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17 November 2011

2010 - 2011


Adding Friends and Sending Money Via Website

New Card Designs

Second Generation Cards



Refer a Friend and Receive Benefits Any Nickname for Free Ability to Choose Card Designs Account Top-up via Payboxes

Number of Users

First Generation Cards


eWallet Integration & Money Transfers Both Ways

Smartivi Concierge

New Webpage Full Account Statement from the Webpage

Control Panel for Transfer Limits

Account Blocking via SMS 5% Interest Accrual on Standard Smartivi Account Balance


Several Baskets on One Smartivi

Automatic Top-Up of Smartivi Balance from any Liberty Bank Account

18,085 Users

63,140 Users 30,391 Baskets 43 Providers & up to 210 Merchants

99,593 Users 35,728 Baskets 66 Providers & up to 225 Merchants

>130,000 Users >40,000 Baskets >70 Providers & up to 250 Merchants


16,109 Baskets 40 Providers & up to 190 Merchants

Q4 2010

Q1 2011

Q2 2011

Q3 2011

Q4 2011
17 November 2011 3

What Has Changed Since November 2010?
Unlimited baskets per one Smartivi concierge Monthly Newsletter Smartivi.ge Facebook login Customisable transfer limits Account blocking via SMS Account top-up and online payments via MasterCard January 2011 February 2011 June 2011 July 2011 July 2011 October 2011 September 2011

From 1 November 2011

Ability to choose card designs Free nickname choices for both Standard & Premium 5% interest accrual on Standard Integration with account balance eWallet and free fund movements national payments system

Automatic top-up of Smartivi balance from any Liberty Bank account is integrated with Referrals invite a friend and receive benefits Live video support on Smartivi.ge

Social Networks & P2P

Referral programme and SMS Money transfers via website Money transfers via Facebook Money transfers via SMS

July 2011 July 2011 July 2011 July 2011

Coming Soon This Winter

Discounts at selected retailers and service providers Free card for online shopping digital wallet in US$ and Euro account balance from any bank card

P2P transfers in other currencies Automatic top-up of @Smartivi. ge email account

17 November 2011

GEL 0.00 GEL 0.00 GEL 0.00 GEL 0.00 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% GEL 0.5 1.00% 1.00% 1.00% GEL 3.00 3.42 4 5.00% 5.72% 7 GEL 14.3 68 GEL 73.74 248 240+ 274 10.00% 4,500+ >40,000 86,597 130,000+ Unlimited
Price of Smartivi, as well as Premium Smartivi with any nickname Movement of funds between Smartivi sub-accounts is free The amount that the Smartivi account holders pay for adding providers in their Smartivi basket Price of a basket on a Premium Smartivi Commission that the client pays for topping up Smartivi account balance with any channel Commission that the sender pays for P2P transactions with the PAY system cards Cash withdrawal fee on Premium Smartivi at 248 Liberty Bank ATMs Monthly basket fee on Standard Smartivi Commission paid by P2P transfer recipient Low fees (for merchants) for paying via PAY system cards/accounts at retailers (free for users) Cash withdrawal fee on Premium Smartivi at Liberty Banks 174 branches and mobile branches Monthly fee on Premium Smartivi Average number of providers in one Smartivi basket Ways of transferring money to your friend (via Facebook, SMS, website and ATM) Annual interest rate accrual on Standard Smartivi account balance Share of Smartivi in bill payments from total bill payments at Liberty Bank Maximum number of providers per one Standard Smartivi basket Average Smartivi bill payment Number of Smartivi providers Average Smartivi top-up transaction size Number of ATMs, where it is possible to withdraw cash from Smartivi account Number of retailers where it is possible to pay with PAY Liberty Banks branches and mobile branches, where it is possible to top-up or withdraw cash from Smartivi account Annual interest rate accrual on Premium Smartivi account balance Number of Gift Cards in PAY system that our clients have given away Number of Smartivi baskets Number of providers in Smartivi baskets Number of Smartivi accounts Number of baskets on Smartivi
17 November 2011 5


Smartivi monthly service fee Monthly basket service fee Number of baskets FREE GEL 0.50 per one basket Unlimited GEL 0.50 5% 7 FREE FREE Sending free, receiving 1% Max. GEL 500 3% Min. GEL 0.50 1% Min. GEL 0.50 Unlimited GEL 1,500 GEL 10,000 FREE FREE FREE FREE GEL 3.00 FREE Unlimited FREE 10% 10 FREE FREE Sending free, receiving 1% Max. GEL 500 3% Min. GEL 0.50 FREE Unlimited GEL 3,000 GEL 20,000 FREE FREE FREE FREE

General Features

Monthly Smartivi concierge service fee Annual interest rate (monthly accruals) Number of providers per one basket Transfers between Smartivi sub-accounts P2P money transfers on any Liberty Bank card P2P transfer fee P2P transfer limit

Cash Withdrawal

Cash withdrawal through Liberty Bank branches and service centres Cash withdrawal through Liberty Bank ATMs Cash withdrawal daily limit at Liberty Bank branches and service centres Cash withdrawal daily limit at Liberty Bank ATMs Daily operations limit at retailers and service units

Smartivi Account Topup

Via Liberty Bank Card Via 274 Liberty Bank branches and mobile branches Via 600+ self service terminals (Paybox) Via any other Banks Visa and MasterCard


You only pay utility bills for one place of residence You rarely play gambling games on the internet You are not planning to use Smartivis additional services You want interest to be accrued on your balance

You want to pay utility bills for several places of residence You want to play gambling games on internet You want high interest rate to be accrued on your balance You want to take advantage of Smartivis diverse additional services You want to frequently withdraw cash from your Smartivi account via ATMs
17 November 2011 6


Monthly service fee Direct debit for paying various providers (utility, etc) Monthly service fee for direct debits Convenient payments to providers through baskets Monthly basket service fee Number of baskets Number of providers in one basket SMS receipt Annual interest rate on account balance with monthly accruals Money transfers via SMS Multicurrency account Safe online shopping at international online shops Cash withdrawal fee via ATM Account top-up through bank branches Account top-up via website through any Visa or MasterCard card Account top-up via 600+ self service terminals (Paybox) Integration with digital wallet


Standard Smartivi

Premium Smartivi
GEL 3.00

Generic Payroll Card

GEL 0.50


GEL 1.00+

GEL 0.50 per one basket Unlimited 7

FREE Unlimited 10




Coming Soon Coming Soon 1%, min GEL 0.50

Coming Soon Coming Soon FREE

From 0% to 1%

17 November 2011 7

Earn Money With Smartivi

The 1st account in Georgia that pays you for inviting friends
For what do we pay you? New customers referred by you Option 1: Invite your friends via an email or Facebook. If a person clicks on your link and joins Smartivi, you are automatically marked as his referrer Option 2: Through banners and buttons available in various sizes on www.smartivi.ge. Add our banner or button on your website and every visitor who is referred to smartivi.ge through your banner shall be automatically marked as your referral In order to receive credit for a referral, the customer referred by you must use one of the two options as described above How much do we pay you? 1 Lari per client who has registered a basket in case the client is referred via email or personal link 1% of the amount topped up by the referral within 3 months after the registration takes place

Conditions of Offer: Anyone who has a Smartivi account is allowed to participate in the referral program. Merchant accounts are excluded from participation Liberty Bank reserves the right to disallow any person as an originator Referral payments are unlimited Liberty Banks decisions on who is the originator of a given progeny are absolutely final and are not subject to discussion Liberty Bank reserves the right to discontinue or change the reward scheme, or any other aspect of the program at any time

17 November 2011


Use email
Invite your friends! The fastest and easiest way to spread the word about Smartivi is email. You can refer friends to Smartivi by sending them your referral link - you know best how to tell them about this referral program. Friends who know many people will be your greatest asset Use email signatures Email signatures work very effective. They are the letterhead of your email message including typically 5 -10 lines of contact information, and are appended automatically to the end (or sometimes at the top) of each message you send. Check your email software for this feature


