then he contacted Garrison. Norton was given a lie detector test, the result of which was that he was telling the truth.85 Jules Rocco Kimble said that on the day after David Ferrie died, he drove a top KKK official, Jack Helm, to Ferrie's apartment. Helm came out with a satchel of papers which he placed in a bank safe deposit box. Kimble said that in 1962, he had flown to Montreal, Canada with Ferrie on business. He promised the District Attorney's investigators that he would gather more information and report back to them.86

Shortly afterward, he phoned his wife from Atlanta, saying he had met an Intelligence contact. "They'll never get me back to New Orleans," he said. A few days after that, he called from Montreal, Canada. Kimble came back to Tampa, Florida, where he was arrested by the city police. Interviewed by Garrison's men, he said that he had once worked special assignments for U.S. intelligence agencies, and in verification named his Agency contacts and the box number at the Layafette Street station they assigned him.87 He averred he had re-contacted the Intelligence agency after Walter Sheridan had counseled him to say nothing to the District Attorney and go to Montreal where he named some contacts. Sheridan was the liaison man with Bobby Kennedy for Joe Carroll of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Sheridan was subsequently indicted by a New Orleans grand jury for public bribery for attempting to induce witnesses to make false statements against Garrison.88 David Ferrie was in Dallas, Texas on the night of November 24, 1963. Ferrie talked to Bob Mulholland, an NBC news man from the Chicago office, in Dallas the night of the 24th and admitted that he was connected with Jack Ruby's Carousel Club. Ferrie even knew the emcee at the club and spoke freely exhibiting a friendship with Jack Ruby and a knowledge of an number of Jack Ruby's associates in Dallas.89 We shall return to Ruby, Ferrie and their activities, but now is as good a time as any to add one more piece of evidence to the mountain of such inculpating the Defense Industrial Security Command. Gary Underhill, a CIA agent with Walter Kostow and Harold R. Isaacs at the Center for International Studies at MIT, told friends in early 1964 in New York that a group within the U.S. Intelligence agencies had planned and brought about the death of John Kennedy and that he was going to expose them. A few days later he was found dead in his apartment in Washington, D.C., a bullet in his head behind his left ear - but Underhill was right handed. Harold R. Isaacs, ex-Newsweek Magazine editor, was the subject of a suppressed Warren Commission document. David Ferrie, Maurice Brooks Gatlin, Guy Bannister and Mike McLaney of New Orleans, Robert Ray McKeown of Houston, Jack Ruby of Dallas and L.J. McWillie of Las Vegas began a partnership in 1953 with Carlos Prio Socarras, Cuba's President from 1948 to 1952, before Batista. Prio and his group were working well with Batista in operating all of the Cuban gambling houses until about 1957 when Batista began to shake Prio's group down for more than they felt was reasonable.90 Ex-President Prio, Ruby, McWillie, McKeown and the gambling partnership in 1957 contacted Castro who was then in the mountains and secretly began supporting him on Castro's promise of a more reasonable government tax on the gambling profits. Prio's partner, Jack Ruby, spent a good part of 1958 directing the smuggling of arms to Cuba from the Keys in Florida with James Woodard, an ex-Dallas policeman.91 The arms, ammunition and supplies were furnished until the Castro takeover of Cuba in January, 1959. As had been promised, Prio, McWillie, Ruby, McKeown and the other partners continued to run the Havana gambling casinos until 1961 when Castro evicted McWillie, the last one to leave.92 McKeown, McWillie, Ruby, Prio, McLaney, Gatlin, Bannister and Ferrie immediately began working with other anti-Castro exiles, Division Five of the FBI and the CIA to overthrow Castro.93 After the Bay of Pigs disaster, the Prio-Ruby group under Bannister's direction continued to work with the Cuban exiles toward an invasion of the Cuban mainland. Bannister, as a free agent.

worked with Warren DeBrueys, Division Five of the FBI's resident agent in New Orleans. DeBrueys was also a White Russian and a member of the Solidarists. DeBrueys' chief assignment in the summer and fall of 1963 was to maintain a close vigil over Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans and Dallas. This he did, and after Oswald's death, DeBrueys gathered all of Oswald's personal belongings and carried them to J. Edgar Hoover in Washington, D.C.94 On November 22, before it was known that Kennedy was dead, Warren Debrueys walked into Parkland Hospital and tried to force his way into the room where President Kennedy was being attended. Two Secret Service agents had a terrible fight with DeBrueys, before he was subdued in the room just outside of Kennedy's. He was held down by Secret Service agents until help arrived.95 L.J. McWillie, one of Jack Ruby's partners in the ex-President Prio-Bannister-Ruby group, was a conservative dressing, highly polished, international socialite who traveled with the professional golfers in the U.S., Britain and Western Europe. McWillie entered the partnership with Clifford Jones and Bobby Baker in the Thunderbird gambling casino in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1962. The Dallas and Oklahoma City police who knew McWillie thoroughly had him officially designated as a "murderer and gambler" on his many-page arrest records.96 As all people of this sort do, McWillie used a number of aliases. Some of these were Lewis J. Martin, L.J. Chapman, Lewis Olney and others.97 Robert Ray McKeown of Baycliff, Texas, near Houston, another of Ruby's partners in the President Prio-Bannister association, also had a many-paged criminal record. McKeown's aliases included J.T. Brown, H.J. McAllister, Max, Dick McKeown and others.98 Jerry Brooks further confirmed the close relation between McKeown, David Ferrie, L.J. McWillie and Ruby when he reported Maurice Gatlin put a stop to their plan to sell jeeps to Castro in 1959. Lee Harvey Oswald was recruited into Division Five of the FBI by David Ferrie in 1956 before joining the USMC.99 Oswald was taken to Memphis, Tennessee, by Division Five of the FBI while in the Marine Corps. There he received the highest level of covert espionage activities training during June, July and August of 1957 at the Naval Intelligence school located on the Memphis Naval Base. The school is of such a highly secret nature that Oswald's official Marine Corps records were doctored so as not to reflect his training there.100 Lee Harvey Oswald was paid by J. Edgar Hoover through a subterfuge account with the Department of Immigration and Naturalization, a Division of the Justice Department, and consequently, he could testify before the Warren Commission without being technically guilty of perjury that Oswald was not on the FBI payroll. Fred Cook in The FBI Nobody Knows reveals this device which Hoover uses in paying covert agents through the Department of Immigration and Naturalization. Oswald's pay slip number, which was revealed by the Dallas Sheriff's office, was the number assigned him out of the San Antonio office of the Department. Oswald was paid at the Dallas office of the Immigration Department and their address in the Rio Grande Building was found in Oswald's notebook. Oswald was tutored by the Solidarists on the Russian language and his duties as an FBI espionage agent. The Russian newspapers and literature which Oswald received were of Solidarist origin. Just prior to going to Russia in 1959, Oswald received a Solidarist agent in a

long visit at Santa Ana, California. In 1959 Oswald admitted his connections were "White Russians".101 The agent came from the San Francisco office of the Solidarists. The San Francisco office went under the cover name "Federation of Russian Charitable Organizations," 376 Twentieth Avenue.102 Oswald had always been a Solidarist and Division Five of the FBI agent. He had never been employed by the CIA.103 Dallas Chief Deputy Allan Sweatt said in a Secret Service document that Oswald was being paid \\$200.00 per month by the FBI and he even furnished Oswald's informant number, S172.104 Dallas District Attorney, Henry Wade, and Texas Attorney General, Waggoner Carr, in a secret meeting with the Commission on January 24, 1964, gave absolute confirmation of this. George DeMohrenschildt with his long years of experience in intelligence roles, testified to facts connecting Lee Harvey Oswald and Max Clark and his wife, Gali, to Division Five of the FBI and the Defense Industrial Security Command through the Henry Crown, Patrick Hoy dominated General Dynamics. He further revealed the name of the Division Five agent in charge in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Here is what DeMohrenschildt said: Mr. DeMohrenschildt: . . . . . . . in my mind Max Clark was in some way connected with the FBI, because he was chief of security at Convair (General Dynamics) he had been a chief of security. And either George Bouhe or someone else told me that he is with the FBI to some extent. . . . Mr. Jenner: Who is Walter Moore? Mr. DeMohrenschildt: Walter Moore is the man who interviewed me on behalf of the Government after I came back from Yugoslavia - G. Walter Moore. He is a Government man FBI . . . A very nice fellow, exceedingly intelligent who is, as far as I know - was some sort of an FBI man in Dallas. Many people consider him head of FBI in Dallas. . . It should be pointed out here that Albert Jenner, one of the top lawyers on the Warren Commission staff, had been the personal and corporate lawyer for Henry Crown, Mafiaconnected head of General Dynamics for a long number of years. Both live in Chicago.105 Gali Clark is a White Russian who was born of royal blood in exile in France. She was Princess Sherbatov. She and her husband, Max, both Solidarists and close friends of John Connally, were the first Defense Industrial Security Command contacts with Lee and Marina Oswald when they got back from Russia in 1962. They visited in each others homes and were closely connected until after the assassination. The Director of Security at General Dynamics, Max Clark and his wife were also members of the Tryall Compound in Jamaica.
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Chapter VII - Albert Osborne, Missionary for the A.C.C.C. and the Cabal.
The actual assassination was done by a team of highly trained professional assassins from Mexico. These men blended in well with some of the anti-Castro Cubans under the direction of the Free Cuba Committee with members in Mexico City, Dallas, New Orleans, Montreal, Miami, Chicago, Kansas City and Los Angeles.106

The highly trained expert professional riflemen from Mexico were selected from twenty-five or thirty of the most proficient firing experts in the world. The group of twenty-five to thirty professional executioners have been based in Mexico and have been used by espionage agencies of the U.S. and various countries all over the world for political killings for the past twenty-five years. The Free Cuba Committee, anti-Communist Russian Solidarists, A.C.C.C. and Division Five of the FBI obtained the team of world's best Mexican riflemen through the offices of Double-Chek Corporation, an American based subsidiary of Permindex, the FBI and CIA funded Swiss corporation, and Centro Mondiale Comerciale, also known as World Trade Center Corporation, another FBI and CIA funded corporation which moved from Rome to Johannesburg, South Africa in 1962. Both of these corporations had been used by J. Edgar Hoover to fund the 1961 and 1962 assassination attempts on General DeGaulle. The existence of the espionage section of the FBI's nest of professional assassins in Mexico began under the supervision of Albert Osborne in 1943. It was Hoover's brain child and he has kept a close management on the unit of twenty-five to thirty expert riflemen and continues to do so in 1969. He has allowed the Defense Intelligence Agency to use these men but they remain as his charges.107 In 1952 two of the professionals, Mario (El Turko) Sapet and Alfredo Cervantes, took a private contract to assassinate Jake Floyd, a District Judge in Alice, Texas, and a bitter enemy of George Parr of Duval County. These men were allowed to take such private employment but Division Five never knew anything concerning such unauthorized killings. At about dusk on September 8, 1952, Sapet and Cervantes positioned themselves in a field adjacent to the rear of Floyd's house and when Buddy Floyd, Jake's 19 year old son who resembled his father, started out of the house to the garage, Cervantes mistakenly shot Buddy through the head, killing him. Cervantes, Sapet and Nago Alaniz, George Parr's personal lawyer, were indicted for the assassination and for conspiracy to murder. Sapet was caught before he could cross the Mexican border and was given a 99 year sentence. Cervantes crossed back into Mexico where he found his Division Five assassination group and although Mexican authorities arrested him, political pressure was brought to bear and Alfredo has remained a free man in Mexico despite sixteen years of constant effort to extradite him by Sam Burris, the Alice District Attorney. Burris and Bill Allcorn, Special Assistant Attorney General of Texas, were unable to convict Nago Alaniz but one of the conspirators gave Bill Allcorn pertinent information. The accomplice told Allcorn that there were twenty-five to thirty professional assassins kept in Mexico by the espionage section of the U. S. Federal Bureau of Investigation; that these men were used to commit political assassinations all over North, South and Central America, the East European countries and in Russia; that these men were the absolute world's most accurate riflemen; they sometimes took private contracts to kill in the United States; that the contact man for employment of the riflemen was a man named Bowen posing as an American Council of Christian Churches' missionary in Mexico; that you could reach Bowen through the owner of the St. Anthony's Hotel in Laredo, Texas. Albert Alexander Osborne, alias John Howard Bowen, alias J.H. Owen, a charter member and employee of the A.C.C.C., met Lee Harvey Oswald and accompanied him to Mexico City in late September of 1963.

