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Section 1.

0 Executive Summary Product and services

Fleur Design Decoration is a one-stop company which provides design and decoration services for a big day celebration. For example, wedding dinner, birthday party, anniversary, convocation, company annual dinner, themes party and so on. Moreover, we are not only provide services but also supply products such as flowers or some arts decorations in our company in order to ease the event planning burden from our clients. As design decorators, our services include backdrop, centerpiece, table decoration, chair decoration, wedding cake, birthday cake, balloon, hand flower and etc. The first shop will be located at Senai area in Johor Bahru. Fleur Design Decoration with aggressive growth plans of one new shop every 2 years. Fleur Design Decoration is a company with Sim Xin Hui as an director.

Value to the customer

Realization of clients dream is our ultimate goal. A special and unique ceremony decoration makes clients celebration day become vivid colour and memorable. This make the guests who attend the ceremony feel like at home and comfortable. Blessing from guests are one of the greatest happiness for a host. Therefore, our responsible is to help the host to prepare a special, beautiful, fantastic, happy and enjoyable ceremony or celebration with their friends and relatives. Besides to fullfill clients wishes, we also offer resonable price on each event decoration. We also plan to archive significant profit on each design and decoration event.

Relevant markets
The market for Fleur Design Decoration are the middle to upper middle class families, couples, individuals and public or private organisation. These four segments of the market are equally important for us. For families, Fleur design Decoration able to help in birthday party, house grand opening. For couples, Fleur Design Decoration will prepare for their wonderful wedding dinner and annivesary. For individuals segment, convocation is our target. Moreover, for public and private organisation annual dinner and gathering also prepared by us.

Management expertise
We plan to employ Internal Market Supervisor, External Market Supervisor, Market Researcher, Product Researcher, Venue Decorator, Sound System Controller, Food Preparator, 2 Webpage Designer, 2 Public Receptionist to start up our first company. The designer should be creative and able to think critically. Besides, the designer have to be good taste in fashion in order to attract generation young nowadays. Due to the rapid pace of the world, we will always make improvement in our design skill and services to help clients.

Financing requirement
This company will require RM 100 000 to begin our business. One of the partner will fork out RM 50 000 and the other 5 people fork out each one RM 10 000. This amount is not large so we have to plan properly before start our business.

Possible return
We predict to get 30% profit in the first few years follow by 50% and 70%. We plan to growth our business step by step in order to settle down our business with stable foundation.

Section 2.0 Introduction to the company 2.1 Company background

Fleur Design Decoration is a company that was built up by five dream ladies.They are all big dreamers who willing to accept the challanges in order to achieve their dream.They have the same dream of having a wonderful and memorable wedding day with their lover. Therefore, they come out with the idea that assist brides and grooms to organise a fantastic wedding dinner. However, business nowadays have to be variedtherefore five of them not only focus on wedding design and decoration but also diversified into widely field. Fleur design Decoration starts up on 2011 October. To start up the company, a total amount of money is needed to pay up all the necessary expenses. Fleur Design Decoration is established in partnership nature which consists of five shareholders with the intention of providing services and products. Design and decoration services are the idea of one of the shareholders and

agreed by others. Other than event decoration, our company retails flowers and floral accesories.

2.2 Business Intent & clear indication of intended business activities Product and Services
Our company offers event decoration service and flowers retail as our main sources of income. a) The Event Decoration Service. We provide event decoration in a wide range of applications. We guarantee satisfaction in appearance of the whole event site. The following is a sampling of the types of events we plan every year: i. ii. iii. iv. v. Meetings, Trainings, and Retreats. Conferences and Workshops. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations and Holidays. Weddings. Company picnics, banquets, and award ceremonies.

We will launch various packages to attract attention of customers. We offer high end and low end services. The high end decoration ideas include real flower decoration and creative flower arrangement. The event site is guaranteed a high class and grand site to carry out event. The theme color and event styles can be chosen based on the favorite of customer. On the other hand, the economical package will be provided as the flowers utilized in decoration are replaced by silk, artificial and fake flowers. Moreover, we plan to reuse or recycle the flowers and decoration of this package to reduce cost. Customers are given choice of event theme color and style but reduce to limited option.

b) The Flower Retail Besides event planning, we sell flower bouquets, flower arrangement vase and also some basic floral accessories. For example, ribbons, dolls, toys, balloons and so on. Customers can find various kinds of flowers in our store, such as, tulips, roses, daisies, lilies, sunflowers, carnations, orchids and many more.