The Web
Social Networks Post the referral link on your Facebook wall, tweet it on your Twitter page or share it with people in your circles on Google Plus Blogs, message boards and chats There are tons of newsgroups and message boards where you can post. You can ask people what they think about Smartivi and if they are interested in taking part in the referral scheme, but let them make the first move and show their interest Skype, Google Talk, MSN Messenger or any other instant messaging system Just as with email you can use these new web based communication forms to find like minded people and spread the word about Smartivi Use a Web Site Are you or do you personally know any webmaster? Explain how he could put a banner on his website and generate greater profit with his ID in the link. This way both of you would gain from the high traffic of the friend's website

Don't forget the offline world!

Family and Friends Are you enthusiastic about Smartivi? Mention the referral program to family, friends and people who surf on a regular basis Put your URL everywhere Put your URL on your business card or make flyers with your URL to give them away every time you need. Are there any local Internet cafes? Find out if you can refer the shop owner. He could potentially get many indirect referrals on your behalf
17 November 2011 9


Send Money Receive Money

Senders Smartivi Account

Recipient's Smartivi Account




Coming Soon
Main Smartivi Account Smartivi sub-account eMoney VISA card eMoney wallet Main Smartivi Account





Upload Funds Withdraw Funds


3%, min GEL 0.5 1%, min GEL 0.5

1%, min GEL 0.5


The existing commercial exchange rates of Liberty Bank will be applied on transactions involving currency conversions
17 November 2011 10

2007 - 2011

eMoney is an electronic wallet and the first and the most popular national internet payments system in Georgia Since 2007: 85,000+ satisfied users GEL 10,882,475 turnover on eMoney wallets 655,723 successful transactions

Fast Wherever you are eMoney gives you an opportunity to receive comprehensive information about your eWallet and make desired transactions instantly

What can you do with your eMoney Wallet? Load your eMoney wallet via Smartivi account, 274 Liberty Bank service centres (including mobile service centres), as well as self service terminals Pay on Georgias most popular online gambling websites (Adjarabet, Vivarobet, Maximum , etc), pay your utility bills, topup your mobile phone balance (in total 30+ providers) and send and receive money to/from other users of eMoney wallet Move your funds to the international electronic wallets such as WebMoney and (soon) YandexMoney Integrate your eMoney wallet with your Smartivi account for free and move your funds between them, as well as send and receive money to/from other Smartivi users Withdraw cash from Liberty Banks 274 service centres (including mobile service centres) and (from the integrated Smartivi Card) 248 ATMs Transfer money safely from eMoney wallet, using eMoneys escrow services Shop online with leading merchants in the PAY system (soon)

Simple eMoney wallet is easy to manage. By only using your email and a unique password known only to you, you can process any transaction necessary via internet

Flexible Your eMoney wallet is integrated with your Smartivi account, which means that you can transfer money for free from your eMoney account to your Smartivi account and withdraw cash, as well as use all the other features that Smartivi has to offer Safe eMoney is compliant with the highest international safety standards. In addition you can lock your eMoney wallet via SMS

17 November 2011


Incentives, discounts, cashbacks New customers and additional revenue

Convenient payments for users using only an email address and password Quick merchant account activation

Immediate settlement between electronic wallets and for merchants in the PAY system

Financial data security of your clients Anti-fraud checks and sophisticated risk management Full chargeback protection available for merchants 256-Byte SSL encryption

Accepted by the most popular Georgian online gambling websites Integrated with WebMoney and (soon) YandexMoney Integration with Smartivi allows loading and withdrawal of funds at Liberty Bank's service centres (including mobile service centres), ATMs and NOVA self service terminals
17 November 2011 13


PAY from Liberty Bank is the first national universal payments system in Georgia PAY offers businesses access to multiple payment options in Georgia within a single interface. As of today, 250 merchants are using PAY payments services