Osborne or Bowen in 1942 organized and operated a Nazi black shirt group called the "Campfire Council" in the country near Knoxville Tennessee. The "Campfire Council" was sponsored by the espionage cover group, the "American Council of Christian Churches". Osborne so vehemently opposed the United States war with Nazi Germany that during 1942, he tore down an American flag and stomped it into the ground. The neighbors complained of the pro-Nazi activities of Bowen and his young Fascists even though the rural area in Tennessee where they were located was very sparsely populated.108 More than six witnesses on the bus trip from Laredo to Mexico City placed Osborne with Lee Oswald in his company as a definite traveling companion. The two stayed together during the entire trip and sat together on the bus.109 On February 8, l964, Osborne was interviewed by the FBI and lied to them about his name among other things. He gave them the name John Howard Bowen and gave them the following statement: Bowen advised that he has been in the Russellville, Alabama area, speaking at various rural Baptist Churches, and has been residing at the residence of Wylie Uptain, Rural Route, Russellville, Alabama. He stated that he intended leaving the Russellville, Alabama area, February 11, 1964, en route back to Lardo, Texas by way of New Orleans, Louisiana. Bowen stated to the best of his knowledge he was born at Chester, Pennsylvania on January 12, 1885, and his father's name was James A. Bowen, and his mother was Emily Bowen. He did not know his parents, but he was reared in an orphanage in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His grandmother, Sarah Hall, participated to a limited extent in giving him guidance and shelter during the early years of his life. His grandmother and relatives are all deceased, and he has no known relatives of any kind. . . . . . Bowen stated he considers himself an itinerant gardener and preacher. He was formerly a member of the First Baptist Church at Knoxville, Tennessee, and more recently was a member of the First Baptist Church at Laredo, Texas. He has visited and worshiped at the latter church intermittently for the past twenty years. . . . . . . . . . He considers his home to be the St. Anthony Hotel, Laredo, Texas, and he is well known there by the manager, Oscar Ferrina. He has been residing at the hotel intermittently for the past twenty years, and has made trips to Mexico for the past twenty years as an itinerant preacher. . . . .110 On February 20, 1964, Osborne was interviewed by FBI agents in Laredo, Texas and repeated the falsehoods told in the earlier statement. Then on March 5, 1964, he told FBI agents at Nashville, Tennessee the amazing story which follows. Please emember that this is the man who was such a dedicated Nazi that during World War II, he tore down the American flag and stomped it into the ground in protest against the United States war with Hitler's Nazi Germany. A part of the amazing statement follows: Albert Osborne, whose permanent address is 920 Salinas, Box 308, Laredo, Texas, was interviewed at his temporary place of residence at the Central YMCA, Nashville, Tennessee, where is registered under the name of John H. Bowen. (Box 308 is the address of the St. Anthony Hotel in Laredo). At the outset of the interview, Osborne denied his true identity and claimed that his name was John H. Bowen; however he later admitted that his correct name is Albert Osborne and he furnished the following background information concerning himself.

Osborne indicated that he was born November 12, 1888 at Grimsby, England, to James Osborne and Emile Cole Osborne, both of whom are deceased. He identified his brothers as Walter Osborne, Grimsby, England;; Arthur Osborne, Grimsby, England; William Osborne, deceased, and Frank Osborne, deceased. . . . . . . . .Osborne admitted that he had been untruthful in three previous interviews concerning his own identity and had furnished false information concerning John H. Bowen, whom he had previously indicated was an acquaintance for whom he, Osborne, had been frequently mistaken..... Osborne was advised that his photograph had been positively identified by other English speaking people on the Red Arrow Bus from Laredo, Texas to Mexico City on September 26, 27, 1963. Osborne again denied that he was on a bus with any other English speaking people and that he himself spoke no English to anyone on the bus.111 Osborne's associates said he had lived in Central Mexico since about 1942. One close associate said Osborne had a mission in Texmelucan, State of Pueblo, Mexico, and "his mission consisted have no home or ties."112 Rev. Walter Laddie Hluchan of Eagle Pass, Texas, said, "Osborne has for many years given religious instruction to Mexican boys who resided at his residence."113 Oscar Ferrino, owner of the St. Anthony Hotel, Laredo, Texas, said Osborne "is operating a school for approximately 25 to 30 boys" in Pueblo, Mexico. Ferrino has known and taken mail and messages for Osborne since 1942.114 When not in Mexico supervising his "missionaries," Osborne traveled regularly to Austin, Dallas and Tyler, Texas. In Dallas he visited one Cortez and H.L. Hunt. Cortez was reported to be one of the assassins in the 26 volumes published by the Warren Commission.115 The same volumes connect a Saunders from Tyler, Texas in the plot with Cortez. Albert Osborne was in Clay Shaw's office at 124 Camp Street, New Orleans on October 10, 1963. Later the same day he was in the office of Maurice Brooks Gatlin, the FBI transporter and Guy Bannister, the FBI Section Five Southern Manager, at their office at 544 Camp Street, New Orleans. From there, Osborne went directly into Mexico City where on the 17th or 18th of September, 1963, he was seen by a Mexican detective with the man posing as Oswald. A Cuban Negro delivered a large sum of money to the man posing as Oswald as a partial payment for his part in the assassination operation.116 Osborne, alias John Howard Bowen, was discovered to have another person working with him who also used the alias John Howard Bowen. The second person also traveling as Bowen was Fred Lee Crismon, another agent for the munitions makers police agency, the Defense Industrial Security Command. Crismon also posed as a missionary and also used other aliases. Among the cognomens for Crismon were Fred Lee, Jon Gould and Jon Gold. Osborne and Crismon also bore a marked resemblance and appeared to be about the same age. Crismon was a Syrian immigrant and had been closely associated with Osborne since the 1920's. Crismon, Osborne and their riflemen charges in Mexico were based at Clint Murchison's huge ranch when not posing as missionaries in other areas of Mexico. Murchison and J. Edgar Hoover were closer than twin brothers at Del Charro Hotel, adjacent to Murchison's horse race tracks at La Jolla, California over the ten years preceding the 1963 murder. Hoover, fraudulently charged over \\$40,000.00 of his personal bills at Del Charro to Del Hi-Taylor Oil Company, a Murchison corporation.117

Penn Jones reports in Forgive My Grief, Vol III that Clint Murchison, J Edgar Hoover, Paul Raigorodsky and other top members of the Cabal, met at Clint Murchison's house in Dallas the night of November 21, 1963 to go over the final plans for the murder. But back to Del Charro and the race tracks in California. From 1953 to 1963, J. Edgar Hoover and Clint Murchison met constantly at Del Charro with Johnny Drew, John Connally, Joe Bonanno, Carlos Marcello and other Mafia officers. As a matter of fact, the Mafia was in partnership with Murchison, John Connally and Hoover in Boys, Inc., the front organized to avoid paying taxes in operating Del Mar horse race tracks.118 (Connally, as governor of Texas in 1967, refused to extradite Sergio Arcacha Smith to New Orleans and was thus carrying out his principal role in the plan.) Carlos Marcello, Mafia boss of Louisiana and Texas, worked with his fellow Mafia commissioner, Joe Bonanno, in carrying out the assassination. Bonanno and Marcello met at Del Charro and other points to personally discuss and make decisions of middle responsibility. David Ferrie was an employee of Carlos Marcello before and after the assassination. Carlos Marcello gave David Ferrie final instructions at about 1:00 pm, November 22, 1963 at the New Orleans Federal Court House. Marcello had just been discharged from a deportation order issued by Bobby Kennedy. Ferrie, Alvin Beauboeuf and Melvin Coffey immediately went to the Alamotel in Houston. The motel was owned by Marcello and the Mafia.119 Beauboeuf and Ferrie made at least three phone calls from the Texas gulf coast on November 22nd and 23rd to the Town House Motel in New Orleans. The Town House is also owned by Marcello and the mob.120 Bonanno, Marcello and the Mafia were all working directly under the Defense Industrial Security Command through their ownership of controlling interests in the large number of companies engaged in manufacturing munitions, hardware and suppliers for the Pentagon, Space Agency, A.E.C. and U.S.I.A.121 Jack Ruby was one of Marcello's men in Dallas for a number of years. In June of 1963, Ruby spent about a week in New Orleans conferring with Marcello and other members of DISC. The Warren commission investigators uncovered the Ruby New Orleans trip and revealed his constant visits to the Sho Bar in the French Quarter. The Sho Bar was owned by Marcello and the Mafia.122 Jada Conforto, a stripper at the Sho Bar, was sent by Marcello to Jack Ruby's place in Dallas about one month before the assassination. Jada left Dallas on November 23, l963, but returned after Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald.123 Joe Bonanno and Carlos Marcello were both on the ruling commission of the Mafia and were in constant business contact. They were very close friends as well. However, their actions covered here were in relationship to their connection with the Defense Industrial Security Command. Joining Hoover, Carroll, Murchison, the Chiefs of Staff and the Mafioso, along with others, on the ruling committee of DISC, was the Nazi, Wernher Von Braun, in his capacity as head of Army Ordnance and Intelligence in rocketry and later as Chief of the space agency. John Connally had served with the ruling group of the munition makers police agency during his term as Secretary of the Navy ending in 1962. As Secretary of the Navy, Connally had been over the Office of Naval Intelligence.

If one feels the need for further proof of Carlos Marcello and Joe Bonanno's close association with the assassination group, it is a simple matter to trace their membership in the international Mafia to the Swiss corporation, Permindex, and Rome's Centro Mondiale Comerciale and its Italian Mafia director, Gutierez di Spadafora. Spadafora, Marcello and Bonanno were long time associates as ruling members of the international Mafia. Through Permindex and Centro Mondiale Comerciale and its functions, Marcello and Bonanno are easily connected with Clay Shaw, J. Edgar Hoover, the DIA, the Defense Industrial Security Command, the gambling syndicate and its Miami, Bahama and Swiss financial conduits, the assassination attempt on DeGaulle and the entire personnel of the Kennedy death planners. From the evidence gathered by the Warren Commission, it is reasonable to believe that one of these highly trained Mexican professional assassins fired the fatal head shot from behind the fence at Dealey Plaza. This was the last bullet fired at the time of the assassination of President Kennedy and it is the one which struck him from the right front blowing off a large portion of his right front temple and constituting the coup de grace. However, at least seven of the Mexican professionals were in firing position in Dallas on November 22nd. Three of the Mexican assassins stayed at Tammie True's house in Fort Worth while waiting their assignment. Tammie, one of Jack Ruby's strippers, allowed them to stay at Ruby's request and they left for the return trip to Mexico on Saturday, November 23rd.124 Early during the New Orleans investigation, Jim Garrison questioned one of Osborne's professionals who was one of the three who had stayed with Tammie True. Emilio Santana was the assassin firing from the Dal-Tex Building across Houston Street from the Depository and behind the President's car. Santana confirmed many of the facts herein. He went on to admit his close acquaintance with Jack Ruby, Clay Shaw, Gordon Novel, William Seymour and the others. As a matter of fact, Santana told of a close relationship between Ruby and Shaw. This and other facts gathered by Garrison were corroborated by a host of other witnesses closely associated with the principals. Santana confirmed that he had been employed by Clay Shaw. He further related that Jack Ruby and Shaw made a number of long trips together and one of these trips took the traveling companions to Cuba in 1959 where they visited McWillie and the gambling casinos to work out details in their arms smuggling assignment. Santana admitted that while he was an employee of Double-Chek, he was an agent for the Central Intelligence Agency. This was the professional assassin and burglar who spent the nights of November 21st and 22nd, 1963, with Jack Ruby's most loyal, long-term stripper, Tammie True. While Oswald was entering Mexico at Laredo on September 26, two persons going under the names George DeMen and Florence Parson DeMen, as did a person using the name Anthony W. Oswald, were entering Mexico 100 miles to the south of Laredo at Cuidad Miguel Aleman. Also entering at Cuidad Miguel Aleman with the above three were Samuel Thomas North and Judith Marie Muth North. All five of the people were Russian exiled Solidarists and entered by auto at Cuidad Miguel Aleman. They applied for and were issued their tourist cards in New Orleans on September 17, l963, simultaneously with Lee Harvey Oswald, their card numbers from New Orleans being for the six people, 24082, 24083, 24084, 24085, 24086 and 24087.125 On October 3rd, when Lee Harvey Oswald was re-entering the United States at Laredo, Texas, Anthony W. Oswald made his re-entry at Cuidad Miguel Aleman, one hundred miles to the South.126