Market need
The market of event decoration line is very diverse and needed by a wide range of group of people. Individuals as well as organizations demand the services we provide. We analyze this sector based on the private organization, public organization and also individual. Furthermore, we divide the individual part to a few age stages to make further analysis. a) Private Organization Private organizations make up the single largest portion of our client base. Private organizations such as businesses, corporations, and political parties host the most events on the large scale. Therefore, these events generate larger revenues per event. The majority of larger scale holiday functions will fall under this segment. b) Public Organization Government agencies host many events every year. The second single largest segment, the public sector, can save money and give back to its community at the same time. These events are moderate in scale with middle to low revenues generated. Emphasis is placed on the visibility of the event for public viewing. The majority of organizational family functions will fall under this segment. c) Age Breakdowns i. Under 24: Persons under the age of twenty-four (24) using an event decorator are rare at best. We hope to tap the early college graduates who have begun their professional careers but have not yet started their families. These events will focus mainly on themes with moderate to high energy appeal. The revenues generated will range from moderate to high, depending on the event. The majority of weddings will fall into this segment. ii. Ages 25-55: The persons that fall into this age group are employed, middle to upper-middle class families. The reason they choose event decorator is they are too busy to do it themselves. These events will generate moderate revenues, with a few generating low revenues. The majority of special occasion decoration will occur in this market segment.


Ages 56 and above: Persons over the age of 55 have reached the turning point of life. Many are retiring, others are celebrating anniversaries of significant years, and still others are seeing that their children's special events are taken care of. These events will generate moderate to high revenues depending upon the income level of the family (direct correlation to social status). Most holiday parties, and other special occasions, such as wedding receptions and reunions, will occur in this market segment.

The market of flower retail is greatly depended on the occasion or festival. Every special occasion has different demand of flowers. For instance, customers will buy for carnation for mother at Mothers Day while demand of roses will increase during Valentine day. Other than that, birthday, university graduation, Christmas, Fathers Day and New Year are occasions and festive where the market needs flower retail and services.

Degree of innovation
Our ideas to promote the business are to employ aid of advance technology despite the convention method such as distributing promotion leaflets. We aim to create an official website to market our business. The latest promotion and attractive packages offered will be updated to the website from time to time. We will also send email to our customers to inform the latest promotion to them. Besides that, the design of the event is normally unique for every high end event. We employ professional designer to make special design for every customers to meet their needs. Hence, the occasion will be the most memorable moment for our customers.

Profitability and Feasibility

The largest share of our income will come from the event decoration service while the flower retail store is only a connection between us with our customer. This business can generate a huge amount of profit if professional service and advice can be provided to the customers. Moreover, the market of event decoration is still in starting stage in Malaysia. Hence, our company can grab a certain market and make profit from this sector. The pie chart illustrates the expected income generated from event decoration and flower retail.

Expected Income/ Profit Sources

Private Organizations Public Organizations Individual Flower Retail

2.3 Growth strategies

Some strategies are needed to make our business growth. Financial planning is one of the most important part in our business plan. Hence, a proper financial planning is required. Besides, technology and product development startegies can help business growth because it is one of the factor to attract customers. Lastly, marketing strategies is the most crucial for us to expand our business volume.

2.3.1 Financial strategies

There are 5 shareholders will be involved in Fleur Design Decoration. We plan to use RM 100,000 to begin our business. We will fork out RM 10,000 each person and the director will fork out the rest of the money.

2.3.2 Technology and Product Development Strategies

Fleur Design Decoration tries to reduce anxiety and problems associated with the event planning which are faced by our customers. The company will achieve this goal by:

Using technology to make the event decoration experience easy for customers and, at the same time, enable the company to identify and track its customer base.


The booking services and all the requirement of event decoration can be done by customer service webpage.

iii. iv.

Offering exquisite, artistic flowers arrangements. Offering additional self-indulging products, including original artwork and gourmet chocolates.


Building a customer database that identifies contact information as well as preferences (colours, vases, frequency, allergies, pets, children/spouse, birthday, anniversary, etc.).

2.3.3 Marketing Strategies to increase market or mind share

We will target on the private organization, public organization and also individual who are interested in holding an event. We will attract the attention of our customer by regular advertisement on newspaper, direct mailing, e-mailing and renew our official webpage if any promotion or new package are offered. We will seek for prospective florist as a possible business partner to handle huge event or provide different style of flower arrangement to customers. Participating in the Floral Design Gallery Shows to promote our floral design and arrangement and at the same time, advertise our event decoration service.

2.4 Target Market

We provide both products and services for our clients. The general profile of the Fleur Design Decorations customer consists of the following geographic, demographic, and psychographic factors, with additional approach regarding the Web attributes of this customer base. It is important to understand the attributes of the retail customer, as we develop the Web customer base. We believe that the overall characteristics of our established local clientele can be extrapolated to nationwide, and can be reached via the Internet and Facebook. Geographics

Our immediate geographic market is Johor area, with a population of approximately 900,000 in the city, and over 1.8 million in its metropolitan area, it is the second largest urban area in the country after the national capital, Kuala Lumpur.

With internet-based, we are able to target market within the whole Malaysia, with population is estimated to be 28,250,500.

Demographic Demographic segmentation consists of dividing the market into groups based on variables such as age, gender family size, income, occupation, education, religion, race and nationality.

Married or in a relationship Have or still attending college Possess monthly discretionary income Age range of 25 to 50 years old Have an occupation Belong to a medium or high social class


People who like to celebrate their special occasions with high priority. People who has less leisure time to work out decorations on their own. People who perceive themselves as creative, tasteful and able, but seeks validation and support regarding her decorating ideas and choices.

