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Company Introduction

Neither this document nor any discussion relating to it is an offer or a solicitation of any offer to purchase securities in the Company. All information in this document is provided for informational purposes only. Any projections and forecasts included in these materials were prepared based on assumptions regarding facts and future events that may or may not materialize. No representation or warranty of any kind is made by the Company, its management or any other person associated with the Company in relation to any such projections or forecasts or any other information included in these materials, and no reliance may be placed for any purpose whatsoever on the accuracy or completeness of any such projections, forecasts or other information.

Alibaba.com Corporation: Three Marketplaces & A Way to Transact Safely

International Site: Global B2B
Overseas Buyers/Importers

China Site: China Domestic B2B

Taobao.com: China Consumer E-Commerce



China Wholesalers

China Wholesalers

Retailers/ Volume Sellers


Yahoo! China
August 2005 announcement US$1billion investment Yahoo 40% stake in Alibaba Long term strategic partnership

Awards and Honors

Forbes Magazine Far Eastern Economic Review

Best Website for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Magazine Top Website for Entrepreneurs

Harvard Business School Case Study A & B

Top-Ranked Websites
Alexa.com: an Amazon.com subsidiary providing independent website traffic statistics Alibaba and Taobao receive top rankings:

Alexa Rankings: Worlds Top-Ranked Import and Export Site Worlds Top International Business and Trade Site

Alexa Rankings: Chinas Top-Ranked Consumer E-Commerce Site Worlds Third-Ranked Consumer E-Commerce Site Alexa, May 2005: In China, the largest auction site is Taobao.com... a solid win.

A Time-Tested Team



Founded in 1999 Started with 18 founders, now 4,000+employees China: Sales and service offices in 14 cities International: Offices in US and Europe & HK Senior management working together for 5+ years

Alibaba Values
Customer is #1

Promote Teamwork

Embrace Change

Integrity Passion Respect

Strong Revenue Growth

Positive free cash flow since 2002










GAAP Revenue

Cash Receipts

Alibaba.com International
Worlds largest business-to-business marketplace for global trade 2.2 million members (SMEs) 200+ countries and territories 4.8 million + trade leads, company postings and product listings


Gold Supplier Members

Export community for premium pre-qualified China suppliers
Only sold in China

Gold Supplier content across 34 industries Content updated daily New products New suppliers Authenticated and verified by 3rd party credit service

International Site: Where Are the Alibaba Buyers?

All Over the World a Truly Global Marketplace
Europe 21% Canada 4% India 7% Hong Kong 4% United States 21% S.E.Asia 5%
Singapore & Malaysia 4%

China 4%

Other 27%

Australia 3%

Member Testimonial
Mr. Tim Redhed of Your Buyer, Nevada, USA Alibaba Member - 2 years Annual imports from China: US$15 million Uses Alibaba to source a wide variety of items related to hospitality, electronics, premiums and commodities.

Alibaba China
Chinese-language business-tobusiness marketplace for domestic China trade Online and offline community of SMEs 21 million + trade leads, company postings and product listings 11 million+ registered members


Taobao.com Consumer e-Commerce

Chinas largest online shopping site, 72% of the market share Study by CNNIC* Consumer-to-consumer and business-toconsumer set-price sales and auctions Surpassed competitors in less than two years, 28million items on sale and 20 million members Highest customer satisfaction ratings vs. competitors True online community of buyers and sellers


AliPay-Chinas Online Payment Platform

Chinas leading online payment platform Escrow system resolves trust issue in online transactions Buyers payment is held in AliPay escrow account until receipt of product is confirmed Provides final link in transaction chain Short term: rolling out to China merchants Long term: roll out internationally


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