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Title : Assessing the influence of the physical sports facility on consumer satisfaction within the context of the service

experience. Author : 1. T.Christoper Greenwell - University of Louisville 2. Janet S.Fink and Donna L.Pastore - Ohio State University Variables: An understanding n how facilities influence customers satisfaction and to investigate the influence of the physical facility relative to other targets of quality namely the core product and service personnel. Methodology: Sample were selected from spectators of a minor league ice hockey team competing in their second seasons. The market setting in which the team competes is a midsized Midwestern United States city. Customers were surveyed to ascertain their judgement of the physical facility, core product and service personnel. Subject were selected to complete questionnaires and self report data. The selection method was analogous to the mall-intercept or street intercept method in marketing research. Result: An examination of means revealed that most variales received a good rating from the customers and that customers reported igh level of satisfaction. Conclusion: A good facility alone (or any other aspects of the serice experience) may not drive customers satisfaction but a good facility in combination with an acceptable core product and good service personnel can be very influential. To truly satisfy customers, managers must pay attention to all 3 variables. Title: Spectators perception of physical facility and team quality: A study of a Malaysian Super League Soccer match Author: 1. Aminuddin Yusof - Sports Academy University Putra Malaysia 2. Lee Hooi See - University College Sedaya International Variables: To examine the relationship between stadium factors and team quality on spectaors' satisfaction and their intentions to attend soccer matches in Malaysia. Methodology:

Using a convenience sampling method, questionnaire, data collected from spectators who attend a Super League game at Shah Alam Stadium. Data collection were done before and during the half time interval period. Result: Data analysis was performed to examine which independent variables (overallteam or overall sportscape) predicted spectators' satisfaction and future attendance. Team quality and sportscape affect spectators' satisfaction. The result shows that the team quality is an important variables in predicting spectators' satisfaction as spectators emphasized more on the quality of the teamthan on sportscape features. Conclusion: Overall sportscape and overall team quality significantly predicted spectators' satisfaction. This showed that both sportscape and team quality influence spectators' satisfaction in attending a football match. Title: Sportscape factors influencing spectators satisfaction : A case study in professional golf Author: 1. Keith W. Lambrecht - Layola University Chicago 2. Fredrick Kaefer - Layola University Chicago 3. Samuel D. Ramenofsky - Layola University Chicago Variables: To access the overall level of satisfaction of spectators attending a professional golf tournament. Specifically, the objectives was to identify sportscape factors that influence the overall level of satisfaction of golf spectators who attend a PGA Tour event. Methodology: Data was collected using a surveys instrument based on research summerized previously. Results: Based on preliminary descriptive analysis, spectators appeared to be satisfied with sportscape factors with an average sportscape rating of 3.90. Conclusion: It is evident that sportscape factors have a direct impact on spectaors level of satisfaction. Therefore, event organizers need to carefully examine sportscape factors to improve spectators' perceptions and thus increase their level of satisfaction. Comment: