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Celebrate without a guilty conscience

Every year: the lure oI sweet and Iat temptations. There, a
vanilla crescents, because once a powerIul punch. The love
handles will Iollow automatically. With a bit oI movement and
you are healthy and Iit through the holidays.
Young couple with snowman

Celebrate without a guilty conscience
Snowman is not only Iun Ior children
According to one oI the Healthy Austria Fund (FG) in 2009
survey while the share oI those Ior Christmas too much or eat
unhealthy slightly compared to 2004. But the proportion oI
couch potatoes 'oI 2004, only 53 percent say that the Christmas
period Ior physical activity, sport or long walks. In the 2009
survey, there were only 32 percent.
One should just eighth in the cold season on adequate exercise.
Even iI it`s a bit heavier than on warmer days, the
recommendation oI health experts is: Get to Iresh air! 'The dry
heated air attacks the mucous membranes and makes them
susceptible to inIection. Dry mucous membranes and skin. We
need sunlight to make vitamin D. Who sits only in the room has
too little oI it soon. The cold also helps us out there to consume
more calories because the body also needs to keep its
temperature, 'says the German health insurance company
Anyone who operates sports can aIIord to be without a guilty
conscience, the one or the other dietary 'sin. Some movement
also helps the stomach and intestines during digestion and
stimulates the circulation going again. However, one should not
exaggerate the dimensions oI the calorie reduction. 25 minutes
ice-skating make just one cup oI hot chocolate oIIset (about 230
kcal). 30 minutes shoveling snow kills around ten marzipan
potatoes (about 230 kcal). And 100 grams oI gingerbread (350
kcal) to make up, you have to engineer walking according to the
German health insurance company a good 50 minutes.
Notorious movement muIIles could serve as a welcome excuse
Ior those numbers. True to the motto: Take nothing anyway. The
couch potatoes to heart is that even a little bit more oI physical
activity is a great asset to our health. Anyone 5,000 steps a day
is consumed at least 200 calories. And this 'Iitness program
light, everyone can quite easily be integrated into the daily
Shall recommend the Healthy Austria Fund 3 x 10 minutes oI
exercise a day to incorporate into everyday liIe. Because it`s
enough iI you take the stairs instead oI the elevator. Or rather
Irom the bus station gets out and walks the rest oI the way on
Ioot. And who can stand when the car-shopping giIts and
transIers the packet through the city, not just the annoying
parking space is going on, but also does the same thing Ior his
Who likes the cold but could not go away, on holidays, at least
install a small wellness program. A day oI swimming and then
relax in the sauna brings the body up to speed at Iirst and
continues to provide a reasonable break Ior regeneration toasty
warm relaxation. A man with 65 kilograms body weight burns
about 140 calories aIter all, when he was thirty minutes long
swims chest.
And who but rouses to a long walk with the Iamily or with
Iriends through the snowy landscape does not just his character
Iinally something good. The soul will thank. Promote
harmonious social contacts, Iinally, the internal equilibrium. A
Iun snowball Iight, a Iun toboggan ride a smile on children`s and
adult Iaces.
In order to avoid aIter the holidays Ior a rude awakening when
walking on the balance, could thereIore read the golden path:
treat with eye movement with joy!