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Attack the Block: Poster Analysis

A reoccurring motif of grime film posters is to align all the main characters on the poster in order to set up a form of narrative and neatly expose the genre of the film. The characters appear to be almost within a freeze frame of action, which captivates the target audience and evokes a sense of curiosity which may en courage them to see the film. This freeze frame is particularly effective in giving people an insight to the narrative and allowing the audience to almost embrace the action.

The colours used on the poster are deep dark purples and blues, particularly to emphasise the unusual nightlife within the block. Interestingly in the middle of the poster there is a lighter area, perhaps intended to be fog. This fog is parallel to the mystery of the film, being within the grime genre however having a sci-fi twist incorporated within it, similarly to this it sets the audience up with a hint of the narrative, perhaps hinting a sense of mystery and obscurity in the film. The general darkness of the poster also connotes danger and lack of protection. The bright strikes of lightening coming from the sky are effective due to the contrast of the dark purples and blues in the background. This cleverly adheres to the genre through the poster as it creates that element of mystery, the idea of things falling from the sky aiding to the sci-fi element.

The title of the film is Big and Bold white writing; evidentially this is to stand out from the rest of the poster so it is eye catching to the audience. The words attack and block appear to have scuffmarks on the letters. This is to coincide with the theme of the film, the idea that these teenagers are trying to protect their block as it is under attack. The positioning of the writing appears to be slanted and uprooted from the bottom, which creates the idea of threat and danger. Interestingly the ground appears to be

deracinating which connotes the idea of lack of stability and that their block is falling apart. This could be parallel to the main character Moses who comes from an un-stable background, which lacks foundation and backbone. Just above the title of the film it says inner city vs out of space this reiterates the theme of fighting in order to save their territory and maintain their power. Below the title is the institutional information in small print, however in slightly bigger print just above it says from the producers of Shaun of the Dead. This is important when trying to attract a specific target audience, by using the credibility from Shaun of the Dead it will automatically encourage those already fans of the film to see it and look into the film.

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