People who want their love ones to have a memorable day.

Web Attributes The cost of computers and Internet access has plummeted, and the ease of Internet use in general, and consumer e-commerce has increased. So, we will pursue a website positioned to take advantage of the current and future potential of Internet retail while will significantly widen our market of flowers and decorations.

2.5 Revenue Model

In business, revenue is income that a company receives from its normal business activities, usually from the sale of goods and services to customers. 1. Services We earn revenues by providing services like planning, designing and decorating for special occasions for our clients. We would offer different types of creative design to

choose from for different special occasions. We would be planning for themes of special occasion if requested. The decorating of the venue will also be included in the package. 2. Products Our products consist of two types, artificial and natural flowers and flowers decorations. Our shop will retail artificial flowers used as decorations at home or as gifts to love ones. Besides, we offer to send and package natural flowers if requested from customers with extra charges. In addition, people nowadays like to spend their time decorating their own houses. Hence, we will be selling pretty decorations made from flowers. In addition, our products also include DIY artificial flowers, which enable customers to make their own flowers from scraps.

2.6 Operational Setup

For our operational setup, we will rent a shop at Senai, Johor Bahru. The main reason why this location was chosen is because its location was nearby to the government institutions and others companies. It is also located at main road to Johor Bahru which is easy to be found. Besides that, there are facilities around our company. Our company is also nearby the Senai Industrial park and Senai Airport which gives us much convenience if we want to import or export our flowers and services. The market needs towards the flowers and services we have developed is being determined. Marketing research has been conducted by distributing questionnaires to the public in order to understand what peoples opinions towards our business. Our business will establish an official website that contains all the information of our business. Besides, the website also contains all the flowers, services, designs, decorations and prices for the reference of our customer. We would also like to sell the role material for decoration such as fake flowers, ribbons, candles, bear, dolls etc. The picture of our previous decoration and design for wedding ceremony, wedding dinner, birthday parties and graduation parties will be put online so that customer can preview our professional design and request for their own desire on the design. We will try to fulfil their request and make them satisfactory. The price of our design and decoration is reasonable. We are promoting E-commerce where our customer can place their order and pay online. Through using e-commere, we believe that we can expand our business and make our business well known not only in Johor but whole

Peninsular Malaysia. It is because customers no need come so far to our shop to buy things or make appointment for decorations, they can just click online and we will provide our fully service to our customers. It is at lot more convenience to our customers. We will come out with a few bouquets and also decoration package include graduation package, wedding package, birthday package with reasonable price to attract our customers. We will printed out our package and make it catalogs to distribute to the people so that we can have more customers. Fleur Design Decoration focuses on providing high-quality products to consumers with outstanding service.

2.7 Long Term goals

Our 20 years long term goals are to open up three more shops in Penang, Selangor and Malacca. We plan to establish strong relations with both suppliers and buyers. These relationships will help Fleur Design Decoration to grow and evolve in this industry. After establishing a firm reputation, Fleur Design Decoration plans to import products from other country so that it always meets the requirements of our customer. We would also like to hire more employees so that we can provide more services on time and ensure our service is in good quality.

2.8 Market & Competitors Information

For the market segmentation, the potential customer groups for Fleur Design Decoration are middle to upper middle class families, couples, individuals and public or private organizations. This market serves as a safety valve for our business as almost all of the people are our future customers. Our services will be distributed to whole people in Johor first, whole people in Malaysia later. Our main market targets on the decoration design, besides selling the decorations things like flowers, ribbons, dolls, toys, balloons and so on. However, there are some of the competitors, direct or indirect, selling outside there. Direct competitors like Shindigz, PARTYSHOP (http://www.partyshop.com.my/), Party People Events (http://www.partypeoplevent.com/), Party City (http://www.partycity.com/) and others whereas indirect competitors include the flower shops, toy shops and dolls shops. Since we are fresh in doing business, our name is unknown to customers. Hence, customers may choose others with high reputation.

List of Competitors Fleur Design Decoration

Competitors Strengths -Free gifts for multiple purchases.

Competitors Weaknesses -Lack of experiences.

-Free courses for particular plans -No reputation and unknown to such as DIY doll makers, dinner customers. etiquette, simple communication -No big model to invest big in skills, and so on. -Refund 5 percent for any our company.

unsatisfied with reasons. -Reasonable and flat prices. PARTYSHOP -Their organizers and entertainers -It is online shop; it means does are experienced and well trained not have shops that perfectly for many years. convince people.