Advantages to Customers
Secure, consumer oriented and user friendly multiple payment options Cards in the PAY system can be loaded from Liberty Banks service centres (including mobile service centres), self service terminals, through other VISA and MasterCard cards and eMoney digital wallet Funds can be withdrawn from Liberty Banks service centres (including mobile service centres) and ATMs Payments to the merchants in the PAY system (including online) via: Any (Georgian or international) VISA and MasterCard cards Smartivi cards (130,000+ active users) SMS Facebook eMoney digital wallet (85,000+ active users) NOVA self-service terminals Using Gift Cards with merchants in the PAY system PAY already combines over 250 merchants, 70 vendors, 20 online shops and service providers and 248 Liberty Bank ATMs

Advantages to Merchants
Fully integrated merchant gateway and universal local payment system for Georgian Merchants One contract and one interface for multiple payment channels Access to millions of potential clients in Georgia and abroad (by accepting VISA and MasterCard payments) and unique access to almost 200,000 Smartivi cardholders and eMoney digital wallet users that is only available through PAY Support in attracting and retaining clients High security and full protection Competitive tariffs 1% commission for funds received through cards in the PAY system (including Smartivi cards) All transactions details logged and accessible electronically, ability to check commission charges, access to analytical reports and graphs depicting business dynamics Convenient website www.pay.ge and full merchant support

17 November 2011


Send money and receive services

Receive money and provide services

Payments System

Accept multiple payment methods

PAY services for merchants

Merchant dashboard Marketing support Account management Technical support

PAY Benefits
Fast Universal Customer payments are reflected on the merchants account in a short period of time and are accessible by merchants almost immediately Payments to merchants in the PAY system can be made via VISA, MasterCard, Smartivi Card, Gift Card and eMoney digital wallet. Payments can be made with plastic cards, as well as electronically via internet, SMS, Facebook, email (soon). NOVA, OSMP and TBC Pay (soon) self service terminals There is no need to return a change or a fiscal cheque, avoiding customer dissatisfaction and tax risks. Easily receive detailed financial information about the transactions Secure movement of funds. It is impossible to lose funds or for any system errors to occur Unlike other payment systems, while paying by Smartivi and PAY cards commission is only 1%. Competitive pricing on VISA and MasterCard merchant acquiring fees

Comfortable Secure Cheap

17 November 2011



Utility Payments Communications & Internet Mobile Operators State Services & Tax Internet Shopping & Hosting

Transportation & Logistics Entertainment & Content Online Gambling Financial Services

In total 25 providers

In total 21 providers

In total 6 providers

In total 8 providers

In total 26 providers

In total 3 providers

In total 8 providers

In total 7 providers

In total 6 providers



17 November 2011



Fast, Secure And Convenient Payment Gateway
Accept payments with:
More options coming soon


Plastic Cards
Accept all types of VISA and MasterCard cards and any type of card in the PAY payments system (including Smartivi cards)

eWallet Payment Processing

Target tens of thousands additional customers who use eMoney digital wallet. Payments made through eMoney digital wallet are convenient for online shoppers

eCommerce Solutions
If you want to attract more customers by offering them convenient online shopping experience, you can now benefit by choosing PAY to process your payments

Quick and easy integration User friendly gateway, fast and painless merchant sign-up process High security standards Competitive pricing from just 1%!* Merchant dashboard & reports Target 100,000+ Smartivi and other PAY system card users and 85,000 eMoney users!

Only email address and password required to make a payment Real-time secure transactions Ease of use increases customer retention Access to joint marketing opportunities Low tariffs

Immediate and customisable integration Beneficial rates and fees Instant payment notifications Local expertise and market knowledge Dedicated support team

*On cards in the PAY system

Instant access to your revenues

Pay your expenses and supplies with your Smartivi business card
17 November 2011 18


With PAY payment gateway you, as a merchant, benefit from a wide selection of payment methods with just one simple and quick integration. Accept international and local credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and a growing number of alternative payment options, including the eMoney digital wallet. Start using this convenient, quick and secure payment gateway today and process payments directly on your website.

