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Prince Mannathoor

Fr. Prince Mannathoor

Rev. Fr. Prince Mannahtoor

Fr. Prince Mannathoor

Priest of Jacobite Syrian Christian Church Church Jacobite Syrian Christian Church Orders Ordination 3rd October 2009 byH.G. Mathews Mor Ivanios Personal details Born 1978 Mannathoor, Kerala

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Fr. Prince Mannathoor (born 1978) a priest of the Jacobite Syrian Christian Church in India. He is currently studying in Pontifical Oriental Institute.[1]

Schooling & Collegiate Studies
Fr. Prince Mannathoor was born in Mannathoor, Muvattupuzha in Kerala. He was brought up in the Syriac Orthodox faith since his childhood and was baptized at St. Marys Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church, Edayar, his mothers home parish. His early schooling was done at Govt. H.S. Athanickal, and Govt. H. S. Palakuzha in Ernakulam District and later underwent pre-university studies at the V.H.S.E. in Thirumarady. He passed his V.H.S.E. exams and joined Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur where he did his B. Com. Alongside his secular education, he also pursued his Sunday School education. His home parish is St. Thomas Syrian Simhasan Church, at Mulanthuruthy. He was very active in Sunday school, both in studies and extra curricular activities. Prince was a very good preacher in the Sunday School stages and consistently won prizes in Sunday school, district, levels.[2]

Fr. Prince Mannathoor

Theological Studies
After his graduation, he joined the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Seminary, at Mulanthuruthy for his theological studies. He completed his B.D in the year 2006 in first class. and was appointed as Publication Assistant in the department of Publication Department of Malankara Syrian Orthodox Seminary. He was awarded his Master of Theology in Church History in 2009 from Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome.[3]

H.G. Dr. Mathews Mor Ivanios, Metropolitan of Kandanad Diocese, ordained Prince Paulose as sub-deacon in 2002. He was ordained Kassisso on October 3, 2009 by H.G. Dr. Mathews Mor Ivanios.[4]

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