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Zachary Ostapchenko Dr. Erin Dietel-McLaughlin WR 13300 December 7, 2011 From the Inspirations and Advancements in Tennis to the Interpretations and Truths of Film: My Reflection on a Semester of Multimedia Writing and Rhetoric I recall writing about my experiences as a writer in one of the very first blog posts that we had for this class. My interpretation and ideas revolving around writing were definitely limited as I see an improvement in the development of my writing skills now. This portfolio represents four areas of work that I focused on based on two subjects that are a huge part of my life: tennis and film. With each passing assignment, I feel that I have exceeded what was previously before it. I was able to learn from the mistakes that I made and create pieces of work that I admired. The evolution is apparent in the fact that I was able to create a piece of work in better ways when I connected more with the subject. As a writer who appreciates creativity, I felt that my talents shined through when I felt more freedom away from a structured style of writing. Through uses of research I was able to get a better understanding of rhetoric. I would use examples about the analysis of rhetoric and then I would be able to complement these ideas through my use of knowledge of this topic. The areas of rhetoric that were most evident came when I was able to cite outside works to help create a better idea of what I wanted to present.

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I never really understood research until now. In other words I was unaware that I was lacking in the understanding of how to properly conduct a research assignment until after I started working on these projects. These works have created further inspiration to read and think in ways that will continue to help me later in life. The research and critical reading of the pieces of works that I chose to examine was the most important part in my development. These pieces were a necessity for my improvement. This class has allowed my to look at multimedia in a different way, especially with the audio narrative and the visual essay. I had never submitted such strong works in these formats before. In what we examined and learned about regarding multimedia, I was able to better create projects that I hadnt created before. The use of multimedia has sparked greater possibilities of creativity that have especially enhanced my skills in writing, research, and understanding of rhetoric. Each of the assignments had their own focus in a particular format. The narrative essay focused on the creation of a true story of our lives that we had to actually speak. We had literally become the storytellers. Then the analysis essay introduced us to an average size paper that would focus on the interpretation of two topics that we would discuss without biases. The research paper was the typical heavy duty essay that focused on the reliance of outside sources in order to convey a point of an analytical argument. Finally, the visual essay went beyond words, representing the rhetoric from images and sounds. It is different style of thinking that has one of the strongest voices and we had to create a voice that would convey an argument. Each introduced a new idea that could then be included in the next project such as examples, sources, and

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images/videos. I was able to master each of the assignments in different ways, some better than others, but overall I feel the outcomes were pretty strong. I am most proud of my visual essay because I was able to create, in a way, a short film and Im thinking of majoring in film. It was like a step towards that plan and I was able to present a topic that meant a lot to me; it also had a lot of intrigue and controversy behind it. In the excitement, I went a little overboard in the time, but I felt that it was just because I had such a fun time working on the project. I was able to present new ideas and include sources that backed up what I wanted the audience to understand. Im very proud to have finished on such a high note.