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Trinity Episcopal Church

June 17, 2010
We are . . .
an inclusive community of faith,
strengthened by joyful hearts
and engaged minds.
Search Process
As we continue our search for a new vicar, the Bishops Committee met to prepare the data input which will be
used in the computer match process. We had a good working session and our results were forwarded to
Canon Dan Smith. We are making good progress! We now have a completed parish profile and a completed
Church Deployment Profile. Canon Smith hopes to have names of possible candidates for the Bishops
Committee to consider by the end of July. Thank you for continuing to use the prayer card with the prayer
from the Book of Common Prayer to help guide us through this search time. Extras are still available in the
basket at the back of the church.
First Sunday of the Month Plate Collection
The first Sunday charitable plate collection for July will be donated to a yet unnamed charity. You have an
opportunity to help select the recipient! Be thinking about what worthy organization you would like to support
and place the name of that organization on a slip of paper in the plate along with your donation this Sunday,
July 4. Lets see who the lucky winner is!
Dear Friends,
As you may know, the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis is currently hosting an exhibition entitled "Vatican
Splendor: A Journey through Faith and Art" which includes artwork, liturgical vestments & other material, as
well as other items, all on loan from the Vatican in Rome. For more information see
An informal group from Trinity-Kirksville will be visiting the exhibition on Saturday, July 17. The general plan is
to meet up at the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis, see that exhibition, and have a meal together. Since
they recommend that tickets be reserved in advance, it would help to have a count of how many would like to
go. So, if you are interested in going with the group, would you please reply to Julia by e-mail no later than
Friday, July 2 at delancey@truman.edu? Of course, if you decide later you'd like to join, I believe individual
tickets are available as well and could be bought at a later date.
Tickets are $19.50 for adults, $17.00 for seniors or college students with college ID, and $13 for children 6 -
12 years of age. (We may be able to receive a $2/ticket discount as a church group, but I need to find out
whether that discount is extended to non-Catholic parishes).
Hope you can join!
Julia & Pete
See you Sunday!
Peter E. Van Horne
Trinity Episcopal Church
We are . . .
an inclusive community of faith,
strengthened by joyful hearts
and engaged minds.
What's nappen|ng At 1r|n|ty
November 4, 2011
Upcom|ng Lvents:
Sunday, November 6, 9:40 a.m.Sunday Schoo|
Sunday, November 6, 10:00 a.m.no|y Luchar|stI|rst Sunday |ate Cffer|ng to D|sab|ed
Amer|can Veterans Char|tab|e Serv|ce 1rustA|| Sa|nts Sunday
Sunday, November 6, 4:00 p.m.kecovery Worsh|p Serv|ce
Monday, November 7, 6:00 p.m.Canterbury C|ub
Wednesday, November 9, 7:30 a.m.Morn|ng rayer
Sunday, November 13, 9:40 a.m.Sunday Schoo|
Sunday, November 13, 10:00 a.m.no|y Luchar|st8|shop's Comm|ttee meets after Coffee nour
Sunday, November 13, 7:00 p.m.1a|z Serv|ce
Iood Depot W|sh L|st, from Canterbury C|ub: 1hank you for your conLlnued and
generous donaLlons Lo Lhe lood uepoL! 1hls week Lhe focus ls on large famllles, a
slgnlflcanL parL of Lhe populaLlon Lhe lood uepoL supporLs. 1he lLems requesLed are
canned soup and cerea|. 1hanks!
Irom our Sen|or Warden, Iess|e: 1hls Sunday, november 6, we wlll honor veLerans' uay by
deslgnaLlng our llrsL Sunday" plaLe offerlng Lo Lhe ulsabled Amerlcan veLerans CharlLable Servlce
1rusL. rograms supporLed by Lhe 1rusL lnclude malnLalnlng a volunLeer-operaLed LransporLaLlon
neLwork, provldlng food, shelLer, and [ob Lralnlng, and connecLlng needy veLerans Lo essenLlal
medlcal care.

