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Art 246 It sha|| be un|awfu| for un|awfu| for any person to restra|n coerce d|scr|m|nate aga|nst or undu|y |nterference

w|th emp|oyees and

workers |n the|r exerc|se of the r|ght to se|forgan|zat|on Such r|ght sha|| |nc|ude the r|ght to form [o|n or ass|st |abor organ|zat|ons for the
purpose of co||ect|ve barga|n|ng through representat|ves of the|r own choos|ng and to engage |n |awfu| concerted act|v|t|es for the same
purpose or for the|r mutua| and protect|on sub[ect to the prov|s|ons of Art|c|e 264 of th|s Code
Art 247 Concept of UL and rocedure for prosecut|on Unfa|r |abor pract|ces v|o|ate the const|tut|ona| r|ght of workers and emp|oyees
to se|forgan|zat|on are |n|m|ca| to the |eg|t|mate |nterests of both |abor and management |nc|ud|ng the|r r|ght to barga|n co||ect|ve|y and
otherw|se dea| w|th each other |n an atmosphere of freedom and mutua| respect d|srupt |ndustr|a| peace and h|nder the promot|on of
hea|thy and stab|e |abormanagement re|at|ons
Consequent|y unfa|r |abor pract|ces are not on|y v|o|at|ons of the c|v|| r|ghts of both |abor and management but are a|so cr|m|na| offenses
aga|nst the State wh|ch sha|| be sub[ect to prosecut|on and pun|shment as here|n prov|ded
Sub[ect to the exerc|se by the res|dent or by the Secretary of Labor and Lmp|oyment of the powers vested |n them by Art|c|es 263 and 264
of th|s Code the c|v|| aspects of a|| cases |nvo|v|ng unfa|r |abor pract|ces wh|ch may |nc|ude c|a|ms for actua| mora| exemp|ary and other
forms of damages attorney's fees and other aff|rmat|ve re||ef sha|| be under the [ur|sd|ct|on of the Labor Arb|ters 1he Labor Arb|ters sha||
g|ve utmost pr|or|ty to the hear|ng and reso|ut|on of a|| cases |nvo|v|ng unfa|r |abor pract|ces 1hey sha|| reso|ve such cases w|th|n th|rty (30)
ca|endar days from the t|me they are subm|tted for dec|s|on
kecovery of c|v|| ||ab|||ty |n the adm|n|strat|ve proceed|ngs sha|| bar recovery under the C|v|| Code
No cr|m|na| prosecut|on under th|s 1|t|e may be |nst|tuted w|thout a f|na| [udgment f|nd|ng that an unfa|r |abor pract|ce was comm|tted
hav|ng been f|rst obta|ned |n the preced|ng paragraph Dur|ng the pendency of such adm|n|strat|ve proceed|ng the runn|ng of the per|od of
prescr|pt|on of the cr|m|na| offense here|n pena||zed sha|| be cons|dered |nterrupted rov|ded however that the f|na| [udgment |n the
adm|n|strat|ve proceed|ngs sha|| not be b|nd|ng |n the cr|m|na| case nor be cons|dered as ev|dence of gu||t but mere|y as proof of
comp||ance of the requ|rements there|n set forth (As amended by 8atas ambansa 8||ang 70 May 1 1980 and |ater further amended by
Sect|on 19 kepub||c Act No 671S March 21 1989)