The various Solidarists and American Council of Christian Churches' agents were moving in and out of Mexico, Texas and New Orleans as the date of their most important assignment approached. On the bus to Mexico City with Oswald and Bowen, the agent for American Council of Churches cover name for the espionage and propaganda unit, was T. Gonzales.127 T. Gonzales was an active agent with the Jack Ruby, President Carlos Prio Socarras, Richard Ray McKeown, David Ferrie, and L.J. McWillie anti-Castro group which had originally run guns to Castro. Gonzales, Prio and McKeown were indicted for conspiracy to violate neutrality laws in Houston, Texas in 1958.128 Fred Korth, Lyndon Johnson's protge from Fort Worth, Texas, was revealed by the Warren Commission to have been sending money orders and instructions to one of the men impersonating Oswald in Dallas over a period of a few weeks immediately prior to the assassination. The manager of the Western Union office in Dallas and one of the assistant managers definitely tied Korth to the cabal.129 There was other and compelling testimony implicating Korth in the planning cabal with HOOVER, ex-Cuban president CARLOS PRIO SOCARRAS, H.L. HUNT, JEAN DEMENIL, WALTER JENKINS, LYNDON JOHNSON, CLIFFORD JONES, BOBBY BAKER, L.J. McWILLIE, L.M. BLOOMFIELD. ROY M. COHN, WERNHER VON BRAUN, FERENC NAGY, JOHN CONNALLY, and CLINT MURCHISON, SR. Korth's wife remained in Fort Worth after the assassination and divorced him later, never returning to Washington, D.C.130 There were at least three other members of the cabal but documentation is difficult and it would not be fair to attempt to name them without further proof. It is fair to point out that LYNDON JOHNSON, with a compelling motive, was in contact with HOOVER, DEMENIL, PRIO, JENKINS, COHN, HUNT, BAKER, JONES, McWILLIE, KORTH, BLOOMFIELD, VON BRAUN, CONNALLY, NAGY, and MURCHISON for the year immediately before the act and it was Johnson who insisted that Kennedy come to Texas thus placing him directly under the rifles of the cabal. Another planning member of the cabal working for Lyndon Johnson was H.L. Hunt, the Dallas oilman and functioning director of the American Council of Christian Churches. Hoover had his agents take H.L. Hunt and his family to New York City at 12:30 pm, November 22, l963. For protective reasons, the Division Five .i.FBI; men kept the Hunts at a hotel in New York three weeks until it was determined Hunt's part in the assassination could be kept from public knowledge.131 To recapitulate, the planning members of the cabal under the direction of LYNDON JOHNSON, were WALTER JENKINS, H.L. HUNT, L.M. BLOOMFIELD, FERENC NAGY, FRED KORTH, JEAN DEMENIL, CARLOS PRIO SOCARRAS, L.J. McWILLIE, JOHN CONNALLY, CLINT MURCHISON, SR., WERNHER VON BRAUN, ROY M. COHN, BOBBY BAKER, CLIFFORD JONES AND J. EDGAR HOOVER as chairman. Of course, there were a number of other wealthy financiers and lower echelon people working on this assignment, most of whom did not know the object of their duties in connection with the assassination plan; some of them did, however. As in all espionage and intelligence work, the large number of employees knew only what they needed to to know in order to carry out their particular assignment and the overall plan was on a "need to know" basis.
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Chapter VIII - Jean De Menil, Oswald, Gordon Novel and Their Activities and Associates.
Jean DeMenil, The Russian Czarist exile and President of Schlumberger, had used the company organization in 1960 and 1961 to smuggle the rifle grenades, land mines, missiles and other arms for Double-Chek to the forces invading Cuba.132 DeMenil had these arms boxed and transported by Schlumberger with the company name and false labeling on the huge number of containers. Gordon Novel, a Double-Chek agent, Guy Bannister, David Ferrie, Sergio Arcacha Smith and others worked closely with Schlumberger in transporting these arms and ammunition.133 Some of the others working for DeMenil on the arms smuggling were Layton Martens, a second generation Russian exile Solidarist agent, Alvin Beauboeuf, a Solidarist agent and William Dalzell, a New Orleans based geologist, Russian exile Solidarist and direct associate of Jean DeMenil.134 Jean DeMenil worked with the same group in New Orleans in planning the assassination using Dalzell as his liaison in New Orleans. However, Guy Bannister was in over-all command of the New Orleans phase of the operation since he was area man for Division Five of the FBI. DeMenil brought Sergio Arcacha Smith to Houston in March of 1963 to work with ex-President Carlos Prio Socarras, Robert Ray McKeown and the Free Cuba Committee there.135 In Dallas, DeMenil had Paul Raigorodsky, a multi-millionaire geologist and Russian exile Solidarist director who oversaw the assignments of George Alexandrovitch Bouhe, Dimitri Roystar and Peter Paul Gregory. These people, like DeMenil, were popularly called White Russians. There were exiled from Russia after the Communist revolution but many were East Europeans whose countries became Communist controlled some twenty-five years after Russia.136 This conglomerate kept tight control and contact through the intelligence and espionage arm, the Solidarists and the Orthodox Eastern Church. Gregory and Bouhe picked Lee Harvey Oswald and his Russian wife up when they arrived in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas, in June of 1962 from Minsk, the capital of White Russia. Bouhe furnished money and other necessities to the Oswalds until they moved from Dallas to New Orleans in April and May of 1963.137 George Bouhe met with Robert Ray McKeown and other participants in Baycliff, Texas, for several weeks after the assassination.138 Warren DeBrueys took over George Bouhe's assignment with Oswald when he arrived in New Orleans and continued as Oswald's contact until Nov. 22, 1963. In the meantime, Guy Bannister, FBI Division Five's Southern Director, employed a long term employee of Double-Chek by the name of William Seymour from Phoenix, Arizona. Seymour was the same size and weight as Lee Harvey Oswald and, more important, by his resemblance to Oswald was as that of an identical twin. Seymour was given the name Leon Oswald and false identification papers in such a name as well as the name Lee Harvey Oswald and others.139

David L. Lewis, a New Orleans private investigator, was employed by Guy Bannister in 1962 and 1963. In late 1962 or early 1963, Lewis first met Leon Oswald. Lewis was in Manchuso's Restaurant drinking coffee with Bannister's secretary when Carlos Quiroga, an anti-Castro Cuban, came into the restaurant and introduced a person resembling Lee Harvey Oswald as Leon Oswald to Lewis and Bannister's secretary. The secretary confirms this meeting and says that Leon, Carlos, Lewis and she all had coffee together.140 About a week later when Lewis was leaving Bannister's office on assignment, he saw Leon Oswald, alias William Seymour, a second time as he passed Quiroga, David Ferrie and Leon Oswald in the hall of Bannister's building. The three men were proceeding to Bannister's office.141 On a third occasion about ten days later, Lewis entered Bannister's office and there was a meeting taking place between Bannister, Quiroga, David Ferrie, Leon Oswald and Robert Ray McKeown of Baycliff, Texas. Lewis was not sure who the fourth person was but McKeown was identified by another source.142 At about the same time as the Leon Oswald appearances as related by Lewis, Sergio Arcacha Smith, leader of the anti-Castro Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front in New Orleans, was closely associated with David Ferrie; and Ferrie was in Arcacha's office, and they were seen together on numerous occasions in New Orleans. Arcacha admitted that David Ferrie often came to his office in New Orleans to offer his help in recruiting and training men and to use Ferrie's plane in the anti-Castro work. Arcacha returned to Houston with McKeown after the meetings and worked there withMcKeown until the assassination date.143 William Seymour, alias Leon Oswald, then proceeded to impersonate Lee Oswald at a number of places in New Orleans, Florida, Austin, Alice, Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas, right down to November 22, 1963. As per his assignment through Bannister from the cabal, Seymour made incriminating statements on behalf of Oswald which were to be used as evidence against Oswald after the murder. Seymour also went to Florida posing as Oswald and carried the Fair Play for Cuba part down there in the summer of 1963.144 Seymour, in his masquerade, bought ammunition in Fort Worth, made pro-Castro remarks in an Irving barber shop and other shops around Dallas and fired a rifle similar to the Italian one a large number of times and at a number of rifle ranges in the Dallas area over a month's period immediately before the cabal's murder occurred. Two weeks before the assassination, Seymour, alias Lee Harvey Oswald, alias Leon Oswald, told a car salesman he would soon come into a large sum of money.145 As Leon Oswald, Seymour in September, 1963, discussed the planned assassination of Kennedy in New Orleans with Clay Shaw, David Ferrie and two Mexican appearing men.146 Seymour was introduced to Mrs. Sylvia Odie by two Mexican appearing men in Dallas on September 25th as Leon Oswald. At this time, he was said to have made remarks which would incriminate Oswald in the murder two months away.147 But Seymour was not the only one impersonating and incriminating Oswald with statements and acts prior to the assassination. Gordon Novel's wife testified to Jim Garrison that Novel was the clean shaved person impersonating Oswald and fabricating evidence against him in advance of the murder. Novel was an absolute dead ringer for Lee Harvey Oswald and was in Dallas, Texas, as well as in Mexico and Fort Worth, in the six weeks prior to November 22nd, doing his part in the conspiracy.148

Oswald himself, Novel and Seymour, impersonating him, were following instructions from the cabal of professional anti-Communists which would blame the killing on pro-Communists and offset the detente Kennedy was reaching between the two political worlds. On November 22nd, William Seymour fired a rifle from the sixth floor of the School Book Depository Building at President Kennedy striking him only once in the back. Two of his shots missed and the one that hit John Connally came from the building across Houston Street from the Depository Building. Seymour left the building and was picked up by a Nash Rambler. The driver took Seymour to the vicinity of the Abundant Life Temple and let him out to walk the balance of about two blocks to the Temple, an affiliate of the A.C.C.C. which was provided as a safehouse for Seymour. He killed Police Officer J.D. Tippet and then proceeded to his safehouse, the Abundant Life Temple, about a block from the Tippet murder scene. There he remained until it was safe to leave town.149 Meanwhile, the Dallas Police were arresting a goodly number of Permindex agents at the assassination site. An important figure, James Powell of Army Intelligence on assignment through the DIA to the Defense Industrial Security Command of Columbus, Ohio and Muscle Shoals, Alabama, was trapped and arrested in the School Book Depository Building shortly after 12:30 pm. He was later released along with the others by Captain Will Fritz in charge of Homicide for the Dallas Police Department.150 Immediately across Houston Street, Jim Braden of Los Angeles was arrested in the Dal-Tex Building. Braden was also an agent of the Defense Industrial Security Command of Redstone, Muscle Shoals, and Columbus. The chain of evidence connecting Albert Osborne, Fred Lee Crismon, alias John M. Bowen, Permindex, and his co-workers became iron clad when a Black Star photographer snapped a picture a few minutes after the assassination of Crismon, alias Bowen, and two of his charges in the process of being arrested by two young Dallas police officers at Dealey Plaza. Fritz later released all three. The Crismon, alias Bowen, arrest picture received limited public distribution in 1969 when it was published in the Midlothian Mirror by Penn Jones, the Texas editor. Co-Director of the Mexico based assassins, John H. Bowen, alias Fred Lee Crismon, alias Free Lee, alias Jon Gould, alias Jon Gold, and Thomas Beckam, front, and another assassin in the process of being arrested at Dealey Plaza immediately after the assassination. One of Crismon's Mexican professionals, Manuel Gonzales, firing from the fence to Kennedy's right side struck the President in the right temple killing him instantly. Gonzales and his aides returned to Fort Worth after the assassination where they remained at Tammie True's until Saturday, November 23, when they met Joe Cody, a Dallas detective who flew them to Houston.151 David Ferrie and Ray McKeown met Cody and the professionals at Houston International Airport and Ferrie, using a second airplane, flew them to Matamoros, Mexico. On Sunday, November 24th, Ferrie flew to Dallas where he was interviewed by newsmen.152 Late that night, Ferrie flew to Alexandria, Louisiana, where he was met by Coffee and Beauboeuf and they drove back to New Orleans where they were arrested by the District Attorney's Office. Two homosexuals, Breck Wall and Joe Peterson, on Saturday, November 23, 1963, at about 6:00 pm, left their rooms at the Adolphus, picked William Seymour up at the Abundant Life Temple and drove him to the Driftwood Motel in Galveston where they turned him over to David Ferrie, Robert Ray McKeown and others at about 11:00 pm. Seymour then hid out at McKeown's house in

Baycliff, Texas until a few days later when he returned to his sister's home in Phoenix, Arizona. Jack Ruby called Wall in Galveston around midnight of the 23rd to check on Seymour's, alias Leon Oswald, delivery.153 Clifford Jones, Ed Levinson and L.J. McWillie later brought Wall and Peterson to Las Vegas where they took up residence at the Castaway Club.154 Gordon Novel, a Double-Chek employee and Bannister agent, when called before a New Orleans Grand Jury in 1967, decided to write the man who succeeded Guy Bannister after his death in 1964, Seymour Weiss. Novel told Weiss of Division Five of the FBI that Garrison was on to Double-Chek's involvement, warned Division Five not to kill him and suggested the DIA be used to subdue Garrison.155 The suggestion in Gordon Novel's letter to Seymour Weiss of the FBI Division Five that the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) be used to stop Garrison;'s investigation was immediately followed by furious activity on the part of a former DIA liaison man in the Attorney General's Office. Walter Sheridan, who had served the DIA as liaison man in the Attorney General's Office, immediately contacted Novel and took him to a Division Five, FBI polygraph operator in McLean, Virginia, and Sheridan prepared news releases to the effect that Novel had passed the lie detector test. The gist of the Sheridan news releases were that Jim Garrison's investigation in New Orleans was a fraud and amounted to nothing.156 Then Sheridan, the DIA liaison man, was employed by the National Broadcasting Company at the behest of the DIA office where he traveled the length and breadth of the United States interviewing Garrison; witnesses and attempting to get them to change their testimony, offering them money and other inducements to appear on the NBC program which was broadcast in June of 1967.157 Walter Sheridan himself appeared on the program as an investigator and correspondent for NBC. The program was so designed as an attempt to show that Jim Garrison had absolutely no evidence of a conspiracy and it, in fact, was a completely one-sided attempt to libel and defame Jim Garrison personally. Jim Garrison continued his investigation. After the June, 1967 appearance on the one hour NBC documentary, Walter Sheridan was not heard or seen by the viewers of NBC's programs which proves that Walter Sheridan was on special assignment from his DIA position to pursue the suggestions made in the letter from Gordon Novel to Hoover's Mr. Weiss that the DIA be used to get Mr. Garrison off the track.158 The Warren Commission did not find that Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy. They simply found there was not enough evidence to find a conspiracy in the murder and the evidence was weighed against Oswald. Consequently, the Commission left open the question with an implied instruction to J. Edgar Hoover and the other agencies to continue the search for a conspiracy. Hoover not only failed to continue in the investigation, he has blocked every effort to uncover the assassins and has ridiculed and harassed everyone who dared question the subject. He has purposely protected his unsavory secret. Hoover's very actions in covering the evidence of the crime constitute admissible evidence corroborating the other evidence of his guilt. This is a correct rule of evidence recognized in every State and Federal Court in the land.

