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Living ideas from the north -

Scandinavian style of living

Scandinavian style many residents are likely to think oI the idea oI a Scandinavian
Iurnished apartment to a bachelor pad with numerous IKEA Billy shelving and
Iurniture including soIa bed Hagalund. But this one is absolutely wrong, because the
Scandinavian style oI living has little to do with the Swedish Iurniture chain.
Brightness, kindness and a decidedly Iamily atmosphere characterize not only the
northern part oI liIe, but also inIluence the choice oI Iurniture and various accessories
and the color scheme oI each room. We provide insight into the Scandinavian liIe in
your own Iour walls:

Bright and light-Iilled rooms
Long and uncomIortable winter nights in the living area requiring those colors that are
to a certain contrast. Sky blue, pastel tones, but also like a lot oI white dominate the
interior design and provide a Iriendly and harmonious atmosphere. Particularly warm
colors are also yellow and orange, which can be excellently combined with stripes and
Iloral patterns. Time, it is possible to generate many sources oI light: An candles and
lamps should not be saved. Particularly well-known and popular in this context as IQ
Light lamps, Iloor lamp and the Manana Standard 69, which are characterized mainly
due to their distinctive designs. A steel chimney or a stove to enrich the Nordic
comIort many times over and provides warmth in the many dark winter months.
urniture as cozy as simple
Particular inspiration Ior the choice oI Iurniture and home accessories oIIered by
nature, oI which there are plenty in Scandinavia, with its many Iorests, rivers and
Ijords. urniture made oI light wood are native announced Iunctional, simple and
timeless. With wood paneling on the walls and wooden planks Ior the Iloor,
preIerably made oI birch, pine and spruce, the cozy charm oI Scandinavian living is
taken into account. But also comes as laminate Ilooring like to use. Regarding the
most important pieces oI Iurniture, it is all about socializing and a no-Irills
appearance. It starts with a large dining table where guests can relax and discuss and
settle this sense is supplemented with chairs. Heavy tables and benches here
outweigh beech and pine set clear accents in the design oI rustic living room and
bedroom. And who may this very comIortable, comes to the ultimate in seating
around not: the Egg chair by Danish designer and architect Arne Jacobsen.
Accessories Ior a natural look
On beautiIul home accessories,the natural look may not be missing: it must be
decorative and comIortable, with special attention should also be placed on the link to
nature. Animals and trees are as motives to discover almost everywhere it goes, Ior
example, Iabric drapes (usually made oI leather, linen or Ielt) Ior the windows and
carpets. Curtains or Ilower meadows with orchids patterns, glass bowls with sand or
gravel, wood tea lights, glass, or the typical DalarnapIerde moose Irom Sweden the
possibilities are endless. In the bathroom, however it remains more cautious: Iittings
and storage areas are largely Iree oI decorative ornaments, towels should suIIice Ior
the 'IluIIy-sweet claims. Incidentally, Swedish sauna tons are already starting to
have t 4400 a steal, who do not want to miss on the Iavorite pastime oI Swedes and
Scandinavian home decor mainly Iollows the motto: Only the Iunction, then the
shape. UseIul and easy to set up a priority in housing design, and essentially is an
attractive living environment through the generous use oI various types oI lighting
and wood-using Iacility-heavy elements obtained. The main thing is bright and
inviting. The endless expanse oI Iells, Iorests and Ijords oI Scandinavia are reIlected
in the design aesthetics oI the living room again, where can Iind both reindeer and
moose curtains and in the Iorm oI various decorative elements. Later than this must
then also again be allowed one visit to IKEA.