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SyncEXPnet - Synchronize file, folder and database across the Internet and your

own networks.

Latest Version: 3.32

License: Shareware - 30 days fully functional, then limited to five files transfer
Platform: Microsoft Windows XP / NT / 2000 / 2003
Email: hotline [ at ] syncexp.com | Paypal: hotline [ at ] jacco.hk


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1. About the Program

Copyright (C) 2002-2007 SyncEXP.com

SyncEXPnet synchronizes file, folder and database on Windows platform over TCP/IP
networks, such as the Internet and the local mini network at your office and home.
It supports all kinds of database with a ODBC connection such as Oracle, DB2,
Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Pervasive SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and desktop
database products such as FileMaker, and Microsoft Access.

SyncEXPnet is a client-server program with size fewer than 2MB in a zip file.
Install and uninstall of both client and server programs are merely copy-and-
delete of files. SyncEXPnet's client program is a green software (or a "widget" as
some will call) which is free from dll and can be run from USB thumb disk. No
installation to the client computer is ever required. It works even if software
installs are prohibited. When USB disk is pulled out, the synchronizer detaches
from the computer.

SyncEXPnet uses innovative synchronization algorithms to synchronize your data

between desktop PCs, laptops, USB drives and more. It reads automatically hidden
files and folders. SyncEXPnet combines bulletproof reliability with an extremely
easy-to-use interface. It gives a flexible configuration on per sync task basis.
Thanks to its smart data comparison approach. Directory snapshot can be stored so
to save you much tree scanning time on repetitive tasks. Our sychronizing speed is
therefore way faster than many peer applications, including those which are many
times more expensive than ours. Use SyncEXPnet you are saving minutes to hours of
computation time and bandwidth on every sync task, at a fraction of cost to our

This program is a shareware. It operates in client-server mode. The server licence

fee is paid per hard drive (or per LAN card MAC address, or per IP address)
installation. Upgrade of software is free for life time. This program is freely
distributable. You can send to anyone as long as the full contents of the zip file
are sent in an unmodified form. This program does not expire. All features are
functional. The only limitation on an unregistration copy is mirroring only up to
five items. This program is distributed in its best making. User should fully test
on capability of the program before using it for real production. We disclaim any
direct or indirect liabilities on using the program and lose of data.

Payment can be made online via Paypal.com; or you may send money orders by snail
mail. Please visit our Support Desk for payment details.

License Fee Schemes:

Basic License -- file sync

Advance License -- file and database sync

Basic license fee starts from US$29.99, life-long free upgrade. For details please
refer to:


2. Packing List

SEServer.exe - Main server program

SEClient.exe - Main client program
IniAdmin.exe - Manage database interface definition
SnapAdmin.exe - Build directory snapshot
wDataAcc.dll - Data access interface code
HookNet.dll - dll file
NTFSys.dll - dll file
DataSync.txt - Application manual for the Datasync function
Readme_SyncEXPnet.txt - This file

2.1 Files Be Created in Host Folder Automatically On Run of Programs

SEServer.cfg - Server configuration data file

SEClient.cfg - Client configuration data file
SEServer.log - Log file created/modified on EXIT of program. New logs append every
time. No limitation on size.
SEClient.log - Log file created/modified on EXIT of program. New logs append every
time. No limitation on size.
SyncNetB.ID - Temperary directory snapshot
SyncNet.ID - Fixed directory snapshot created by every run of SnapAdmin.exe

2.2 Obsoleted Files Since v3.x

SESvr98.exe and SEClt98.exe (executables for Win98 or before)

3. Installation of Program

Copy all files to a folder where you want them to run from.

4. Removal of Program

Just delete the folder will do.

5. Functionality

This is a client-server tool synchronising files and folders within an intranet

(LAN) or an extranet (WAN) setting using TCP/IP protocol. The tool compares files
and sub-folders then it does copy/delete/ignore items as you instructed. This tool
runs fast and uses very little system resource. It is your best companion in
sharing data or making backups and mirroring files.

SyncEXPnet now comes with FileSync and DataSync purposes. FileSync is dealing with
files and folder, while DataSync is dealing with records and tables inside a
database. All the following functions are applicable to both purposes.

More details about DataSync:


5.1 Functions:


- copy from host to mirror

- copy from mirror to host
- delete at host or mirror
- ignore at host or mirror
- ignore sub-folder in host
- compare existence/time/date/size of items
- configurational select/ignore/delete file type
- configurational multiple tasks
- configurational speed (a friendly feature to all busy intranet)
- preview of action on items
- auto run individual task using the built-in or Windows scheduler
- detail log on task performed

Server Side

- management of access privilege on per account and per folder basis

- define accessible IP range on per user basis
- configurational port, delay time, maxium number of concurrent connection, data
packet size and compression rate
- define age of directory tree cache
- temporarily suspension or permanent deletion of user
- enable/disable of multiple connection by the same user
- allow/disable Remote Desktop right per user
- enable/disable running as a service
- configurable activity log
- connection status monitoring window
- define known types compressed file
- be reminded that registeration of server licence per hard drive/lan can/ip
address encryption algorithm, change of hard drive name or location may result
malfunctioning and you may need to pay for a new licence

Client Side

- copy/delete/save task
- make per task job desciption
- define filesync or datasync task
- define different server per task
- define password access per server
- disconnection to server
- configurational port, delay time, packet size and compression rate
- define tolerance of error by the number of error occurrence
- define password protection on running of the client program
- define auto start up
- define show up of user interface on auto mode
- change server address/name for multiple tasks in batch mode
- search task by keyword

5.2 Special attention: deletion of item is permanent, you won't be able to recover
it from trash bin. So make good use of the Ignore and Preview functions. First
time users are strongly advised to test run it between dump folders until they
understand what the tool can do to files.

