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GOALS Collaboration Work in collaboration with teachers to teach essential information literacy skills and literacy skills to the middle school and high school student body. Reading Widely Promote reading as a value that our entire community needs to embrace. RESOURCES

Unsure how to write this up.

Questions to Consider Unsure how to write this up.

Feedback from teachers and students. Reflection of information literacy skills in student work and on student testing.

Unsure how to write this up.

Unsure how to write this up.

Increased book checkout. Classroom visits for booktalks. Increased conversations about books by non-English teachers.


In general, I am constantly reminded of how blessed we are when it comes to materials, space, facilities, budget, and staff. A school of this size and in this location does not usually have access to these. We are in need of collection development in our fiction section (especially young adult fiction) as well as collection renewal in our 900s.

Are there other areas that need improvement? Do we have too many books in any area (200s)?


Our sightlines upon entering the library are fairly awful. It looks very cluttered and not very welcoming. My desire is to open up the space by moving standalone study carrels out of the Open Commons area and popping the tops off of the study

Does the space look inviting? Are students using the appropriate spaces for the kind of work that theyre doing (individual, group, computer)?

Increase in young adult fiction that students are checking out. Removal of materials from the 900 section that are old, worn, and rarely checked out. New materials purchased that reflect current curriculum. Feedback (formal and informal) from students, staff, and community.


Facilities Budget carrel tables. We need to use our space better. We have too many areas within the library that are not dedicated to student learning. Budget is adequate if monies are used appropriately. What structural changes can we make (moving the workroom to open up space for a larger IT room)? Does the use of the materials match the amount spent on that particular area (specifically, Im thinking of the 1/3 of the budget spent on periodicals)? Is there enough work to keep each person fulfilled? Is there overlap in knowledge of the library that one person can step in for another (especially when collaborating with teachers)? Are we fully staffed in the afternoons with volunteers? How can we lessen the amount of time at the circulation desk? How can we make the library a more pleasant place that is not defined by the money that we are requiring of students? Anecdotal evidence of the various aspects of the library being used for student learning opportunities. Circulation statistics, student feedback, anecdotal evidence.




1 Library Director (PT) 1 Library Secretary (FT) 1 Elementary Teacher-Librarian (PT) 1 Library Manager (PT) 1 Research Librarian (PT) 1 Elementary Library Assistant (PT) 1 Cataloguer (PT) 1 Volunteer Coordinator (PT) ? Volunteers One operations concern that I have stems from fines. We spend a lot of time collecting money from students for overdue fines, printing, and photocopying. I would like to see these costs of printing and photocopying eliminated by being included in tuition payments. And I would like to reduce the fines by establishing a maximum fine limit. I do not yet know the answer to this question.

Library staff feedback (formal and informal) each quarter. Staff feedback on classes in the library. Volunteer schedule.

Student feedback.

Are students using the library? Are students checking out materials? Is this a place where students can work on a variety of tasks using the available materials? Do students make use of the materials or only the internet access and air-conditioning?