-International online party shop, -Expensive. its products and services has been -Its business havent extend to sought by people living in Johor, Johor yet. Penang, Pahang, Sabah/Sarawak, and as far away as Australia and Thailand. -High reputation, first and biggest online Party Shop in Malaysia. -Organizers and entertainers are experienced and well trained for many years. -Wide customer flow, market segmentations parents, are discerning ministers,


royalties, professional and large corporations. -Full day, 24 hours a day goods and service. Shindigz -Variety of interesting plans and -It does not establish in Malaysia 36000 products. -Dept in experience. yet. -It is online shop; it means does



tracking not have shops that perfectly

system monitors customers order convince people. every day to ensure an onschedule delivery. -High site security. -Lowest prices, Shindigz beat the price by 10% for any lower price (excluding shipping & handling) anywhere else on an identical item. Party People Events -Daily online business. -Target on the -It is online shop; it means does

professional not have shops that perfectly

middle class & upper class convince people. families. -It does not establish in Johor

-Reasonable flat price without yet. skimping on fun and quality. Party City -Good largest chain. -International party reputation, America's -It is online shop; it means does goods not have shops that perfectly convince people. goods -Operate on business days,

specialty party

industry, division of Amscan Monday to Friday. Holdings. -Plenty types of services. -Offer discounts to all schools and non-profit organizations. -Its business havent extend to Johor yet.

2.9 Strength & Weaknesses or SWOT (if possible)

The competitors market segment is shown as below.

Competitors' Market Segment

18.18% 27.27% PARTYSHOP Shindigz 18.18% Party People Events Party City Fleur Design Decoration 22.73% 13.64%

Below is the SWOT analysis of Fleur Design Decoration. SWOT analysis separate into two parts, which are internal and external. Internal includes strengths and weaknesses of Fleur Design Decoration whereas external includes opportunities and treats. Internal of SWOT: Strengths Free gifts for multiple purchases Weaknesses Lack of experiences

Free courses for particular plans such as No reputation and unknown to customers DIY doll makers, dinner etiquette, simple communication skills, and so on. Refund 5 percent for any unsatisfied with No big model to invest big in our company reasons Reasonable and flat prices

External of SWOT: Opportunities - No major competitors focus on south of Malaysia and Singapore yet, it is a good chance for us to do our goods and services here. - Foods and drinks preparation besides by decoration design. Treats - Big competitor, Shindigz may establish in Malaysia few years later. - Major competitors may extend their business to Johor in few years later.

Section 3.0 Employment of knowledge workers 3.1 Management team

Our management team combines the experiences of executives and an advisory board with extensive backgrounds in managing and developing successful businesses within the Internet industry. Fleur Design Decoration currently has five executives and is in the process of identifying and hiring additional support staff, which will be involved in business development, technical implementation and administration. Upon obtaining its first round of funding, the Company will hire a full time staff to fully implement the business as outlined in this plan. The Companys executive staff and operations will be in Johor Bharu. Owners Will oversee financial management, merchandising and operations for Fleur Design Decoration. Responsibilities will include: selling to commercial accounts; ensuring a profitable sales picture; establishing pricing policies; keeping up-to-date on trends by monitoring trade journals, vendors, sales reps, buying trips, industry meetings and educational programs; preparing and executing marketing programs, including advertising, publicity and lead generation programs (via direct mail and e-mail); establishing partner relationships as needed and designing arrangements. Oversee sales, design and delivery. Responsibilities will include selling to walk-in retail customers; designing arrangements; ordering flowers, plants and greens; purchasing supplies, vases and containers; pricing and selling merchandise and orders

for profit; spot checking orders to ensure quality products; knowing social and religious customs of various holidays; and handling complaints. Director of Operations At least a bachelor's degree in business, finance or a related field Passion for quality and customer-centric service, where he is tasked with leading the company to find ways to improve the overall customer experience and company performance. Has over 5 years of experience in customer-focused roles Improve the operational systems, processes and policies in support of organizations mission -- specifically, support better management reporting, information flow and management, business process and organizational planning. Excellent communication skills both verbal and written Demonstrated leadership and vision in managing staff groups and major projects or initiatives. Excellent interpersonal skills and a collaborative management style. Budget development and oversight experience

Product Manager 3+ years of software marketing/product management experience Able to handle the strategy and daily operations of marketing projects Knowledgeable in technology. Computer Science or Engineering degree Act as a leader within the company Required experience and knowledge Excellent teamwork skills Proven ability to influence cross-functional teams without formal authority

Human Resources Manager Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in public, personnel or business administration, or related field, and five years experience in all phases of public or private sector personnel administration including three years of progressively responsible supervisory experience.

Certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) highly desirable. Masters Degree preferred. Has a respected reputation in the field as a dedicated and knowledgeable human resources professional, certified and specializes in human resources compliance, compensation and benefits, employee relations, and safety.

Well-versed in adapting to changing environments and good communication style. Use excellent customer service skills, establishes and maintains effective working relationships with other employees, officials, and all members of the general public.

