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Muhammad R Jangda MGT6174.01 July 15, 2006

Article Review Three

M. Jangda Article Review One Culture: Your Environment for People at Work The article talks about the organizational culture. It discusses what organizational culture is. Culture is the environment that surrounds you at work all of the time. It is an aspect of an organization, where shapes your atmosphere at work, it defines your relationships. It could help you improve quality of work. You cannot not see culture but through physical expressions and actions of people. Culture is an organizations personality. Like an individuals personality consists of values, beliefs, interests, experiences, race etc. which shapes his behavior. Culture is made up of the values, beliefs, underlying assumptions, attitudes, and behaviors shared by a group of people. A culture is behavior that is observed when people working in an environment develop a set of rules, without expressing it. Culture in Organization consists of all the experiences people bring into the organization with them. According to the article culture is mostly influenced by executives and top management as they make valuable strategic decisions of an organization. Culture is represented in a groups:

language, decision making, symbols, stories and legends, and daily work practices.

One can understand an organizational culture through, company bulletin board content, the company newsletter, the interaction of employees in meetings, and employee

M. Jangda collaboration. Furthermore the article tries to explain certain core concepts regarding culture. Professors Ken Thompson and Fred Luthans emphasize on seven characteristics of culture; Culture = Behavior. Culture is Learned. Culture is Learned Through Interaction. Sub-cultures Form Through Rewards. People Shape the Culture. Culture is Negotiated. Culture is Difficult to Change

To me an organizations culture is of utmost importance in its success. Therefore top management has to keep a close look at how its culture is being shaped. A better culture means a better working environment, better employee satisfaction and therefore would be able to get better results and optimal performance. I think culture is brought about people who create the company, and as the organization grows, and different people join it, they bring with them some aspects of a different culture which in turn results in evolution of that organizations culture.

M. Jangda

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