The night dispatcher for the New Orleans FBI office revealed that a warning of the assassination plan was wired to J. Edgar Hoover five days before November 22, 1963.159 The iron clad evidence of the warning to Hoover was widely published and Hoover, of course, never denied it because of his involvement. The Division Five agent who reported the pending November 22nd Dallas assassination attempt on November 17, 1963, was Lee Harvey Oswald.160 What clearer evidence of J. Edgar Hoover's part in the assassination scheme would any reasonable person need? Well, there is much more. FBI agent Hosty's name, office address, car license and telephone number were in Oswald's notebook in Oswald's handwriting. Hoover furnished the Warren Commission with what he told them was a true copy of the notebook. The staff discovered that Hoover had left the page out with Hosty's name. They had to call this to Hoover's attention twice before he corrected the fraudulent exhibit. Called upon to explain, Hoover could, of course, make no legitimate excuse. And more. Richard Case Nagell, a CIA agent who in connection with an official assignment learned of the plan, sent a registered letter to Hoover advising of the assassination plans against Kennedy. Although this was mailed in August, 1963, Hoover never acted on the warning, but instead arrested Nagell on another charge.161 Still more. Frame 313 through 319 of the Zapruder film depicts Kennedy in the process of being slammed violently backwards and against the back of the seat at the time of the fatal shot. Kennedy's body is rapidly driven about three feet to the rear and left and the blood and brain is clearly shown flying to the left rear and on to the motorcycle policeman to the rear of Kennedy's car. The result is clear and unequivocal proof that Kennedy was shot from the front and to the right. Oswald was to the rear. Result: a conspiracy. The Commission and Harold Weisberg discovered, after the Warren group dissolved, that Hoover had reversed frame 313 and 314. Hoover admitted this. He said it was a printing error. The result reversed the violent backward movement of Kennedy, fabricated a forward movement and further proved Hoover's inculpatory action.162 In Esquire Magazine in December, 1966, Don Reynolds was quoted as revealing that Lyndon Johnson and John Connally were two of the people involved in the assassination cabal. Reynolds detailed a telephone call that John Connally made from Washington, D.C. to someone posing as Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas about two weeks before November 22, 1963. Reynolds got more specific and said the call was to the YMCA in Dallas and that John Connally initiated the call. In the same publication, J. Edgar Hoover was quoted as the only source who specifically investigated and cleared both Johnson and Connally.
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Chapter IX - Hungarian Prime Minister, Ferenc Nagy's, Chronological Activities, and Wernher Von Braun.
1. June 1946. As Hungarian Prime Minister, Nagy visits the United States and receives permission for the U.S. Army in Germany to return fifty-two million dollars in gold reserves (taken from Hungary by Hitler) to Hungary. At the same time, Nagy spends one full week in Knoxville, Tennessee, Huntsville, Alabama and Muscle Shoals, Alabama, where he meets and visits with Nazi scientists working at American Redstone Arsenal and with Tennessee Valley Authority

management and security agents under direction of the FBI at Knoxville, Tennessee and Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Albert Osborne, the A.C.C.C missionary from Mississippi, worked for the security division of the Tennessee Valley Authority since 1933, and he constantly reported to the Muscle Shoals, Huntsville, and Knoxville offices of TVA since 1942, the time he moved to Mexico.163 2. May 28, 1947. Prime Minister Nagy resigns his post from Basal, Switzerland, on the GermanSwiss border.164 3. Fall of 1947. Ex-Prime Minister Nagy and family settle on 120 acre farm on outskirts of Herndon, Virginia, twenty-five miles from Washington, D.C., and Nagy becomes agent for any Communist speaking engagements for Division Five of the FBI.165 4. Fall of 1947 to 1951. Nagy covers United States and becomes closely associated with H.L. Hunt of Dallas, Texas.166 5. 1951. Nagy becomes president of Central Eastern European Committee of Refugee Exiles.167 6. 1956 to 1962. Nagy is President and on the Board of Directors of Permindex, a Swiss Corporation, and CMC, Rome, Italy, and commutes between Dallas, Washington, D.C., Herndon, Virginia, Switzerland and Italy.168 7. Spring 1963. Nagy settles in Dallas, Texas with offices in the 600 block of Fort Worth Avenue, ten blocks west of the Dallas School Book Depository Building. He is associated in the 600 block of Fort Worth Avenue in Dallas with Ralph Paul, C.A. "Pappy" Dolsen, Jack Ruby, and Sergio Arcacha Smith, the first two named being close business associates of Jack Ruby. Nagy's relatives make their residence at 1024 Magellan Circle Apartment D, right next door to Sylvia Odio's abode who was visited by the two Cubans and William Seymour on or about September 28, 1963. The 600 block address of Ferenc Nagy is three blocks from the Fort Worth Avenue address of Dal-Land Memorials, where Penn Jones reports the person impersonating Lee Oswald left clothing shortly prior to the assassination. The 600 block of Fort Worth Avenue is seven blocks west of the City Lincoln Mercury plant where a person impersonating Oswald tried to buy an automobile and made statements which could later be used to incriminate Oswald some few days before November 22, 1963.169 Then on November 22, 1963, Ferenc Nagy appears in more than thirty-five photographs at the site of the assassination. He is shown with an open umbrella at a point to the right of President Kennedy's car at Dealey Plaza. After the President's car passed within a few feet of Nagy, he suddenly closed his umbrella and the last and fatal shots were fired. He is depicted in pictures after the shots with his umbrella folded and then departing the area.170 Nagy is easily recognizable in a number of the photos taken by bystanders. Nagy's forward area of cranium is fully bald while the back one-fourth portion is covered and the hair is combed across the back section of his head. Nagy, the former Prime Minister of Hungary, President of Permindex and upper echelon boss of Division Five of the FBI, along with Clay Shaw of New Orleans and L.M. Bloomfield of Montreal, Canada carried out his assignment in Dallas with dispatch, but he had his picture taken in the process. From 1932 until 1945 Wernher Von Braun was Adolph Hitler's most dedicated Nazi rocket scientist. As a matter of fact, given a few more months time, Von Braun's "buzz bomb" and V-2 rocket in 1945 could have turned the tide and forced the Allies to seek something less than total victory over the Third Reich. The enthusiastic Nazi, Von Braun's V-2 rocket had killed thousands

and thousands of British Isle residents, and the sound of the approach of the V-2 was terrorizing the entire English countryside. In 1945, as the Russians were approaching Von Braun's rocket headquarters, he and one hundred and fifteen other of his Nazi rocket scientists escaped with valuable papers and traveled west in Germany until they could turn themselves in to the Allied armies on the West. Later the same year, Von Braun and the 115 other German scientists were removed to Fort Bliss, Texas, where they remained until 1950. In 1950, Von Braun and the others were moved on the the old Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, where they remain to this date. Von Braun, immediately upon arriving in the United States, made close personal friends with J. Edgar Hoover and Lyndon B. Johnson; and the relationship remained close with Von Braun working with Hoover in security in the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Redstone Arsenal; and later, beginning in 1958, they worked together in the security of the National Space Agency. 1958 was the year that Lyndon Johnson, as Majority Leader of the Senate, helped to push through the National Space Act and later, when he became Vice-President, he was made chairman of the National Space Committee. Ferenc Nagy, ex-Hungarian Prime Minister, and Albert Alexander Osborne, alias John H. Bowen, the overseer of the assassins in Mexico, both reported consistently to the Muscle Shoals, Huntsville, Alabama area; and there is substantial evidence their contact in this area was Wernher Von Braun.171 Another of the Nazi space scientists who worked with the Cabal was Walter Dornberger. He had been the commanding officer of Wernher Von Braun while both were working for Adolph Hitler's rocket program. During the time period involved, Walter Dornberger was a directing officer in the Bell Aerospace Corporation along with Fred Korth. The former Nazi rocket officer was directly in charge of the assignment of Michael Paine to Bell Helicopter Corporation, a subsidiary in Fort Worth, Texas. Paine's assignment was to provide a place for Marina Oswald during the approximate eight months prior to November 22, 1963. He provided for Marina to live with his wife, Ruth, in Irving Texas. Ray Krystinik testified to the Warren Commission that Michael Paine, immediately after Lee Oswald was captured at the theater, said, "The stupid ________, he was not even supposed to have a gun." Von Braun first met Clay Shaw in 1945 when he, Walter Dornberger and about 150 other Nazi rocket scientists abandoned Peenemunde and traveled south to join the American forces in Germany close to the French border. The Nazis were brought to the Deputy Chief of Staff's headquarters where Major Clay Shaw was aide-de-camp to General Charles O. Thrasher, Deputy Chief, European Theatre of Operations. Von Braun, Dornberger, and Shaw maintained the relationship over the years through their mutual connection with the Defense Industrial Security Command, an operational arm of the counter-espionage division of the FBI.172 Ordnance Colonel Holgar N. Toftoy was in charge of the Nazi scientists, and Clay Shaw in the European Command section gave firm assistance to the transfer of 127 of them to the United States after they had spent about five months with the command in Europe.173 In the transfer of the Nazi rocket scientists, the services of Adolph Hitler's intelligence agency was used extensively, and Shaw, Von Braun, Dornberger and the others began a very close association with the Nazi agency and its commander.

The Bundesnachrichtendienst, better known as the Federal Intelligence Agency, or FIA, is largely dependent on the CIA, which subsidizes and controls it. The director in 1963 was Reinhard Gehlen, a former ex-Nazi Colonel 'recuperated' in August 1945 by Allen Dulles, who at the time headed the OSS in Switzerland and was in charge of American intelligence activities in occupied Germany. The Solidarists and Gehlen had conceived the idea of the "Vlassov Army" which were Russian anti-communist troops, and Gehlen was given the responsibility for the underground that continued to operate behind Communist lines until 1950. In Poland, Gehlen's guerillas on March 28, 1947 murdered General Karol Swierczenski, Vice-Minister of Defense, who, under the name of Walter, had commanded the 14th International Brigade in Spain, and who served as the model for one of the characters in Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls. Gehlen developed his network under the cover of a firm known as the "Economic Association for the Development of South Germany". He employed former members of the Gestapo such as Boemel-Burg, his intelligence chief in Berlin, and Franz Alfred Six, former SS General and one of Eichmann's subordinates, who was put in charge of Gehlen's contacts in Western Europe. With the aid of other highly-qualified specialists, Gehlen successfully infiltrated East Germany and the Eastern European states, uncovered Soviet intelligence rings, planted agents among groups of expatriate workers, and took charge of the refugee organizations. He worked for the CIA, Solidarists, and J. Edgar Hoover. After two years of intense and extensive investigation, Jim Garrison made a well-recorded public statement showing beyond doubt that the had traced the Nazi rocket scientists, the World Trade Center and Permindex, the Fascist Solidarists, American Council of Christian Churches, Free Cuba Committee, the gambling syndicate and Mafia, and NASA's Security Division into its umbrella controlling organization, the Defense Industrial Security Command of Columbus, Ohio and Huntsville, Alabama. Garrison; had traced DISC into its larger umbrella, Division Five of the .i.FBI and the Defense Intelligence Agency supervised by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon. Here is how Garrison's statement came about. On October 31, 1968, Jim Garrison subpoenaed a Tacoma, Washington man for questioning in his continuing investigation of the John F. Kennedy assassination. Fred Lee Crismon, a "bishop" of the Universal Life Church, was called to appear before the Orleans Parish Grand Jury on November 21, 1968. Garrison's office said that Crismon "has been engaged in undercover activity for a part of the industrial warfare complex for years. His cover is that of a 'preacher' and a 'person engaged in work to help the Gypsies.'" Garrison's statement continued, "Our information indicates that since the early sixties, Crismon has made many trips to the New Orleans and Dallas areas in connection with his undercover work. He is a 'former' employee of the Boeing Aircraft Company in the sense that one defendant in the case is a 'former' employee of the Lockheed Aircraft Company in Los Angeles. In intelligence terminology, this ordinarily means that the connection still exists, but that the 'former employee' has moved into an underground operation." Garrison said that evidence has been developed indicating a relationship between Crismon and "persons involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy." Garrison further reiterated the general findings of his controversial investigation. "President Kennedy was murdered by elements of the industrial warfare complex working in concert with

