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Time and Motion Study Consultants, Work Measurement Continuous Improvement and Lean Processes Raise Productivity to achieve

and improve Competitive Advantage In business for over 40 years, Chinal has supported many, various and diverse Organizations to improve their productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. The "productivity Gap" is the difference between the time it "should take" and the time it "did take" We can raise your productivity through

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The flexible approach, dedication and enthusiasm of our highly skilled time and motion study consultants enables us to assist clients to identify and implement through Lean Processes, Continuous Improvement to their productivity - a foundation of Competitive Advantage. Case Studies Food and Drinks Operation Chinal identified a productivity improvement of some 27%. All the delivery processes and customer interface activities were measured; working practices examined and revised new methods implemented. The results of this assignment were achieved within three months and impacted directly on the Companys performance and their ability to win new business. Engineering Established Work Measured Standards across the full range of products and operations for this major automotive components supplier. The project was conducted at two sites and the compilation of robust standard times contributed to a substantial increase in performance and productivity.

The processes were re-laid out to provide a flow manufacturing methodology to ensure more effective working, better service levels to customers, accurate costing systems and reduce waste. Local Authority Services Dept A major review of the whole of a County Councils Direct Services Vehicle Workshop Operations was undertaken. The review concluded that there were two viable alternatives open to Management:a) Close the operation down in its entirety and outsource, as the operation was fundamentally non-viable and loss making. b A complete restructure of the mechanical engineering ) workshops based on a single depot with some minor work for emergencies and transportation taking place at one or two sub-depots. The second option was selected and Chinal subsequently prepared a plan of action then implemented the proposals contained within the review document. The process included regular meetings to review progress, resourcing and related issues; training considerations and the implementation of a sophisticated bar coding system. Water Services Provider Chinal conducted a review of the Business Critical Billing System from the initial problem definition stage through to selection of the most appropriate technique, structure and ultimately the implementation of the findings. The study impacted upon many areas within the Organisation including an in depth work load analysis which is now especially pertinent with the recently published instances of Stress Related Injuries. We were selected for this particular assignment rather than I.T. Consultants or Software Houses because we offered a well developed Approach to conducting the review which was based upon sound work study principles. Building upon firm foundations and asking the kind of questions which quickly identified the crucial What, How and Why parameters.

Furniture and Fixings Manufacturer Manufacturing for a bespoke niche market, supplying an extensive catalogue range providing multi-way combinations from various product ranges. The Managing Directors goal was to establish their business as a Centre of Manufacturing Excellence. Realising that their envious position of growth could not continue uncontrolled, Chinal were invited to measure all processes and operations to provide an accurate database for the MRP system. In addition a resource model was created for labour loading and capacity planning by converting the sales mix into work content and calculating not only the total personnel required, but exactly how many are needed in each cost centre and at what performance. The model is used by Sales to determine if lead times need to be adjusted and by Finance to amend Activity Based Costings. Concurrent to the process measurement exercise, Chinal are also implementing a Continuous Improvement Culture programme to realise the goal of the Business becoming a Centre of Manufacturing Excellence.