Unfa|r Labor ract|ce vlolaLes Lhe ConsLlLuLlonal 8lghL of workers and employees Lo selforganlzaLlon are lnlmlcal Lo Lhe leglLlmaLe lnLeresLs
of boLh labor and managemenL lncludlng Lhelr rlghL Lo bargaln collecLlvely and oLherwlse deal wlLh each oLher ln an aLmosphere of freedom
and muLual respecL dlsrupL lndusLrlal peace and hlnder Lhe promoLlon of healLhy and syable labormanagemenL relaLlons
O lso vlolaLlon of crlmlnal offense agalnsL Lhe SLaLe whlch shall be sub[ecL Lo prosecuLlon and punlshmenL Sub[ecL Lo Lhe exerclse by
Lhe resldenL or by Lhe SecreLary of Labor of Lhe powers vesLed ln Lhem by rL 263 and 264 Lhe clvll aspecLs of all cases lnvolvlng
uL whlch may lnclude damages aLLorney's fees and oLher rellef shall be under Lhe [urlsdlcLlon of L whlch shall glve uLmosL prlorlLy
Lo Lhe hearlng and resoluLlon and shall be resolved wlLhln 30 calendar days from Lhe Llme Lhey are submlLLed for declslon
O 8ecovery of clvll llablllLy ln Lhe admlnlsLraLlve proceedlngs shall bar recovery under Lhe Clvll Code no crlmlnal acLlon may be
lnsLlLuLed wlLhouL flnal [udgmenL flndlng LhaL an uL was commlLLed uurlng Lhe pendency of admlnlsLraLlve proceedlngs Lhe
runnlng of Lhe perlod of prescrlpLlon of Lhe crlmlnal offense penallzed shall be consldered lnLerrupLed provlded however LhaL Lhe
flnal [udgmenL ln Lhe admlnlsLraLlve proceedlngs shall noL be blndlng ln Lhe crlmlnal case nor be consldered as evldence of gullL buL
merely as proof of compllance of Lhe requlremenLs seL forLh
Art 248 UL of Lmp|oyers
1 1o |nterfere w|th restra|nt or coerce emp|oyees |n the exerc|se of the|r r|ght to se|forgan|zat|on
2 1o requ|re as a cond|t|on of emp|oyment that a person or an emp|oyee sha|| not [o|n a |abor organ|zat|on or sha|| w|thdraw from
one wh|ch he be|ongs
3 1o contract out serv|ces or funct|ons be|ng performed by un|on members when such w||| |nterfere w|th restra|nt or coerce
emp|oyees |n the exerc|se of the|r r|ght to se|organ|zat|on
4 1o |n|t|ate dom|nate ass|st or otherw|se |nterfere w|th the format|on or adm|n|strat|on of any |abor organ|zat|on |nc|ud|ng the
g|v|ng of f|nanc|a| or other support to |t or |ts organ|zers or supporters
S 1o d|scr|m|nate |n regards w|th wages hours of work and other terms and cond|t|ons of emp|oyment |n order to encourage or
d|scourage membersh|p |n any |abor organ|zat|on Noth|ng sha|| stop the part|es from requ|r|ng membersh|p |n a recogn|zed C8
agent as a cond|t|on of emp|oyment excep those emp|oyees who are a|ready members of another un|on at the t|me of the s|gn|ng
of the C8A Lmp|oyees of an appropr|ate C8U who are not members of the recogn|zed C8 agent may be assessed a reasonab|e fee
equ|va|ent to the dues and other fees pa|d by members of the recogn|zed C8 agent |f nonun|on members accept the benef|ts
under the C8A rov|ded that the |nd|v|dua| author|zat|on requ|red |n Art 242 (o) sha|| not app|y to the nonmembers of the
recogn|zed C8 agent
6 1o d|sm|ss d|scharge or otherw|se pre[ud|ce or d|scr|m|nate aga|nst an emp|oyee for hav|ng been g|ven or be|ng about to g|ve
test|mony under th|s Code
7 1o v|o|ate the duty to barga|n co||ect|ve|y
8 1o pay negot|at|on or attorney's fees to the un|on or |ts off|cers or agents as part of the sett|ement of any |ssue |n the C8 or any
other d|spute
9 1o v|o|ate a C8A
Cn|y off|cers and agents of corporat|ons assoc|at|on or partnersh|ps who hace actua||y part|c|pated |n author|zed or rat|f|ed UL sha|| be
he|d cr|m|na||y ||ab|e
CCNDI1ICNS kLCLDLN1 1C UL CnAkGL lL musL be demonsLraLed f|rst|y LhaL Lhe ln[ured parLy comes wlLhln Lhe deflnlLlon of employee"
as LhaL Lerm ls deflned by Lhe Code second|y Lhe acL charged as uL musL fall under Lhe prohlblLlon of rL 248
MAkIANC VS kCAL IN1LkCCLAN LINLS Lhe peLlLloner as sLenographerLyplsL ln 8oyal lnLerocean Llnes complalned abouL Lhe laLLer's
lnconslderaLe and unLacLful aLLlLude Lowards Lhe employees and cllenLs of Lhe company She was dlsmlssed Lhus flled for uL buL dlsmlssed
1he charge agalnsL Lhe manager ls noL connecLed wlLh or necessarlly arlslng from unlon acLlvlLles" whlch does noL consLlLuLe uL uesplLe Lhe
employer's rlghL Lo selforganlze Lhe employer sLlll reLalns hls lnherenL rlghL Lo dlsclpllne hls employees hls normal prerogaLlve Lo hlre or
dlsmlss Lhem"
rL 11 Workers shall en[oy adequaLe proLecLlon agalnsL acLs of anLlunlon dlscrlmlnaLlon ln respecL of Lhelr employees Such proLecLlon shall
apply of acLs calculaLed Lo
a ,ake Lhe employmenL of a worker sub[ecL Lo Lhe condlLlon LhaL he shall noL [oln a unlon or shall rellnqulsh Lrade unlon membershlp
b Cause Lhe dlsmlssal of or oLherwlse pre[udlce a worker by reason of unlon membershlp or because of parLlclpaLlon ln unlon acLlvlLles
ouLslde worklng hours or wlLh Lhe consenL of Lhe employer wlLhln worklng hours
rL 21 workers' and employers' organlzaLlons shall en[oy adequaLe proLecLlon agalnsL any acLs of lnLerference by each oLher or each oLher's
agenL or members ln Lhelr esLabllshmenL funcLlonlng or admlnlsLraLlon
ln parLlcular acLs whlch are deslgned Lo promoLe Lhe esLabllshmenL of worker's organlzaLlons under Lhe domlnaLlon of employers'
organlzaLlons or Lol supporL workers' organlzaLlons under Lhe conLrol of employer or employers' organlzaLlon shall be deemed Lo consLlLuLe
acLs of lnLerference
NC UL VALID LkLkCISL CI MANAGLMLN1 kIGn1S 1he law on uL ls noL lnLended Lo deprlve Lhe employer of hls fundamenLal rlghL Lo
prescrlbe and enforce such rules as he honesLly belleves Lo be necessary Lo Lhe proper producLlve and proflLable operaLlon of hls buslness nor
are hls acLs of selecLlon and dlscharge of hls employees 1he only condlLlon lmposed upon Lhls conLrol ls LhaL lL musL noL be exerclsed so as Lo
effecL a vlolaLlon of Lhe cL and several prohlblLlon
ersonne| Movements lL ls Lhe prerogaLlve of Lhe company Lo promoLe Lransfer or even demoLe lLs employees Lo oLher poslLlon when Lhe
lnLeresLs of Lhe company reasonably demand lL unless Lhere are lnsLances whlch dlrecLly polnL Lo lnLerference by Lhe company wlLh Lhe
employees' rlghL Lo selforganlzaLlon Lhe Lransfer of an employee should be consldered as wlLhln Lhe bounds allowed by law
Acceptance of Mass kes|gnat|on (vo|untary res|gnat|on) |s not UL
O h|||pp|ne a|r||nes case plloLs proLesL reLlremenL/reslgnaLlon" was noL a concerLed acLlvlLy whlch was proLecLed by law 1hey dld
noL assume Lhe sLaLus of sLrlkers 1hey cannoL valldly clalm LhaL Lhe company commlLLed uL
Grant of rof|tShar|ng 8enef|ts to NonUn|on Members managemenL has Lhe prerogaLlve Lo regulaLe accordlng Lo lLs dlscreLlon and
[udgmenL all aspecLs of employmenL Labor law does noL auLhorlze Lhe subsLlLuLlon of Lhe [udgmenL of Lhe employer ln Lhe conducL of lLs
buslness so long as lL ls exerclsed ln good falLh for Lhe advancemenL of Lhe employers' lnLeresL and noL for Lhe purpose of defeaLlng or
clrcumvenLlng Lhe rlghLs of employees under speclal laws or valld agreemenL and are noL exerclsed ln a mallclous harsh oppresslve vlndlcLlve
or wanLon manner or ouL of mallce or splLe
W|se and co case no dlscrlmlnaLlon commlLLed by Lhe employer as Lhe slLuaLlon of Lhe unlon employees ls dlfferenL from LhaL of Lhe non
unlon employees ulscrlmlnaLlon per se ls noL unlawful 1here can be no dlscrlmlnaLlon where Lhe employees concerned are noL slmllarly
ICkCLD VACA1ICN LLAVL where Lhe vacaLlon leave wlLhouL pay whlch Lhe employer requlres employees Lo Lake ln vlew of Lhe economlc
crlses ls nelLher mallclous oppresslve or vlndlcLlve uL ls noL commlLLed
Issuance of ru|es or po||cy (San M|gue| 8rewery sa|es force un|on vs Cp|e and SMC) markeLlng scheme known as 'complemenLary
dlsLrlbuLlon sysLem (CuS)' whereby lLs beer producLs were offered for sale dlrecLly Lo wholesalers Lhrough S,C's sales offlce 1he CDS was a
va||d exerc|se of management prerogat|ves Lvery buslness endeavors Lo lncrease lLs proflLs ln Lhe process lL may adopL or devlse means
deslgned Lowards LhaL goal
Abbot Lab Vs NLkC even as Lhe law ls sollclLous of Lhe welfare of Lhe employees lL musL also proLecL Lhe rlghL of an employer Lo exerclse
whaL are clearly managemenL prerogaLlves 1he free wlll of managemenL Lo conducL lLs own buslness affalrs Lo achleve lLs purpose cannoL be
1ak|ng act|ons aga|nst s|owdown employees have Lhe rlghL Lo sLrlke buL Lhey have no rlghL Lo conLlnue worklng on Lhelr own Lerms whlle
re[ecLlng Lhe sLandards deslred by Lhelr employer Pence an employer does noL commlL an uL by dlscharglng employees who engage ln a
slowdown even lf Lhelr ob[ecL ls a pay lncrease whlch ls lawful
DL1LkMINA1ICN CI VALIDI1 deLermlnlng Lhe valldlLy of an employer's acL lnvolves an appralsal of hls moLlves 1here musL be a measure of
rellance on Lhe admlnlsLraLlve agency lL ls for Lhe nL8C Lo welgh Lhe employer's expressed moLlve ln deLermlnlng Lhe effecL on Lhe employees
of managemenL's oLherwlse equlvocal acL
1 lnLerference
2 ?ellow dog condlLlon
3 ConLracLlng ouL
4 Company unlonlsm
3 ulscrlmlnaLlon for or agalnsL unlon membershlp
6 ulscrlmlnaLlon because of LesLlmony
7 vlolaLlon of duLy Lo bargaln
8 ald negoLlaLlon and
9 vlolaLlon of C8
DA8UL1 VS kCCnL case (p 296)
ers|stent |nterrogat|on of employees Lo ellclL lnformaLlon as Lo whaL had happened aL unlon meeLlngs and Lhe ldenLlLy of Lhe acLlve unlon
employees ls a vlolaLlon of organlzaLlonal rlghL of employees
UL LVLN 8LICkL UNICN IS kLGIS1LkLD |t |s gu||ty of UL for |nterfer|ng w|th the format|on of a |abour un|on and reta||at|ng aga|nst the
emp|oyees' exerc|se of the|r r|ght to se|forgan|zat|on
kCnI8I1ING CkGANI2ING AC1IVI1ILS ls unlawful lf lL applles Lo nonworklng Llme as well as Lo worklng Llme 1he followlng are examples of
unlawful acLs Lo dlscourage membershlp ln a labor organlzaLlon
1 ulsmlssal of unlon members upon Lhelr refusal Lo glve up Lhelr membershlp under Lhe preLexL of reLrenchmenL due Lo reduced dollar
2 8efusal over a perlod of 8 years Lo glve salary ad[usLmenL accordlng Lo Lhe lmproves salary scales ln Lhe C8
3 ulsmlssal of an old employee allegedly for lnefflclency on accounL of her havlng [olned a unlon and engaglng ln unlon acLlvlLles
V|o|ence or |nt|m|dat|on employer LhreaLened employees favourlng Lhe unlon wlLh force or vlolence as warnlng Lhem agalnsL geLLlng caughL
wlLh Lhe unlon leafleL Cr LhreaLenlng wlLh bodlly harm
Lsp|onage and surve|||ance employers spylng upon employees
Lconom|c |nducement employer's announcemenL of beneflLs prlor Lo a represenLaLlon elecLlon where lL ls lnLednded Lo lnduce Lhe
employees Lo voLe agalnsL Lhe unlon
Mass Layoff |ockout or c|osure Sa|e of a company |n bad fa|th UL
O lf a new company" ls engaglng ln Lhe same buslness as Lhe closed company or ls owned by Lhe same people closure ls calculaLed Lo
defeaL Lhe workers' organlzaLlonal rlghL whlch may be declared a subLerfuge and Lhe docLrlne of successor employee" wlll apply
O #|erc|ng the ve|| of corporate ent|ty" when valld grounds exlsL Lhe legal flcLlon LhaL a corporaLlon ls an enLlLy wlLh a [urldlcal
personallLy separaLe and dlsLlncL from lLs members or sLockholders may be dlsregarded 1he corporaLlon wlll be consldered as a mere
assoclaLlon of persons used Lo defeaL publlc convenlence [usLlfy wrong proLecL fraud or defend crlme when lL ls made as a shleld Lo
confuse Lhe leglLlmaLe lssues
e||ow dog
1 8epresenLaLlon by Lhe employee LhaL he ls noL a member of a labor unlon
2 romlse by Lhe employee noL Lo [oln a labor unlon
3 romlse by Lhe employee LhaL upon [olnlng a labor unlon he wlll qulL hls employmenL
Contract|ng CU1 (248 (c)) an employer Lo conLracL ouL servlces or funcLlon belng performed by unlon members when such acL wlll lnLerfere
wlLh resLralnL or coerce employees ln Lhe exerclse of Lhelr rlghL Lo selforganlzaLlon ConLracLlon ouL ls no uL lL ls Lhe lll lnLenLlon LhaL makes
lL so
O noL lllegal lf for buslness reasons such as decllne ln buslness Lhe lnadequacy of equlpmenL or Lhe need Lo reduce cosL even lf Lhe
employer's esLlmaLe of hls cosL ls based on a pro[ecLed lncrease aLLrlbuLable Lo unlonlzaLlon
kUNAWA SnC lndusLrlal planL moved bu lLs owners from one locaLlon Lo anoLher Lo escape unlon labor regulaLlons or sLaLe laws or Lo
dlscrlmlnaLe agalnsL employees aL Lhe old planL because of Lhelr unlon acLlvlLles
CCMAN UNICNISM key offlclals of Lhe company have been forclng employees belonglng Lo a rlval labor unlon Lo [oln Lhe former under
paln of dlsmlssal should Lhey refuse Lo do so
DISCkIMINA1ICN dlscrlmlnaLlon Lo encourage or dlscourage membershlp ln labor organlzaLlon Cr where Lhe purpose ls Lo lnfluence Lhe
unlon acLlvlLy of employees Lhe dlscrlmlnaLlon ls unlawful
1est of d|scr|m|nat|on lL ls necessary LhaL Lhe underlylng reason for Lhe dlscharge be esLabllshed 1he facL LhaL a lawful cause for dlscharge ls
avallable ls noL a defense where Lhe employee ls acLually dlscharged because of hls unlon acLlvlLles
Construct|ve d|scharge employer prohlblLs employees from exerclslng Lhelr rlghLs under Lhe C1 on Lhe paln of dlscharge and Lhe employee
qulLs as a resulL of Lhe prohlblLlon
k|nds of Un|on Secur|ty Agreements
1 C|osedshop only unlon members can be hlred by Lhe company and Lhey musL remaln as unlon members Lo reLaln employmenL ln
Lhe company
2 Un|on shop nonmembers may be hlred buL Lo reLaln employmenL musL become unlon members afLer a cerLaln perlod
3 Mod|f|ed un|on shop employees who are noL unlon members aL Lhe Llme of Lhe slgnlng Lhe conLracL need noL [oln Lhe unlon buL all
workers hlred LhereafLer musL [oln
4 Lxc|us|ve barga|n|ng shop Lhe unlon ls recognlzed as Lhe excluslve bargalnlng agenL for all employees ln Lhe bargalnlng unlL
wheLher unlon members or noL
S 8arga|n|ng for members on|y Lhe unlon ls recognlzed as Lhe bargalnlng agenL only for lLs own members
A c|osedshop agreement one whereby an employer blnds hlmself Lo hlre only members of Lhe conLracLlng unlon who musL conLlnue Lo
remaln members ln good sLandlng Lo keep Lhelr [obs
O dvanLages of Closedshop agreemenL
1 lncreases Lhe sLrengLh and bargalnlng power of labor organlzaLlon
2 revenLs nonunlon workers from sharlng ln Lhe beneflLs of Lhe unlon's acLlvlLles wlLhouL also sharlng lLs obllgaLlon
3 revenLs Lhe weakenlng of labor organlzaLlon
4 LllmlnaLes Lhe lowerlng of sLandards caused by compeLlLlon wlLh nonunlon members
3 Lnables labor organlzaLlons effecLlvely o enforce C8
6 laclllLaLes Lhe collecLlon of dues and enforcemenL of unlon rules
7 CreaLes harmonlous relaLlon beLween Lhe employer and employee
O ulsadvanLage
1 8esulLs ln monopollsLlc domlnaLlon of employmenL by labor organlzaLlons
2 lnLerfers wlLh Lhe freedom of conLracL and personal llberLy of Lhe lndlvldual worker
3 Compels employers Lo dlscharge all nonunlon workers regardless of efflclency lengLh of servlce eLc
4 laclllLaLes Lhe use of labor organlzaLlons by unscrupulous unlon leaders for Lhe puprpose of eLroLlon resLralnL of Lrade
3 uenles Lo nonunlon workers equal opporLunlLy for employmenL
6 Lnables unlon Lo charge exorblLanL dues and lnlLlaLlon fees
O Not app||cab|e to
1 Lmployee who ls a bona flde member of rellglous organlzaLlon whlch prohlblLs lLs members from [olnlng labor unlons on
rellglous grounds
2 Lmployees already ln Lhe servlce and members of a labor unlon or unlons oLher Lhan Lhe ma[orlLy unlon aL Lhe Llme Lhe Closed
shop agreemenL Look effecL
3 ConfldenLlal employees
4 Lmployees excluded from Lhe closed shop by express Lerms of Lhe agreemenL
ke||ef |n UL cases
1 Cease and deslsL order
2 fflrmaLlve order Lo relnsLaLe Lhe sald employee wlLh back pay from Lhe daLe of Lhe dlscrlmlnaLlon
3 Crder Lo bargaln mandaLed C8
4 ulsesLabllshmenL
Art 249 UL of Labor Crgan|zat|ons
1 1o restra|n or coerce emp|oyees |n the exerc|se of the|r r|ght to se|forgan|zat|on nowever |t sha|| have the r|ght to prescr|be |ts
own ru|es w|th respect to the acqu|s|t|on or retent|on of membersh|p
2 1o cause or attempt to cause an emp|oyer to d|scr|m|nate aga|nst an emp|oyee |nc|ud|ng d|scr|m|nat|on aga|nst an emp|oyee w|th
respect to whom membersh|p |n such organ|zat|on has been den|ed or to term|nate an emp|oyee on any ground other than the
usua| terms and cond|t|ons under wh|ch membersh|p or cont|nuat|on of membersh|p |s made ava||ab|e to other members
3 1o v|o|ate the duty or refuse to barga|n co||ect|ve|y
4 1o cause or attempt to cause an emp|oyer to pay or de||ver or agree to pay or de||ver any money or other th|ngs of va|ue |n nature
of an exact|on for serv|ces wh|ch are not performed or not to be performed |nc|ud|ng the demand for fee for un|on negot|at|on
S 1o ask for or accept negot|at|ons or attorney's fee from emp|oyers as part of the sett|ement of any |ssue |n C8A (sweetheart
6 1o gross|y v|o|ate C8A