individuals in the United States Government. At the time of his murder, President Kennedy was working to end the Cold War. The annual income of the defense industry was well over twenty billion dollars a year, and there were forces in that industry and in the U.S. Government which opposed the ending of the Cold War." As has been pointed out earlier, Fred Lee Crismon used the alias John Howard Bowen and traveled and worked with the Mexico based assassins, Albert Osborne, Thomas Beckham and others. Bowen, alias Crismon, and Becham are shown in photographs taken November 22, 1963. In the picture on page 48, they are shown being taken after arrest by Dallas police across Dealey Plaza immediately after the President's murder. Fred Lee Crismon, alias John H. Bowen, alias Dr. Jon Gold, and his partner, Thomas Edward Beckham, and Albert Osborne were all working for the Defense Industrial Security Command through the American Council of Christian Churches. Garrison also revealed that the Grand Jury records confirmed Johnson's part when he said, "Who had the most to gain from the murder? Answer - Lyndon Johnson." Crismon, alias John H. Bowen, and Beckham played only small roles in the big picture, but not Jack Ruby and Ferenc Nagy. Jack Ruby, agent for DISC through the Mafia and Syndicate had to be in the basement of Dallas City Hall two days after the assassination to dispose of a dangerous witness. Ferenc Nagy, fellow director of Permindex and the World Trade Center, with Clay Shaw under L.M. Bloomfield, was also in the Dallas City Hall basement the morning of November 24, 1963. Buford Lee Beaty, a city detective, said Captain Tabbert "requested him to watch a man of obvious Hungarian origin who allegedly was in the basement to secure the release of two of his employees."174 Beaty and other policemen have confided to friends that the Hungarian was a former high official and was highly suspect on the morning of the 24th. About five years after that memorable morning, a few American publications uncovered the fact that the Defense Industrial Security Command was employing agents provocateur. These are the historic agents used over the centuries by despots to foment division among the population in order to give the government the people's support in suppressing an unpopular segment of the country involved. Provoking agents are also used effectively in creating a munitions market. The New York Times reported in 1968 that Stokely Carmichael and Rap Brown were Federal agents provocateur. Other media named Eldridge Cleaver and a number of other trouble makers as provocative agents of the FBI. Such reports were not confirmed, but they do make interesting food for thought.
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Chapter X - Tryall Club in Jamaica and World Commerce Corporation Successor to the German Munitions Cartels.
The genesis of the munitions cartels is found in the following quotations from H. Montgomery Hyde's book, Room 3603. Hyde's book is a biography of the experience of Sir William

Stephenson during and after World War II. Stephenson was head of British Intelligence in the United States during World War II. Here is what Hyde had to say:175 (In 1946) Stephenson had gone to live in Jamaica, where he had bought a property at Hillowton, overlooking Montego Bay - "the finest house in the island," he called it. (Incidentally, it was his wife's choice). His example was followed by several of his friends, including Lord Beaverbrook, Sir William Wiseman, Noel Coward and Ian Fleming, all of whom acquired estates on Jamaica's beautiful north shore at this time. For a year or so he showed little interest in the outside world and was content to enjoy life on this island in the sun. Only gradually did he recover his interest in commerce and industry. With some of his war-time associates, such as financiers Sir Rex Benson and Sir Charles Hambro in London, General Donovan in Washington, and a number of Canadian and American industrialists like Edward Stettinius, former chairman of the U.S. Steel Corporation, he formed the British-American-Canadian Corporation, which developed into the World Commerce Corporation, originally designed to fill the void left by the break-up of the big German cartels which Stephenson himself had done much to destroy. Thus he and his colleagues on the board raised an initial \\$1,000,000 to help 'bridge over the breakdown in foreign exchange and provide the tools, machinery and "know how" to develop untapped resources in different parts of the world'." The World Commerce Corporation also played a useful part in the development and rehabilitation of economically backward countries. As one American newspaper editorial put it at the time, "if there were several World Commerce Corporations, there would be no need for a Marshall Plan". Barter trade was facilitated on a massive scale. A typical transaction took place in the Balkans in 1951. Yugoslavia and Bulgaria were short of dollars and also short of medicinal drugs. But each country had about \\$300,000 worth of paprika on its farms. World Commerce accordingly exchanged a year's supply of penicillin and sulfa for the paprika, which they then sold on other markets. While normally working on a commission basis, the Corporation would sometimes forgo its profit if it felt it could help an impoverished or economically backward country by giving it the facilities of its international connections." The North Jamaican Hillowton property was later transformed to Tryall, the exclusive club of John Connally, Paul Raigorodsky and many others of the cabal. World Commerce Corporation received funds from the U.S. International Cooperation Agency and worked closely with Clay Shaw's World Trade Development Commission and Permindex's various World Trade Centers. George DeMohrenschildt, William Dalsell and a number of the White Russians had worked for I.C.A. for a number of years. This increased DeMohrenschildt's knowledge of the subject of who was behind the conspiracy. The following from Volume XXIV, page 642 of the official Commission evidence is especially interesting since Albert Osborne and Gordon Novel had been reported at Tryall, Jamaica on a number of occasions. Ylario Rojas continued as follows: The latter part of December, 1962, the Cuban visited him in Guadalajara, gave him 900 pesos (\\ $72 U.S.), and on the instructions of the Cuban, he proceeded to Cozumel by bus, arriving there shortly after Christmas, 1962. In Cozumel, ROJAS was met by two Cubans, whose names he could not recall, and also by a Cuban woman whose first name was CRISTINA. Although he could not recall the names of the Cubans, he claimed to have them written in a notebook which he lift with DANIEL SOLIS, a municipal policeman in Cozumel, and he affirmed SOLIS would not deliver the notebook to anyone but him.

About December 20, 1962, .OSWALD; arrived in Cozumel, having proceeded there from Jamaica via Compania Mexicana de Aviation (CMA) Airlines. OSWALD, the three Cubans, and ROJAS discussed the introduction of Cuban propaganda into Mexico. During the time of these discussions, OSWALD; and the three Cubans stayed at the Hotel Playa in Cozumel and ROJAS resided at the home of DANIEL SOLIS. OSWALD; remained in Cozumel for two or three days and returned to Jamaica by air, and ROJAS and the three Cubans remained in Cozumel until about February 15, 1963, when OSWALD; again appeared in Cozumel from Jamaica and on this occasion stayed three days. The day following OSWALD'S arrival, an American by the name of ALBERT arrived from Jamaica. ROJAS claimed the Cuban woman, CRISTINA, told him that she, the other two Cubans, OSWALD; and ALBERT had discussed the elimination of President KENNEDY. According to ROJAS, she stated OSWALD; was in favor of killing President KENNEDY, but ALBERT and the Cubans did not agree with SWALD;. ROJAS was told by CRISTINA that OSWALD; had stated to the Cubans that he and ALBERT had laid plans to eliminate the President. ALBERT had stayed at the Hotel Isleno in Cozumel and returned to the United States via Jamaica the day after his arrival in Cozumel. ROJAS claimed to have stayed in Cozumel until early March, 1963, when he returned by bus to Guadalajara. The officials investigating for the Commission pressured Rojas until he recanted his story. However this action on the part of the investigators is not reliable in that a large amount of hanky panky was going on in the Mexican part of the inquiry. Some of this is reflected in Volume XIV beginning on page 621: On March 31, 1964, GILBERTO LOZANO GUIZAR, manager of the Mexico City terminal of the Transportes Frontera bus company, Calle Buenavista No. 7, Mexico, D.F., emphatically advised that the original passenger list of manifest relating to departure No. 2 of bus No. 340 on October 2, 1963, of the Transportes Frontera bus company, is an authentic record of data pertaining to that particular trip.. . . . . He advised that officers of the Presidential Staff appeared at the bus terminal shortly after the assassination of President KENNEDY, seeking to review passenger lists of the bus company for early October, 1963, and it was found at that time that the completed block of forms for most of the month of October, 1963, which included the above described passenger list, was still in the baggage room at the terminal prior to being discarded. He stated he had torn the October 2, 1963 manifest from the block of forms and furnished it to one of the officers. LOZANO advised that one Lieutenant ARTURO BOSCH, an investigator of the Presidential Staff, had reviewed the above manifest. LOZANO expressed the opinion that ARTURO BOSCH had filled in the blanks in ink at the top of the form as to the time, destination, trip number, bus number, and date, and had crossed out the date 'November 1', replacing it with the notation 'October 2' which appeared on the manifest. . . LOZANO stated the hand-printed notation appearing at the bottom of the manifest, 'Driver, DIONISIO REYNA, FCO. SAUCEDO,' was also filled in by BOSCH. LOZANO advised that there definitely was only one section of bus No. 340 which departed Mexico City at 1:00 pm on October 2, 1963, en route to Monterrey, Mexico, and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. He explained that the notation 'Departure 2' appearing on the top of the manifest, which he believed BOSCH had filled out, merely indicated the second departure of a Transportes Frontera bus on that particular day, October 2, 1963. The first departure of one of their buses on

that day from the Mexico City terminal occurred at 9:00 am with the terminal point being Monterrey, Mexico. He stated the second departure of a Transportes Frontera bus from the Mexico City terminal on October 2, 1963, was the departure at 1:00 pm with the terminal point being Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, and the passengers on this bus were recorded on the abovementioned manifest of October 2,1963. He stated there were three other departures on that day from the Mexico City terminal, the third departure having occurred at 3:30 pm with the terminal point being Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico; the fourth departure having occurred at 9:00 pm with terminal point at Nuevo Laredo; and the fifth departure at 10:00 pm with terminal point being Cuidad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. LOZANO advised the only bus operating on their line which would have arrived at Nuevo Laredo between the hours of 12:00 am and 8:00 am on October 3, 1963, is bus No. 340, which departed from the Mexico City terminal at 1:00 pm on October 2, 1963. At another point the report goes on: He (ALEJANDRO SAUCEDO) recalled that shortly after the assassination of President JOHN F. KENNEDY two investigators, whom he described as being with the "Policia Federal Judicial" (Federal Judicial Police), appeared at the Flecha Roja terminal, Mexico, D.F., and requested the original passenger list of bus No. 516 of September 26, 1963, for review. SAUCEDO remembered that the two investigators examined the passenger lists, filed by dates, in a storeroom at the offices of the Flecha Roja bus terminal and found the original copy for the pertinent date and borrowed same. He could not recall the names of the investigators or the exact date they appeared at the office. SAUCEDO now recalled clearly that these two investigators, whom he could only describe as being "in their thirties," had the duplicate copy of the passenger list which apparently had been at the Flecha Roja bus terminal office in Nuevo Laredo when the trip for September 26, 1963, began. The investigators stated they wanted the original list because the duplicated copy was not completely legible. SAUCEDO stated they had the original and duplicate copy of the passenger manifest for Flecha Roja bus No. 516 for September 26, 1963, when they left. SAUCEDO stated the investigators did exhibit to him government credentials, agency not recalled, and advised they were interested only in finding the passenger list for the incoming trip of bus No. 516 on September 26, 1963. When SAUCEDO asked them if they were interested in locating a departure trip, they stated they were not, explaining they had just been at the bus terminal of Transportes Frontera in Mexico, D.F., where They had located the passenger list for L. H. OSWALD'S departure from Mexico. . . . . . During this search and review, an untied, loose bundle dated October 5, 1963, was located thrown aside in a cardboard box on the floor of the storage room outside the bin area. This bundle was reviewed and found to include passenger lists for dates September 21, 1963 to October 5, 1963, but no passenger list for bus No. 516 for September 26, 1963 was found. The information hereinunder was furnished by T-13: On March 24, 1963, Captain FERNANDO GUTIERREZ BARRIOS, Assistant Director of the Mexican Federal Security Police (DFS), advised that his agency had conduced no investigation in connection with the travel in Mexico of LEE HARVEY OSWALD; and did not have in its possession any passenger lists from any bus lines . . . . . 176


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Chapter XI - Clay Shaw, Permindex director, plans a murder.

