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Jurisdiction: 1. the legal power, right, or authority to hear and determine a cause or causes. 2.

authority of a sovereign power to govern or legislate; control. 3. a Sphere of authority. . Aver: 1. to avouch or verify; prove or justify. 2. To affirm confidently; declare positively

Court: the persons duly assembled under Authority of Law for the administration of justice. . Tribune: Rom. Hist. An official or magistrate of any of several classes; esp., a magistrate whose specific function was to protect the individual plebeian citizen from the arbitary action of the patrician magistrates. . Tribunal: That which decides or judges; the seat of public opinion.

In matters involving Court appearances, hearings, etc., it has already been established that all judicial power is vested in one Court -- the Supreme Court, and to any Courts the Congress may from time to time, delegate such powers to, which is done with a "Delegation Of Authority Order (DOAO), and of course it is in written form. .

There are three things placed before the Court as a matter of Protocol, prior to Adjudication.

1. Status: (i.e. your social standing in the community; are you a flesh and blood being - a Natural Person, or a Corporate Person, an artificial construct). 2. Jurisdiction / Venue: (i.e. where are you? is it a lawful Court Room or Tribunal?; does it have Personum jurisdiction? (jurisdiction over the person [back to status which determines that]); Is there jurisdiction over the Subject Matter(s)? Does this court have jurisdiciton over the Territory? Territorial Jurisdiction over the place where the alleged crime or civil violation occurred? and, do they (the court or any officers of the court) have the capacity to rule over such?

If you let them get pass on Status, and you let them pass on both Status and Jurisdiction / Venue, then the court moves to 3. Adjudication: (determination of penalties, punishment, sentencing, including court fees and fines).

When you are dealing with the "Courts", you must ask for their Delegation of Authority in written form to be placed on the record, for the record and entered into the record as evidence, as proof of their Authority. It they do not produce it, they don't have it, and technically the matter is closed. "Ask and you shall receive".

You can, and ought to "Ask" (and you must be answered) for their Delegation of Authority, particularly and especially in lieu of the fact that most of the Courts, or Tribunals you encounter are Ministerial, and/or Inferior, lacking jurisdiction and lacking Judicial Authority. As well, you ask for the Judge/Magistrates' "Oath of Office" (which indicates their agreement, responsibility, and obligation, taken under oath to support the Constitutions, as the Constitution is where their Authority is derived). If they give you the run around in regards to acquiring this Oath, which is public information, you can stop the chasing and ask for it. You ask for it, and for the DOAO, in a "Writ of Discovery" (along with any other requests for information), or, you can ask for the DOAO independently (which is best). This request is called an "Averment of Jurisdiction". An example is included for your review, study, and application. Also, an example of a Writ In The Nature of Discovery" can be found on the "Writs of Freedom Page" on this site.



Affidavit of Fact and Averment of Jurisdiction

By this Affidavit of Fact and Averment of Jurisdiction I hereby move the court to produce the physical documented Delegation of Authority Order in written form to be placed on the record, for the record and entered into the record as evidence and as proof of your authority and jurisdiction, as required by The Constitution of the United States, Article III, Section 1. Date: ____________________ ____________________________ JANE ELAINE DOE, Defendant 123 Main Street Anytown, NY 12345 Jurat County of WHEREEVER / State of CONFUSION Declaration affirmed and subscribed this ___________________________,2011.

________________________________ Notary Public

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