Customer Support Supervisor Education: Possession of an Associate of Arts degree from an accredited college or university with a major in business or office management. Experience: five years of full time experience interpreting and enforcing complex regulations and policies and resolving customer complaints, at least two of which was in a lead capacity directing the work of others. Knowledge of: Principles, procedures and methods used in customer accounting and utility billing; principles and practices of good customer relations and complaint resolution; uses and capabilities of computerized accounting and billing systems. Skill in: Operating a personal computer. Ability to: Plan and implement a comprehensive customer service program, communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, establish and maintain good working relationships with those contacted in the course of the work. Delivery Person The delivery person's primary tasks will include planning deliveries (right time, right day); loading and unloading products carefully, securing plants and flowers during transportation; repairing, returning and replacing any transit-damaged products; keeping track of deliveries; and performing on-site credit card transactions. This position will be secured through a local employment agency, and will work parttime. Based on projected sales for the first year, a delivery person will be required approximately two hours per day, four days per week in the first year; hours needed will increase proportionally with sales in years two and three.

Characteristics: courteous, knowledgeable, neat and clean. The person should know the areas within Johor.

3.2 Organization chart

President Sim Xin Hui

Marketing Executive See Jiet Shyin

Financial Executive Cindy Wong E-Lin

R&D Executive Liew Ying Ying

Human Resource Executive Tan Hui Fen

Service Executive Thien Yu Chan

Internal Market Supervisor Thomas Friedman

External Market Supervisor Adam Muhammad

Market Researcher Vivian Lee Hui Hui

Product Researcher Beant Singh Sound System Controller Saranraj A/L Sekaran

Webpage Designer 1 Tan Wei Lun

Webpage Designer 2 Rina Anuar

Public Receptionist 1 Saiful Haziq

Public Receptionist 2 Teoh Kok Fong

Venue Decorator Siti Aisyah

Food Preparator Michael Tan Loong Hui

3.3 Human resources plan

Our Fleur Design Decoration will only hire people who are hardworking, have basic design and decoration background and willing to learn. Before they become our staff, they need to undergo interview and short demo on their decoration skills. The question and topic of design will be given on the spot. Once confirm to hire them, they need to undergo one month intensive trainning conducted by professional designist. Below is our 3 years human resource plan. Position/role Executive President Marketing executive Service executive R&D executive Human Resource executive Financial Financial executive 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 Y1 Y2 Y3

Technical Division Internal market supervisor External market supervisor Website designer Public Receptionist Venue decorator Sound system controller Food preparator Market researcher Product researcher No of Worker Total knowledge worker Total worker % of knowledge worker 73 59 47 foreign knowledge 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 11 7 1 1 1 2 2 3 2 2 2 2 17 9 1 2 2 3 3 7 3 4 3 3 30 12 2

Section 4.0 Product and service development 4.1 Product/ Service/ Technology Overview
For the event decoration, the floral decoration will utilise the real flower for high class event and silk flowers, artificial flowers for economical event. The florist in charges the flower arrangement and the event design is trained and experienced in this field. The decoration designs are unique, natural and original. Fleur Design Decoration will offer design on regular basis or come out with custom design based on the customers need. We planned to include Light Emitting Diode (LED) in the event decoration. The benefits of LED are cost saving and various colour of LED are available. The LED is an electricity saving device, it saves more electricity if compared to light bulb. Moreover, its cost is less than normal light bulb but offering longer life span. The future plan to combine LED and flower arrangement in decoration provide another presentation to customers event.

4.2 Research and development

Reasearch can be done by doing interview and questionaire . In the interview section, we can meet with some experienced designer and fashionist in order to ask for latest fashion and style knowledge to improve our design and decoration skill. This is to fullfill clients requirement. Generation young nowadays like new things and always make changes. In order to catch up their steps we have to keep update the latest fashion. Fashion is one kind of art that references to anything that is the current trend. Fashion can be shown in man things like clothing, houshing, costume and fabrics. Besides, design and decoration are also fashion now. In the questionaire , from the questions we prepared, we can understand more about the clients. We not only ask about the requirement we also can get some suggestions or adviss from the clients im the open ended question. Throught this we able to solve the solution according to the root. After research,we have to take action to develop our business. Development can be done according to the research result. For example we can order the types and colour of flower that most clients prefer. We also import from the country they want. We also prepared various kind of design and decoration for them to choose. We will display the design and decoration idea in catalog and easy for clients to make decision.

4.3 Benefits and Customer Value

Our business have been drawn up, evaluated, practiced, worked, and reworked to ensure the maximum efficiency while minimizing the possibility of error. Thus, we can have 100 percent guarantee of customer satisfactory which cannot given by any retail exist in Malaysia now. Our business will maintain a high degree of professionalism. We guarantee satisfaction in the areas of appearance, performance on customers great day. Our business will always keep track with the market, utilizing the latest technology and trends. We will provide quality products which satisfying ISO9001:2008 quality management system. We are able to meet the customers needs and expectation and also fulfill their requirements. Through event decoration, Fleur gets the opportunity to laugh when the customer laughs and cry when the customer cries, to rejoice when the customer rejoices and to help put the pieces back together when things change or begin to fall apart. We care about the things that have meaning in the lives of our customer. We value and respect our customer very much. Thankyou cards will be given to our customer follows each individual event.