Clay Shaw, under the name of Clay or Clem Bertrand, was overheard planning the assassination of President Kennedy with David Ferrie and Bettit, alias Leon Oswald, during the middle of September, 1963, in New Orleans. New Orleans District Attorney, Jim Garrison, produced a witness who told a three-judge criminal district court panel March 14, 1967, he heard Lee Harvey Oswald, Clay Shaw and David Ferrie plotting to assassinate President John F. Kennedy.177 Perry Raymond Russo, 25, an insurance salesman from Baton Rouge, testified he was in Ferrie's apartment in New Orleans in September, 1963, and listened to a discussion of how to kill Kennedy and make a getaway. Russo said the plot involved "triangulation of crossfire," diversionary shooting and the sacrificing of one man as a scapegoat to allow the others to escape.178 Russo, a part-time college student who lives with a younger cousin near the campus of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, was described as "a nice young kid" by a neighbor. A fellow student at LSU said he was "a quite type who is interested in politics."179 Under questioning by Garrison, Russo said Oswald was introduced to him as "Leon Oswald" and Shaw as "Clem Bertrand". Shown a photograph by Garrison, Russo identified Leon as Lee Harvey Oswald. Asked if Clem Bertrand was in the courtroom, Russo pointed at Shaw. At Garrison's direction, he stepped from the witness chair, walked around the defense table and held his hand over Shaw's silvery white hair. Shaw, 54, calmly smoking a cigarette, didn't move. He is the former Managing Director of the International Trade Mart in New Orleans.180 Russo said he first met Oswald at a party and the next time he saw him was in Ferrie's apartment where Oswald was "wiping or cleaning a bolt action rifle. It had a sight on it for hunting." Garrison showed Russo a rifle and asked if it had similarities to the one Oswald held in Ferrie's apartment. Russo said: "The difference to my mind is that this end (front) was not nearly so bubble shaped." He said the weapon had the same bolt action, but a shinier stock, and its telescopic sight was larger than the one on the rifle Oswald had.181 Russo said he had seen Clay Shaw, alias Bertrand, in May, 1963, when Kennedy dedicated a new wharf in New Orleans. "I was in school," Russo said. "The President was coming down to make a speech. At that time I saw Bertrand. While the President was speaking, I was looking around. Bertrand was one of the few not looking at the President." Police estimated 20,000 people attended the dedication.182 Russo said that after he contacted Garrison following Ferrie's death, the District Attorney took him to "a house on Dauphine Street." Shaw lives at 1313 Dauphine Street. "He stuck his head out the door and I said, 'That's the man'," Russo said, referring to Bertrand. Garrison asked, "Do you recall anything unusual happening at Ferrie's apartment in 1963?" Russo replied, "Sometime around the middle of September I went to the house and at that time there was some sort of party in progress. There were eight or nine people there. As the party dissipated, it narrowed down to three people besides myself because I had no ride home."183

Russo testified that Ferrie, 49, a free-lance pilot who was under investigation by Garrison at the time of his death, did most of the talking about the proposed assassination. Ferrie, pacing the floor, said the attempt should have three gunners in order to provide "a triangulation of cross-fire", Russo testified. He quoted Ferrie as saying that one man would have to be sacrificed as a scapegoat. Ferrie, Russo added, was to be the get-away pilot flying into Mexico to refuel for a flight to Brazil.184 Objections were raised by Bertrand, Russo said. He said Bertrand argued that as soon as the shots were fired "the world would know about it" and once the plane landed in Mexico there would be no way to get out.185 Under cross-examination by Shaw's attorneys, Russo said that when he saw Oswald in news pictures and on television after the assassination, he "could not be sure" he was Leon Oswald, the man he knew as one of the conspirators.186 Russo was asked if he thought Oswald was "Leon Oswald" when he first saw the assassin's picture. "I gave it thought, but I couldn't be positive of the man," he said. "I was not definite. It was probably the same man. It crossed my mind they were one nd the same but I could not be definite."187 "I knew Leon Oswald, who had whiskers," Russo said. "He was dirty. His hair was ruffled up." A second witness said he saw two men - whom he now can identify as Oswald and Shaw - in conversation near Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans in 1963. Vernon Bundy, 29, who said he was a former heroin addict, walked over to Shaw in court, put his hand over Shaw's head, and identified him as the man he saw with Oswald at the lake front. Bundy said one of the men he saw was young, the other much older. He said he heard the "young guy" ask the older man, "What am I going to tell her?"188 The witness then said the older man handed over " a roll of money or it appeared to be. The young guy put his hand in his right pocket where he had a bunch of pamphlets."189 District Attorney Garrison asked Bundy to identify the pictures. Bundy said one was of Lee Harvey Oswald, the other of "the Shaw who has been in the papers lately." Bundy said the pictures were of the same men he saw at the lake front in 1963. Then he pointed out Shaw in the courtroom as one of them. Under questioning by Garrison, Bundy described the "Older man" he saw as "about 6-foot-1 or 6-foot-2 but I'm not sure because I'm squatting down. He was distinguished dress, gray hair." He said the younger man was "a junkie or beatnik guy. He was nasty. He needed a haircut and a shave. In fact, he needed everything."190 Asked if a man named Layton Martens was Ferrie's roommate at the time, Russo answered, "No sir." Asked what was the name of the roommate, Russo replied, "The roommate at the Louisiana Avenue Parkway apartment was Leon Oswald."191 Layton Martens' name as David Ferrie's roommate was supplied by Clay Shaw, alias Clay Bertrand, through his attorneys at the hearing. Layton Martens bore a resemblance to Lee Harvey Oswald according to the evidence developed in the Clay Shaw proceedings.192 Russo said he saw Oswald at the apartment three or four times. Asked the last time he saw him there, Russo said, "In the middle of October or late September, 1963."193 There are two compelling reasons to believe that Seymour and not Lee Harvey Oswald was the participant in the conspiracy conversation overheard by Russo. First, Russo testified that the Leon Oswald involved in the conversation with Ferrie and Bertrand was the roommate of David Ferrie. It is unquestionable at the time in question, Lee Harvey Oswald was living with his wife and daughter on Magazine Street in New Orleans. Secondly, Lee Harvey Oswald was rather neat

and usually clean and clean-shaven, whereas the Leon Oswald at Ferrie's apartment was dirty, unshaven and at least, poorly groomed. The State of Louisiana during Shaw's trial produced over fourteen witnesses who said that in the latter part of August or the early part of September, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald, Clay Shaw and David Ferrie went to Jackson, Louisiana, a small town located not far from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. While in Jackson, he (Oswald) talked to witnesses in reference to his getting a job at the East Louisiana State Hospital in Jackson, Louisiana, and registering to vote in that parish so as to get the job. Witnesses were produced who talked to Lee Harvey Oswald or someone masquerading as him. The state proved that shortly thereafter, still in late August or early September, 1963, the defendant, Clay L. Shaw, Lee Harvey Oswald and David W. Ferrie drove into Clinton, Louisiana, which is very close to Jackson, in a black Cadillac, parking the Cadillac near the Voter Registrar's office on St. Helena Street. While the defendant, Clay L. Shaw and David Ferrie remained in the car, Lee Harvey Oswald got out of the car and got in line with a group of people who were waiting to register.194 The witnesses testified that they saw the black Cadillac parked in front of the Registrar's office and identified the defendant, Clay L. Shaw, Lee Harvey Oswald and David W. Ferrie as the individuals in that car. Garrison introduced documentary evidence that during the year 1966, the U.S. Post Office letter carrier for that route delivered at least five letters to Clay Shaw's address which were addressed to "Clem Bertrand," the name used by the defendant at the meeting between himself, David Ferrie and William Seymour in Ferrie's apartment in mid-September 1963. None of the letters addressed to "Clem Bertrand" were ever returned to the postal authorities for any reason.195 On cross-examination, testimony of Clay Shaw at this trial in New Orleans on February 27, 1969 connected Walter Jenkins and tied the Rome and Swiss corporations into American subsidiaries and showed them active during the murder. The pertinent testimony follows: Q. Do you know Tommy Cox of Dallas, Tex? A. Yes, I met him in New Orleans around Mardi Gras some 10 years ago. He was an occasional visitor here and we corresponded. Q. Have you ever visited Dallas? A. Yes. The last time in 1966. . . . Tommy Cox had previously told investigators that Clay Shaw and Walter Jenkins were close personal friends and he furnished pictures of the two of them together. A. The Witness Clay Shaw, said he decided to take a two-week vacation at that time and was scheduled to speak at the San Francisco World Trade Building and 'needless to say, on the morning of Nov. 22, no speech was given.' Q. How were these arrangements made, Mr. Shaw? A. By telephone.

Q. Who did you make the arrangements with? A. A Mr. J. Monroe Sullivan. May I refresh my memory? It was Mr. J. Monroe Sullivan, Managing Director of the San Francisco World Trade Center. . . . The World Trade Center is the English language translation of Centro Mondiale Comerciale, the Rome alter ego of Permindex and of course, the World Trade Centers visited by Shaw on the dates of and surrounding the assassination were subsidiaries of Centro Mondiale Comerciale and Permindex. Shaw also testified that he met World Trade Center official, Fred Vanderhurst in Los Angeles, Jim Dondson and Charles Walton in San Francisco and a few days later, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Rourke in Chicago. During the two years in which the Shaw case was pending and at the ancillary proceedings and final trial, J. Edgar Hoover furnished Shaw's defense with witnesses, investigators and propaganda. Without the immense effort by J. Edgar Hoover on Shaw's behalf, there is little question that the prosecution would have succeeded. History has recorded the first instance of the head of a major Federal law enforcement agency manning the defense in a State criminal case. Hoover's actions in providing the Shaw defense is cogent evidence of his own guilt and this evidence is recognized in all courts of law as proof.
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Chapter XII - William Seymour, Agent for the Defense Industrial Security Command Participates in a Murder.
William Seymour came out of the rear of the Depository Building about fifteen minutes after the assassination, ran around the building across Dealey Plaza to enter a car and take flight. Gordon Novel, the other fabricated Oswald, has been shown to have been elsewhere at the times in question. All of the following is taken from the Warren Commission evidence. A witness, J.R. Worrel, at the time of the shooting was in the general area across Elm Street from the Depository Building. He saw the gun being fired from the sixth floor window but did not get a look at him while he was firing. After the shooting, Worrel remained in the vicinity for a while and then proceeded across Elm Street continuing straight ahead and traversed the east side of the Depository Building along Houston Street. Shortly after he arrived at the rear of the Depository Building, a man Worrel identified as Lee Harvey Oswald hurried out of the rear door to the first floor of the Depository Building, ran to the west corner of the building and turned to the south disappearing behind the west side of the Depository Building in the direction of the Dealey Plaza Lawn and Elm Street. Dallas County Officer, Roger Craig, saw Seymour coming from the west side of the Depository and cross the Dealey Plaza Lawn to enter a car on Elm street. Officer Craig heard Seymour whistle loudly as he came across the lawn. Officer Craig was the last person to see Seymour and he testified before the Commission as follows: Mr. Belin: Now, about how many minutes was this after the time that you had turned that young couple over to Lummie Lewis that you heard this whistle? Deputy Sheriff Roger D. Craig: Fourteen or fifteen minutes.

Craig: Yes. Belin: Was this you mean after the shooting? Craig: After the - from the time I heard the first shot. Belin: All right. Craig: Yes. So I turned and - uh - saw a man start to run down the hill on the north side of Elm Street, running down toward Elm Street. Belin: And, about where was he with relation to the School Book Depository Building? Craig: Uh - directly across that little side street that runs in front of it. He was on the south side of it. Belin: And he was on the south side of what would be an extension of Elm Street, if Elm Street didn't curve down into the underpass? Craig: Right, right. Belin: And where was he in relation to the west side of the School Book Depository Building? Craig: Right by the - uh - well, actually, directly in line with the west corner - the southwest corner. Belin: He was directly in line with the southwest corner of the building? Craig: Yes. Belin: And he was on the south curve of that street that runs right in front of the building there? Craig: Yes. Belin: And he started to run toward Elm Street as it curves under the underpass? Craig: Yes, directly down the grassy portion of the park. Belin: All right. And then what did you see happen? Craig: I saw a light-colored station wagon driving real slow, coming west on Elm Street from Houston. Uh - actually, it was nearly in line with him. And the driver was leaning to his right looking up the hill at the man running down. Belin: Uh-huh. Craig: And the station wagon stopped almost directly across from me. And - uh - the man continued down the hill and got in the station wagon. And I attempted to cross the street. I wanted to talk to both of them. But the - uh - traffic was so heavy I couldn't get across the street. And - uh - they were gone before I could --Belin: Where did the station wagon head?

Craig: West on Elm St. Belin: Under the triple underpass? Craig: Yes. Belin: Could you describe the man you saw running down toward the station wagon? Craig: On, he was a white male in his twenties, five nine, five eight, something like that; about 140 to 150, had kind of medium brown sandy hair, you know, it was like it'd been blown - you know, he'd been in the wind or something - it was all wild looking; had on -ju - blue trousers. Belin: What shade of blue? Dark blue, medium or light? Craig: No; medium, probably; I'd say medium. And, a - uh - light tan shirt, as I remember it. Belin: Anything else about him? Craig: No, nothing except that he looked like he was in an awful hurry. Belin: What about the man who was driving the car? Craig: Now, he struck me, as being a colored male, He was very dark complected, had real dark short hair, and was wearing a thin white-looking jacket - uh , it looked like the short wind-breaker type, you know, because it was real thin and had the collar that came out over the shoulder (indicating with hands) Like that - just a short jacket. Belin: You say that he first struck you that way. Do you think that he was a Negro? Craig: Well, I don't - I didn't get a real good look at him. But my first glance at him I was more interested in the man coming down the hill - but my first glance at him he struck me as a Negro. Belin: Is that what your opinion is today? Craig: Well, I - I couldn't say, because I didn't get a good enough look at him. Belin: What kind and what color station wagon was it? Craig: It was light colored - almost - uh - it looked white to me. Belin: What model or make was it? Craig: I thought it was a Nash. Belin: Why would you think it was a Nash? Craig: Because it had a built-in luggage rack on the top. And - uh - at that time, this was the only type car I could fit with that type luggage rack. Belin: A Nash Rambler - is that what you're referring to?