8LUL Sk 8AkGAINING maklng exaggeraLed or unreasonable proposals or demand
ILA1nLk8LDDING creaLe or spread employmenL by unnecessarlly" malnLalnlng or lncreaslng Lhe number of employees used or
Lhe amounL of Llme consumed Lo work on a parLlcular [ob
MAkLWCkk AkkANGLMLN1S pracLlces dlrecLly relaLed Lo [ob securlLy or healLh and safeLy whlch ls economlcally wasLeful and
wlLhouL any leglLlmaLe employee [usLlflcaLlon
1 When a party des|res to negot|ate an agreement |t sha|| serve a wr|tten not|ce upon the party w|th a statement of |ts proposa|s
1he other party sha|| make a rep|y not |ater than 10 ca|endar days from rece|pt of such not|ce
2 Shou|d d|fferences ar|se on the bas|s of such not|ce and rep|y e|ther party may request a conference wh|ch sha|| beg|n not |ater
than 10 ca|endar days from the date of request
3 If d|spute not sett|ed the 8oard sha|| |ntervene upon the request of the part|es to conc|||at|on meet|ngs 1he 8oard sha|| have the
power to |ssue subpoenas requ|r|ng the attendance of the part|es to such meet|ngs It sha|| be the duty of the part|es to part|c|pate
fu||y and prompt|y |n the conc|||at|on meet|ngs of the 8oard may ca||
4 Dur|ng the conc|||at|on proceed|ngs |n the 8oard the part|es are proh|b|ted from do|ng any act wh|ch may d|srupt or |mpede the
ear|y sett|ement of the d|sputes
S 1he 8oard sha|| exert a|| efforts to sett|e d|sputes am|cab|y and encourage the part|es to subm|t the|r case to a vo|untary arb|trator
Art 2S1 DU1 1C 8AkGAIN CCLLLC1IVLL IN 1nL A8SLNCL CI C8A |t sha|| be the duty of emp|oyer and the representat|ves of the
emp|oyees to barga|n co||ect|ve|y |n accordance w|th the prov|s|ons of th|s CCDL
O 4 process of C8A
1 negoLlaLlon beLween represenLaLlves of Lhe managemenL and Lhe unlon over wages hours and oLher Lerms of employmenL"
2 LxecuLlon of a wrlLLen conLracL embodylng Lhe Lerms agreed upon
3 negoLlaLlon of any quesLlon arlslng as Lo Lhe lnLerpreLaLlon or appllcaLlon of Lhe conLracL
4 negoLlaLlon over Lhe Lerms of a new conLracL or proposed modlflcaLlons when an exlsLlng agreemenL ls valldly open for
C8A a conLracL execuLed upon requesL of elLher Lhe employer or Lhe excluslve bargalnlng represenLaLlve of Lhe employees lncorporaLlng Lhe
agreemenL reached afLer negoLlaLlons wlLh respecL Lo wages hours of work and oLher Lerms and condlLlon of employmenL lncludlng proposals
for ad[usLlng any grlevances or quesLlons under such agreemenL
O Ak1ILS 1C C8A arlses beLween employer and employee
1 ossesslon of Lhe sLaLus of ma[orlLy represenLaLlon of Lhe employees' represenLaLlve ln accordance wlLh any of Lhe means of
selecLlon or deslgnaLlon provlded by Lhe LC
2 roof of ma[orlLy of represenLaLlon
3 uemand Lo bargaln under 81 230(a)

8argalnlng should begln wlLhln 12 monLhs followlng Lhe deLermlnaLlon and cerLlflcaLlon of Lhe employees' excluslve bargalnlng
represenLaLlve (cerLlflcaLlon year)
S|ng|e enterpr|se barga|n|ng procedure Lhe recognlzed or cerLlfled labor unlon and lLs employer may adopL such procedures and
processes Lhey may deem approprlaLe and necessary for Lhe early LermlnaLlon of Lhelr negoLlaLlons
Mu|t| emp|oyer barga|n|ng when a number of employers [oln forces for purposes of collecLlve bargalnlng lL may Lake place wlLhln
many dlfferenL geographlcal subdlvlslons arLlcularly advanLageous Lo boLh sldes ln lndusLrles composed of many small flnanclally
weak employers lL provldes boLh managemenL and unlons wlLh slgnlflcanL cosL savlngs ln negoLlaLlon of labor agreemenLs
Mu|t| emp|oyer barga|n|ng procedure
a Cnly leglLlmaLe labor unlons who are lncumbenL excluslve bargalnlng agenLs may parLlclpaLe and negoLlaLe
b Cnly employers wlLh counLerparL leglLlmaLe labor unlons who are lncumbenL bargalnlng agenLs may parLlclpaLe and negoLlaLe ln
mulLlemployer bargalnlng
c Cnly Lhose leglLlmaLe labor unlons who perLaln Lo employer unlLs who consenL Lo mulLlemployer bargalnlng may parLlclpaLe
May be |n|t|ated by the |abpr un|ons or by the emp|oyers
1 LeglLlmaLe labor unlons who deslre Lo negoLlaLe wlLh Lhelr employers collecLlvely shall execuLe a wrlLLen agreemenL among
Lhemselves whlch shall conLaln Lhe folllng ln order Lo avall of mulLlemployer bargalnlng
a names of Lhe labor unlons who deslre Lo avall of mulLlemployer bargalnlng
b Lach labor unlon ln Lhe employer unlL
c lacL LhaL each of Lhe labor unlons are lncumbenL excluslve bargalnlng agenLs for Lhelr respecLlve employer unlLs
d 1he duraLlon of Lhe C8 lf any enLered lnLo by each labor unlon wlLh Lhelr respecLlve employers
2 1he leglLlmaLe labor unlons who deslre Lo bargaln wlLh mulLlemployers shall send a wrlLLen noLlce Lo Lhls effecL Lo each
employer concerned Lmployers who agree Lo group Lhemselves shall send wrlLLen noLlce Lo each of Lhelr counLerparL leglLlmaLe
labor unlons lndlcaLlng Lhelr deslre Lo engage ln mullLemployer bargalnlng Sald noLlce shall lndlcaLe Lhe followlng
a names of Lhe employers who deslre Lo avall
b 1helr correspondlng leglLlmaLe labor organlzaLlons
c lacL LhaL each of Lhe labor unlons are lncumbenL excluslve bargalnlng agenLs for Lhelr respecLlve employer unlLs
d 1he duraLlon of Lhe C8 lf any enLered lnLo by each labor unlon wlLh Lhelr respecLlve employers
3 Lach employer or concerned labor unlon shall express lLs wllllngness or refusal Lo parLlclpaLe ln mulLlemployer bargalnlng ln
wrlLlng addressed Lo lLs correspondlng excluslve bargalnlng agenL or employer negoLlaLlons may commence only wlLh regard Lo
respecLlve employers and labor unlons who consenL Lo parLlclpaLe ln mulLlemployer bargalnlng
4 uurlng Lhe course of negoLlaLlons consenLlng employers and correspondlng leglLlmaLe labor unlons shall dlscuss and agree on
Lhe followlng
a 1he manner by whlch negoLlaLlons shall proceed
b Scope and coverage Lhe negoLlaLlons and agreemenL
c Where approprlaLe Lhe effecL of Lhe negoLlaLlons on currenL agreemenL or condlLlons of employmenL among Lhe parLles
2 slgned coples of C8 shall be posLed for aL leasL 3 days ln 2 consplcuous areas ln each workplace of Lhe employer unlLs concerned
Art 2S2 MLANING CI DU1 1C 8AkGAIN CCLLLC1IVLL the performance of a mutua| ob||gat|on to meet and convene prompt|y and
exped|t|ous|y |n good fa|th for the purpose of negot|at|ng an agreement w|th respect to wages hours of work and a|| other terms and
cond|t|ons of emp|oyment |nc|ud|ng proposa|s for ad[ust|ng any gr|evance or quest|ons ar|s|ng under such agreement and execut|ng a
contract |ncorporat|ng such agreements |f requested by e|ther party but such duty does not compe| any party to agree to a proposa| or to
make any concess|on
Art 2S3 DU1 1C 8AkGAIN CCLLLC1IVLL WnLN 1nLkL LkIS1S A C8A ne|ther party sha|| term|nate nor mod|fy such agreement dur|ng
|ts ||fet|me nowever e|ther party can serve a wr|tten not|ce to term|onate or modufy the agreement at |east 60 days pr|or to |ts exp|rat|on
date It sha|| be the duty of both part|es to keep the status quo and to cont|nue |n fu|| force and effect the terms and cond|t|ons of the
ex|st|ng agreement dur|ng the 60day per|od and]or unt|| a new agreement |s reached by the part|es
4 forms of uL ln bargalnlng
1 lallure or refusal Lo meeL and convene
2 Lvadlng Lhe mandaLory sub[ecLs of bargalnlng
3 8ad falLh ln bargalnlng lncludlng fallure or refusal Lo execuLe Lhe collecLlve agreemenL lf requesLed
4 Cross vlolaLlon of Lhe C8
O LCCnC,lC LxlCLnClLS uC nC1 !uS1ll? 1PL 8LluSL 1C 88Cln by adamanLly re[ecLlng Lhe unlon's economlc demands where he
ls operaLlng aL a loss on a low proflL margln or ln a depressed lndusLry as long as he conLlnues Lo negoLlaLe 8uL flnanclal hardshlp
consLlLuLe no excuse for refusLlng Lo bargaln collecLlvely
Acts not deemed refusa| to barga|n
1 dopLlon of andamanL bargalnlng poslLlon ln good falLh parLlcularly where Lhe company ls operaLlng aL a loss
2 8efusal Lo bargaln over demands for commlsslon of ulL
3 8efusal Lo bargaln durlng perlod of lllegal sLrlke (no obllgaLlon Lo bargaln unLll he ls noLlfled LhaL Lhe lllegal sLrlke has been
4 no requesL for bargalnlng
S unlon seeks recognlLlon for an lnapproprlaLely large unlL
6 unlon seeks Lo represenL some persons who are excluded from Lhe C1
7 8ankandflle unlL lncludes supervlsors or lnapproprlaLe oLherwlse
8 uemand for recognlLlon and bargalnlng ls made wlLhln Lhe year followlng a cerLlflcaLlon elecLlon ln whlch Lhe clear cholce was no
unlon and no ad lnLerlm slgnlflcanL change has Laken place ln Lhe unlL
9 1he unlon makes unlawful bargalnlng demand 8uL a unlon's demand for relnsLaLemenL of [usLlflably dlscharged sLrlkers whlch
was noL presenLed as an uncondlLlonal demand buL raLher as a bargalnable lssue was noL held Lo excuse an employer from lLs
duLy Lo bargaln wlLh Lhe unlon
1he followlng are examples of maLLers consldered as mandaLory sub[ecLs of bargalnlng
1 Wages and oLher Lypes of compensaLlon lncludlng merlL lncreases
2 Woklng hours and worklng days
3 vacaLlon and holldays
4 8onuses
3 enslons and reLlremenL plans
6 SenlorlLy
7 1ransfer
8 Layoffs
9 Lmployee workloads
10 Work rules and regulaLlons
11 8enL of company houses
12 unlon securlLy arrangemenLs

Un|on d|sc|p||ne c|ause an employer may bargaln Lo an lmpasse over hls proposal LhaL Lhe unlon ellmlnaLe a plecework celllng
lmposed by a unlon rule whlch sub[ecLs members Lo dlsclpllne for exceedlng Lhe producLlon quoLa
Nonmandatory sub[ects an employer cannoL lnslsL Lo Lhe polnL of creaLlng a bargalnlng lmpasse on Lhe lncluslon of a provlslon
ouLslde Lhe scope of Lhe sLaLuLory bargalnlng sub[ecLs even lf he acLs ln good falLh Cn Lhe oLher hand lL ls lawful Lo lnslsL on Lhe
lncluslon of a provlslon ln a C8 lf Lhe provlslon ls wlLhln Lhe scope of a sLaLuLory sub[ecL of bargalnlng 8y once bargalnlng and
agreelng on a permlsslve sub[ecL of bargalnlng Lhe parLles do noL make Lhe sub[ecL a mandaLory Loplc of fuLure bargalnlng
Cver a mandatory sub[ect a parLy may lnslsL on bargalnlng even Lo Lhe polnL of deadlock amd hls lnslsLence wlll noL be consLrued
as bargalnlng ln bad falLh 1he duLy Lo bargaln requlres meeLlng and convenlng on Lerms and condlLlons of employmenL buL does noL
requlre assenL Lo Lhe oLher parLy's proposals
Cver a nonmandatory sub[ect a parLy may noL lnslsL on bargalnlng Lo Lhe polnL of lmpasse oLherwlse hls lnslsLence can be
consLrued as bargalnlng ln bad falLh
When the sub[ect |s mandatory or nonmandatory that caused a barga|n|ng dead|ock the un|on may f||e a not|ce of str|ke or
emp|oyer a not|ce of |ockout
Impasse a reasonable efforL aL good falLh bargalnlng whlch desplLe noble lnLenLlons does noL conclude ln an agreemenL beLween
Lhe parLles
Surface barga|n|ng a sophlsLlcaLed preLense ln Lhe form of apparenL bargalnlng does noL saLlsfy Lhe sLaLuLory duLy Lo bargaln 1he
duLy lL noL dlscharged by merely meeLlng LogeLher or slmply manlfesLlng a wllllngness Lo Lalk
kA1IIICA1ICN 8 1nL C8U ,nu1C8? 8LCul8L,Ln1S should be raLlfled or approved by Lhe ma[orlLy of all workers ln Lhe
bargalnlng unlL noL [usL Lhe ma[orlLy unlon buL Lhe ma[orlLy of all Lhe workers represenLed ln Lhe negoLlaLlon posLlng of C8 ln 2
consplcuous places for 3 days lf noL posLed ln Lhe esLabllshmenL before raLlflcaLlon noncompllance rendered Lhe C8 lneffecLlve
kat|f|cat|on not needed when C8 ls a producL of an arblLral award by approprlaLe governmenL auLhorlLy or by a volunLary
arblLraLor buL sLlll needs Lo be posLed ln 2 consplcuous places ln Lhe workplace C8 has Lo be reglsLered wlLh Lhe uCLL reglonal
keg|strat|on of C8A wlLh uCLL reglonal offlce where Lhe bargalnlng unlon ls reglsLered or where lL prlnclpally operaLes wlLhln 30
calendar days from execuLlon of Lhe agreemenL ,ulLlemployer C8 shall be flled wlLh 8ureau

O keg|strat|on requ|rements app||cat|on sha|| be accompan|ed by the or|g|na| and 2 dup||cate cop|es of the fo||ow|ng documents
wh|ch must be cert|f|ed under oath by representat|ves of the emp|oyer(s) or |abor un|on(s)
1 1he C8
2 SLaLemenL LhaL Lhe C8 was posLed ln aL leasL 2 consplcuous places ln Lhe esLabllshmenL concerned for aL leasL 3 days before lLs
3 sLaLemenL LhaL Lhe C8 was raLlfled by Lhe ma[orlLy of Lhe employees ln Lhe bargalnlng unlL of Lhe employer (s) concerned
auLomaLlc renewal" Lhe parLles shall conLlnue Lhe C8 ln full force and effecL unLll Lhey reach a new agreemenL