Section 5.0 Marketing Programs 5.1 Marketing Overview

Fleur Design Decoration started the business this year and the fundamental is not strong enough, so the overall marketing strategy is making moderate profit but promoting our companys name to the customers. The overall profit in the first 3 years is 30 percent of the capitalized cost. After that, the profit return will be raised to around 50 to 70 percent. The company will set up an official website in internet for us to connect with our customer. Since, the stake holders will create and maintain the website by themselves. Hence, the financial attribute for this approach is approximately zero. Giving away brochures at shopping complex or in front of the flower shop is another method to promote the business. In order to save cost, the shopkeeper and the workers can help to give brochures during the off peak season. The cost of brochures is come from brochures design and printing fees. The estimation of the cost is RM 500.00 per design plus the printing brochures. Fleur Design Decoration will participate in the wedding or event decoration road show to increase the publicity and image of company. This marketing strategy expected better outcome and support of customers. There are more interactions with customers in order to obtain better feedback and opinion from customers. The cost allocated to it is estimated around RM 800.00 included rent of a stall, set up the stall and other miscellaneous stuff. Other than that, we will consider to take part in charity program to promote our company. We can sponsor some charity organisation, school activities and charity marathon. We will set aside a fund of RM 800.00 for charity allocation.


Marketing Programs

1. Overall marketing strategies, incl. Events, materials and primary tactics. The goal of Fleur Design Decoration is to giving a special, beautiful, fantastic, happy and enjoyable environment during the celebration or ceremony as well as feeling worthy to buy Fleur Design Decorations products. This will be done through reasonable prices of Fleur Design Decorations products and plans, giving small souvenirs or gifts, free courses before formal event start, mail-order catalog companies, setting up an official

website and direct-mail advertisements, giving away the brochures, and publicity events. The publicity event includes participating in the decoration roadshow and taking part in charity program. In order to convince our customers, taking the certificate from ISO 9001:2008 and refund 5 percent for any unsatisfied reasons are introduced in Fleur Design Decoration. 2. Pricing strategy Fleur Design Decoration sets standard prices for each plan and product line. These prices are not expected to experience significant change over the next three years. Products: Tulips RM 2.25 Roses RM 2.25 Lily RM 2.99 Ribbon - RM 4.99 Doll RM 29.99 Arranged Flower 1 RM 18.99 Arranged Flower 2 RM 39.99

Plans: Wedding plan 1 RM 499.99 Wedding plan 2 RM 999.99 Wedding plan 3 RM 1499.99 Convocation plan 1 RM 499.99 Convocation plan 2 RM 999.99 Convocation plan 3 RM 1499.99 Birthday party plan 1 RM 499.99 Birthday party plan 2 RM 999.99 Birthday party plan 3 RM 1499.99 Annual dinner plan 1 RM 499.99 Annual dinner plan 2 RM 999.99 Annual dinner plan 3 RM 1499.99 House grand opening plan 1 RM 499.99 House grand opening plan 2 RM 999.99 House grand opening plan 3 RM 1499.99

These prices exhibit quality products at reasonable costs to consumers. If customers have their own design, we will fulfill their expectation too. 3. Marketing and sales messages Products and plans will be distributed through the internet and brochures in Senai area in Johor Bahru or by pre-orders until Fleur Design Decoration is able to further expand. As Fleur Design Decoration is a new entity, we understand that we have to prove our company's worth to design and decoration in order to earn their respect and business. To convince our customer, we have to meet or exceed our customer needs and expectation. Hence, we will take the certificate from ISO 9001:2008. Fleur Design Decoration depends on establishing a loyal customer base who visits our Fleur Design Decoration again and again, due to wedding event, birthday event, party event, annual dinner and so on; we expect a few committed customer and their family who will come in more than once three months. In order to achieve this kind of repeat business, whether on the first visit or their hundredth, except from treated graciously and with respect, we will refund 5 percent of the packages to unsatisfied customer in term they can give us at least a relevant complaint by filling a complaint form. For example, for a package which priced RM100, we will refund RM5 to unsatisfied customer who was unsatisfied in our worker bad services. This strategy will give us two advantages, which are improving our weakness by their feedback as well as double convince our customer in term of our product quality. 4. Promotional strategy Fleur Design Decoration is focusing more on services business, like event decoration such as birthday party, house grand opening, wedding dinner, convocation, annual dinner and gathering, targeting on middle to upper middle class families, couples, individuals and public or private organization, and targeting sales reps that distribute to exclusive gifts, free courses before formal event start, mail-order catalog companies. For high degree of customers satisfaction, some free gifts such as key chain, and free courses such as doll makers, dinner etiquette, simple communication skills, and so on, will be given together with plans. Besides services, Fleur Design Decoration also has business with products, artificial flower, whether homemade artificial flower or DIY artificial flower, and natural flowers and flowers decorations. Also, we offer to send and package natural flowers if requested from customers with extra charges.

Fleur Design Decoration plans to participate in the event decoration roadshow and take part in charity programs to increase our Fleur Design Decorations reputation. Normally, this road show and charity will be reported in media such as newspaper, magazines, radio as well as television, which will help us to increase our publicity and image of company with small capital. Fleur Design Decoration will also send some products and plans catalog for whose do mail orders for Fleur Design Decoration products and plans. The purpose of this is to reach more customers while doing only minimal research.