Craig: Yes; with a rack on the back portion of the car, you know. Belin: Did it have a Texas license plate or not? Craig: It had the same color. I couldn't see the - uh - name with the numbers on it. I could just barely make them out. They were at an angle where I couldn't make the numbers of the -uh- any of the writing on it. But - uh - I'm sure it was a Texas plate . . . Belin: Anything else about the assassination that you think might be important that we haven't discussed here? Craig: No; except - uh - except for the fact that it came out later that Mrs. Paine does own a station wagon and -uh- it has a luggage rack on top. And this came out, of course, later, after I got back to the office. I didn't know about this. Buddy Walthers brought it up. I believe they went by the house and the car was parked in the driveway. Seymour and the dark complected driver vanished under the same underpass the stricken President passed through and Seymour remains at large. At 5:30 pm the same day, Craig went to City Hall where Lee Harvey Oswald was being questioned and identified Oswald as the man running across the lawn who entered the Nash automobile. While at City Hall, Craig or Fritz asked Oswald who owned the Nash (which Seymour had entered). Oswald inadvertently revealed that he was aware of Seymour's impersonation when Oswald replied, "That station wagon belongs to Mrs. Paine. Don't try to tie her into this. She had nothing to do with it." At the time Craig saw the person whom he thought to be Oswald and who, in fact, was Seymour leaving the scene of the assassination. Oswald was taking a bus and cab to his room in Oak Cliff. The Commission found this to be so and the evidence sustaining the whereabouts of Lee Harvey Oswald at this time is substantial. Seymour and the dark complected driver had gone to his rendezvous as had Emilio Santana and Manuel Gonzales, the other gunmen who had fired from the stockade fence on Dealey Plaza and the Dal-Tex Building. Oswald, himself, was calm and unhurried in his trip from the Depository Building to his room but after a police car honked in front of his rooming house, his actions changed to indicate some type of involvement. After knowing of the assassination, Oswald was calm and unhurried. According to the reconstruction of time and events which the Commission found most credible, Lee Harvey Oswald left the building approximately three minutes after the assassination. He walked east on Elm Street for seven blocks to the corner of Elm and Murphy where he boarded a bus which was heading back in the direction of the Depository Building, on its way to the Oak Cliff section of Dallas. When Oswald was apprehended, a bus transfer marked for the Lakewood-Marsalis route was found in his shirt pocket. The transfer was dated "Fri. Nov. 22, '63" and was punched in two places by the bus driver. McWatters, a bus driver, was able to testify that the transfer had been issued by him on a trip which passed a checkpoint on St. Paul and Elm Streets at 12:36 pm.

McWatters was sure that he left the checkpoint on time and he estimated that it took him three to four minutes to drive three blocks west from the checkpoint to Field Street, which he reached at about 12:40 pm. McWatters' recollection is that he issued this transfer to a man who entered his bus just beyond Field Street. About two blocks later, he got off the bus. The man was on the bus approximately four minutes. Riding on the bus was an elderly woman, Mary Bledsoe, who confirmed the evidence of the transfer. Oswald had rented a room from Mrs. Bledsoe about six weeks before, on October 7th. On November 22nd, Mrs. Bledsoe came downtown to watch the Presidential motorcade. She boarded the Marsalis bus at St. Paul and Elm Streets to return home. Mrs. Bledsoe stated that she was certain it was Oswald; who boarded the bus. William Whaley, a taxicab driver, told his employer on Saturday morning, November 23rd, that he recognized Oswald from a newspaper photograph as a man whom he had driven to the Oak Cliff area the day before. The man asked, "May I have the cab?", and got into the front seat. Whaley described the ensuing events as follows; "And about that time, an old lady, I think she was an old lady, I don't remember nothing but her sticking her head down past him in the door and said, 'Driver, will you call me a cab down here?' She had seen him get this cab and she wanted one, too, and he opened the door a little bit like he was going to get out and he said, 'I will let you have this one, ' and she said, 'No, the driver can call me one'." On November 22nd, Oswald told Captain Fritz that he rode a bus to a stop near his home and then walked to his rooming house. When queried the following morning concerning a bus transfer found in his possession, he admitted receiving it. And when interrogated about a cab ride, Oswald also admitted that he left the slow-moving bus and took a cab to his rooming house. The Greyhound Bus Station at Lamar and Jackson Streets, where Oswald entered Whaley's cab, is three to four blocks south of Lamar and Elm. If he was discharged at Neely and Beckley and walked directly to his rooming house, he would have arrived there about 12:50 to 1:00 pm. From the 500 block of North Beckley, the walk would be a few minutes longer, but in either event he would have been in the rooming house at about 1:00 pm. This is the approximate time he entered the rooming house, according to Earlene Roberts, the housekeeper there. While Oswald was in the house, Mrs. Earlene Roberts, his housekeeper, testified that a police car containing two men drove up and honked. Ball: When was that? (Police car honking) Mrs. Roberts: He came in the house. (Oswald) Ball: When he came in the house? Mrs. Roberts: When he came in the house and went to his room.... Ball: Yes. Mrs. Roberts: Right direct in front of that door - there was a police car stopped and honked. . . . Ball: You mean, it was not the car of the policemen you knew? Mrs. Roberts: It wasn't the police car I knew, because their number was 170 and it wasn't 170 . . . Ball: Where was it parked?

Mrs. Roberts: It was parked in front of the house . . . Dr. Goldberg: Which way was the car facing? Mrs. Roberts: It was facing north. Dr. Goldberg: Toward Zangs? Mrs. Roberts: Towards Zangs . . . Ball: Did this police car stop directly in front of your house? Mrs. Roberts: Yes - it stopped directly in front of my house. . . . Ball: Where was Oswald when this happened? Mrs. Roberts: In his room. Ball: You remembered the number of the car? Mrs. Roberts: I think it was - 106, it seems to be like it was 106 . . . Ball: Did you report that number to anyone, did you report this incident to anyone? Mrs. Roberts: Yes, I told the FBI and the Secret Service both when they was out there . . Ball: Did you say there were two uniformed policemen in the car? Mrs. Roberts: Yes, and it was in a black car. It wasn't an accident squad car at all. Ball: Were there two uniformed policemen in the car? Mrs. Roberts: Oh, yes. Ball: And one of the officers sounded the horn?. . . . Oswald then left the house and the Commission found he killed Dallas Police Officer Tippit about a mile from the room. Although there is compelling evidence that someone else killed Tippit, the Commission cited sufficient evidence to sustain their conclusion. At approximately 1:15 pm, Tippit, who was cruising west on 10th Street, passed the intersection of 10th and Patton about eight blocks from where he had reported at 12:54 pm. About one hundred feet past the intersection, Tippit stopped a man walking east along the south side of Patton. The man was bushy headed and stocky built. Tippit stopped the man and called him to his car. The bushy headed and stocky man approached the car and apparently exchanged words with Tippit through the right front or vent window. Tippit got out and started to walk around the front of the car. As Tippit reached the left front wheel, the man pulled out a revolver and fired several shots. The bullets hit Tippit and killed him

instantly . The gunman started back toward Patton Avenue, ejecting the empty cartridge cases and leaving them to later inculpate Oswald. About twelve persons saw the man with the revolver in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene at or immediately after the shooting. By the evening of November 22nd, seven of them had refused to identify Lee Harvey Oswald in police lineups as the man they saw. Several said the murderer was short and squat - Oswald was thin and medium height - and another said that two men were involved. The Warren Commission's own chronology of Oswald's movements fails to allow him sufficient time to reach the scene of Tippit's murder from the Book Depository Building. Four cartridges were found at the scene of the slaying. Revolvers do not eject cartridges, so when someone is shot, you don't later find gratuitous cartridges strewn over the sidewalk - unless the murderer deliberately takes the trouble to eject them. Of the four cartridges found at the scene, two were Winchesters and two were Remingtons - but of the four bullets found in Officer Tippit's body, three were Winchesters and one was a Remington. The real killer of Tippit hid in a cavernous building at the corner of Tenth and Crawford which in 1963 was known as the Abundant Life Temple. In an aerial view of the area, the Commission traced the killer's escape path from the scene near Tenth and Patton to Jefferson Boulevard one block south, thence to the Texaco service station one block west at Jefferson and Crawford. A "white jacket" was found at the rear of the station, which the Commission said was Oswald's. Consequently it had to have the killer reverse his path so as to bring him back onto Jefferson. The killer proceeded straight ahead from the rear of the Texaco station, across an alley and into the rear door of the Abundant Life Temple. This view is corroborated by police radio logs. Shortly after 1:40 pm, Sergeant Hill came on the air: "A witness reports that he last was seen in the Abundant Life Temple about the 400 block. We are fixing to go in and shake it down." On an alternate channel, Car 95 ordered, "Send me another squad over here to Tenth and Crawford to check out this church basement." The Texas Theatre is on the north side of Jefferson Boulevard, approximately fourteen blocks from the scene of the Tippit shooting and twelve blocks from where several witnesses last saw Tippit's killer running toward the Abundant Life Church one block north of Jefferson. At 1:45 pm, patrol cars bearing at least fifteen officers converged on the Texas Theatre. Patrolman M.N. McDonald, with Patrolmen R. Hawkins, T.A. Hutson and C.T. Walker, entered the front door and searched the balcony. The man arrested was Oswald. He was sitting alone in the rear of the main floor of the theatre near the right center aisle. About six or seven people were seated on the theater's main floor and an equal number in the balcony. McDonald gave the binding proof that Oswald could not have murdered Tippit. Oswald snapped the trigger and his gun could not fire because the firing pin was broken. Oswald's pistol could not fire so he could not have killed Tippit a few minutes before his arrest in possession of the useless pistol which could not be fired under any circumstances.

There is a rule of evidence in American jurisprudence concerning a pattern of events showing a design or plan. "A design, plan or intention may be evidenced circumstantially by conduct showing it. The kinds of conduct usable for this purpose are infinite in variety. In general, however, it may be said that any act which under the circumstances and in the light of experience would indicate a probable design is admissible." Every experienced trial lawyer and criminal investigator is well versed in the doctrine of "the Red Herring". The oldest and most common of tactics is the employment of a device or artifice in leading the minds of pursuers of the true facts, whoever they might be, from the trail of logic leading to the perpetrator of an unlawful act. Such arts and wiles have been with the human race since there has been one. The devices may vary but their pattern never does. It appears that the first and principle red herring in the present case was Lee Harvey Oswald. The various actions of Oswald, Seymour and Novel were designed to lead anyone looking at them to take the actions as all being the actions of Oswald and thus, lead the investigators to believe Oswald was the perpetrator in the assassination of President Kennedy and that he was acting alone. It further appears that the second and substitute red herring was to go into effect only in the event it should be discovered that a conspiracy existed. The various connections of Oswald with the pro-Castro organization and Seymour with the anti-Castro Cubans and others was likely designed to lead a false trail of evidence to suspects other than the person or persons responsible. In any event, it is not necessary that the theory of the secondary red herring be correct in order to convict Seymour for the murder of President Kennedy. Seymour was weaving a web of culpatory evidence tying Oswald to the assassination for at least five months before it occurred. Seymour first appeared in the evidence of Attorney Dean Andrews in New Orleans during June and July of 1963. On June 5th, President Kennedy at a meeting with the Vice President and the Governor of Texas agreed to come to Texas during the latter part of November, 1963. After June 5th, the planned trip became known in many quarters. Andrews said Seymour was asking about getting his wife's citizenship papers and changing Marine Corps discharge papers. He was accompanied by two Mexican Americans who were apparent homosexuals. Andrews said Seymour was the "real guy" who killed the President. Seymour visited Pe a's bar in New Orleans in company with a Latin man and became ill after drinking too much. This occurred around the middle of August, 1963. On September 17th or 18th, he appeared in Mexico City in the company of a Negro and Latin man and the discussed killing of someone was heard and a large sum of money was passed to Seymour. On September 25th, he was seen in Austin, Texas by three witnesses and Seymour told one of them he had been to Governor John Connally's office. On the night of the same day, a man impersonating Oswald called the leader of the Socialist Labor Party in Houston. On the night of September 26th or 27th, Seymour was a visitor under the name Leon Oswald to anti-Castroite, Mrs. Sylvia Odio and her sister in Dallas. He was accompanied by Leopoldo again and a third man called Angelo. Leopoldo told the two women "Leon Oswald" had spoke of the possibility of assassinating Kennedy and that Leon had been in the Marine Corps and was a crack shot. This evidence standing alone is sufficient enough to convict all three of a conspiracy.