5.3 Scheduling Task

Scheduling task using the built-in scheduler is strict forward. The following two
steps are meant for using of Windows scheduler only.

Step One: enable "auto" mode on the task you want to schedule.
Step Two: add to the command line "SEClient.exe -atask1" in your scheduler,
whereas task1 is the name of your scheduling task. Make sure the SEClient.cfg and
SEClient.exe are in the same folder.

Task name is case insensitive, and does not allow space between letters.

5.4 Minimize to Taskbar

You can minimize SEClient program to task bar by adding /h on the command line:

SEClient.exe /h


SEClient.exe -atask1 /h

5.5 Trojan Not

File NTFSys.dll is compressed by PECompact for file size minimization purpose.

Some virus scanner (such as Avast as reported) may view the act a potential hack,
while other scanners (such as Norton and Kaspersky as we are using) see this a
clean file.

6. Release History

v3.32 - July 5, 2007

Improved server side stability.

v3.31b - June 25, 2007

A bug fixed of SEClient.exe in respect to server running on OS in European

v3.31a - June 20, 2007

A minor fix on language file.

v3.31 - June 13, 2007

Changed snapshot storage location.
Enhanced remote control function.
Added connection status monitoring window.

v3.30 - April 18, 2007

Resolved bug hanging the program on 100% progress completion.
Added auto resume of network connection.
v3.20 - April 14, 2007
Added directory tree scan cache function.
Added directory tree and file list snapshot function.

v3.10 - March 19, 2007

Renovated comparsion algorithms for even better file sync speed.

v3.0 - March 11, 2007

Added database synchronization function (sync changes on per "record" level
between database copies) using ODBC API interface.

v2.52 - Dec 22, 2006

Increased transfer speed from Client to Host by automatically zipped tinny files
on client side.
Improved server side log file saving function.

v2.51 - Dec 17, 2006

Killed the bug which freezes the program on dead slow connection

v2.5 - Dec 10, 2006

A complete rewrite of transmission coding. It gives higher stability with
significant improvement on transfer speed. Entended IP control range from single
to multiple. Allowed environmental variables on log file name.

v2.3 - Oct 24, 2006

Added time control function. Allowed environmental variables on folder path. For
example you can use \Backup\%ComputerName%\ABCD as your folder path; also %DATE%
will become 20061231. Be reminded that the environemntal value is applied on
CLIENT side only.

v2.21 - Dec 4, 2005

Fixed error caused by unstable network connection.

v2.2 - Nov 3, 2005

Improved program stability. Changed to new fee scheme.

v2.1 - Aug 4, 2005

Improved support of Uniocde file name.

v2.0 - Aug 1, 2005

Added support of Uniocde file name.

v1.92 - Jun 14, 2005

Added with a built-in task scheduler.

v1.91a - Apr 2, 2005

Code optimized. Increased tolerance towards unreliable networks (lost packages,
long time delay) -- resulting more effective mirroring overall.

v1.91 - Dec 22, 2004

Enhanced downloading capability of large amount of small files. Changed shareware
limitation from 5-file exchange, to full function for 30 days.

v1.9b - Nov 5, 2004

Fixed bugs from previous version on transmission and connection.

v1.9a - Nov 15, 2004

Add Paypal link on "About" page so user can buy licence directly. Made a couple
fine enhencements.

v1.9 - Nov 5, 2004

Fixed few bugs. Improved stability. Improved log function. Improved transmission
protocol (user can now select per file basis transmission direction) and achieved
higher overall speed. Expanded bandwidth and connection restrictions.

v1.87 - Oct 3, 2004

Improved simultaneous multiple server connections. Rewrote the way hardware codes
are extracted for licensing purpose.

v1.85 - Feb 8, 2004

Improved remote control function. Added function of select file types to sync.
Optimized source codes. Improved transfer speed. Fixed bug which locked program
when transfer was disconnected by network/machine interruption.

v1.80b - November 15, 2003

SEServer.exe allows registeration by IP address, LAN card MAC number, or HDD
hardware code.

v1.80a - May 13, 2003

Bug fixing on SEServer.exe

v1.80 - February 16, 2003

Added preview and task sorting function

v1.70 - January 14, 2003

Added file compression function

v1.61 - October 25, 2002

Added capability of visiting preconfigured multiple folders on every client visit.
Client recorded server location as either domain name or ip address.

v1.60 - March 18, 2002

Added progress status window, auto mode per task, and commend line auto function.

v1.54 - March 13, 2002

Added the choice of creating/keeping/deleting empty folders

v1.53 - March 6, 2002

Added display of log when a task completed. Improved program structure for a much
better stability.

v1.50 - March 4, 2002

Corrected communication protocol. Optimized file comparion algorithm and resulted
a much shorter execution time. Allowed dual networking parameters for optimized
transmission rate. Allow password protection of configuration.

v1.20 - February 26, 2002

Added a confirmation dialog window before the synchronisation would actually take
place. Added a progress indicator. Support large file transmission. Fixed few
minor bugs.

v1.03 - February 24, 2002

Fixed slow logging bug. Fixed server bug for being a resident program. Disabled
maximising window on client.
v1.00 - February 21, 2002
Changed wordings on user interfaces.

v0.95 - February 10, 2002

Added version check between client and server. Added client side privilege
control, and a warning message for unauthorised access.

v0.9 - February 8, 2002

First launch of program.

7. Feedback

Please submit a ticket at our Support Desk for any bug report and comment.