Section 6.0 Financial Projection 6.1 Financial Overview

1. PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT PROJECTIONS 2011 RM SALES less: COST OF SALES GROSS PROFIT less: General & Administrative Expenses Professional fees Directors' remuneration Insurance Medical fee Rental of premises Salaries,allowances & bonus Utilities Upkeep of office R & D expenses Total G&A Sales & Marketing Expenses Advertisement Entertainment Printing and stationery Salaries and commissions 300 0 200 300 500 0 300 450 560 0 300 550 0 500 300 500 2,000 300 200 200 11,100 15,100 0 500 300 500 2,000 450 200 200 11,800 15,950 0 500 300 500 2,000 500 200 200 12,500 16,700 44,990 13,690 31,300 2012 RM 62,140 16,350 45,790 2013 RM 79,138 17,230 61,908

Tender fee Travelling expenses Upkeep of motor vehicle Total S&M Other Income PBDIT less: Amortisation of R&D Depreciation PBIT less: Financial Charges PROFIT / (LOSS) BEFORE TAXATION LESS : TAXATION PROFIT / (LOSS) AFTER TAXATION Minority Interest Distributable Profit less: Dividend Retained Profit / (Loss) For The Year Retained Profit / (Loss) B/fwd Retained Profit / (Loss) C/fwd 2. CASH FLOW STATEMENT

0 0 50 850 3,000 18,350 3,024 120 15,206 315

0 0 100 1,350 2,300 30,790 5,018 240 25,532 1,040

0 0 100 1,510 4,320 48,018 6,383 360 41,275 1,989

14,891 1,240

24,492 2,310

39,286 2,210

13,651 0 13,651 11,340 2,311 13,670 15,981

22,182 0 22,182 15,730 6,452 15,981 22,433

37,076 0 37,076 16,690 20,386 22,433 42,819

PROJECTIONS 2011 RM Cash flows from operating activities Cash receipts from customers Cash paid to suppliers Cash paid to operating expenses & employees Net cash from/(used in) operating activities Cash flows from investing activities Investment Purchase of fixed assets Research & development Net cash from/( used in) investing activities Cash flows from financing activities 20,000 (1,200) (16,599) 2,201 25,000 (1,200) (18,449) 5,351 30,000 (1,200) (19,999) 8,801 0 0 (600) (600) 44,990 (13,690) (5,150) 26,150 62,140 (16,350) (5,650) 40,140 2012 RM 2013 RM

Issuance of share capital Share Premium Dividend Paid (-) Long term loan/borrowings (+) Repayment of loan (-) Grant Interest income/(expense) Net cash from/( used in) financing activities Net increase( decrease) in cash and cash equivalents Cash and cash equivalents brought forward Cash and cash equivalents carried forward

300 250 300 4,500 3,500 0 (315) 8,535

300 250 340 5,000 3,500 0 (1,040) 8,350

300 250 450 5,600 3,500 0 (1,989) 8,111

10,136 10,010 20,146

39,851 20,146 59,997

57,052 59,997 117,049

3.BALANCE SHEET PROJECTIONS 2011 RM Research & Development (net) Investment FIXED ASSETS (net) Land & Buildings Fixtures & Fittings Office Equipment Motor Vehicles Others 360 450 270 0 0 1,080 CURRENT ASSETS Trade debtors Cash and bank balances Prepayments & Deposits Stocks (non-tradeable) 44,990 20,146 2,460 4,500 72,096 Less : Current Liabilities Other creditors Trade Creditors Accruals 4,250 13,690 340 4,600 16,350 350 4,660 17,230 450 62,140 59,997 2,500 7,800 132,437 79,138 117,049 2,640 8,900 207,727 680 850 510 0 0 2,040 960 1,200 720 0 0 2,880 2,475 (20,000) 2012 RM 4,106 (45,000) 2013 RM 5,222 (75,000)

Short Term Loans

780 19,060

900 22,200 110,237 71,383

950 23,290 184,437 117,539


53,036 36,591

Financed By : Share Capital ( Paid-up capital) Share Premium Reserves Retained Profit C/fwd SHAREHOLDERS' NETWORTH Long term liabilities Grants Debenture Long-term loans CAPITAL EMPLOYED 0 0 8,000 24,531 12,060 4 FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS (RM) 0 0 16,500 40,033 31,350 0 0 25,600 70,069 47,470 300 250 15,981 16,531 600 500 22,433 23,533 900 750 42,819 44,469

Year Sales (Local) Sales (Exports) Total Sales Net profit (loss) before tax Net operating cash flow Liquid Assets Stocks ( Inventory) Trade Debtors Current Assets Fixed Assets (net) Current Liablities Long-Term Liabilities Paid-up-Capital R&D Investment ( at cost) Networth ( cumulative )

2011 44,990 0 44,990 14,891 (600) 20,146 4,500 44,990 72,096 1,080 19,060 8,000 300 16,599 24,531