Seymour and Novel were seen with Jack Ruby in the Carousel Club and other places in Dallas in October and November by such a large number of witnesses, the investigators could not locate and list them all. However, a large number testified to seeing them together and a Dallas attorney overheard them discussing Seymour's assassination of another person. Seymour impersonated Oswald in an attempt to connect Oswald to a rifle by using his name at a gun shop in Irving. He tried to show Oswald was expecting a large sum of money by saying he was while trying out a car in Dallas. He appeared at a grocery store as Oswald and at a barber shop he made leftist remarks. During the barber shop, furniture store and grocery store appearances, in Irving, Texas, he was accompanied by Marina or a woman impersonating her. Seymour gave the name Oswald and attempted to cash a large check at the grocery store. Seymour, as was necessary, kept his rifle practice dates to sharpen his precision for the assignment. As the dates for President Kennedy's visit drew near, Seymour's rifle practice sessions increased and two a day were not unusual. The number of disinterested witnesses to his practice sessions were overwhelming. A "sporterized Mauser" was used by Seymour in many of the target practice appearances. A Mauser was brought to the School Book Depository Building, and Truly and two employees were seen with it two days before the assassination. The five police officers who first discovered the rifle on the sixth floor of the Depository Building after the murder described it as a 7.65 Mauser. Eyewitnesses described an assassin firing from the sixth floor of the Depository Building at the moment President Kennedy was killed as resembling Lee Harvey Oswald. Lee Harvey Oswald was shown in a picture taken as the shots were being fired to be standing at the entrance to the Depository Building. Witnesses further proved that Oswald did not come downstairs past the fifth floor before Baker and Truly met him on the second floor. Then the cheek and hand paraffin test was given Oswald and it proved he had not fired a rifle. The cheek test was negative. After the assassination, a witness sees a man resembling Oswald come out the rear of the Depository Building and run around the building towards Dealey Plaza. Deputy Sheriff Craig sees the man coming from behind the building, crossing Dealey Plaza and entering an automobile which drove under the triple underpass and disappeared from view. Craig identified the person as Lee Harvey Oswald but Oswald was definitely established to have been well into his bus trip to the room on Beckley and away from the scene of the assassination at the time. There are many rules of evidentiary law which apply, especially to the facts in Seymour's case. First, the rule which provides that if a party fabricates evidence, the act of fabrication may be used against him to show a consciousness of guilt. Next, the guilty actions or conduct of a party may be shown as evidence of guilty knowledge. Then, when a party takes flight or avoids detection, this too may be shown as evidence of a guilty conscious and of guilty knowledge. Also, when circumstances are shown which lead to no other conclusion but the guilt of the party, no direct evidence is necessary. However, in Seymour's case the direct evidence of eyewitnesses who saw him in the act of shooting the President of the United States had been documented.
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Suppressed in the Archives are two Commission Documents which corroborate the large portion of facts contained herein. They are: 1. Fascists and Nazis today, Albin Michel, Paris Document No. 1096 2. Bundesnachrichtendienst file Document No. 597 In letters smuggled from jail, Jack Ruby constantly said that Nazis and Fascists were behind the Kennedy murder. Ruby was much more knowledgeable about the conspiracy than most. On September 9, 1965, in Judge Louis Holland's court, Ruby disregarded his lawyers who were telling him to be quiet and declared that there was a conspiracy in high places behind Kennedy's assassination. Various news reports related that he said "people in high places" had suppressed information about Oswald and about Ruby; said, as his lawyers tried to push TV microphones away from his face, "The world has the right to hear the truth"; said that Oswald knew Kennedy was coming to Dallas even before Kennedy knew it and that newsmen should search "in the high sources of our political government" to find out how Oswald got a job at the Depository on the motorcade route; said that the full story of the assassination would not come out because "unfortunately some people in high places had so much to gain by putting me in this position", and when asked to elaborate on this, said that the results of the lie detector test had not been divulged, and said that there was a "terrible conspiracy" behind Kennedy's death and he, Ruby, "happened to be a scapegoat to walk into a trap and make that possible." Ruby's lawyer Sam Houston Clinton says that during a routine hearing he believes was on March 31, 1966, he was seated beside Ruby, and that a reporter stuck a mike in front of Ruby, whereupon Ruby said that people just didn't understand and that if he ever got a chance to tell his story, they would know that "if Adlai Stevenson had been Vice President, Kennedy would still be alive today." After Ruby died, the Associated Press' Bernard Gayzer reported his accusations against the Nazis and Fascists and added, "Jack Ruby also complained that his cancer was induced secretly in jail. . . . (He) was certain it had been injected into him." New fragments of the story were published elsewhere. The St. Paul (Minn.) Dispatch reported that one of its columnists, Bill Diehl, had bought a letter Ruby had written from his jail cell. The seller: Charles Hamilton Autographs, Inc. in New York, which in turn reportedly bought it and four or five others like it, from a jail trusty, Thomas E. Miller. In Diehl's letter, the paper said, Ruby wrote that Johnson "found me as the perfect setup for a frame. Remember they had the President killed, and now with me in the picture, they'll make it look as though Castro or the Russians had it done. Remember the only one who had all to gain was Johnson himself. Figure that out. " This report is not to criticize actions on the part of anyone. It is simply a report of the facts with full documentation. The actions of the participants stand as criticism enough for their various roles in the illegal and immoral affair, and James Earl Ray's report that federal agents killed Dr. King is compelling evidence that the organization was still going about its objective in 1969 in the same ruthless manner and using the same modus operandi as is revealed in this document. It should be pointed out, that during a few years following John Kennedy's murder, the crime rate in the United States had more than doubled. Public opinion surveys during the time reflected

about 80% of the people did not believe the Warren Commission Report. The general public felt someone or some group had been behind the murder of John F. Kennedy and the guilty ones had not been punished. Such an attitude on the part of the public leads to a gradual breakdown of law, order and morals of the society. All Penal Codes in the history of nations have set out a twofold purpose. The number one and cardinal purpose of a Penal Code is to deter crime. The secondary purpose is to reform the offender. There is a basic reason for deterrence of crime to be the principle purpose of a criminal code. That is, those who are inclined to commit crime view the prosecution of all criminal acts of others and they are not willing to face the consequences when their own prosecution seems certain. Therefore, crime is reduced and thus deterred. However, when the head of the National Police Agency joins with a handful of other government leaders and they both in turn throw in with crime to murder a president, (and the people have an uneasy feeling that something of this nature has taken place) it is only natural that crime and violence increase. The basic deterrent to crime has broken down. Also, the national morals by way of osmosis are gradually lowered and a hardness and cynicism develops among the people which allows lower and lower moral standards in the society affected. Thus the United States has had reports of murder by the Southeastern Asian Command of the Green Berets of hundreds of agents employed by them. These murders were carried out in violation of all codes of moral conduct only on the whims or suspicions of the Green Berets that the murdered Beret agents did not measure up to what the command felt was proper behavior. The reports included that Mafia type weighting of the murdered bodies and dumping them into the South China Sea occurred. No punishment was afforded the guilty U.S. personnel for their acts. The reports on the regular news media of a Mafia type operation by the Generals and Master Sergeants in the Pentagon on a world wide basis involving millions of dollars in kickbacks and rake-offs drew very little interest or criticism. During the last years of the Johnson administration, crime after crime among officials was reported across the land. Jack Kennedy's last executive order stated that 1,000 troops would be brought home from Viet Nam by Christmas, 1963. The dispatch reported this would leave 11,000 non-combatants in Viet Nam, all of which would be removed by the end of 1964. Thus, in his last official act, the slain President evidenced his opposition to involving ourselves in the Southeastern Asia civil wars.196 Less than one year after Kennedy's death, responsible Senators reported the Johnson administration staged a false incident in the Tonkin Gulf. The U.S. went to war. The munitions makers and their police force, the Defense Industrial Security Command, were well paid. Then, in 1969, there came to light that, during the last year of Johnson's Commander-in-Chief status, in March of 1968 to be exact, a Viet Nam order to destroy certain villages and to kill the inhabitants. An army photographer who observed one of the massacres was Sergeant Ronald L. Haeberle. He said: At about 5:30 in the morning of March 16, I left where I was stationed, Duc Pho, by helicopter for Task Force Barker. That is an outlying area from the base camp. I was supposed to hook up here with C Company. I hooked up with C Company at 6 or 6:30 . . around sunrise. No one really explained the mission, but from what I heard from the men, it was suspected that these villagers were Viet Cong sympathizers and it was thought there were Viet Cong there . . . I was going in with the second group of men . . .

We landed in the rice paddies and I heard gunfire from the village itself, but we were still on the outside of the village. There were some South Vietnamese people, maybe 15 of them, women and children included, walking on a dirt road maybe 100 yards away. All of a sudden, the GI's just opened up with M16's. Besides the M16 fire, they were shooting at the people with M79 grenade launchers. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. As they moved in, closer to the village, they just kept shooting at people. I remember this man distinctly, holding a small child in one arm and another child in the other, walking toward us. They saw us and were pleading. The little girl was saying, 'no no' in English. Then all of a sudden a burst of fire and they were cut down. They were about 20 feet away. One machine gunner did it. He'd opened up . . . I had been on the ground maybe 45 minutes at this point. Off to the left, a group of people, women, children and babies, were standing around. The machine gunner was standing in front of them with the ammo bearer and all of a sudden I heard this fire and here this machine gunner had opened up on all these people in the big circle and they were trying to run. I don't know how many got out . . . The some GI's went over to a pile where there were four people and one GI leaned over a guy who was still alive and finished him. There were two small children, a very young boy and a smaller boy, maybe 4 or 5 years old. A guy with an M16 fired at them, at the first boy, and the older boy fell over to protect the smaller boy . . Then they fired six more shots and just let them lie. I left the village around 11 o'clock that morning. I saw clumps of bodies and I must have seen as many as 100 killed. It was done very businesslike. Haeberle said he later saw a news story of C Company's operation in the hamlet, listing a large number of Viet Cong killed. Horrible pictures kept coming: of American boys with belching machine guns killing over 560 human beings in just one village; of burning homes in Viet Nam; of a five year old putting his arm around his little brother as the bullets struck; of innocent dead babies and small children and more dead babies held by their dead mothers; the grotesque stacks of human bodies of civilians, women and children totally reminiscent of the Nazi massacres and atrocities of World War II; and of a mother begging for the lives of her five children and in the next instant, the bullets slamming into the entire family group; and of U.S. soldiers dropping prisoners of war from airplanes to their deaths in order to obtain confessions from their fellow prisoners.197 Reports kept coming in of one atrocity after another being committed by American boys under command level orders. The Pentagon had brutalized our young men but the Pentagon would try a scapegoat or two and salve the American conscience. The was not sufficient. A purgative from within will be needed to restore a moral balance to the Nation. The arrest, trial and punishment of the individuals guilty of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy are the only steps which would provide that purgative. Aristotle the Greek said "Tragedy moves from pity - to terror - to cleansing catharsis." Pity was all evident immediately after the President's death. Terror in the late 1960's followed. Only cleansing catharsis by application of the criminal laws to the high and low alike in the cabal will restore the former high collective national conscience.

Law and order return after the catharsis.

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The author is a lawyer in the southwestern part of the United States with twenty years trial experience. For two years, he served as a prosecuting attorney in criminal cases during 1949, 1950 and part of 1951. He has engaged in both civil and criminal practices and is licensed in all state and federal courts in his areas and the court of tax appeals. The author is a typically conservative and successful attorney belonging to the American Trial Lawyers Association, all of his area bar associations, Kiwanis and local civic clubs. He is a family man and is highly respected in the courts before which he practices. He is not critical of the Warren Commission or of any other national agency in connection with the assassination. The author has participated in cases in the southwest where professional Mexican assassins have been used to commit political murder. He has also participated in the trial of cases in the southwest involving gunrunning activities through Mexico to Cuba, both before Castro was successful and after Castro succeeded and became the subject of overthrow by gunrunners from the southwest. Close relatives of the gambling syndicate members have used the legal services of Torbitt in complicated cases involving tracing financial dealings of organized crime in Texas and their foreign connecting links. More important, William Torbitt has been a member of the strong supporters of Lyndon Johnson since 1948. He supported John Connally in the gubernatorial race of 1962 and earlier was closely associated in the successful congressional race of Lloyd Bentsen in the Texas Valley adjacent to the Mexican border. Torbitt was also a key political backer of Texas Governor, Allan Shivers. The author remained close to the conservative Connally-Johnson political organization and was personally acquainted with most of the people he writes about until he left them in 1963. Torbitt remains active in Texas Valley - Mexico border politics but at a subdued pace. During his term as prosecutor, he was deeply involved in the investigations and prosecutions of the gambling syndicate and Mafia operations in Texas. Except for five years foreign service in the U.S. Navy during World War II, Torbitt is a life long resident of Texas. He holds his law degree from the University of Texas at Austin. The author says "The Fascist cabal who assassinated John Kennedy planned to lay the blame on honest right-wing conservatives, if their first ploy, to lay the blame on Oswald and the Communists was not bought." The author set out in this work simply to analyze, bring together and present his personal knowledge and the evidence which has been gathered by the Warren Commission, Jim Garrison and all other investigative agencies connected with the case. As is the office of a lawyer, he makes legal deductions from the evidence gathered but consistently refuses to speculate on the evidence even when some speculation is warranted. He says that speculation is a close kin to

rumor and, consequently, he resorts only to those legal deductions which courts allow a lawyer to make from the court approved and documented evidence. This work is an enlargement of a working paper furnished to Torbitt by two agents - one with the Customs Department and one other with the Narcotics Bureau. For obvious reason, their identities must be protected, but the author gives highest credit to the investigative work of the two well-informed officers. The author especially credits the working paper of the two agents with revealing the heretofore highly secret Defense Industrial Security Command and its intelligence assignments on behalf of the munitions and aerospace manufacturers. The fascistic totalitarian secret police agency is even stronger and more devious in 1970 and threatens our democracy, he says.198
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APPENDIX I Commission Exhibit 1546, consisting of three pages from Volume XXIII of the Warren Commission XVI Volumes. APPENDIX II

See Commission Exhibit 2195, consisting of approximately ninety-seven pages concerning Osborne found in Volume XV of the Warren Commission XVI Volumes. APPENDIX III Commission Exhibit 2196 from volume XV of the Warren Commission XVI Volumes

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