Payment process:
Total to pay: GEL 100 Choose your payment method Type of international card:

Payment process:
Total to pay: GEL 100

Payment process:

Payment confirmed

Cardholders name: Card number:

Order number: 00011 Description: Price:

month year

Purse GEL 100 18% GEL 118

Local payment options: Security code: eWallet: Expiration date:

VAT: Total amount:



Competitive and flexible pricing with these unique features

Large choice of payment options: All types of VISA and MasterCard cards, Smartivi cards, Gift Cards and eMoney digital wallet PCI-DSS level security PAY is a service of Liberty Banks in-house processing centre, which, is PCI-DSS compliant, which means that you dont have to be Merchant dashboard: A wide selection of customisable settings, transaction monitoring, reporting and archiving Readily available online shop: We are offering you a readily available online shop on cheap.ge, where you can place your products for sale and your business is already on the internet
17 November 2011 19

Fast integration: Dedicated support team for the fast integration in PAY system

Transaction records: Receive detailed record of each transaction, access to detailed financial reports on PAY website


PAY payment solutions power your business further. Get access to multiple options with one simple integration As a one stop shop we provide all you need to open your business to millions of customers in Georgia and abroad, by allowing you to accept their choice of payment method Whichever way you plug into PAY, it means faster payments, increased reach, growth and boosted revenues. Can you afford to accept anything less when choosing your solution? We are planning to add much more services to the already vast range of services available to you. In the near future you will be able to place your product offers on bus stop advertisement boards, from where customers will be able directly purchase your products via telephone If you need advice about choosing the solution that best fits your needs, contact our dedicated Merchant Service Team at: service@pay.ge
Auction Payments Officially accepted by eAuction.ge, our flexible solution offers auction fulfillment and secure and instant payments between buyers and sellers, including all the variables needed to keep your customers happy and protected and help you receive positive feedback Internet Casino & Gambling When your customers need to pay and play, we make sure they do it as smoothly as possible! PAY is integrated with every popular online gambling business in Georgia. Our system gives you an all-round risk management and fraud protection and we support your growth with targeted marketing and promotions Internet Shopping & Content PAY already works with a large number of shop systems and solution providers, which is the easiest way of running an online business providing you access to all payment options and risk management tools through one simple integration Retailers & Service Providers Offering all types of payment interfaces, PAY provides customisable payment solutions for retailers & service providers. Our large network of local payment options helps you monetise customers around the world, giving them opportunity to pay via plastic cards, SMS, internet, Facebook and self-service terminals
17 November 2011 20


Choosing the internet acquiring services that is right for your business is crucial for online shops. PAY payments system offers you access to multiple payment options with competitive tariffs Only by using our system, you will be able to receive payments from those clients who do not possess bank cards, banking accounts or electronic accounts. We offer such clients an opportunity to make payments in cash via any self-service terminal in Georgia Facebook Store is one of the fastest growing online shopping segments. PAY system is Facebook user oriented. If you have a Facebook Store, we can offer you a payment solution specifically suited for this purpose Delivering products to customers physically is one of the biggest challenges that the online shops face, especially in those areas where postal services are not adequately developed. We offer you Liberty Banks courier services to solve this problem

PAY payment system will help you power your business further!
PAY is a multifaceted system a one stop shop for all your needs. Select the payments solution that is most suited for your business and get access to millions of customers in Georgia and abroad. Whatever you choose, just remember: integrating with PAY payments gateway means instant payments, more customers and revenue growth for your business!

Need help in making the right choice? Contact our dedicated service team and get their advice: service@pay.ge

17 November 2011


Simplify transaction management Drive new revenue streams with innovative products Deliver a better customer experience Tap the unbanked segment of the population
Merchants in the PAY system are eligible for free Smartivi gold card. With Smartivi gold card you can make fast and cheap payments of your businesss utility bills, pay your suppliers, control your expenses online, via Facebook and mobile phone Deliver easy-to-use payment options to your customers PAY cards, Liberty Bank Gift Cards, eWallet and attract new customers and enhance relationships with the existing customers

A growing number of customers are using Facebook and almost everyone in Georgia owns a mobile phone. Give them the opportunity to pay via their Facebook account and mobile phone (through SMS) Only PAY payments system gives you an opportunity to receive payments from those customers who do not have a bank card or a bank account, or an eWallet account. We offer such customers an opportunity to pay in cash via any active serf-service terminal (Paybox) for their online purchases.