2012 62,140 0 62,140 24,492 26,150 59,997 7,800 62,140 132,437 2,040 22,200 16,500 600 18,449 40,033

2013 79,138 0 79,138 39,286 40,140 117,049 8,900 79,138 207,727 2,880 23,290 25,600 900 19,999 70,069

5 : Breakdown of Sales (RM)

Item * Wedding decoration Party theme decoration Company award ceremony /annual dinner Convocation House grand opening Birthday party Flowers Arts decoration accessory Total

2011 30,170 2,500 2,460 3,500 1,080 780 2,000 2,500 44,990

2012 45,670 2,570 2,550 3,560 1,290 800 2,400 3,300 62,140

2013 57,890 3,008 3,670 5,640 1,880 1,250 2,300 3,500 79,138

6. Breakdown of Research & Development (RM)

Item * R&D staff salaries ** --2 R&D Reasearcher --2 Public Relation Officer --R&D Software Engineer --R&D Quality & Security Engineer --Chief Designer --Web Designer --Web Engineer --Linguists --Language Translators --Content Developers --Others:-3 Ordinary officer Sub-total Technology acquisitions - Hardware --Computer Servers --Personal Computers --ISDN Lines Connection




3,000 2,000 0 0 1,800 1,500 0 0 0 0 2,400 10,700

3,100 2,050 0 0 2,000 1,700 0 0 0 0 2,550 11,400

3,200 2,100 0 0 2,200 1,900 0 0 0 0 2,700 12,100

100 2,099 0

150 2,599 0

200 2,799 0

--Workstations Hardware & Accessories --Furniture & Fittings --Others:-(please specify) Sub-total Technology acquisitions - Software --Software Licencing for Windows NT --Software for Hardware Development --Design Tools --Others:-(please specify) Sub-total Prototypes --Content & Design Fee --Model Making --Prototyping Costs --Others:-(please specify) Sub-total Consumables / Incidental Costs Patenting & Copyrights Others:-(please specify) Grand Total

0 500 0 2,699

0 700 0 3,449

0 900 0 3,899

300 100 200 0 600

300 100 200 0 600

300 100 200 0 600

500 1,000 700 0 2,200 400 0 0 16,599

700 1,200 700 0 2,600 400 0 0 18,449

900 1,400 700 0 3,000 400 0 0 19,999

7. PAST FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE No. of Audited Financial Statement (max. of 3 years) Past Perfomance 0 2008 2009 2010



Profit/Loss before tax


Total Sales Total R&D Percentage of R&D over Sales Tax Loss OpEx CapEx

186,268 55,047 0 22,027 17,153 5,149

Total Export RATIO ANALYSIS Profitibility: Gross profit Net profit Return on capital employed Asset turnover (times) Liquidity: Current ratio ( xx : 1) Quick ratio/Acid test ratio ( xx : 1) Financing: Gearing ratio ( xx : 1) Interest cover ( times) Investment: Earnings per share (RM) Return on shareholders funds Dividend cover ( times ) ROI 45.50 83% 1.2 75% 36.97 94% 1.4 77% 41.20 83% 2.2 69% 0.5 48.3 0.7 24.6 0.6 20.8 4 4 6 6 9 9 70% 33% 50% 1.2 74% 39% 43% 0.9 78% 50% 41% 0.7 2008 2012 2013

6.2 Financial Qs to consider

From the business plan, it is shown that the revenues are generated from the sales of products and services to customers. Our business offers products, such as fresh and artificial flowers, decorations and DIYs. On the other hand, services that we provided are decorating venues of special occasions and deliveries of our products to certain areas. In general, revenue is income that we received in the form of cash or cash equivalents. In business, an expense or expenditure is an outflow of money to another person or group to pay for an item or service, or for a category of costs. The main expenses will be coming from rents, purchasing flowers and decorations, taxes and also transport fees. These expenses are necessary to make sure that there will be no shortage in terms of our products, customers, assets and services. Assumptions that underlie the financial plan proposed are the initial capital is coming from the investments of five owners. Besides that, the assets have been included initially in the financial plan. Other than that, it is assumed that there are no liabilities in the business. To generate products and continue to provide services for our customers, ongoing sources of capital is essential to sustain these operations. Fixed capital is money used to purchase assets that will remain permanently in the business and help it to make profit. The assets are motorcycles used for delivery, registers, furniture and others. Meanwhile, working capital is part of capital invested which is

used for running business, which are money used to buy stock, pay expenses and finance credit. All the sources of the capital are from direct and online retailing, and also sales of services. Profits come from revenues minus expenses of our business. In order to ensure that our business is generating profits, we will advertise our business on the streets and also on the internet. We will offer satisfied services to our customers so that they will be loyal to our company and continue to spend their money there. In addition, we will save on the expenses like electricity and water by turning them off when they are not in use and also on some unnecessary or redundant expenses. To have the investors confidence in our business, we will continue to make our business better in terms of quality of our products and services. We will vary our products and services by adapting new technologies and methods. In short, our business will continuously innovates and generate more and more profits.