Art 2S3A 1LkMS CI C8A any C8A that the part|es may enter |nto sha|| |nsofar as the representat|on aspect |s concerned be for a term
of S years No pet|t|on quest|on|ng the ma[or|ty status of the |ncumbent barga|n|ng agent sha|| be enterta|ned and no cert|f|cat|on e|ect|on
sha|| be conducted by the DCLL outs|de the 60 day per|od |mmed|ate|y before the date of exp|ry of such S year term of C8A A|| other
prov|s|ons of the C8A sha|| be renegot|ated not |ater than 3 years after |ts execut|on
Any agreement on such other prov|s|ons of the C8A entered |nto w|th|n 6 months from the date of exp|ry of the term of such other
prov|s|ons as f|xed |n C8A sha|| retroact to the day |mmed|ate|y fo||ow|ng such date If any such agreement |s entered |nto beyond 6
months the part|es sha|| agree on the durat|on of retroact|v|ty thereof In case of dead|ock the part|es may exerc|se the|r r|ghts under th|s

Art 2S4 NC INUNC1ICN kULL no temporary or permanent |n[unct|on or restra|n|ng order |n any case |nvo|v|ng or grow|ng out of |abor
d|sputes sha|| be |ssued by any court or other ent|ty Lxcept otherw|se prov|ded |n Arts 218(powers of the Comm|ss|on]NLkC) 264
(proh|b|ted act|v|t|es)

1he fo||ow|ng are author|zed to |ssue |n[unct|ons or restra|n|ng orders
1 nL8C or any dlvlslon
2 resldenL ln case of labor dlspuLe ln lndusLrles whlch are lndlspenslble Lo naLlonal lnLeresL
3 SecreLary ln case of labor dlspuLe whlch are lndlspenslble Lo naLlonal lnLeresL may assume [urlsdlcLlon over Lhe dlspuLe or cerLlfy
Lhe same Lo Lhe Commlsslon for compulsory arblLraLlon
Any prov|s|on of |aw to the contrary notw|thstand|ng workers sha|| have the r|ght sub[ect to such ru|es and regu|at|ons as the Secretary of
Labor may promu|gate to part|c|pate |n po||cy and dec|s|onmak|ng processes of the estab||shment where they are emp|oyed |nsofar as sa|d
processes w||| d|rect|y affect the|r r|ghts benef|ts and we|fare Ior th|s purpose workers and emp|oyers may form |abormanagement
counc||s prov|ded that the representat|ves of the workers |n such |abor management counc||s sha|| be e|ected by at |east the ma[or|ty of a||
emp|oyees |n sa|d estab||shment

C8U group of [obs and [obholders represenLed by Lhe recognlzed or cerLlfled unlon when lL bargalns wlLh Lhe employer ,ay
comprlse all supervlsors or separaLely all Lhe rankandflle populaLlon ln Lhe company
Iactors cons|dered |n appropr|ateness of barga|n|ng un|t
1 SlmllarlLy ln Lhe scale and manner of deLermlnlng earnlngs
2 SlmllarlLy ln employmenL beneflLs hours of work and oLher Lerms and condlLlons of employmenL
3 SlmllarlLy ln Lhe klnds of work performed
4 SlmllarlLy ln Lhe quallflcaLlons skllls and Lralnlng of Lhe employees
3 lrequency of conLracL or lnLerchange among Lhe employees
6 Ceographlc proxlmlLy
7 ConLlnulLy or lnLegraLlon of producLlon processes
8 Common supervlslon and deLermlnaLlon of laborrelaLlons pollcy
9 PlsLory of collecLlve bargalnlng
10 ueslres of Lhe affecLed employees
11 LxLenL of unlon organlzaLlon
8arga|n|ng h|story not a dec|s|ve factor
Lxc|us|on of conf|dent|a| emp|oyees
1emporary or partt|me emp|oyees
Seasona| emp|oyees
robat|onary emp|oyees
S|ng|e or emp|oyer un|t |s preferred to encourage the format|on of an emp|oyer un|t un|ess c|rcumstance otherw|se requ|res It
const|tutes on|y one barga|n|ng un|t 1he more so||d the emp|oyees are the stronger |s the|r barga|n|ng capac|ty
1wo compan|es cannot be treated as a s|ng|e barga|n|ng un|t even |f the|r bus|nesses are re|ated
Subs|d|ar|es and spunoff Corporat|ons formed ouL of former dlvlslons of a moLher company followlng a bona flde reorganlzaLlon
may consLlLuLe separaLe bargalnlng unlL (SMC case)

Art 2S6 kLkLSLN1A1ICN ISSUL IN CkGANI2LD LS1A8LISnMLN1 the medarb|ter sha|| automat|ca|| order an ekect|on by secret ba||ot
when the ver|f|ed pet|t|on |s supported by the wr|tten consent of at |east 2S of a|| emp|oyees |n the barga|n|ng un|t to ascerta|n the w||| of
the emp|oyees |n the appropr|ate barga|n|ng un|t 1o have a va||d e|ect|on at |east a ma[or|ty of the e||gb|e voters |n the un|t must have cast
the|r votes 1he |abor un|on rece|v|ng the ma[or|ty of the va||d votes cast sha|| be cert|f|ed as the exc|us|ve barga|n|ng agent
When e|ect|on prov|des for 3 or more cho|ces resu|ts |n no cho|ce rece|v|ng a ma[or|ty of the va||d votes cast a runoff e|ect|on sha|| be
conducted between the |abor un|ons rece|v|ng the 2 h|ghest number of votes rov|ded that the actua| number of votes cast |n a||
contend|ng un|ons |s at |east S0 of the number of votes cast Where pet|t|on was f||ed by a nat|ona| un|on or federat|on |t sha|| not be
requ|red to d|sc|ose the names of the |oca| chapter's off|cers and members
At the exp|rat|on of the freedom per|od the emp|oyer sha|| cont|nue to recogn|ze the ma[or|ty status of the |ncumbent barga|n|ng agent
where no pet|t|on for cert|f|cat|on e|ect|on |s f||ed

Art 2S7 L1I1ICNS IN UNCkGANI2LD LS1A8LISnMLN1 where no cert|f|ed barga|n|ng agent a cert|f|cat|on e|ect|on sha|| automat|ca||y be
conducted by the MLDAk8I1Lk upon the f|||ng of a pet|t|on by any |eg|t|mate |abor organ|zat|on |nc|ud|ng a nat|ona| un|on or federat|on
wh|ch has a|ready |ssued a charter cert|f|cate to |ts |oca|]chapter part|c|pat|ng |n the cert|f|cat|on e|ect|on or a |oca|]chapter wh|ch has been
|ssued a charter cert|f|cate by the nat|ona| un|on or federat|on In cases where the pet|t|on was f||ed by a nat|ona| un|on or federat|on |t
sha|| not be requ|red to d|sc|ose the names of the |oca| chapter's off|cers and members

Art 2S8 When an emp|oyer may f||e pet|t|on |f there |s no ex|st|ng cert|f|ed C8A the bureau sha|| after hear|ng order a cert|f|cat|on
e|ect|on A|| cert|f|cat|on cases sha|| be dec|ded w|th|n 20 work|ng days 1he bureau sha|| conduct a cert|f|cat|on e|ect|on w|th|n 20 days |n
accordance w|th the ru|es and regu|at|ons prescr|bed

Art 2S8A emp|oyer as bystander |n a|| cases whether the pet|t|on for cert|f|cat|on e|ect|on |s f||ed by an emp|oyer or |eg|t|mate |abor
organ|zat|on the emp|oyer sha|| not be cons|dered a party thereto w|th a concom|tant r|ght to oppose a pet|t|on for cert|f|cat|on e|ect|on
1he emp|oyer's part|c|pat|on sha|| be ||m|ted to 1 8e|ng not|f|ed or |nformed of pet|t|ons of such nature and 2 Subm|tt|ng the ||st of
emp|oyees dur|ng the pree|ect|on conference shou|d the MedArb|ter act favourab|y on the pet|t|on

Art 2S9 ALAL IkCM CLk1IIICA1ICN LLLC1ICN CkDLkS may appea| as determ|ned by Medarb|ter to Secretary of Labor for the conduct
of e|ect|on have been v|o|ated and sha|| be dec|ded w|th|n 1S ca|endar days