Payment Options
Step 1: A customer wants to pay for a product at DEMO-SHOP.COM. As soon as the customer has completed his shopping selection, he proceeds by selecting the checkout option provided by the merchant web site. Step 2: On the DEMO-SHOP.COM checkout page, the customer indicates that he wishes to pay with PAY. This page should present the total amount that the merchant wishes to be paid, and can be given in various currencies. If the customer agrees to pay the merchant the specified amount, he clicks on the pay button. Step 3: After clicking on the button, the customer's browser opens the PAY gateway page, hosted on PAY servers. The customer can now pay for the transaction through the following payment options: Option 1 - The customer can pay DEMO-SHOP.COM instantly via VISA/MasterCard credit or debit cards issued by any Bank Option 2 - The customer can pay the merchant with offline transfer via Paybox Terminals. A unique transaction code will ensure that the payment can be tracked to the specific purchase at DEMO-SHOP.COM. This option is very convenient for customers who do not have a Smartivi account or eMoney wallet yet Option 4 - If the customer already has a Smartivi account, he can pay directly from his Smartivi balance and confirm the transaction with his Smartivi login credentials Option 3 - If the customer already has an eMoney wallet, he can pay directly from his eMoney Wallet and confirm the transaction with his eMoney login credentials Option 5 - If the customer has a PAY system issued Gift Card, he can pay instantly from the Gift Card balance by entering card details Step 4: After the customer has viewed the payment result page, he is redirected to DEMO-SHOP.COM. The shopping process is completed and DEMO-SHOP.COM can now process the order of the customer
17 November 2011 22


Virtual POS Online www.Smartivi.ge www.eMoney.ge




Liberty Banks VISA and MasterCard cards

As Agreed 1% 2%-2.5% 1% 1%

As Agreed 1% As Agreed 1%

As Agreed As Agreed As Agreed As Agreed 1% 1% 1% 1% 1%

eMoney VISA card

Other VISA and MasterCard cards


Gift Card

eMoney digital wallet

As Agreed As Agreed

As Agreed


17 November 2011


PAY already works with a large number of eCommerce solutions and strategic partners. If your provider is not listed below, please contact us to see how we can help

eCommerce Shopping Cart Software

Tons of features Fast & Secure Full integration with PAY eCommerce solutions logos for your website

Facebook Store Platform

You can also open an online store along with your Facebook store

Electronic auction platforms

17 November 2011


Payments with VISA Payments with MasterCard Payment with American Express Payments with Smartivi Payments with Gift Card Payments via mobile phone Online payments Payments via Facebook Payments via self-service terminals Your products on the online and Facebook shop


Sending SMS messages to your customers Sending emails to your customers and courier services

17 November 2011



Offer easy incentives to clients online Offer discounts and sales on items to your customers using multiple online channels through PAY system. Available to only merchants in the PAY system!

Readily Available Online Shop Place your products in PAYs online shop, or use our eCommerce shopping cart software in order to create one of your own!

17 November 2011





Your website must have:

Full terms and conditions Privacy policy Return policy Full contact details Company legal name and registration number Company contact information: email and phone numbers

You need Pay.ge account, you can open online by visiting www.pay.ge

Fill out a request form online on www.pay.ge Or contact us at: service@pay.ge

Your website should be fully operational in order to be able to accept payments

We will conduct a test purchase

Protection against a negative balance Important: Mandatory Merchant Verification

You will be asked to provide a set of necessary documents and in a short questionnaire/agreement. All this information can be found on Pay.ge website.
With any payment, made by VISA & MasterCard there is always the risk of a chargeback. A chargeback applies when your customer contacts their card issuer or bank claiming that he/she did not make the payment or receive their goods. In most cases this can be avoided by setting up clear terms and conditions, granting fast delivery of ordered goods or services and can be resolved directly between you and your customer. If your customer initiates a chargeback, the respective amount will be taken directly from your PAY account. We need to ensure that you always have a positive balance on your account; if your balance becomes negative then you lose the ability to accept any further payments through the PAY system until you have uploaded enough funds to get back into the positive. The typical reserve we apply is 10% over 180 days. Transactions made by PAY cards (including Smartivi) and eMoney wallets are not subject to chargebacks another reason to switch to PAY merchant services today
17 November 2011 27

