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Q56: Your ____________ is the picture and impression that other people have of the business.

a) Business Image b) Tools of promotion c) Promotional budget d) Marketing mix Q57: ____________ is about bringing your product/service to the attention of your target market, and reminding them or persuading customers to purchase that product/service. a) Production b) Promotion c) Budget d) Image Q58: The ____________ you select to communicate your product/service to customers forms your promotional mix. a) Marketing b) Product c) Promotional methods d) Promotional budget . Q61: ____________ provide an opportunity to demonstrate the features and benefits of a product/service directly to the customers who may be in a position to make an immediate purchase. a) Direct mail b) Radio c) Point of sales display d) Community directories Q62: The selection of the ___________ will depend upon your target market, the message you wish to convey, and the relative costs of the different media. a) Market gap b) Mission vision c) Objective d) Advertising medium Q63: what does AIDA stand for? a) Advertisement, Interest, Demand, Acquire. b) Advertisement, Interest, Desire, Attention. c) Attention, Interest, Desire, Action d) Action, Interest, Demand, Attention Q64: _________ is the material supplied to the magazine or newspaper to use in the production of the advertisement. a) Data b) Artwork

c) Copy d) Text Q65: The words used in an advertisement is referred to as ___________ a) Data b) Artwork c) Copy d) Text Q66: A black and white photographic print of the final artwork used to reproduce the advertisement is called _____________ a) Artwork b) Layout c) Copy d) Bromide Q67: ____________ is the appearance of the advertisement, which should be attention grabbing, attractive and appealing to your customers. a) Message design b) Physical design c) Informational advertising d) Transformational Advertising Q68: _____________ aims to transform the perception, attitude, or action of the prospective customer. a) Message design b) Physical design c) Informational advertising d) Transformational advertising Q69: _____________ is commercially significant news regarding a product/service, which appears in the commercial media at no cost to the business. It is not considered to be advertising. a) Publicity b) Public relations c) Promotion d) Advertising tools . Q71: _____________ refers to the screening of the potential customers identified, to determine which of these are most likely to buy. a) Prospecting b) Qualifying c) Approach d) The close Q72: A ___________ approach involves carefully listening to the buyers needs and then clearly explaining how the product can satisfy them.

a) AIDA principle b) Presentation c) Need-satisfaction d) Vanity Q73: A ____________ is a factual statement about a characteristic of the product or service being sold. a) Feature b) Benefit c) Confirmed benefit d) Potential benefit Q74: A ___________ describes how the product or service may meet a particular customer need that is assumed to be important by the salesperson. a) Potential benefit b) Confirmed benefit c) Feature Q75: The _____________ is a useful tool which allows you to take advantage of the buyers comparisons, while avoiding danger involved in knocking the competition. a) Comparison statement b) Potential benefit c) Confirmed benefit d) Feature Q76: _______________ represent honest points of difference between the customer and the salesperson. a) Objections b) Comparison statement c) Weaknesses d) Threats Q77: The ____________ allows the customer to use your product for a specific period of time with the understanding that payment will be made at the end of the trial period. a) The immediate close b) The concession close c) The fear-factor close d) The trial close Q78: _____________ is a means of helping customers to identify a particular suppliers product/service and to create and maintain the confidence of customers in the performance of the brand. a) Branding b) Selling c) Supplying d) Planning Q79: ___________ method of setting promotional budgets is when you spend what you can afford.

a) Competitive b) Percentage of sales c) Objective and tasks d) Arbitrary Q80: _____________ is that function of business management concerned with how customers feel about the place of business, its personnel, products and services. a) Direct marketing b) Customer relations c) Product mix d) Management Q81: __________ refers to all the features, behaviors and information which facilitate a customers appreciation of the benefits and value of a particular business and its products/services. a) Customer relations b) Customer service c) Retailing d) Benefits Q82: __________ category comprises of individuals who have indicated that they are interested in your product/services. a) Suspects b) Prospects c) Customers d) Advocates Q83: ____________ customers, make a point of explaining the reasons for their dissatisfaction, and perhaps even suggest possible ways in which to remedy the situation. a) Aggressive b) Passive c) Constructive d) Potential