Vo|untary recogn|t|on procedure and requ|rements
1 ln unorganlzed esLabllshmenL wlLh only one leglLlmaLe labor organlzaLlon Lhe employer may volunLarlly recognlze Lhe
represenLaLlon sLaLus of a unlon WlLhln 30 days from recognlLlon Lhe employer and unlon shall submlL a noLlce of volunLary
recognlLlon wlLh Lhe 8eglonal Cfflce whlch lssued Lhe recognlzed labor unlon's cerLlflcaLe
2 noLlce of v8 shall be accompanled by orlglnal copy and 2 dupllcaLe coples of Lhe followlng documenLs
a !olnL sLaLemenL under oaLh of volunLary recognlLlon aLLesLlng Lo Lhe facL of volunLary recognlLlon
b CerLlflcaLe of posLlng of Lhe [olnL sLaLemenL of v8 for 13 consecuLlve days lnl aL leasL 2 consplcuous places ln Lhe
esLabllshmenL where unlon seeks Lo operaLe
c pproxlmaLe number of employees ln Lhe bargalnlng unlL accompanled by Lhe names of Lhose who supporL Lhe v8
d SLaLemenL LhaL Lhe labor unlon ls Lhe only leglLlmaLe labor organlzaLlon operaLlng wlLhln Lhe bargalnlng unlL
3 Where noLlce of v8 ls sufflclenL ln form umber and subsLance shall wlLhln 10 days from recelpL of noLlce record Lhe facL of v8
ln lLs rosLer of leglLlmaLe labor unlons and noLlfy Lhe labor unlon WlLhln 30 days from recelpL of Lhe advlsory Lhe 8eglonal Cfflce
shall reLurn Lhe noLlce for v8 LogeLher wlLh all lLs accompanylng ocumenL wlLhouL pre[udlce Lo lLs submlsslon
4 LnLry of v8 shall bar Lhe flllng of a peLlLlon for cerLlflcaLlon elecLlon by any labor organlzaLlon for a perlod of 1 year from Lhe daLe
of enLry of v8
A reg|stered |abor un|on or by an emp|oyer may f||e a pet|t|on for CL Any other un|ons wh|ch are |nterested |n [o|n|ng a
cert|f|cat|on e|ect|on may f||e a mot|on for |ntervent|on
A CL sha|| be f||ed w|th the keg|ona| Cff|ce wh|ch |ssued the pet|t|on|ng un|on's cert|f|cate of reg|strat|on or cert|f|cate of creat|on
of chartered |oca|
1he proper t|me to f||e a CL depends on whether the C8U has a C8A or not If none may be f||ed anyt|me outs|de the 12months
bar If |t has on|y w|th|n the |ast 60 days of the f|fth year of the C8A
re||m|nary conference by MedArb|ter to be he|d w|th|n 10 work|ng days from rece|pt of the pet|t|on 1he serc|ve of the pet|t|on
to the emp|oyer and not|ce of pre||m|nary conference to the pet|t|oner and |ncumber barga|n|ng agent sha|| be made w|th|n 3
work|ng days from rece|pt W|th|n the same 3 day per|od a copy of the pet|t|on to be posted |n at |east 2 consp|cuous p|aces |n the
Act|on on the pet|t|on den|a|
1 nonappearance of Lhe peLlLloner for 2 consecuLlve scheduled conferences
2 llleglLlmacy unreglsLered unlon noL llsLed ln uCLL's reglsLry of leglLlmaLe labor unlons
3 llleglLlmacy no charger Lo submlL upon flllng of Lhe CL
4 bsence of employmenL relaLlonshlp
S LlecLlon bar 12 monLh bar
6 LlecLlon bar negoLlaLlon or deadlock wlLhln 1 year perlod
7 LlecLlon bar exlsLlng C8 flllng Lhe peLlLlon before or afLer Lhe freedom perlod provlded LhaL Lhe 60 day perlod based on Lhe
orlglnal C8 shall noL be affecLed by amendmenL exLenslon or renewal of C8
8 LlecLlon bar lack of supporL fallure Lo submlL Lhe 23 slgnaLure requlremenL Lo supporL Lhe flllng of CL (CL should be flled
wlLhln Lhe freedom perlod supporLed aL leasL 23 of Lhe bargalnlng unlL)
O 23 mlnlmum supporL noL consldered ln an unorganlzed whlch lnvolves only supervlsors noL Lhe rankandflle
O 23 ls noL sLrlcLly complled when Lhe ,edrblLer ls sLlll empowered Lo order LhaL lL be held preclsely for Lhe purpose of ascerLalnlng
whlch of Lhe conLendlng labor organlzaLlon shall be Lhe excluslve C8 agenL (Llas lree Workers unlon vs norlel)
Comm|ng||ng Lhe lncluslon as unlon members of employees ouLslde bargalnlng unlL shall noL be a ground for cancellaLlon of Lhe
reglsLraLlon of Lhe unlon nelLher reason Lo dlsmlss CL
Act|on on the pet|t|on approval Lhe rullng for Lhe conducL of a CL shall sLaLe Lhe followlng
1 1he name of Lhe employer or esLabllshmenL
2 uescrlpLlon of bargalnlng unlL
3 SLaLemenL LhaL none of Lhe grounds for dlsmlssal exlsL
4 names of Lhe conLendlng labor unlons Lo appear ln Lhe followlng order Lhe peLlLloner unlons ln Lhe order of Lhe daLe of flllng of
Lhelr respecLlve peLlLlons Lhe forced lnLervenor and no unlon
S 1o afford an lndlvldual employeevoLer an lnformed cholce where a local/chapLer ls one of Lhe conLendlng unlons a dlrecLlve Lo
an unreglsLered local/chapLer Lo personlayy submlL Lo Lhe elecLlon offlcer lLs cerLlflcaLe of creaLlon aL leasL 3 worklng days before
Lhe acLual conducL of CL nonsubmlsslon shall dlsquallfy local/chapLer from parLlclpaLlng
6 dlrecLlve upon Lhe employer and conLendlng unlon Lo submlL wlLhln 10 days from recelpL of Lhe order Lhe cerLlfled llsL of
employees ln Lhe bargalnlng unlL or where Lhe payrolls coverlng Lhe members for Lhe lasL 3 monLhs prlor Lo Lhe lssuance of Lhe
Conduct|ng the CL
a kaff|e of the case wlLhln 24 hours from recelpL of Lhe noLlce of enLry of flnal [udgmenL granLlng Lhe conducL of a CL
b re e|ect|on conference wlLhln 24 hours from recelpL of Lhe asslgnmenL for Lhe conducL of CL and shall cause Lhe lssuance of
noLlce of preproclamaLlon conference whlch shall be scheduled wlLhln 10 days from recelpL of asslgnmenL

O ree|ect|on conference sha|| set the mechan|cs
a Date t|me and p|ace of the e|ect|on wh|ch sha|| not be |ater than 4S days from the date of the the f|rst preproc|amat|on
conference and sha|| be on regu|ar work|ng day and w|th|n the emp|oyer's prem|ses
b L|st of e||g|b|e and cha||enged voters
c Number and |ocat|on of po|||ng p|aces or booths and number of ba||ots to be prepared w|th appropr|ate trans|at|on
d Name of watchers or representat|ves and the|r a|ternates dur|ng e|ect|on
e Mechan|cs and gu|de||nes of the e|ect|on
O ost|ng of not|ce the e|ect|on off|cer sha|| cause the post|ng of not|ce of e|ect|on at |east 10 days before actua| date of e|ect|on |n
2 consp|cuous p|aces |n the company prem|ses and sha|| conta|n
a uaLe and Llme of elecLlon
b names of all conLendlng unlons
c uescrlpLlon of Lhe bargalnlng unlL and llsL of ellglble and challenged voLers
O ;ua||f|cat|on of voters llsL of voLers should be based on Lhe employercerLlfled llsL of employees ln C8? or payrolls llsL submlLLed Lo
SSS may be used as basls only employees who are dlrecLly employed by Lhe employer and worklng along Lhe acLlvlLles Lo whlch Lhe
employer ls engaged and llnked by employer dlsmlssed employees buL has conLesLed Lhe legallLy of Lhe dlsmlssal ln Lhe forum of
approprlaLe [urlsdlcLlon aL Lhe Llme of Lhe lssuance of Lhe order for Lhe conducL of a CL

Art 260 GkILVANCL MACnINLk AND VCLUN1Ak Ak8I1kA1ICN a|| gr|evances subm|tted to the gr|evance mach|nery wh|ch are not
sett|ed w|th|n 7 ca|endar days from the date of |ts subm|ss|on sha|| automat|ca||y be referred to a vo|untary arb|trator 1he part|es sha||
name and des|gnate |n advance a VA preferab|y from the ||st|ng of qua||f|ed ||st of VA du|y accred|ted Ia||ure to se|ect VA the 8oard sha||
des|gnate the VA p wh|ch sha|| act w|th the same force and effect

O 2|pper c|ause lL ls a sLlpulaLlon ln a C8 lndlcaLlng LhaL lssues LhaL could have been negoLlaLed upon buL noL conLalned ln Lhe C8
cannoL be ralsed for negoLlaLlon when Lhe C8 ls already ln effecL
O When a C8A |s entered represent|ng the emp|oyees and emp|oyer even the nonmember emp|oyees are ent|t|ed to the benef|ts of
the contract
O ,anagers noL enLlLled Lo C8 beneflLs excepL noLhlng Lo prevenL Lhe employer from granLlng beneflLs Lo managerlal employees equal
Lo or hlgher Lhan Lhose afforded Lo unlon members
O Merger Lakes place when Lwo or more corporaLlons [oln lnLo a slngle corporaLlon whlch ls one of Lhe merglng corporaLlons Lhe
separaLe exlsLence of Lhe oLher consLlLuenL corporaLlons ceases
O Conso||dat|on occurs when Lwo or more corporaLlons [oln lnLo a new slngle corporaLlon Lhe separaLe exlsLence of all Lhe consLlLuenL
corporaLlon ceases excepL LhaL of Lhe consolldaLed corporaLlon
O W||ey doctr|ne a duLy Lo arblLraLe arlslng from a C8 survlves Lhe employer's ceaslng Lo do buslness as a separaLe enLlLy afLer lLs
merger wlLh subsLanLlally large corporaLlon so as Lo be blndlng on Lhe larger corporaLlon where relevanL slmllarlLy and conLlnulLy of
operaLlons across Lhe change ln ownershlp ls evldenced by Lhe wholesale Lransfer of Lhe smaller corporaLlon's employees Lo Lhe
larger corporaLlon's planL
O Subst|tut|onary doctr|ne when Lhere occurs a shlfL ln employees' unlon alleglance afLer Lhe execuLlon of such conLracL wlLh Lhelr
employer and Lhe employees change Lhelr bargalnlng represenLaLlve Lhe conLracL conLlnues Lo blnd Lhem up Lo lLs explraLlon daLe
O Gr|evances any quesLlon by elLher Lhe employer or unlon regardlng Lhe lnLerpreLaLlon or appllcaLlon of Lhe C8 or company
personnel pollcles or any clalm by elLher parLy LhaL Lhe oLher parLy ls vlolaLlng any provlslon of Lhe C8 or company personnel
O Vo|untary Arb|trat|on where Lhe grlevance remalns unresolved elLher parLy may serve noLlce upon Lhe oLher of lLs declslon Lo
submlL Lhe lssue Lo v Whlch shall sLaLe Lhe lssue(s) Lo be arblLraLed vopy furnlshed Lhe board or v named or deslgnaLed ln C8
lalls or refuses Lo respond favourably wlLhln 7 days from recelpL Lhe v shall commence v proceedlngs
O Who may accred|ted as VA
1 llllplno clLlzen resldlng ln Lhe hlllpplnes
2 Polder of a 8achelor's uegree ln any fleld of behavloural or applled sclences or equlvalenL
3 L leasL 3 years experlence ln labormanagemenL relaLlons
4 CompleLlon of a Lralnlng course on v conducLed by Lhe board
3 person of good moral characLer noLed for lmparLlallLy problLy and has noL been clvllly crlmlnally and admlnlsLraLlvely
ad[udged gullL of any offense lnvolvlng moral LurplLude

