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The key factors to promote a better and lasting development: the fossil gas natural

DR Mellak Abderrahmane AND CHIEB BACHIR Department of petroleum and mineral deposits LGPH. Faculty of hydrocarbons and chemistry .

The co emissions occasioned by the increasing consumption of fossil combustible, are mainly responsible for the great part of greenhouse gas emissions. The pollution phenomena are actually considered as having reached worldwide sizes, so it may be as following: how energy is able to combine economical development and environmental respect. The best solution to reach an arrangement is in evidence one of the three dimensional equations energy availability environment brought by natural gas in fact its first about always searching for the greatest energy efficiency, and then taking optimal advantages from the clean properties of the natural gas product. As to availability, worlds proven natural gas reserves, about 450.00Gm significant and may supply between 70 to 100years of the actual yearly consumption. The reserves are regularly distributed across the continents. Today there are three great gas natural markets. Both North American and eurafrican continental markets and that of Asian LNG. As to its wide energy efficiency the gas path is owing to assets. Natural gas is a clean product which makes its direct use through industrial process allowing both energy efficiency and productivity profits. Its a clean and available energy that can be used in several fields, among which the transportations one (CNG: compressed natural gas cars, LNG liquefied natural gas ) gas air conditioning and lightening. As to environment, its knowing that the alliance of info sit fuels frees co, water steam, carbon monoxide, azote oxides, sulfur dioxides, fire proved, ashes and dusts. These gas Emissions (greenhouse gases) are varying by the used fossil fuel and its utilization. its holding less carbon per unit than oil , and so its burning throws less greenhouse emissions. the drained emanation after the gas combustion are mainly composed from water steams that dont pollute and dont contribute to acid rains constitution . So it can be said that, natural gas is at the present time a future full developing energy. Its in deed presenting significant advantages, among them flexibility , output cleanness, plentiful reserves and geopolitical fields distribution. It is particularly bringing good answers to the new energy requirements various uses of though build up developed countries , energy savings security , environmental concern. Natural gas may be the key to move in order to further long. Lasting development, gathering ecological and economical logic that are the long lasting

development key factors. The great new gass project around the world show the confidence that natural gas as being a clean and futurist energy.
Key words : natural gas lasting development, energetic efficiency, environmental benefits.