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"Bastardy is condemned by the highest moral authority, divine law, which is incorruptible.

" - 45 "the presentation of evil bastard characters was more than a conservative judgement on fornication; it could be an active engagement with the religious controversy of the time, a projection of spiritual insecurities." - 46 "The bastard can be seen as a human example of le part maudite, Georges Bataille's economic category of the accursed surplus." - 47

illegitimate power: bastards in Renaissance drama By Alison

Findlay "but in every age the sensitive consciences in the audience feel uneasy about objectifyin their own sins on the pharmakos." - 187 frye don john flees claudio is the danerous one hiding his suspicion behind a mask of virtue "...the fundamental comic pattern relies on a dual progression. The pharmakos is punishes and exposed by an entire community, and in the process there is a catharsis of the anxiety of jealousy: while young love triumphs and is accepted by the community." - 103

Shakespearean criticism: excerpts from the

criticism of William Shakespeare's plays and poetry, from the first published appraisals to current evaluations don john = technical villain malvolio = the butt "the idiotes is usually isolated from the action by being the focus of the anticomic mood, and so may be the technical villain, like Don John, or the butt, like Malvolio..." - harold bloom 808

Critical Perspective: Spenser and Shakespeare

what you will = what you desire = you desire comedy identity derived from desire malvoglio = italian ill will or here wrong desire

- sin od self- love "Ultimately, for Viola, Sebastian, Olivia, and Orsino, "what you will" is an invitation to comic possibility; for malvolio, however, it is an invitation to personal tragedy." - edward cahill - dialogic relation in plot and sub plot - 63 - stewardship blurred the line between responsibility and authority - emergence of self - man hood not achieved until one took wife and produced an heir malvolio = hypocrite for protecting olivia from toby's debauchery while simultaneoulsy harbouring his own covetousness - scene 4 beginning "...where's Malvolio, he is sad and civil,/ And suits well for a Servant with my Fortunes (mine)." - mavolio sick of self love a dark room and bound 3.4.135-136 john 1.3.32 hypocrisy dogberry 4,2,42 "Messina selects and victimises Don John but the play critisises such futile attempts to project insecurities outwards by constructing nd then blaming disposessed groups as creators of disorder." - 106 illegitimate http://www.slaw.ca/2009/04/07/malvolios-revenge-recentdecision-of-the-supreme-court-of-illyria/

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRlvUTgIGpc - why does she get to be a boy? the inside/outside dichotomy threatened? don john is pharmakos taken outside city walls forever - in order to be led out it must have been kept inside - medicine and poison begi