Art 261 UkISDIC1ICN CI VA Ck ANLL CI VA or|g|na| and exc|us|ve [ur|sd|ct|on to hear and dec|de a|| unreso|ved gr|evances ar|s|ng
from the |nterpretat|on or |mp|ementat|on of the C8A and ar|s|ng from |nterpretat|on or enforcement of company personne| po||c|es
V|o|at|ons of C8A except those wh|ch are gross |n character sha|| no |onger be treated as UL and sha|| be reso|ved as gr|evance under C8A
Gross v|o|at|on of C8A sha|| mean f|agrant and]or ma||c|ous refusa| to comp|y w|th the econom|c prov|s|ons of such agreement
1he comm|ss|on sha|| not enterta|n d|sputes gr|evances or matters under the exc|us|ve and or|g|na| [ur|sd|ct|on of the VA and reger the
same to the gr|evance mach|nery or VA

Art 262 UkISDIC1ICN CVLk C1nLk LA8Ck DISU1LS v or panel of v upon agreemenL of Lhe parLles shall also hear and declde all oLher
labor dlspuLes lncludlng uL and bargalnlng deadlocks (wage dlsLorLlon wage orders ln organlzed esLabllshmenLs as well as unresolved
grlevance arlslng from Lhe lnLerpreLaLlon and omplemenLaLlon of Lhe producLlvlLy lncenLlve programs)

rblLraLlon applles Lo 2 klnds of dlspuLes
1 ConLracLnegoLlaLlon dlspuLes dlspuLes as Lo Lhe Lerms of a C8 Where Lhere ls an exlsLlng agreemenL Lo arblLraLe such
dlspuLes and a bargalnlng deadlock or lmpasse has arlsen Lhe dlspuLanLs submlL Lo an lmparLlal ouLslder for seLLlemenL Lhe
collecLlve bargalnlng lssue whlch Lhey had been unable Lo seLLle by Lhemselves wheLher or noL alded by conclllaLors
2 ConLracL lnLerpreLaLlon dlspuLes dlspuLes arlslng under an exlsLlng C8 lnvolvlng such maLLers as Lhe lnLerpreLaLlon and
appllcaLlon of Lhe conLracL or alleged vlolaLlon of lLs provlslons
LmploymenL LermlnaLlon dlspuLes arlslng from C8 or personnel pollcy lmplemenLaLlon are cognlzable by a v and noL L
v ls lnlLlaLed elLher by 1 submlsslon or 2 demand or noLlce lnvoklng a C8 arblLraLlon clause
owers of the Arb|trator
1 Ceneral auLhorlLy Lo lnvesLlgaLe and hear Lhe case upon noLlce Lo Lhe parLles and Lo render an award based on Lhe conLracL and
record of Lhe case
2 lncldenLal auLhorlLy Lo perform all acLs necessary Lo an adequaLe dlscharge of hls duLles and responslblllLles
3 Speclal powers ln ald of hls general conLracLual auLhorlLy
4 uLhorlLy Lo lssue wrlL of execuLlon

Art 263 Str|kes p|cket|ng and |ockouts
a It |s the po||cy of the State to encourage free trade un|on|sm and free co||ect|ve barga|n|ng
b Workers sha|| have the r|ght to engage |n concerted act|v|t|es for purposes of co||ect|ve barga|n|ng or for the|r mutua| benef|t and
protect|on 1he r|ght of |eg|t|mate |abor organ|zat|ons to str|ke and p|cket and of emp|oyers to |ockout sha|| cont|nue to be
recogn|zed and respected nowever no |abor un|on may str|ke and no emp|oyer may dec|are a |ockout on grounds |nvo|v|ng |nter
un|on and |ntraun|on d|sputes
c In cases of barga|n|ng dead|ocks the du|y cert|f|ed or recogn|zed barga|n|ng agent may f||e a not|ce of strke or emp|oyer a not|ce of
|ockout w|th the M|n|stry at |east 30 days before |ntended date thereof In cases of UL the per|od of not|ce sha|| be 1S days and
|nt eh absence of a du|y cert|f|ed or recogn|zed barga|n|ng agent the not|ce of str|ke may be f||ed by any |eg|t|mate |abor
organ|zat|on |n beha|f of |ts members nowever |n case of d|sm|ssa| from emp|oyment of un|on off|cers the 1S day coo||ng off
per|od sha|| not app|y and the un|on may take act|on |mmed|ate|y
d Dur|ng the coo||ng off per|od |t sha|| be the duty of the M|n|stry to exert a|| efforts at med|at|on and conc|||at|on to effect a
vo|untary sett|ement Shou|d the d|spute rema|n unsett|ed the |abor un|on may str|ke or emp|oyer dec|are a |ockout
e In case of str|kes and |ockouts |n hosp|ta|s c||n|cs and s|m||ar med|ca| |nst|tut|on sha|| ma|nta|n an effect|ve ske|eta| workforce of
med|ca| and other hea|th personne| whose movement and serv|ces sha|| be unhampered and unrestr|cted Secretary of |abor |s
mandated to |mmed|ate|y assume w|th|n 24 hours from know|edge of occurrence of such str|ke or |ockout [ur|sd|ct|on over the
same or cert|fy to the comm|ss|on for compu|sory arb|trat|on

