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Living Trends 2011 - Tradition meets

industrial design
Living Trends 2011 individual Iurniture and decoration Ior your ZuhauseWer
currently wants to set up his new apartment and still have no real idea should inIorm
themselves about the new trends in interior design and color trends. These experts
were appointed by setting up Iour diIIerent topics. It Iocuses on the 50s, but also the
establishment in a rugged industrial design is a trend.

Living Trends
Back to tradition
Pure retro, because the 50's come back and conquer the living spaces. The Iocus oI
the Iemale inIluence is in the Iurnishings. Flowered dishes and lovely decorative
objects may again be pulled out oI the boxes. Even traditional materials such as
leather in a palette oI cream, beige, ocher, pale pink, brown to black blackberry
conveys luxury and traditional patterns such as diamond, herringbone, and brush
stroke prints residential support this trend. Kombinierst you with the dark brown
Iurniture, the room quickly gets the atmosphere oI bygone days.
Simple comIort
This seems clear rounds, reduced design to Iunctionality with a new design, the rigid
edges and gives the Iurniture a more personal touch. The main Ieature is still a
restrained Iorm with clean lines and materials in the mixture oI glass, steel, wood and
Iabric. Unnecessary decoration and bright colors you will not Iind in this residential
trend, this elegant combination oI cream and black that are simple and soothing
comIort Ior the living area.
Inspiration Irom the Iactory Iloor
The charm oI old industrial plants this year conquered the living rooms. The Iocus is
on work tables and wooden chairs, metal lockers and lampshades made oI iron. This
was clearly looking Ior inspiration in workshops, garages and Iactories, rough, tough
and rugged materials such as iron, wood and chrome are crucial allies. A design
Ieature is visible welds, which complete this residential trend.
The main thing is not boring
CheerIul souls will Ilourish here, because this trend is allowed in the interior design
and decoration everything is colorIul and expressive. Various cultural inIluences are
in Iocus and appear as colored decorative objects. Old patterns oI ethnic images are
combined with each other wildly and produce a new style. It may bold colors such as
turquoise and red are used. Parrots, Ilowers and wood Iigures, preIerably as a holiday
souvenir, are set in cozy scene.
The trends Ior 2011 are varied and can be much room Ior their own creative ideas.
Whether or colorIul retro-style, elegant and restrained style oI old industrial
technology. All styles allow an individual design and decoration Ior a beautiIul home.