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Seven Cs

Completeness Conciseness Consideration Concreteness Clarity Courtesy Correctness

Provide all necessary information Answer all the Ws clearly Who, what, when, where, why Answer all questions asked Give something extra, when desirable. EXAMPLES OF COMPLETENESS How come my request for an interview letter did not receive a response When was letter sent? Who sent it? To whom it was sent? Please send me in return the departures in Singapore to Hong Kong on 8th Give something extra like day, time etc..

Eliminate wordy expressions Use single words in place of phrases Include only relevant material Avoid unnecessary repetition Repetition of same word or idea creates dullness. EXAMPLES OF CONCISENESS We hereby wish to let you know that our company is pleased with the confidence you have reposed in us We appreciate your confidence Allow me to say how helpful your response was Your last response was helpful In due course Soon.

Focus on YOU instead of I and WE Using YOU does help project YOU ATTITUDE but overuse can lead to a negative reaction Show benefit or interest Readers may react positively when benefits are shown to them Emphasize positive, pleasant facts Readers reaction also depends on the choice of words so use positive words. EXAMPLES OF CONSIDERATION WE ATTITUDE I am delighted to announce that we will be extending our hours to make shopping more convenient YOU ATTITUDE You will be able to shop evenings with the extended hours.

Use specific facts and figures Be precise and concrete in both written and oral business communication Put action in your verbs Verbs propel thoughts; they move ideas in place of slower-moving nouns Choose vivid, image building words Use active voice to put the verb up front. EXAMPLES OF CONCRETENESS Students GMAT scores are higher In 1996 the GMAT scores averaged 600; by 1997 they had risen to 610 ACTION VERBS The professor will give consideration to the report The professor will consider the report The proposal has requirement for... The proposal requires.

Choose precise, concrete and familiar words When in doubt, use more familiar words; audiences will understand them better Construct effective sentences and paragraphs Try for an average sentence length of between 17 and 20 words Insert no more than one main idea into a sentence. EXAMPLES OF CLARITY After our perusal of pertinent data, the conclusion is that a lucrative market exists for the subject property The data we studied show that your property is profitable and in high demand.

Be tactful, thoughtful and appreciative Stupid letter; I cant understand a word of it Its my understanding Use expressions that show respect Avoid expressions with YOU or YOUR Choose nondiscriminatory expressions Give the impression that you are interested in business without discrimination. EXAMPLES OF COURTESY Clearly, you did not read my latest fax Sometimes my wording is not precise; let me try again Stupid letter; I cant understand any of it Its my understanding.

Use the right level of language Informal writing is more characteristic of business writing Check accuracy of figures, facts and words It acts as a comment on the validity of the material Maintain acceptable writing mechanics. EXAMPLES OF CORRECTNESS Try to learn grammatical rules and write with accuracy.