Str|ke cessaLlon of work by employees ln an efforL Lo geL more favourable Lerms for Lhemselves or as concerLed refusal by Lhe
employees Lo do any work for Lhelr employer or Lo work aL Lhelr cusLomary raLe of speed unLll Lhe ob[ecL of Lhe sLrlke ls aLLalned by
Lhe employer's granLlng Lhe demanded concesslon
1 1here must be an estab||shed re|at|onsh|p between the str|kers and the person(s) aga|nst whom the str|ke |s ca||ed
2 1he re|at|onsh|p must be one of emp|oyer and emp|oyee
3 Lx|stence of a d|spute between the part|es and the ut|||zat|on by |abor of the weapon or concerted refusa| to work as a means
of persuad|ng or coerc|ng w|th the work|ng men's demand
4 Content|on advanced by the workers that a|though work ceases the emp|oymenr re|at|on |s deemed to cont|nue a|be|t |n a
state of be|||gerent suspens|on
3 1here |s work stoppage wh|ch |s temporary
6 Work stoppage |s done through concerted act|on of the emp|oyees
7 Str|k|ng group |s a |eg|t|mate |abor organ|zat|on and |n case of barga|n|ng dead|ock |s the emp|oyees' so|e barga|n|ng
Lockout Lemporary refusal of any employer Lo furnlsh work as a resulL of an lndusLrlal or labor dlspuLe lL ls an employer's acL
excludlng employees who are unlon members from Lhe planL
Grounds for str|ke]|ockout
1 8argalnlng deadlocks and uL
2 vlolaLlons of C8 excepL flagranL and/or mallclous refusal Lo comply wlLh lLs economlc provlslons shall noL be consldered uL
and shall noL be sLrlkeable
3 no sLrlke or lockouL may be declared on grounds lnvolvlng lnLra and lnLerunlon dlspuLes or wlLhouL flrsL havlng flled a noLlce of
sLrlke or lockouL or wlLhouL Lhe necessary sLrlke or lockouL voLe
Lockout |s proper when fo||ow|ng requ|s|tes are met
a noLlce of lnLenLlon Lo declare a sLrlke/lockouL has been flled wlLh Lhe uCLL
b L leasL 30 days has elapsed slnce Lhe flllng of noLlce
c n lmpasse has resulLed ln Lhe negoLlaLlon
d SLrlke/lockouL ls noL dlscrlmlnaLory 1he coollngoff perlod ls 13 days for uL sLrlke/lockouL and 30 days for bargalnlng sLrlke or
Lockout |s va||d |n the ff s|tuat|on
1 ln anLlclpaLlon of a LhreaLened sLrlke where moLlvaLed by economlc conslderaLlons
2 ln response Lo unproLecLed sLrlke or walkouL
3 ln response Lo a whlpsaw sLrlke
Lockout |s not va||d
1 1o dlscourage and dlsslpaLe membershlp ln a labor organlzaLlon
2 1o ald a parLlcular nlon by prevenLlng furLher organlzaLlonal work of lLs rlval or Lo coerce Lhe employees Lo [oln Lhe favoured
3 1o avold bargalnlng
Genera| str|ke exLend over a whole communlLy provlnce sLaLe or counLry lorm of sympaLheLlc sLrlke lnvolvlng many worklng who
cease Lo work ln sympaLhy wlLh Lhe workers of anoLher employer or ln order Lo puL pressure upon Lhe governmenL or ln order Lo
paralyze Lhe presenL economlc and soclal sysLems
Loca| str|ke underLaken by workers ln a parLlcular enLerprlse locallLy or occupaLlon lL usually lnvolves only one unlon or only one
S|tdown sLrlke when a group of employees or oLhers lnLeresLed ln obLalnlng cerLaln ob[ecLlve ln a parLlcular buslness forclbly Lake
over possesslon of Lhe properLy of such buslness esLabllsh Lhemselves wlLhln Lhe planL sLop lLs producLlon and refuse access Lo Lhe
owners or Lo Lhe oLhers deslrlng Lo work
S|owdown wllful reducLlon ln Lhe raLe of work by a group of employees for Lhe purpose of resLrlcLlng Lhe ouLpuL of Lhe employer
art|a| str|ke qulckle" sLrlke 1akes Lhe form of lnLermlLLenL unannounced work sLoppage lncludlng slowdowns unauLhorlzed
exLenslon of resL perlods and walkouLs for porLlons of a shlfL or enLlre shlfLs
r|mary str|ke one declared by Lhe employees who have a dlrecL and lmmedlaLe lnLeresL wheLher economlc or oLherwlse ln Lhe
sub[ecL of Lhe dlspuLe whlch exlsLs beLween Lhem and Lhelr employer
Secondary str|ke coerclve measure adopLed by workers agalnsL an employer connecLed by producL or employmenL wlLh alleged
uL lL exlsLs where employees lon concerL refuse Lo asslsL or cooperaLe wlLh Lhe allegedly unfalr Lmployers or Lhelr producL
Lconom|c str|ke lnLended Lo force wage and oLher concesslons from Lhe employer whlch ls noL requlred by law Lo granL lL ls
declared for Lhe purpose of securlng hlgher wages and for oLher lmmedlaLe condlLlons of labor as a shorLer work day hlgher raLe of
overLlme compensaLlon and such oLher economlc beneflLs as are usually lncluded ln a C8
UL str|ke called agalnsL Lhe uL of Lhe employer usually for Lhe purpose of maklng hlm deslsL from furLher commlLLlng such
remature str|ke
1 lL was declared wlLhouL glvlng Lhe manager who were ln anoLher place reasonable Llme wlLhln whlch Lo conslder and acL on Lhe
demands of Lhe unlon Lhe naLure of whlch were such LhaL no posslble acLlon could be Laken by Lhe offlclals
2 eLlLloners wenL on sLrlke knowlng Lhelr demands could noL be acLed upon by Lhe Lreasury of Lhe company ln Lhe absence of lLs
presldenL and dld noL walL unLll Lhelr demands could be LransmlLLed
3 uesplLe Lhe aLLenLlon glven by Lhe company Lo Lhe unlon's demand Lhe labourers wenL on sLrlke wlLhouL awalLlng Lhe resulL of
Lhe llscal's lnvesLlgaLlon of Lhe case
rotect|on of str|ke
1 lL ls generally noL sub[ecL Lo labor ln[uncLlon or resLralnlng order
2 Lmployees may noL be dlscrlmlnaLed agalnsL merely because Lhey have exerclsed Lhe rlghL Lo sLrlke
3 1he use of sLrlkebreakers ls prohlblLed
4 ,ere parLlclpaLlon ln a sLrlke does noL sever Lhe employmenL relaLlonshlp
Ludw|g 1e||er #|||ega| str|ke"
1 In contrary to a spec|f|c proh|b|t|on of |aw such as str|ke by emp|oyees of the government
2 V|o|ates spec|f|c requ|rement of |aw
3 Dec|ared for an un|awfu| purpose
4 Lmp|oys un|awfu| means |n the pursu|t of |ts ob[ect|ve
S Dec|ared |n v|o|at|on of an ex|st|ng |n[unct|on
6 Contrary to an ex|st|ng agreement
Str|ke vote report requ|rement
a 1o lnform Lhe nC,8 of Lhe lnLenL of Lhe unlon Lo conducL a sLrlke voLe
b Clve nC,8 ample Llme Lo declde on w/n Lhere ls a need Lo supervlse Lhe conducL of Lhe sLrlke voLe Lo prevenL any acLs of
vlolence and/or lrregularlLles aLLendanL LhereLo
c Should Lhe nC,8 declde on lLs own lnlLlaLlve or upon Lhe requesL of an lnLeresLed parLy lncludlng Lhe employer Lo supervlse Lhe
sLrlke voLe Lo glve lL ample Llme Lo prepare for Lhe deploymenL of Lhe requlslLe personnel
Un|on bust|ng ex|sts when
1 1he unlon offlcers are belng dlsmlssed
2 1hose offlcers are Lhe ones duly elecLed ln accordance wlLh Lhe unlon consLlLuLlon and bylaws
3 1he exlsLence of Lhe unlon ls LhreaLened
O ALLA vs SLCkL1Ak CI LA8Ck L sLrlke was lllegal for 3 reasons
1 lL was premaLure for Lhere was an exlsLlng C8 whlch sLlll had 9 monLhs Lo run
2 lL vlolaLed Lhe nosLrlke provlslon of Lhe C8
3 1he nC,8 had declared Lhe noLlce of sLrlke as approprlaLe for prevenLlve medlaLlon"

O S1 SCnCLAS1ICA'S CCLLLGL VS 1CkkLS a reLurnLowork order ls lmmedlaLely effecLlve and execuLor noLwlLhsLandlng Lhe flllng of
a moLlon for reconslderaLlon ,usL be sLrlcLly complled wlLh even durlng Lhe pendency of any peLlLlon quesLlonlng lLs valldlLy 1he
assumpLlon and/or cerLlflcaLlon order ls lssued ln Lhe exerclse of respondenL SecreLary's compulslve power of arblLraLlon and musL
Lherefore be lmmedlaLely complled wlLh 1he [urlsdlcLlon of Lhe SecreLary ln assumpLlon and/or cerLlflcaLlon cases ls llmlLed Lo Lhe
lssues LhaL are lnvolved ln Lhe dlspuLes or Lo Lhose LhaL are submlLLed Lo hlm for resoluLlon
1he fo||ow|ng are nonstr|keab|e |ssues
1 lnLer or lnLraunlon dlspuLes
2 vlolaLlon of labor sLandards law unless arLlcle 248 cfl ls also vlolaLed
3 ny lssue lnvolvlng wage dlsLorLlon
4 Cases pendlng aL eh uCLL reglonal offlcers 8L8 nL8C or reglonal branches nWC and lLs reglonal wage boards secreLary v
C or SC
S LxecuLlon and enforcemenL of flnal orders declslons resoluLlon or awards ln no 4
6 ny lssue covered by a no sLrlke commlLmenL ln a duly execuLed C8
UL str|ke |n Good Ia|th
1 Cb[ecLlvely when sLrlke ls declared ln proLesL of uL whlch ls found Lo have been acLually commlLLed
2 Sub[ecLlvely when a sLrlke ls declared ln proLesL of whaL Lhe unlon belleved Lo be uL commlLLed by managemenL and Lhe
clrcumsLances warranLed such bellef ln good falLh alLhough found subsequenLly as noL commlLLed
Abandonment Lhere musL be concurrence of Lhe lnLenLlon Lo abandon and some overL acL from whlch lL may be lnferred LhaL Lhe
employee has no more lnLeresL ln worklng ls avallable as a defense agalnsL dlsmlssals
Nostr|ke c|ause |n b|nd|ng pr|macy of VA agreement
Nostr|ke c|ause |s not b|nd|ng upon new|y cert|f|ed barga|n|ng agent
(subst|tut|onary doctr|ne on|y prov|des that the emp|oyees cannot revoke the va||d|yexecuted C8 contract w|th the|r emp|oyer
by the s|mp|e exped|ent of chang|ng the|r barga|n|ng agent 8LNGUL1 CCNSCLIDA1LD CASL)
IMkCVLD 8ALLC1ING a devlce Lo sLop Lhe work sLoppage
|cket|ng lnvolves Lhe presence of sLrlklng workers or Lhelr unlon broLhers who pace back and forLh before Lhe place of buslness of
an employer consldered unfalr Lo organlzed labor ln Lhe hope of belng able Lo persuade peacefully oLher workers noL Lo work ln Lhe
esLabllshmenL and cusLomers noL Lo do buslness Lhere
Concerted act|v|t|es
1 CbsLrucLlon amounLs Lo a nulsance per se
2 vlolence and lnLlmldaLlon
3 unLruLhful plckeLlng
4 CollecLlve leLLer
S ubllclLy
6 lacards and banners
7 Wearlng of armbands
8 Speaches muslc and broadcasL
8oycott a comblnaLlon Lo harm one person by coerclng oLher Lo harm hlm comblnaLlon of may Lo cause loss Lo one person by
causlng oLhers agalnsL Lhelr wlll Lo wlLhdraw from hlm Lhelr beneflclal buslness lnLercourse Lhrough LhreaLs LhaL unless oLhers do so
many wlll cause slmllar loss Lo hlm or Lhem
r|mary boycott applled dlrecLly and alone Lo Lhe offendlng person by wlLhdrawlng from hlm all buslness relaLlons on Lhe parL of
Lhe organlzaLlon LhaL lnlLlaLed Lhe boycoLL
Secondary boycott comblnaLlon noL merely Lo refraln from deallng wlLh a person or Lo advlse or by peaceable means persuade hls
cusLomer Lo refraln buL Lo exerclse coerclve pressure upon such cusLomer acLual or prospecLlve ln order Lo cause Lhem Lo wlLhhold
or wlLhdraw paLronage from hlm Lhrough fear of loss or damage Lo Lhemselves
S|owdown meLhod by whlch one's employees wlLhouL seeklng a compleLe sLoppage of word reLard producLlon and dlsLrlbuLlon ln
an efforL Lo compllance by Lhe employer wlLh Lhe labor demands made upon hlm

Ak1 266 kL;UIkLMLN1 ICk AkkLS1 AND DL1LN1ICN except grounds of nat|ona| secur|ty and pub||c peace or |n case of comm|ss|on of
a cr|me no un|on members or un|on organ|zers may be arrested or deta|ned for un|on act|v|t|es w|thout prev|ous consu|tat|on w|th
Secretary of Labor

O ackb||t |ndustr|es vs LWU flllng a peLlLlon Lo declare a sLrlke lllegal ls noL a prerequlslLe for Lhe employer Lo LermlnaLe Lhe
employmenL of employees wheLher unlon offlcers or members who commlL lllegal acLs ln Lhe course of Lhe sLrlke 8uL arL 264
allows an employer Lo LermlnaLe employees LhaL commlLLed acLs ln Lhe course of a sLrlke such as where Lhe sLrlkers were found Lo
have prevenLed Lhe free lngress and egress of vehlcles from Lhe employer's compound
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