Find out more at: www.smartivi.ge www.emoney.ge www.pay.ge
In case of any questions please contact: Archil Melikadze Head of Merchant Business Development Initiative Mob.: +995 591 518008 email: archil.melikadze@libertybank.ge

Sales Team

Support Team

Liberty Tower, 74 I. Chavchavadze Ave, Tbilisi 0162, Georgia


Main Features

S Smartivi basket is one of the main features of Smartivi, which aims to simplify payment procedures for Smartivi users S You can add your desired providers to your Smartivi basket, get the information instantly about your outstanding balance and make payments without re-inputting your personal data S Number of baskets on Smartivi is unlimited S Fee per one basket on Standard Smartivi is GEL 0.50, whereas on Premium Smartivi it is free

17 November 2011



S Smartivi gives you an opportunity to transfer money to any other Smartivi user via only SMS message! S In order to transfer money via SMS you only need to enter the recipient's Smartivi nickname, then #, then amount of money you would like to transfer, then again # and send it to the following number: 5000 (the number is the same no matter which Georgian mobile operator you are using) S Sending money via SMS is free, but the recipient pays 1% of the received funds

17 November 2011



S You can transfer money to any of your Facebook friends, even if they do not have a Smartivi account. If they already have Smartivi accounts, the funds will be loaded automatically, but if not, they can open Smartivi accounts within the seven day period and receive funds S In order to transfer money via Facebook please visit the following link: https://apps.facebook.com/smartivi-lb/ and like the Smartivi Facebook page S Choose your friend from your friends list, then choose Send Money from the list of options, or Receive Money, press enter and your transaction is complete S Sending money via Facebook is free, but the recipient pays 1% of the received funds

17 November 2011



Choose a friend to whom you would like to make a money transfer Enter the amount you would like to transfer

Check the transfer operation

Confirm the transfer

17 November 2011


S In order to join the Smartivi Referral programme, you should have a Smartivi account and a website profile. After logging in through your Smartivi nickname and password, you can invite friends through email or webbanner, after which you are automatically marked as his referrer S You will receive credit for your referral after your friend registers a Smartivi account and receives a Smartivi card S In order for your friend to become your referral, he/she should register on the Smartivi website, through the link provided to him/her by you S In order to invite more friends, you can place your unique referral link on different social network pages, blogs, message boards and chats S You can also share your unique referral link through Skype, Google Talk, MSN and any other instant messaging system

S How much do we pay you? S 1 Lari per client who has registered a basket in case the client is referred via email or personal link S 1% of the amount topped up by the referral within 3 months after the registration takes place
17 November 2011 34


S In order to invite friends to Smartivi via email, you should log into your Smartivi profile and choose Smartivi Refer A Friend Programme, press email banner, indicate the email address, as well as the friends name and surname

Your unique link with which your friend becomes your referral after registering through it: https://www.smartivi.ge/index.php/register/index/17

17 November 2011



S In order to invite friends to Smartivi via web banner, you should log into your Smartivi profile and choose Smartivi Refer A Friend Programme, press the banner banner after which you will receive an HTML code to be placed on your website: <a href="https://www.smartivi.ge/index.php/register/index/13" target="_blank"><img src="https:// www.smartivi.ge/files/referer_imgs/3002501.gif" width="300" height="250"/></a>

From www.Smartivi.ge you can access six different sizes of banners to be placed on your website, 3 horizontal and 3 vertixcal Banners are also available in customisable sizes

17 November 2011