1he 8lshop's CommlLLee glves Lhanks for Lhe pledge commlLmenLs recelved durlng Lhe pasL few
weeks. lf you haven'L made your commlLmenL, lL's noL Loo laLe. ledge cards are avallable aL Lhe
back of Lhe church and can be placed ln Lhe offerlng plaLe. lf you need a pledge card malled or
broughL Lo you, please conLacL !ohnneLLe+, Sally, or !essle.
Speak|ng of 1hanksg|v|ng: klrksvllle lnLerchurch MlnlsLrles wlll hold lLs annual
1hanksglvlng rayer Servlce aL 7:00 p.m., 1uesday, November 22, aL Lhe I|rst Un|ted
Method|st Church, 300 LasL WashlngLon SL. A free-wlll offerlng wlll go Lo Lhe SalvaLlon
Army. All are welcome!
1h|s week |n the news: news Lhls week from Lhe Lplscopal news Servlce feaLures Lhe sLruggles of
converLs Lo Lhe Lplscopal Church ln counLrles where ChrlsLlanlLy ls a mlnorlLy rellglon, and Lhe
lncreaslng pressures of ChrlsLlans ln Lhe norLhern parLs of Lhe Sudan where sharla law ls belng
U1C - Ia|| In-gather|ng News: lease remember Lhe lall ln-gaLherlng for Lhe
unlLed 1hank Cfferlng (u1C) on Sunday Nov 20. 8rlng your fllled blue boxes or
a check for Lhls efforL. Pere are Lwo examples of Lhe Lype of granLs funded
Lhrough Lhe u1C:
M|ch|gan - 2009 St. 8arnabas Lp|scopa| Church, Che|sea, MI
narLhex AddlLlon.............................................$23,000.00
1o consLrucL an addlLlon of 330 square feeL, so as Lo creaLe a handlcap
accesslble resLroom and meeLlng space on Lhe flrsL floor. 1hls wlll allow SL.
8arnabas Lo expand Lhelr ouLreach programs Lo everyone ln Lhe communlLy.
Southeast I|or|da - 2009 St. Iohn's Lp|scopa| Church and Schoo|, nomestead,
lnlLlaLlve Lo llghL Punger and poverLy..........$23,000.00
1o provlde funds Lo launch a famlly supporL and educaLlon cenLer Lo end Lhe
cycle of poverLy and abuse Lhrough educaLlon and enrlchmenL classes for
women and chlldren ln Lhls economlcally depressed communlLy.
Cur monLhly 1a|z Serv|ce wlll be aL 7:00 p.m., Sunday, November 13. ln
keeplng wlLh november as a monLh of 1hanksglvlng, Lhe Lheme wlll be
CraLlLude." lease [oln us wlLh your own prayers of graLlLude for Lhe season ln
Lhe quleL aLmosphere of muslc, sllence, and candlellghL.
uon'L forgeL our monLhly kecovery Worsh|p Serv|ce aL 4:00 p.m., Sunday,
November 6. All are welcome, especlally Lhose who sLruggle wlLh addlcLlon,
or are Louched by Lhe llfe of someone affecLed by addlcLlon. Cur servlce
focuses on Lhe hope and promlses offered by Lhe 1welve SLeps, whlch can be
appllcable for a wlde varleLy of llfe slLuaLlons.
D|ocesan Convent|on News: ?ou don'L have Lo be a delegaLe or clergy Lo aLLend Lhe SaLurday
LucharlsL aL our ulocesan ConvenLlon, Saturday, Nov. 19, aL 9 a.m. lL's someLhlng worLh
conslderlng as our resldlng 8lshop, kaLherlne !efferLs Schorl, wlll be preachlng. 1he doors aL Lhe
CaLhedral ln SL. Louls wlll open aL 8 a.m.

ueadllne for submlsslon of lLems ln nexL week's news ls 12:00 noon, 1hursday, November 10.
lease send lLems Lo Marla aL crankycrlcker[gmall.com .
In your prayer t|me next week, please remember:

!"#$%&#'"()*+,"#-.//0"*.": Ughe||| - (rovlnce of 8endel, nlgerla), and V|ncent, Lhelr 8lshop
!"#.01#-./2,"*."#3*.+&4&#.5#60*7##8'uagy| (8wah'-gee) Archdeaconry, and Ias|||, Lhelr rlesL
!"#$%&#3*.+&4&#.5#8*44.01*7##St. V|ncent's-|n-the-V|neyard (2008), and nank, Lhelr 8lshop's

9.1):;*:&7##1he people of Iop||n and Lhe Last Coast, the fam|ne v|ct|ms of Soma||a, kenya, and
Lth|op|a, Lhe people of Lhe M|dd|e Last, and Lhe people of 1urkey.
!"#.01#+."(1&(,$*."#,":#&<$&":&:#2,1*4%#5,/*)=7##We pray for Margaret (Marla), A| (!o), Stan
(8arbara), Dav|d, Chuck (!oanne), Andy (krlsLa), 1homas (1alle, aLrlcla), Iess|ca (klrsLy), Ann
(eLe and !ulla), Larry (Marla), L|z and Laura (ulane's nleces), kocky (!ean), 8etty (Sally's
moLher), Iohn (!essle's husband), kex (CynLhla's faLher), L||as, Larry (karen), Suz|e (!essle), 8ob,
8r|an (ulane), Char|ette (Shannon), kush, Lo|a, and those we ho|d s||ent|y |n our hearts.