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VAAZGHA VALAMUDAN VETHATHIRI MAHARISHI Vethathirian Five fold culture Prof. Dr. Madhavan PhD., 0 98860 67232

Vethathirian Five fold culture

Prof. Dr. Madhavan PhD.,

0 98860 67232 profmadhavan@yahoo.com

Vethathirian Five fold culture

Prof. Dr. Madhavan . P

(Managing Trustee – Bangalore Indiranagar SKY Trust)


Culture is a part of evolution of humankind. It is an indicator for civilization. The difference between a learned person and an idiot is the culture (and not knowledge). A highly cultured person is a highly evolved, civilized and learned person.

Culture is a word derived from two Indian words viz.,( Kalai + Achar ). They mean (Fine Arts + Discipline ). Fine arts are the expression of people and the discipline is the working system. People to live a virtuous (dharmic) life towards the path of self realization which is the very purpose of life.

Thus the culture sets the path of our living to accomplish the purpose of life.

Virtuous (Dharmic) Life

Virtuous way of life has three distinct principal features for its implementation, namely, Morality, Duty and Charity.

Morality, is defined as an act that will not hurt self and others, not only for the present but also for the future, in terms of Thought, Speech and physical action.

Duty is defined as the Dues that one must return back to the society starting with parents, family, Teachers, Farmers, Weavers, workers, Country and the world without which one will not be in this position today.

Charity is defined as the responsible act to give away the surpluses one has in terms of Physique, Faculty and Economy to those have-nots due their poverty, illness, old age etc.

This definitions are not action plans. A common man wants to know, what he must do to lead a virtuous life. Our Common man’s Philosopher has given this simple 5 fold culture for all to follow.

5 fold culture

1. Work - Earn – Live.

2. Do not hurt / harm others – by Thought , Speech & Act ( Ahimsa )

3. Do not kill anything – even for food. (Be Vegetarian )

4. Do not encroach into others freedom & property.

5. Be Loving , Merciful & Helpful.

Work - Earn – Live.

Every one has a body to live. Body is a God given gift to mankind. When body is used is called work. When body is not used, it will become useless and die a natural death. You know how we lost our tail. Similarly we will loose our brains, arms and legs if we do not use them. Therefore work is said to be worship. Our living must be derived out of our own work, for which we must earn. This will avoid accumulation of wealth for others to live without work. If such people will not use work their body, which would mean doom to the very existence for mankind.

Do not hurt / harm others – by Thought , Speech & Act ( Ahimsa )

What more proof do we need for ahimsa that it has already proved to have got freedom for our country. The third law of Newton, most us are familiar is that “ For every action, there is equal and opposite reaction” . This is the essence of Cause and Effect. By hurting yourself and / or others, you are sure creating opportunity for its reversal. We must develop the habits of ahimsa as the virtuous path of life.

Do not kill anything – even for food. (Be Vegetarian )

By evolution, we have inherited the qualities of animals. As animals they did not know how to cultivate their food grains and cook. If man also behave the same way, why at all the sixth sense for him. In the economy, they say wherever there is a demand, we must supply. Sure there is demand for food, but not non vegetarian. As long as people consume, it will be produced. Therefore it must begin with individuals, who must now onwards stop eating non vegetarian food. Then their production will automatically stop and we can expect the behavior of man changing for better than animals. We must know that you are what you eat.

Do not encroach into others freedom & property.

When you stretch your hand you take care that you do not hit somebody next to you. Why? The same concept applies here. Poking your nose in the affairs of others, not allowing people to express their feelings or ideas, blocking others ways for freedom and to enjoy their privacy is all called ‘ dog in the manger’ policy. The dog will not allow the cattle to eat the grass nor it will eat. We should have an approach of co operation for co existence.

Be Loving , Merciful & Helpful.

What makes a man, a man? It is the quality of his mind in the quantity of his body. We buy and use sugar not for its crystal shape or white color but for its unseen quality of sweetness. Otherwise it will not be called sugar, but something that looks like sugar. Please ask yourself are you a human being really or you look only like a human being. The quality of a real human is reflected by his love, being merciful and helpful. Your body is the tool for help. Your mind is the guiding spirit to help. Your very life is to serve all. You are the very quality of God.

With the Divine Blessings of Vethathiri Maharishi, “May the Whole World enjoy Prosperity, Happiness, Wisdom and Peace”.


P.S. Your comments are most welcome. email: profmadhavan@yahoo.com Prof. Dr. Madhavan, Managing Director of ‘Train 2 Win Consultants’ for Management and Training in Bangalore. Basically a mechanical engineer with management qualifications worked in Multi national organizations in senior positions for more than 30 years. Also associated with Vethathiri Maharishi for more than 20 years in disseminating his teachings and techniques to the world. )